Bound by Fate – Ch 2

The pack was apprehensive. This was the first time their run had been suddenly cut short and they could not fathom the reason for their Alpha’s restlessness.
He was usually a jovial easy going person; hence it was a shocker to most of them.
Vikram his right hand man came in huffing n puffing into the library where sid was cooped for hours poring over ancient books.
“Alpha” Vikram said with a slight bow.
“Did you get the information?” Sid asked
“Yes Alpha. Those dead guys were a gang of thugs….the leader pasha was a wanted criminal with an impressive track record of felony, murders and rapes. The rest of the lot was no better. whoever killed them actually did a favor on public”
Sid’s furrowed brows relaxed a little…He thought for a moment then said “But we can’t ignore it. It’s not a normal gang war murder. You know we don’t meddle in human affairs but there is something fishy here”.
“what do you mean Alpha?”
“They were killed by snakes poison. I could smell it. And there were no snake bites. Instead they had human bite marks which means the killer is something supernatural”
“Like us?”
“I don’t know…We are wolves, never heard of poisonous wolves”
“Maybe it’s a snake…A shape shifter snake…like Sridevi. Nagina”
Sid smiled ” I had thought of that. But Shape shifting snakes have not been seen for centuries. Most of them die off and rest retired deep into the Deccan forests. They shunned society and hate coming out into civilizations. why would they decide to come out now that too in middle of a metro city ?”

“I was just speculating…”
“That’s alright Vikram. I am trying to do some research on other species and I am planning to visit the council elders. They are more knowledgeable about it. Tell all our Betas to be alert but don’t let others in the pack know anything. It might cause unnecessary panic”
“Ok Alpha” Sid buried his head in the books again.
She was standing on the doorsteps of a derelict mansion. The rain had subsided long ago. She shivered due to her drenched condition. She hated moving to new places every few months but it was not really her choice.
She knocked on the door. Another girl of almost same age opened the door. Her eyes widened in relief “Partz !! thank God ur back. Maasa was so worried”
Pratz smiled “I hope maasa is not angry”
“Nah!! She is too fond of u to be angry but better show ur face to her. She is worried though wonder why”
Pratz wondered too. She was more than capable to look after herself at least from humans. She smirked when she recalled the horror stricken faces of those criminals.
Pratz rushed off to meet the matriarch .She peeped into a Victorian looking bedroom.
“come near my child.You know my eyesight is not sharp anymore” A heavy voice called.
Pratz tiptoed into the room.
“Hmmm… I can still feel the traces of anger in you. Wat did you do now ?”
She bit her lips guiltily
“I am sorry maasa. I had to do it”
“Did you kill someone again?”
“I didn’t want to but they were asking for it. I mean I didn’t have a choice”
“You could have run away. I sure they could never match your speed”
She looked down guiltily “Had it been a normal girl………I stopped a bigger crime maasa”
“We are not to judge anyone. We don’t give away our gifts freely. You know we carry a great tradition and a bigger secret. We are few of the last ones left. I allow you to go out and peruse your studies because I want you to lead a normal life. Our discovery will be fatal”.
“I know it masa but sometimes things r just not in my hands. I had to punish them. I didn’t leave any marks and the rain would wash away my scent. Normal humans won’t get a clue” She pleaded

Maasa looked pensive “I am not worried about humans. I am scared about the other kind”
“What other kind maasa ??”
“You are still too young to understand. Now go and change before you catch cold”
Pratz nodded and went in her room. Her room was similar ….Victorian decor with a huge canopy bed in the middle. One thing was peculiar about in the corner were some straw baskets.
Pratz sashayed towards it and opened one of them. She looked inside and smiled “How are you my sweetheart ?”
Just a slithering sound could be heard from the basket. she dipped in her hand and took out a black cobra. It wrapped lazily around her hands as if enjoying her touch.

“Did you have your meal ?”
The snake hissed its forked tongue and caressed her cheeks. Unaffected as if handling a baby she held its mouth and pressed it on a champagne glass. It was covered by a thin rubber membrane. The snake angrily bit on it and a clear stream of venom assembled in the glass. This was the common technique used by biologist to extract snake poison.
“That’s fine dear we are almost done” She cooed gently to the snake.
Putting it back in the basket she held the champagne glass. The venom sparkled and swirled. It was enough to kill 10 grown men.
Looking smug she removed the rubber membrane and touched the glass to her lips. Tipping it further she gulped the whole thing in one shot.
Her head swam on ecstasy and her eyes glowed bright blue. As the venom seeped into her bloodstream her body took a blue sheen.
Smiling she straightened herself and her eyes adjusted itself to its normal midnight hue.
Unaffected by the venom she peeled of her wet clothes and walked naked towards the bathroom. She was indeed different.

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Bound by Fate – Ch 1

It was typical dark and stormy night. She struggled with her scoot trying to revive its dead engine. She cursed the situation n then looked at the dark sky.

“Now I will have to walk all the way to home” She thought

Thankfully it was not very far but she didn’t fancy getting drenched in the rain at midnight. She ditched the scooty on the roadside and walked off into the dark alley.

A beautiful young girl walking alone on a lonely road at midnight now this was bound to invite trouble. But she was unfazed. Unlike normal girls she was not afraid of unsuitable situations rather she didn’t really care. She was different.


“Fresh meat!!” Said he

“Where Boss” one of his minion asked

“Right there See the bird is walking right into the trap” He grinned. Pasha was usual city thug. One which each city has their job is stealing, mauling and harassing people specially girls. Getting a lonely beauty on a night like this was a stroke a good luck for him. Little did he know that he was going to get the surprise of his life.


All five of them lurked towards her like predators shadowing their prey.

Sensing trouble she increased her pace the followers continued to pursue her soon she was running in panic. Rain was pouring in torrents now.

As the catcalls and whistles increased she found herself trapped in a dead end. In panic she turned around to face her attackers “5 of them! This is not going to be easy” She thought


For a moment pasha was struck by her beauty. Not that he cared about look as long his lust was fulfilled but she was exquisite. Her terrified eyes were beautiful and strange…they were deepest shade of blue….almost black yet with a hint of indigo.

He had never seen such eyes before…She was slender and petite, barely 18.Drenched in rain she was shaking in fear.


She looked around wildly at her attackers “Please let me go” She pleaded uselessly

“How can we let u go sweetheart. Don’t u see it’s so unsafe there” The guy who looked to be their leader approached…She Backed off till she was pinned on a wall behind her his huge frame looming over her too close for comfort.

“Please…Please don’t let me do this” She said softly almost in a whisper.


He grinned Holding her arms in her grip “Don’t worry u just relax we will do the rest” his eyes were wild with lust.

Her expressions changed suddenly…….Her eyes were so bright they were almost glowing. The terror suddenly vanished, her face tensed and suddenly she leaned n caught his lips with her mouth.


Caught off guard he couldn’t believe what was happening. This was totally unexpected his prey was kissing him!! Rather biting him off! He could feel blood on his lips as her teeth bit on his lips.

His cronies stared in shock.


Writhing seconds he was free again. He stumbled away from her trying to make sense…..she just stared at him…her face calm.

Next moment he was convulsing and writhing on the ground….His while body burned in agony. Gasping for breath he looked at her serene face. Her face twitched in an evil smile.

“I told you not to force me” She said


His shocked cronies were looking frantically at her then their boss.


“What did you do to boss” screaming 2 of his men lunged at her holding her throat trying to strangle her. She twisted her body painfully and bit his hands…scratching the other one with her sharp nails.

Just like Pasha both doubled up in pain and writhed beside now dead cold pasha.


The rest 2 looked at her horrified.


“Don’t you want to kiss me boys?” She asked in sugary evil voice.

They backed off in terror but it was too late…The puny girl was too fast for her built. Before they could think they were writhing on the road along with their dead comrades….


She waited for the adrenal rush to cool down…As her breathing normalized she gave one last loathing look towards the dead bodies and turned back….She hated to do that but they were asking for it.


Sid was on his usual run. He loved running especially when it was raining. The stormy winds didn’t affect him and he could very well see in the dark.

He sniffed the crisp air then whipped around at the unfamiliar scent. Blood!! And fear. Someone was in trouble. He ran following the scent. As the trail grew stronger a new scent jostled him. Death! He could smell death. Was he too late?

Running frantically he finally reached the road. His eyes winded at the sight.

Five dead bodies awaited him. He sniffed around them. The rain had washed away any trace of the killer but he was sure he would get some clue.

“Snake poison!” he thought.

A snake attacking and killing off five people was unheard unless…

He looked at the human teeth marks on them….”Impossible!! What is it?” he thought

Such bite marks was only possible in case of shape shifters. But poisonous shape shifters were unheard of. It’s been years since his pack had engaged in tussle with another pack. Respecting terretorial boundaries was important. His reputation ensured that no one dared to disobey this rule. But if somebody had disobeyed this rule then they would have to be severely dealt with.

He took a last look and ran back into the forest.

Had somebody looked in the dark night they would have seen a lone black wolf howling then running back into the forest.

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New story coming up soon

I havent written for a long time…..I am going to start a new story soon…Npt necessarily a fan fiction just a normal love story….lets see how it shapes up 🙂


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Affairs of the Heart – Chapter 44


The call bell distrupted her thoughts.
She started to run when she heard the call bell then realizing her precaious condition she carefully walked and opend the door. Shiv beamed at her.
“I missed you so much” She grabbed him in her arms pulling his head down and kissing him deeply.
His eyes grew wide in surprise “Woah !! What did I do to deserve such ummm’nice welcome”
She smiled “You will know soon”
He came in dragging his luggage “You know you should have come along. The weather was awesome there. Though I didnt get time to go out much…”
He continued talking while she barely paid attention.
“Anandi?? Anandi?? what happened?” suddeny she realized that he was addressing her and she was lost in her own thoughts.
“Oh Sorry. I forgot you must be tired. I will make some tea for you” She said and started to get up.
He held her back and said “Wait Anandi. Somethings going on in your mind.what happened?”
She fumbled “I…I think we need to redecorate the house”
He gave a puzzled look “We did that few months back…you want to redo it?”
“No not everything just the spare bedroom. We need a extra room for the nursery and the playarea…” She closed her mouth suddenly and blushed crimson.
His expression changed from puzzled to shocked then beaming with happiness.
“Anandi are you?? “
She nodded.
“OMG !! Really ?? How ? I mean when? Why didnt you tell me before”
“I met Swati for coffee yesterday and the coffee was smelling really funny though it was the usual which I take all the time. I was also feeling queasy. Then Swati said that I might be pregnant.So I bought this pregnancy test u know tht thing which shows blue lines . I did in today morning and  it was positive”
He was listening patiently to her detailed description with ans amused expression.With a huge grin he held  her hands he kissed both her khuckles “I am so happy I cant explain.Did you see a doctor?”
” I hav booked an appointment for tomm. You’ll come with me?”
“Of course! how can I miss this” He hugged her tight “Thank you so much for giving me this happiness”
She beamed she had never seen him so happy and loved this feeling.
“But Shiv I am scared”.
“Why sweetheart?”
“Last time…you know” She broke off
“Last time you were alone. Now I am with you nothing will happen to our baby.We will go through this journey together”
She felt relieved by his soothing words.
The doctor confirmed the pregnancy and seeing her past record of miscarriage she told her to take extra care and get the first ultrasound scan of the foetus in few weeks.
Unfortunately Shiv had an important meeting so he couldnt accompany her but he assured her tht he would join her ASAP.Anandi went for her scan with Swati. She couldnt really make out much except for few dots which the doctor said where her developing babies.
“Babies?” Anandi asked 
“Yes you are expecting twins” The doctor said.
Anandi’s mouth fell open in surprise “How will I manage twins !!” She thought.
She came out extreamly  nervous.SHiv had arrived by then and seeing her pale face he asked concerend “Everything alright?”
She nodded weakly.
“They why are you so worried? Please tell me wats wrong” He asked in a very concerned voice
“There are two babies Shiv” She said
“You mean twins?” he asked
She nodded again
He broke into a laugh and picking her up twirled her around “This is absolutely incredible.Anandi you are amazing”
She said “Shiv please put me down I am dizzy”
Swati who was listening to their exchange with and amused look winked at Shiv and said “Good shot ! Shiv. I always knew you had it in you “
He laughed and put Anandi down.
He said “Sorry Anandi but I couldnt help it. Twins !! wow !! but why are you worried?”
“How will I manage two kids?” She said
“Why are you worrying when I am there.  I will do everything. change the dipers, feed the babies, If you want I’ll become a house husband ok?”
She giggled “Thts not required Shiv. I am sure I will learn to manage everything with time”.
Swati said “Congrats to both of you and dont worry everything will be fine just relax and enjoy this experience”.
Next nine months were an incredible journey as she felt the two precious lives growing inside her.Shiv was always by her side comforting her and supporting her.He had become so paranoid tht he didnt let her do any work.She quit her job after entering 6th month. She wanted to enjoy her motherhood snd she didnt have to worry about managing twins as Ira and Bhaoo both were eager to come down and help in managing the babies.
She loved the fact that she was carrying his babies she loved their every kick and movement inside her.By her 7th month she was already the size of full term avg pregnant woman because of twins.
She got loads of advise from her mom, Ira and Swati.Her pregnancy news had also thawed the coldness between Shiv and his dad.His dad was estatic at the prospect of becoming a grand father hence his bitterness had reduced.
However Saanchi kept a polite distance from Anandi.
“Shiv do you want boys or girls ?” She asked him.
“We r either having 2 girls 2 boys or both. I am fine with anything as long as they look like you”.
“And have physique like yours” Anandi added.
“And eyes like yours” he said
“And tall like you” She giggled.
“Hmmm and sweet smile like yours”
“And they shld be intelligent like you” She added
He laughed “Why ? arent you intelligent?”
“Of course I am…ok they can share our intelligence”
Soon their days of waiting were over.After hours of agonising labor and apprehensions.Shiv and Anandi were blessed with twin boy and a girl.
Shiv was estathic with joy.Anandi was delighted when she held her squirming bundles of joy in her arms “I think they both look like you”She said.
He beamed “They r beautiful Anandi just like you” He said while cradeling one of the kids.
She was startled to see his eyes well up with emotions.
“Shiv ! Please dont cry “
“I am too happy.Thank you so much for these precious gifts” 
“No Shiv thanks to you for coming in my life.I had given up hopes of getting this happiness in my life again”.
He just beamed back at her. It was such an overwhelming moment that words were not required. 
They had a series of visitors to see the babies.
Swati gushed on seeing the kids “Awww they r so cute…And welcome to sleepless nights harassed life”.
Anandi said “Swati you are scaring me”
“No dear just warning you.But its totally worth it”. She said
Shiv who had not stopped smiling since the birth said “I am ready for the challenge. And its great I got both boy and the girl together.I cant ask for anything better”.
Swati  “They are beautiful and this little chap is going to be a charmer.Better keep him away from my daughter ok?”
Shiv and Anandi looked at each other and smiled.They wouldnt mind the sleepless nights and the tiredness for their precious babies.
A few years later. Anandi tucked her two toddlers in bed and after kissing them good night.She retired to her bedroom.Shiv was busy tapping on his laptop but kept it aside when she sank into their bed.
“Tired?” He asked caressing her hairs.
“Yeah your kids keep me busy all day”.
“They are quite a handful isnt it ? Should I give you a backrub ?”
” I would love that”
He sat up and said “great I will get the massage oil”
Before he could proceed two tiny footsteps could be heard.Their kids came running in their room both clutching their teddy bears.
“Momma” Shivadiyta called trying to climb on the bed.
Anandi pulled both of them up and they hid in her lap.They looked terrified.
“Momma theres monster under the bed”
Anandi smiled “No dear there r no monsters.Papa had beaten all of them last night remember?”
“Papa they came back” Anshika said to Shiv.
He laughed “Dont worry I will beat them up again”.
“momma I want to sleep here” Shivaditya said.
“Sure dear no prob you can sleep here with momma and papa. But dont be naughty ok? You have school tomorow”.
Anandi and Shiv exchanged a look and he simply shrugged “Maybe some other time”She winked at him and tucked both the kids in their bed.
Shiv slept on the other.Now feeling safe Anshika and Shivaditya drifted off to sleep.
“Anandi I am skipping office tomorrow” He said suddenly.
“Why Shiv?” She asked
“Well kids will be away at school. So you me and the Hot tub” He grinned.
Anandi laughed “Shiv you are worse than the kids. Sometime I feel I am managing 3 kids”
He made a puppy face “I am the most ignored one”
Anandi said “Now dont be a dramaqueen. You are the boss do as you wish”.
He grinned back at her. Life could not be anymore perfect than this.
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Affairs of the heart chapter 43


It was early morning and sky was grey over the the Manhatten skyline.First snowflakes of the season had just started to desend. Anandi opened her eyes to see a light dusting of white on the windows. She was wrapped in Shiv’s arm while his head was buried deep somewhere near her shoulders.She looked out facinated.
Checking the watch she realised it was not too late just little after 6:30.”How come I woke up so early”

She took a yawn. last few weeks had been very hectic for both of them.After landing in New York from their Honeymoon Shiv had lot to catch up in office. She got busy in getting used to the New York and redecorating their penthouse. It was nice but she longed to give some feminine touch to all blue and dark interiors.
She changed the furnitures the curtains. Put flower pots and paintings all around.

Even Shiv had liked the change “Its looking like a home now” He had commented.
After few months of break from her work she had started her job hunting. Shiv had offered her to join his company but she didn’t want to.

“Shiv there are two reasons. First its unfair to get a job offer from you just because I am your wife and secondly with you being around me all day I wont be able to work.I had a hard time in Bangalore don’t want to repeat it again”

“But I wont disturb you in office at all. I Promise” He said

“We both know that’s not possible” She smirked

They were still in cant-keep-their-hands-off-each-other phase. It was impossible to stay alone without ending up on the bed, sofa, rug, against the wall even the dining table and kitchen. So she decided it was better to stay away from him for at least half a day.

She had soon found a job in a small company. It was very near to their home and she liked the work. So now they had settled into a routine. Early morning rush to office then from the evening onwards they spent the time together. Swati had also shifted to New York and Anandi was glad to have her around. They often met up for lunch and dinner. It was almost one year since their marriage.Life was perfect so far.

She shifted a little to get out of the bed. Her fidgeting woke him up. He groaned and stretched.

“Hey sorry I woke you up” she said

“Its ok….I don’t mind it as long as I get to see your lovely face every morning”

“Hmmm…is that so? Can I get up now? I hav work to do”

He pulled her back locking her in his arms “Stay… I missed you a lot this week”

It was true they both had a hectic week and could barely spend much time together.He was propped on his elbows which was placed on either side of her.

She reached out and stroked his toussled hairs “I missed you too but weekend is not far away so don’t worry. Now let me go”

“Not today” He gave a lazy smile. She saw the familier smouldering look in his eyes which always made her heart flutter and knees turn into jelly.

He bent her head and kissed her neck, nibbling on her collarbone he gently pushed down the straps of her satiny nighty.She wanted to protest and stop his ravishing but her body didn’t want to.

She whispered involenterily “Stop it Shiv.We’ll be late”

“I don’t care” and nibbled her ears.

“My boss will fire me” She complained.

“No probs I will hire you” He said while pushing down her nighty exposing her creamy mounds and skin.She clutched his shoulders and arched her back as he started to assult her breasts with his mouth. Taking in the whole thing in his mouth and sucking on his which made her tingle to the tip of her toes.
“AAH !! Please…” She moaned. It was confusing weather it was request to stop or continue. He took it as the second choice and rubbed the other mound with his thumb.

She buckled her legs around him and feeling his hardness through his payjamas she knew he was ready too.He placed kisses on her whole body while taking off her nighty completely off her.He got up for a minute to pull off his tee and the pajamas. Now cuddling back to her naked he captured her lips. Forgetting all about work and office she stroked his hardness. He groaned and reached down to her now moist slit. Caressing and simulating the sensitive folds. She writhed and thrashed wildly below him.

“God this is so good. What are you doing to me?” She moaned

“Same as what you are doing to me” He gave a sexy smile held her hips.

With one stroke he slid into her. She groaned with passion. He stayed embedded in her for few seconds then slid out to plung into her again with a greater force. She tugged at his shoulders scraping him with her nails. He increased the rhythm and captured her lips. His jerks matching the pressure of his lips.He thrust and pounded into her again and again till she climaxed He joined soon after in one final release. Still inside her he collapsed over her panting for breath.

images (39)

She waited for sometime to normalize her heartbeat. He slid next to her placing an arm over his eye.

“That was fantastic” He smiled at her and took her in his arms.

“Yes too bad I will have to call in sick today” She said

“Why?” He said

“Its too late now and I am not in a condition to go to office now”

“I will also bunk today”

“Why so?” She asked

“Because its snowing and It had been pretty hectic this week”

“Hmmmm so wat should we do for the rest of the day?” She asked

He gave a naughty smile “for a start lets relax in a Hot tub”

“Shiv its snowing outside the terrace would be freezing” She exclaimed in surprise

“That is the best part. cold outside hot inside “ He had a glint in his eyes.

She blushed but couldn’t help feeling excited by the prospect of spending whole day with him.

“Ok Fine but I need to brush my teeth first”

She tied her robe around her and went into the other bathroom to freshen up and brush her teeth while he filled their tub with hot water on the terrace.They had a Jacuzzi tub on the terrace inside a gazbo made of stained glass.

Holding her hands he led her into the Gazbo and tugged open her robe.It slif down silkily from her body.The cool air was making her nipples stand out, big and hard from her lovely breasts as she was already naked. She could feel her skin starting to tingle but the coming adventure in the hot Tub they were about to embark upon made the cold seem insignificant.

He placed a soft kiss on her lips then guided her into the tub.She loved the hot water splashing on her legs and then higher as she sank into it.He followed after her sinking into the warm bubbling water beside her.
She looked radiant and beautiful. He knew that he loved her more than he could ever tell her in words. She was laid back against the side of the tub. Her hair gently moving about her neck He loved her gorgeous smile and those very mesmerizing eyes.He saw her lovely breasts just out of the surface of the water.He reached out and puled her towards him huggin her tight in the middle of the tubwith water splashing all around them. He captured her lips gently working on them while his hands fondled her lovely slippery body.

He broke the kiss and said “Wow !! this is amazing. I can stay like this forever”.
She kept moving and squirming her body around and could feel his hardness eager to ease into her.

“Not so fast dear” She winked and jerked herself away moving to the other side and laughing.Holding the sides for support she saw him giving her a wicked smile

“But where will you escape?”

He was by her side again and flipped her backwards he hugged her from behind rubbing his thumbs over her breasts and nibbling her ears.She shuddered as spams of pleasure coarsed through her.He proceeded down her neck inspite of her slippery state he held her in his tight grip till she was wild with need.

He was working with his mouth on he back now.Unable to take it anymore she spun around cluthching his shoulders and kissng him on his jaws.

“I want you inside me now” She whispered.

“I am ever ready to oblige” He replied.


He was sitting on the step, he pulled her in his lap sliding into her in the process. Her eyes widened with the sensation. On his nudging she pushed as deep as she could.He then reached up and felt her lovely breasts now visible as they were out in the fresh air above him.He took thm in his mouth while she moved along with him.A moan escaped her lips as he sucked.She pushed herself away and then thrust back again.

Up and down she went on him.He was plunging fully back deep into her. She could feel the full length of him as she slide easily down the shaft. Then she felt him jerk inside her.She loved it and thats what she had been working on.He shuddered and climaxed spurting his seed deep into her womb. Her body shook uncontrollably as she was in spams of her own orgasm.

“Oh god I am shattered” She said falling limply on his shoulders.

He sighed “We should do this more often”

She slid off him and relaxed back in the tub “Now what?”

“Now I am very hungry. A good morning excercise always works up my appetite”

She laughed. Sometimes she felt what did she do to deserve such a loving man in her life.

Few weeks later Anandi was in a coffee shop along with Swati.They usually met over the weekend. Shiv was away on a trip to LA.

“So how are things Anandi?”Swati asked

“Its pure bliss. Its more than prefect infact” Anandi grinned.

Swati said “That’s quite obvious from your face. You are litrally glowing. So when is Shiv coming back?”


“And ur missing him already?”

Anandi just grinned.

Their orders arrived and Anandi stirred sugar in her coffee. Suddenly the smell seemed pungent and she felt queasy.

She screwed her nose “This smells terrible. I cant drink this..Its making me pukish “

Swati looked with concern “It’s the same your order everytime. Have you been off lately?”

“I am always tired and kind of queasy for no reason”.

Swati’s eyes sparkled “Did you skip your periods?”

“I don’t know…I think yes…oh no…u think I…I might be?”

“Not might…You are… I am positive you are but better take a test first. Buy a pregnancy test today. Now I get it wat this glow is all about”

Anandi looked perplexed and tensed.

“Wats wrong Anandi aren’t you happy?”

“I am just nervous I mean how did this happen?”

Swati rolled her eyes “when a man and a woman do what you and Shiv have been doing with I think alarming frequency it results into pregnancy”.

“I know how it happens Swati. I mean we were not planning it. We didnt even think about kids yet”.

“Well you better start doing now. You been married for like almost a year. And knowing how passionate you and Shiv are I am surprised why didn’t it happen earlier”.

“ I am scared Swati”

“Of what?? Baby? Babies are absolutely adorable, cute and they love you unconditionally.I am so excited. But lets get it confirmed before we start celebrating ok?”

Anandi was thoughtful. It was a strange feeling. She had always craved for Shiv’s baby now that there was probability she felt nervous, Happy, exicted and scared. Scared of losing it once again.After reaching home she squealed with excitement as two blue lines magically conjured up on the strip..She stared at it in disbelief. Almost shivering with she immediately called Shiv.

“Yes sweetheart ?” He said from the other side.

“Shiv when are you coming?”

“Tomorrow why?”

“Nothing I was just missing you”. She decided it was better to tell him in person.

“Me too… Cant wait to gte back to you”

“Love you too” she cut the call and was lost in the thoughts again.

She was suddenly feeling very alive. She placed her hand on her now flat belly

“whoever you are I already love you”. She grinned this was too good. Infcat this was awesome “Shiv would be so happy” She thought.She started to walk slowly and carefully.

She scanned the net for Do’s and Donts for pregnancy and lastly she booked an appoinement with a Gynac which Swati had recommended. Still too excited to sleep she started to make plans on redesigning their home. Baby would need a nursry right!

She didn’t realize when she dozed off. Thankfully it was Sunday so she could avoid the morning rush. Else she might have missed office.She checked the watch Shiv was due to arrive in few hours.

“How to break the news to him?” She thought


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Affairs of the heart chapter 42


When Anandi’s eyes opened she took a while to take in her surroundings and recalling the previous night.It was not a dream it was indeed real.She blushed at the memories and turned to look for Shiv.His side of bed was empty.She sat up clutching the sheets around her.
It was 9:30am.She almost jumped in surprise how come she slept so late.What would everyone think.She was still contemplating when the door opened and Shiv came in pushing in a breakfast cart.
“Good morning, good tht you are awake”.
It seemed he had already showered.His hairs were still wet and he looked drop dead handsome.For a min she couldnt believe that this adonis belonged to her.
“Breakfast is ready”.He announced 
“Shiv I slept too late mom must be furious.I m feeling so bad”.
“Relax Nobody is furious.Nobody will bother abt your sleeping pattern here so chill!”
“But Shiv its my first day after marriage and…”
“Dont worry nobody bothers abt these things.Saanchi is still sleeping.Dad has already left for his club and mom has left for some charity function so we are all by ourselves” He winked at her.
“Is that how you hav always lived ? Self contained in your own life?”
He shrugged “I have you now anyways thts not important.Lets have breakfast I m starving then we have to start packing”.
“Packing? For what ?”
He slanted his head and gave a smile “Paris”
“Execuse me ? Paris ?Why?”
“Honeymoon of course.Thts wat normal newely weds do”.
Her mouth fell open and she jumped off the bed “OMG Paris !! Wow ! I have always wanted to visit Paris.How did you know that ? When did you plan all this?”.
He laughed seeing her excitement “You had told me once long ago that you wanted to see Paris. I am just fulfilling your wish”.
She threw her arms around him “I love you. How come you are so considerate” He hugged her back running his hands on her back.
“Anything for you dear”. She smiled back.Realizing that she was only in sheets she withdrew back and stammered “I…I need to change”
He gave a wicked smile making her redder and she ran towards the bathroom.
The flight to Paris was uneventful.They arrived in evening at Charles DeGaulle airport .Anandi was so engrossed in watching the view from their taxi that she didnt realise wen it pulled up in front of a huge building.She followed Shiv inside.It seemed she had stepped in to a 19th Century castle.
It was all gothic and period architecture. They were escorted to their suit which was decorated with antique furniture and it had a huge balcony with a panaromic view of the eiffel tower. Anandi just ran towards the balcony eager to take in the breathtaking view.
It was late evening and the Eiffel tower was glittering in thousands of light. She simply gaped at it. She didnt even blink her eyes.She didnt realize when Shiv came behind her and wrapped her in his arms.
“Its lovely shiv” She said still looking ahead.
“Yes Paris is amazing”.
“Let go out Shiv. Its so beautiful”
He laughed “Sure we will play tourists soon but first relax and have some dinner we have 5 days to explore this place”.
She reluctantly left the balcony.After having a hurried dinner they strolled towards the Eiffel tower.The colorful fountain around the tower gave it a magical hue.
“WOW !!! this place is so romantic” Anandi gushed
“Yes indeed its city of love afterall and there’s something which you must do in Paris”
“What is it?” She asked curiously
He picked her in his arms ” You must definitely kiss near the Eiffel tower”
Turning crimson she said “You are kidding”
He said “No I am serious its a tradition”
She looked at him suspiciously “Put me down Shiv people are looking”.
He grinned “Let them thts the best thing about Paris” without any warning he pressed his lips on her.Soft warm lips captured her gently working its way till she forgot everything and responded to him…wrapping her arms around his neck pulling him closer.
After a long while they broke apart and then she realized tht they were out in open all this while. She blushed.They walked back to their hotel and now the tiredness struck her. She leaned on his shoulders as thye walked back. There was no need to talk.
Next day onwards like ideal tourists they visited all the landmarks of Paris.
Pyramid of the Louvre, Louvre museum,Arc de Triomphe, Palace of Versailles, Seine river boat trip, Strolling on the Pont des Arts bridge. And of course the Eiffel tower.
He kissed her passionately at every opportunity 
“When in France do as Frenchmen do” He had commented
After inital cultural shock she had got used to seeing couple kissing everywhere and didnt hesitate anymore.They walked Up and down the Champs Elysees. Over across the Seine to the Eiffel Tower and up on it. 
“Its incredible” She exclaimed looking down at the city View
“yes and that calls for a kiss. Our highest kiss” He said pulling her in his arms.
She giggled and complied. Why would she complain about that ?
For the next five days they visited the sights, such as the Louvre , the Left Bank and the Latin Quarter, Notre Dame, the Paris Opera House , Montmartre, the Champs, and some of the open-air food markets.Top of the Arc du Triomph, overlooking the Champs Elysees. 
As for the nights they didnt have to worry about it.They made love in every possible way and at every possible place including the balcony.
On their last night in Paris while they were still tangled in sheets Anandi said “Thanks for bringing me here. Frankly I dont want to go back”.
He laughed “Me too but trust me New York will be even better”.
She propped her self up and asked “Tell me about it. You home office everything”
“Well I have a penthouse in Manhatten. We’ll live there unless you want to shift someplace else. And I dont have many friends as such but I am close to Ashima and her husband. They are really nice couple you will like them”.
Anandi said “I am very curious to meet them too. When are we leaving?”
“We’ll stay in mumbai for a while then we’ll be off to New York. Btw I have a question. Your are ok about this New York thing.I mean I didnt even ask you and assumed that you would accompany me”.
She said “We are married so why wont I accompany you? As long as you are with me I dont mind staying in Sahara desert also”.
He laughed and tightened his grip around her “Life is gonna be so great !!”
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Affairs of the heart chapter 41


Indian wedding are like endurance tests the plethora of rituals, relatives and visitors make sure that you get the taste of what lies ahead in marriage.

Anandi was feeling exhausted after the Bidai, The flight to Mumbai and another round of welcoming rituals at Shiv’s home. She had barely rested and right now she was decked up again for the reception. They had a normal wedding but the reception made up for all the opulence which was expected from Shiv’s family.

He whispered to her “You look tired”

She shook her head in a no “I am fine just that I can’t wait for all this to get over and get out of these heavy clothes”

His lips curved in a smile with a glint in his eyes he said “I can’t wait for that too”

She blushed and couldn’t help smiling. It’s been so long almost 5 years since they were together. It was almost like the first time. The hesitation, the nervousness everything was back. This was very different. Back then she was a love struck young girl driven by her hormones. Now there was some level of maturity in their relationship. Now he was her husband!! She still couldn’t believe it.
Soon enough like a typical filmy scene she was seated in a decorated room waiting for Shiv.She looked at the door when she heard it closing.Shiv closed the door and looked towards the bed. As if in a daze he came and sat near her. And to her surprise he was blushing. He didn’t make any move just sat there and stared at her like a Dumbo. She couldn’t help herself and giggled.

Shiv asked “wats so funny?” Anandi said “Ur so nervous…where has all your naughtiness gone “Shiv said “I’m ok just that all this is too much to take in. I still can’t believe it.Its so surreal”

“I thought you were the desperate one” She said

He said “Yes but as soon as we got married all my desperation evaporated”

She looked aghast “What do you mean?”

He gave her a naughty smile and lay back lazily “Well now you’re my wife not girlfriend. Wives are not enticing anymore”

She glared at him “Fine then why I am here. I am boring after all. Why don’t you go out on romp with couple of your girlfriends?”

She got up to walk away only to be stopped by his vice like grip on her wrists.

She turned “What?”

He just smiled and pulled her towards him. She fell in his lap to be held tightly in his arms.

“Ouch! Now wats this?” She said

“How can I let go the woman of my dreams. The one for whom I waited so long”. He said tucking a strand of hair behind her ears.


“Who is absolutely divine. Whom I can keep worshipping all day”. He caressed her cheekbones with his thumb.
Her anger gone she looked at him blushing crimson. “So why were you teasing me?”

“Because I can” He grinned at her.


He held her hennaed hands n placed a kiss on it.Anandi felt a jolt n pulled back her hands. Shiv laughed “Now who is getting nervous”

 He placed a kiss on her wrist…and continued kissing upwards till he reached her shoulders. Anandi could feel his breath on her ears. She closed her eyes expecting a peck instead she felt his warm hands removing her earrings.

Anandi said “what r u doing?”

 He replied “Removing the obstacles” then placed a kiss on her earlobe.


He proceeded to remove her 2nd earring .Anandi shivered as his hands touched her neck to remove her neckless.Placing a kiss on her neck as well. He proceeded to the same with all ornaments. Anandi shivered with every strategically placed kiss on her body. She nearly jumped when he kissed her on her waist. She hid her face in his chest n hugged him tight.

Shiv gently held her and caresses her hairs.

Anandi said “Shiv”

 Shiv replied “hmmm”

Anandi said “Shiv I love u”

Shiv chuckled “I know I love u too”

Anandi said “Shiv I am scared”

Shiv asked “of what?”

Anandi said “I am scared of all this happiness…I’m sacred of being loved too much.”

 Shiv lifted her chin up n looked deep in her eyes. He said “Don’t be. Now everything is fixed. This is just the beginning we have a long way to go…our whole lives”


Their lips were very close. Anandi trailed her figure over his jawline. She felt his slight stubble. She thought how it would feel scraping on my skin. She blushed at the thought. Shiv bent down his head and his lips were on hers. Very gently his lips started working on hers. She returned the sweet pressure of his lips.Shiv broke the kiss and looked at her. She was in a daze n his smoldering look was all that was needed to break her.

He said “If you are tired and need some rest just tell me to stop” Anandi said “No don’t stop…ever” She smiled naughtily. Shiv smiled and said “My wild cat” and bent his head again.

The minute his lips touched hers, her arms came up wrapping around his neck.
His kiss was hot and heavy his tongue exploring the insides of her mouth. While her nails raked his back his fingers slipped off the dupatta and deftly undid the dories and hooks of her blouse.
Her hands slipped slowly from his neck to work the buttons on his kurta. She released a sigh when she felt his hard chest beneath her hands.
It was like touching smooth marble. She trailed it lower reaching in and stroked him he whimpered. “God yes”

His fingers trailed on her legs up her lehenga and eased their way up her inner thigh even as she brought him to the edge of control. His body was sending so many signals she wanted to scream from the pleasure.
He could feel her mouth turn up in a smile as they kissed.

Kissing her deeply his fingers deftly found the wet slit he had been wanting, sliding inside to touch her warmth. She screamed into his kiss at the pleasure he was giving her. Circling and applying pressure on her sensitive nub.

Soon her entire body was shaking while she chanted his name. He pulled back from her briefly to take off his clothes before starting on hers. Her lehenga and whatever was left of her dress was off in seconds and he was lying directly on top of her kissing and touching once again this time without any barriers skin to skin.

His tongue lapped at her breast and nipped it with his teeth. His hands roamed over her sensitive creamy body. She was panting and writhing with every touch until at last she felt him withdraw, then come back, only this time it wasn’t his fingers. She opened her eyes and looked down to see him guiding himself into her very wet and throbbing interior. She nearly came from that sight alone, but it was his eyes meeting hers and then that sexy smile as he pushed into her that set her off again.

She pulled his mouth to hers in another mind blowing kiss.

He slid further and further in as her panting grew labored. Lying atop of her he held still letting her get used to his size. Sensing her discomfort  kissing her nose, cheeks and eyelids he whispered, “You ok sweetie?”

Slowly her eyes fluttered open “Yes”.

“I am not hurting you right?” He asked

“No its just that it been so long. Don’t stop”.

He smiled “Anandi you feel so wonderful. I wish to stay inside you forever.”

She blinked in surprise as he rocked his hips feeling the friction of him on the inside. Slowly pleasure started building inside her…and she longed for him to continue faster and faster.

He was so close just a few more strokes and he would be gone, but not yet, he lowered himself touching her body from head to toe with his own. Looking into her eyes he slid his right hand down low grazing her hip bones before touching that place that would send her over the edge for a third and final time.

Her pupils dilated as he stroked her there teasing before he felt her body begin to tense and shake

He barely captured his name in the kiss before bucking his hips in a frenzy thrusting into her again and again until they were shaking in the rhythm that left him groaning her name as well.

She could feel him pulse inside as well as the wetness that soon followed she shivered with it holding him tightly when he collapsed on her, sweaty and exhausted. They were both panting, their heartbeats synched.

Beads of perspiration framed their forehead their bodies sated they sagged against each other while the beat of their pulses normalised.Anandi laid with her head over his chest.Shiv was holding her with one hand and his eyes were still closed…She felt complete now. She whispered “Thank you so much for coming in my life”. He just smiled in his sleep too exhausted to talk.


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