Bound by fate Ch 9

After Sid left Pratz was alone to contemplate about the current situation….Craving some good food and a good bath she went towards the bathroom. She sank into the hot tub and tried to clear her thoughts.

She loved him. There was no other explanation for her mad impulsive reaction to him.

Sid was a wolf…..Which was something straight out of a fantasy novel but she didn’t really care about that. Had he been a cat or a hippo her love for him would remain unchanged. Well maybe not a hippo. She chuckled at the thought of Sid blown up like a hippo.

The worst part she had to kill him!! Then there were other things to worry about.

Who was that man? And where was maasa ? How did he know about their secret? Pratz was raised by Maasa and Sumitra. She never knew her real parents. She had heard that her mother was just like her. She died long ago when Pratz was very small. Maasa never told her the circumstances surrounding her death. She finished her bath, wrapped a fluffy bathing robe around herself and went back in the room. Some nice dresses and a phone were laid on the bed. She had just finished dressing up when there was a knock.

She said ” Come in”

Two women came in with a huge tray laden with all possible breakfast items.

“Good morning Madam Alpha” The younger one said and grinned. The older woman gave her a reprimand look “Don’t talk to Madam Alpha unless you are spoken to. Forgive her for her impunity madam” She said n kneeled.

Pratz looked at them awkwardly…They were both tall, beautiful with a rustic wild look. And they moved with the same lithesome grace like Sid.

“No its fine and please call me Pratyusha.I am not very fond of these formalities”

The woman looked horrified “No Madam Alpha that is against our decorum”

Pratyusha looked perplexed and thought “Please it’s my request and sit down. There’s no need to kneel”

The younger one grinned and sat on one of the couches. The older woman reluctantly took another couch but she still looked edgy.

Pratz picked up a toast and took a huge bite “Ummm this is delicious…you made it ?”

“Yes yes Madam I made it.You liked it ? I help in the kitchen. I loved to cook. Before I found my mate….I mean my mate found me.Now I manage the kitchens and work as a chef in one of the clubs owned by the Alpha” She said everything in one go.

Pratz smiled this one was talkative.

“What are you names ?”

“I am meena” Said the younger one

“I am Sandhya Vikram’s mate” Said the older one

“Vikram! Sid’s man right ?” Pratz asked

She nodded

Pratz looked at Meena “What did you mean when you found your mate ?”

“I am not a born wolf Madam. I was a human. I was turned in this pack”

Pratz’s curiosity was rekindled “How ? I mean all this is very new for me.Can you please elaborate ?”

“I was a human when I met my mate Abhilash.There was a strange unexplained pull between us. He perused me restlessly” She giggled “Until I gave in.Then we mated and he turned me.I have never been happier. This happened 40 years ago”

Pratz almost chocked on her toast. The girl looked barely 20!

“What !! 40 ! How old are you ?”

“I am 60 in human years. But wolves are different. They age very slowly and remain young for a very long time”

“Wait a minute.You are 60 ! And how old are you ?” She turned to look at the older woman.

“Almost 100” She replied sheepishly

Pratz stood up and started pacing “What kind of things are you ? Howz that possible? How old is Sid ?”

Both women had stood up “Madam please don’t be upset. Hats how we are. Alpha is also 100 though in human years he would be 27”

“Yeah I can see that. He looks much younger than his years. But he has been around even longer than my granny !!” She said

Both women looked at each other perplexed.” Madam Alpha please don’t be upset….We didn’t mean to scare you”

The door opened and Sid rushed in.Both ladies looked fearfully at him.

Sid could smell the fear and tension in the room “What happened ?”

“Forgive us Alpha for upsetting your mate” both women were on their knees pleading. Pratz looked dumbly.

Sid said “My mate is fine. Get up both of you”

They stood up still shaking fearfully. Sid relaxed his tone “There’s no need to be afraid. No one is angry or upset. Go back to your work and thanks for the breakfast”

They looked relaxed and beat a hasty retreat.

Sid looked at Pratz and sighed.

“What are you ? Some fucking royalty ?”

He chuckled “I am an Alpha and this is not a fucking democracy ! My word is the law”

“Do I need to put up with this medieval behavior from everyone ?”

“Not everyone. Wolves that have interacted with humans and lived among them are better. They are in touch with the modern world. Rest still follow old protocol. Though I don’t approve of it.”

“Are you 100 years old ?”

“Seems like the girls were talking. Not quite. I am 90” and grinned

She looked horrified as if seeing a ghost “What !! Howz that possible ? You are even older than my maasa!”

He laughed “You don’t like older men ?”

“I do but this is ridiculous. Please tell me that you are kidding”

“You still have lot to learn about us. We are part human part animals and somewhat magical. Our lifespan is very long almost 1000 years. Hence our ageing process is very slow. When our cubs are born they mature like normal human children. From the age of 16 our ageing process stops….It’s like 30 human years is equal to 1 year for us. So technically I am 90 but physically I am much younger.”

She sat down clutching the edge of the bed “How do you die ? I mean are you prone to diseases etc. ?”

He said “We are immune to most human diseases. Though we can get injured and die like other species, it’s very difficult for humans to actually catch and kill us. We are much stronger. We are also immune to all forms of magic”

“What about poison ? Can you die of poison ?”

He pondered for a minute “Hamm I am not sure. I don’t remember any causality due to poisoning. I presume we are immune to that as well.”

“What about snakes ? Can snake poison kill werewolves ?”

“No one is immune to snakes dear. It can kill all animals”


Pratyusha shuddered. She was doomed. No wonder that evil man chose her. She suddenly felt dizzy.

He was immediately near her and caught her “What’s the matter pratz ? You look upset ?”

“I’m worried about my family. Did you meet maasa ?”

“There’s a bad news pratz. We can’t find your maasa. She was supposed to reach yester isn’t it ? She has not turned up. I believe there’s more to your kidnapping than I expected. Someone is targeting your family”

Pratz looked distressed ” I don’t know what to do. I am worried about Ganga too”

Sid said “Ganga is very safe for now.”

“How ?”

“Actually it might be bit of a shock for you.You remember my friend Jagadish? That police officer who had stopped you that day ?”

She nodded “Well he has found his mate in Ganga.He will rip apart anyone who lays their hands on her. Right now your entire family is under constant surveillance by my Betas. They are the best for these kinds of things. The only exception is Maasa. I am sure we will find her soon”

“WHAT!! Ganga is his mate ? Please leave her alone she is very naive and innocent”

“He won’t harm her. In fact he will protect her and cherish her. It’s something like what we have.”

“She will be turned too?”

“If she wishes then yes. Else they can never become true mates”

He hugged her tighter and kissed her hairs “I know you are  stressed about maasa and your family.You are not alone I am with you now.”

Pratz chocked her tears. How was she supposed to kill him ?

“Hey don’t be upset. We will find maasa soon. All our troubles will be over very soon”

She cried harder at his reassuring words.

“Sweetheart please”

He cupped her face and crashed his lips to hers. She opened her mouth to him and moaned against his lips, as their tongues shared a dance of passion. She very much wanted to continue it had they not been interrupted by a knock. He left her mouth but kept his hold on her waist pinning her to his side.


“Come in” He said

Pratz was expecting vikram or one of his other betas instead a woman entered.She was tall and graceful like other female wolves but it was her dress which caught pratz attention.It was so low cut that Pratz wondered how come everything stayed inside.

“Hello floral.How are you ?”sid drawled.

“I am good sweetie” She gave an assessing look towards pratz and then said “I am happy for you”

“Really ?”

“Of course…Yeah I was upset initially but its ok now” pratz was looking to and fro from sid to miss gravity defying “Meet floral. She is an old friend” Sid said to pratz

Pratz smiled and nodded. Miss heavy bosom came near her and offered her hand. Pratz shook it.

“Hello pratz nice to meet you.Yeah Sid and I go way back.infact we were engaged”

Pratz looked surprised

She gave a throaty laugh “Don’t worry I am not going to steal him back. He is bound to you now.” She said almost regretfully “Congrats sid for getting such a beautiful mate”

Pratz smiled “I am sure we will be good friends”

She laughed “I am sure we will” Pratz observed she grinned very often  perhaps her mouth was permanently stretched in a grin.

“Btw sid where’s the cute frn of yours..Jagadish?” Floral asked


“Umm he is unattainable now. He found his mate too “Sid said

“unlucky me…seems like everyone is mating except me”

Sid raised an eyebrow “really?? I recall my beta telling me of a very interested CCTV footage of yours in the back garden”

“Come on don’t tell me you were jealous” She winked at him

“Of course not…So what brings you here ?”

“Nothing just wanted to catch up”

“Would you like to join us for lunch?” Sid asked

Pratz had remained quite throughout this conversation but she was curious. Really curious about miss-gravity-defying-clevage.Pratz didn’t really like her but didn’t give her much thought she has bigger problems to resolve now.


She felt a little nervous walking out of Sid’s rooms for the first time. They were greeted by three men outside the door, none of whom she recognized. They all bowed their heads to Sid and two held the post, the third trailed behind them on the stairs.

Sid caught her hands and squeezed giving her a reassuring look.

She recognized the large lobby with its ornate marble floors we had come into the day before and again she heard voices but no one was there. Walking through a set of open double doors the voices stopped abruptly. She knew the pack numbered in the hundreds, but to see it for real was a different thing.

The room looked like the large banquet halls. Sitting around the round tables were countless numbers of people. Men, women, and the small scattering of children all stopped what they were doing and turned to stare at Pratyusha. She held onto her best smile and looked around trying to think of anything to calm her down.

“Pack members I present to you my mate, Pratyusha” Sid stated with flourish.

A cheer rose up from those assembled and she heard a significant amount of howling.

“As you know there have already been attempts on her life,” he continued. “She is strong and brave and has survived these evil deeds.” She kept a smile pasted on her face though, wishing she could just sink into the floor.

“Until the ones responsible have been caught and brought to justice, she will not be free to mingle freely with you,” he persisted despite obvious grumbling in the crowd.

“I would advise caution for all of you, caution for family. Please continue to be at your highest guard and do not hesitate to report strange activity to our security chief or his officers,” he motioned to Vikram who stood up as did several other men.

“Tonight we celebrate and enjoy good food and family!” he finished with flourish.

They moved slowly to a table in the middle of the wall at the other end of the hall, as they passed all bowed their heads. Turning her head she noticed that after they had gone by most of them raised their noses and scented the air. “They are smelling my scent on you” He said

Pratz looked confused then realized what he meant….he kissed her deeply to rub his scent on her.

The conversation at the table was pleasant. Pratz relaxed and for some time she forgot the tension. She observed Floral who was sitting on the other side…staring intently at her and there was malice in her eyes.


Jagadish took the steps three at a time as he made his way up to the house. His wolf was prowling hungrily close to the surface, and he was having a hard time keeping a tight leash on his beast. It was his own fault. He had stayed away from Ganga for too long, due to the complicated circumstances involved. Circumstances, which had now changed drastically.

Pratyusha was safe with Sid for the moment, and Pratz knew of their existence now so claiming his mate would no longer be an issue. The only real problem still remaining was his mate. She was being extremely difficult to say the least, and he was fast losing patience with her.

Didn’t she feel the attraction between them? He had been so sure she had when they’d first met. Her beautiful eyes had widened when she’d looked at him; he’d smelt the first faint waft of arousal coming from her deliciously curvy body, and then, she’d gone and thrown him out. She had actually thrown him out of her House.Inspite of explaining her that he was Sid and Pratz’s friend.

If that wasn’t bad enough, she refused all his calls until he was acting like some mad stalker. He hesitated briefly at the door then knocked.

Ganga went to open the door grumbling. Things were going haywire. First maasa disappeared then pratz. Her mother Sumitra was a nervous wreck. Then these strange men had been surrounding their house all the time. They said it was some safety measure. God knows for what !


She threw open the door, a torrent of abuse ready to tumble from her lips, and found herself staring up at the most gorgeous man on the entire planet. Black eyes raked over her swiftly, and she felt heat start pounding loudly.

Jagadish threw a hand out and stopped the door from closing; a smile tugging at his lips at the furious glare on his woman’s face.


“Go away Jagadish,” she growled at him, and his smile just broadened.

“You won’t take my calls, so I’ve come in person, Ganga” he said, still smiling. She gasped in outrage, as he pushed his way into the apartment and let the door close behind him. His wolf was crowing gleefully, as it scented his mate. He was sending his human side mental imagines of ripping Ganga’s clothes off and mating roughly with her, until she screamed her pleasure.

“Get out,” Ganga hissed at him. “I don’t want you here. If I wanted you here, I would have answered your fucking calls. So just get out, or I’m going to call the police and have you done for breaking and entering.” She couldn’t believe the arrogance of the ass.

“Now, you know you’re not going to do that, Ganga,” he said, smoothly. His smile never faltering. Jagadish stifled down a groan and had a stern word with his wolf. He was way too close to the surface and almost ready to grab control.


“Ganga” he said, softly. “Why are you fighting this? You know you want it as much as I do. Can’t you feel the sexual tension in the room?”


“I don’t even know you”

“I can rectify that immediately “He drawled

“What do you want?”

“I just want you”

“What do you mean?”

“You are my mate ganga…my soulmate.We are made for each other.Dont you feel it?”

“I don’t understand”

He sighed “Let me explain……please don’t run away from me.Can we talk ?”

She nodded though still cautious she sat down with him while he explained.



Pratz was back in her room. Sid had stayed down to attend to some pack business. She was toying with her phone when an unknown number flashed on her phone. She immediately took the call.

“I see you have not done the deed yet” The familiar evil voice sent chill down her spine

“Where is maasa ?” she ignored his question

  “Safe for now but won’t be for long” He laughed

“Please I can’t do this….” She pleaded

“You have to my have been born to kill”

“I am not sure If I can….he is a werewolf how am I supposed to kill him ?”

“Fuck him…you have to just fuck him…I wonder how come he has not laid his hands on you yet…you have tonight…just one night to do it else..”


Pratz shuddered she knew she didn’t have a choice.

“What if I don’t…what if I fail to do it?”

He laughed his evil laugh “You think the stupid dog can protect ganga?….I can get him killed off in minutes…tonight…ok?”

“Why don’t you kill Sid yourself? If you are so powerful ?”

“Shut up bitch ! He is an Alpha and a powerful one. Had it been so easy I would have done it myself. No just do as I say”

Pratz cut the call. Her hands were shaking with fright. She buried her head in her hands “What do I do now?”

Sid was anyways not going to let her go he would mate with her eventually. She had a determined look on her face. In her room Pratz prepared herself.

When Sid went back his mouth was left hanging open for full 1 min.When he opened the door, he was immediately met with the scent of arousal. He looked around the room excitedly and was upset when he couldn’t find her. Then he noticed that the bathroom door was closed. He walked over to it and put his ear up to it. He could hear the shower running and the soft pants and moans coming from Pratz.

She was…masturbating?

His body screamed at him to open the door and take her, but he decided against it and just listened instead. He was dying to know what she was doing. Unable to take it anymore he slowly opened the door, went inside, and quietly shut it behind him.

Pratz knew that she wasn’t alone anymore in the bathroom. She heard something drop to the floor and then smelled thick, male scent close to her. Sid was here and now she was nervous. She stopped what she was doing, and kept her eyes closed waiting to see what would happen next. She then felt a mouth latch onto one of her nipples and start to roughly suck on it. Then, he switched sides and started on the other one as well. She was already very aroused, now she was being overwhelmed with sensation. She felt hands running down her stomach and resting on her hips, pulling her more into his mouth. She grabbed onto his head for support and heard him growl in approval. Then she dug her nails into his skull which made him moan her name.

“You asked for him and now he’s here,” she said mentally to herself. She cried silently and opened her eyes to look at him. He was now kissing down her belly and had to get onto his knees to do so. He looked up at her with his wolfish ember eyes filled with lust for her. She knew that this was her first and last chance with him.

He kneeled down and slowly pushed her thighs until she spread her legs enough for him to see her. He tentatively ran a finger up and down her slit as she quivered from his touch. She had her hands pushing on his shoulders in order to support herself. He again scented her like he had the other day. She smelled divine to him. He burned to taste her. He wanted to run his tongue over her and have her taste in his mouth.

She watched as he slowly flicked his tongue on her clit. He grabbed ahold of her hips and held her upright as she bucked from his small touch. This time, he took her clit into his mouth and sucked slightly.

“Oh god! Sid!” she cried out and ground herself onto his mouth. He continued what he was doing until she was a quivering mess.

Finally, he stopped and stood up to meet her. She opened her eyes and stared at him. “How was that?” he asked smiling at her. She couldn’t speak. She just nodded her head yes and closed her eyes. She then felt his lips devour her mouth. His tongue broke through her defenses and danced with hers inside of her mouth. She tasted herself on him. It was hard to remain detached. She was numb….Her first time with him and she was numb.

He then quickly broke their kiss and backed away to the other side of the shower “Pratz, I really want you right now. If we keep going, I won’t be able to stop. If you want me to stop, then tell me.” She could see that he was straining to speak and seemed to be growling at her as well. His wolf was very close to the surface and she could see that he was struggling with how much he wanted and needed her.

She slowly walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She looked into his eyes and saw that he was fighting hard with himself about what to do next. She tilted his head to hers and lightly nipped his ear lobe. The next three words that she said lit him on fire, “Sid, Please take me.”

He looked at her tiny rivulets of water running down his face “Are you sure? There’s too much at stake”

“Just take me….Please”

He reached over with his right hand and shut off the shower. Then he lifted Pratz up and all but ran out of the bathroom with her and laid her down on the bed. Her leapt on top of her and kissed her swollen lips. They had waited long enough for this. Tonight, he would claim his mate.

She was suddenly afraid. He grabbed hold of her right hand and brought it down so that she could feel him. “Don’t be afraid, Pratz,” he said smiling at her. “Wrap your arms around me.”

She did as she was told. She slowly felt him easing inside of her. She felt herself getting fuller and didn’t think that he’d fit all the way inside of her. She started digging her nails into his shoulders as the burn from stretching started to happen. Once he was all the way in, he held still, so she could get used to him being there. He waited until he felt her start relaxing around him.

He started to slowly move himself in and out of her. The sharp pain was soon replaced by pleasure. He reveled in the feel of her hands around him. He then started to ground into her deeply  and picked up the pace to start going faster. She lifted her hips up more to meet his thrusts and he obliged her by holding them up for her and supporting her. she could feel him hesitating, worrying that he was hurting her. “Please don’t stop! Faster!” He couldn’t believe what she was asking, but he wasn’t going to deny her either. He sped up and started going quicker. This was his mate and his wolf was more than ready to show it. He felt the knot starting to swell and had the insatiable urge to bite her and claim her.

She was suddenly flipped over and put onto her hands and knees. He quickly entered her and mercilessly began to pound deeply into her. She felt herself quickening and knew that she was getting ready to orgasm again. She tried to adjust her hips to help with the blows that he was dealing to her.

she screamed as she felt herself orgasming all around him. He continued to fill himself with her and didn’t stop as she rocketed through her orgasm towards another. She swore that she felt him get slightly bigger as he plunged deeply inside of her. He leaned his body forward and positioned himself to that he was on his hands and knees on top of her. “Mine,” he growled deeply right next to her ear. Her body felt aflame.

All too suddenly, she felt Sid shift above her. Instead of the man now she was being taken by the wolf !! She felt even fuller now that the wolf was there and the thrusting seemed to be shorter in length. She felt herself quickening and knew that she was going to orgasm again. Right before she came, He bit her at the base of the neck, causing her to scream. It was pleasure and pain. A heady combination. A couple of thrusts later and he howled above her and came deep inside of her.

She collapsed onto the bed. She then felt herself being pulled down more and onto her left side. Sid was now back in human form and was holding her close to him. “I’m sorry. I should have warned you,” he said breathing heavily and slowly running his hands up and down her body. “My wolf wanted to claim you badly”.

She looked at the tiny bit of blood on his lips. Her blood !! then touched her wound on her neck. Blood was still dripping off her. She looked back at him surprised. He was absolutely fine !!

She tried to pull away but realized he was stuck inside her.

He chuckled some and pulled her closer to him, “We’re stuck like this for a little bit. My knot will go away in about an hour.”

Suddenly she grabbed his hands and kissed it tears streaming down her face “I love you Sid. I am so glad you are safe. Nothing happened to you.I have never been happier to know that I failed”

He observed her curiously “What do you mean?”

“Nothing you won’t understand”.


To be continued…….

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