Bound by fate Chapter 8

Shadows crossed the little windows in front of the cabin. Ragged curtains prevented her from seeing who was out there. She shivered in fear and cold wishing for death. The door crashed open to reveal a very angry looking Sid striding through. He crossed the room in three large steps and came to rest directly in front of her. He was dressed in a tight black t shirt and black cargo pants. His black boots were caked with mud. He looked furious, but spoke softly.


She opened her eyes in disbelief but shifted back into the wall. She was sure she was hallucinating

“No just go away….don’t touch me” She said

Sid’s face tensed. He kneeled down beside her and said gently “it’s me…Please don’t be afraid of me “She relaxed and sagged into the wall. He gingerly stroked her cheeks. She was still staring hard at him. Trying to be sure that is was indeed him.

“It’s really you!”

“Yes” He said. She broke into tears

Sid’s strong arms were around her pulling her close before she slumped completely. She pushed her nose into his chest and inhaled his heady aroma “Please take me away from here”

Sid’s hand came up to gently stroke her and she felt his lips on her still damp hair.

He pulled her tighter and whispered, “I’m so sorry love,”

Meanwhile his entourage was looking around everywhere checking for clues. They didn’t find anything except scraps of ropes used to tie her up and some pieces of torn clothes.

She shivered a little at the breeze blowing through the still open door. He turned to one of the men that was with him and started to quietly issue orders. A jacket, a pair of jeans, and thick socks were produced quickly. Soon she was dressed and warm. Everything was 3 sizes too large, but it was still a big improvement on being nude. She observed them carefully. They were very fast and moved stealthily.

“How come I never noticed his inhuman grace” She thought

She was soon bundled up in SUVs.Sid passed her a cup of hot coffee poured from a flask. She gratefully took it and felt warmth spreading through her body. Sid’s eyes focused on her face and softened a little. She felt his hands stroking up down her back. He pressed his lips softly to her and then he pulled her close.

“How did you find me?” She whispered against his neck.

“I had your phone’s GPS tagged by our system” he replied

“That’s not true. They threw my phone long back. I know what you are Sid. The men who took me…I mean they. They were not men..They were wolves. Man wolves like you”

Sid simply observed her face. She could sense him warring with himself.

“I know it’s supposed to be a secret but I am right isn’t it?”

He sighed “Yes.You are right. Do you hate me now?”

“No ! Why would I hate you.You are different we all are different in some way. It just too much to wrap my head around. I never thought things which exist in fairytales actually exist. So did you trace me by my scent?”

“I did track your phone where they had thrown it.Then later found a trail of your scent not far from there,” his voice faded off and she felt fur and claws on her back.

“You found my clothes” She surmised stroking his furry neck and cheek in what she hoped was a comforting gesture. She didn’t look up fearing what she wasn’t ready to see. His anger subsided soon and she could feel his fur and claws receding.

They sat quietly together as the forest flew by outside. A question struck her suddenly.

“How did you know my name? You knew everything about me ? And that police officer?” She said looking quizzically up at him.

“Our senses are better than yours we can listen even whispered conversations, And wolves communicate by telpathy.Since I am the Alpha of my pack, I can broadcast my thoughts to every Beta and Omega of my pack, We live like normal humans among other humans. Doing normal jobs. That police officer is part of my pack. Every member of my pack knows you.They know that you are my mate, their future madam Alpha,” Sid answered.

She looked confused “Wait are you telling me? What exactly are you trying to tell me?”

He laughed softly “We are soul mates. I know it difficult to explain but I will try. We aren’t human, love. Many thing work differently here than you are used to. Our relationships are decided on in large part by our wolf. A wolf recognizes its mate almost immediately. The feelings are powerful and instantaneous. You remember the first night I saw you. It took everything I had not to throw you over my shoulder and take you home with me then.”

As he talked Sid’s hands roamed gently over her breasts and stomach. She shivered slightly and pressed herself back in the car seat.

“Right now my wolf wants to claim you, lay our scent all over your gorgeous body, and then find those thugs and rip their throats out,” what started as a sexy speech quickly became a thick angry growl emanating from Sid’s furry chest.

She looked at him fearfully. His face had changed, it was more wolf like though he was not a full wolf yet but  He immediately receded to his human form.

“I am sorry love I didn’t mean to scare you” he said kissing her forehead

Pratz didn’t reply, she closed her eyes. So they were soul mates no wonder she felt that strange pull. And she was supposed to kill her soul mate !

“Sid what if you don’t get your soul mate? What happens if they unattainable?”

“It’s never happens but if our mates die before us or we r separated then we won’t survive. The wolves turn rough and they eventually wither away to death”

She shuddered “And what happens to their human mates?”

He laughed “Our human mates don’t remain human for long….They are turned to werewolves”

“What !! I will become a wolf?”

“Not immediately. I can’t force you for anything. It will take time to exlain.I will tell you about it later”

She buried her face in his arms and contemplated her situation. She had to kill him if she wanted to save her family. She wouldn’t survive anyways if he died, his pack would rip her apart. Even if they left her she wouldn’t survive without him.

She had dozed off in his arms when they reached his den.

“Sir, the pack is assembled as you requested, several are unaccounted for as you suspected. What would you like us to do?” asked a man with a clip board as he approached them.

“Pratz, I have some pack business to attend to. This is the den, our home,” he motioned to the huge structure beside them.

“Vikram is going to take you to my quarters. You can take a shower if you would like, some clothes and food will be brought to you. However, for the time being you may not leave my quarters and do not go anywhere with anyone other than Vikram or myself.”

She nodded.

The area was pitch dark except for the structure looming in front of them. It looked to be at least three stories tall. The outside was tastefully if not very subtly lighted. It looked to be the color of sandstone. Vikram put a hand gently on her back steering her toward a large open door. She could hear talking coming from inside, but when she entered the spacious lobby it was empty.

The room was tall going up all three stories, a large sloping staircase dropped into the lobby on the left and the right. In the center of the foyer was the most striking detail though, a marble inlay of two wolves howling at a large moon. She saw heads peeking out of several double doorways that lead off the large room. Vikram ushered her upstairs. She just followed him numbly.

The room was warm and inviting. A small fire crackled in the fireplace of a cozy sitting area. There were several comfortable looking chairs near the fire. A large flat screen TV sat unobtrusively in front of a full sized leather couch. She sat on the bed

Vikram said “You will be safe here.These are Alpha’s private quarters” She nodded and Vikram took a big breath. He let it out slowly and kneeled down in front of her “At the cabin, they had ripped off your….. I’m sorry to ask, but I know Alpha couldn’t bring himself to. Were you raped?”

She shook her head no and Vikram relaxed a little. “We had hoped you weren’t. Are you hurt though? Do you need medical care?” he asked cautiously. She got the feeling he would rather not be the one having this conversation.

“No, thank you,” She said  “They…They didn’t hurt me.” He left and Pratzi wandered around exploring the suite. An enormous king sized bed graced one wall of the room. The bed towered in the large space. She wanted to call Ganga and enquire about her family but she couldn’t find any landline phone in the room. Dropping that idea she went into the large bathroom which was big enough to fit in entire football team. After the shower she found clothes which were of her size kept on the bed. She wore the simple sweats and collapsed on the bed. She was very tired and stressed.

When she woke many hours later sun was coming in the windows and she was so comfortable. She was lying on her side in a soft bed wrapped around a warm solid mass.

She opened her eyes to find Sid sleeping peacefully. Their legs entwined into each other. She froze and looked at him. He was shirtless and looked amazing. She felt a pang in her heart, “I can’t do this” She thought.

“Hey beautiful” His sexy voice called.

She looked up in his face which were now shouldering with desire.

He bent his head kissed the pulse beating at the base of her throat.

“I wish to take you right now but I know you are not ready” he mumbled though that didn’t stop him from nuzzling her neck and her throat.

Desire shot through her veins like lightening.

She yawned and stretched out against him. Stretching rubbed her core against his hip in the most pleasant way. She found herself flipped on her back as Sid nuzzled her neck. He wound his fingers with her on either side of her head. She could feel his arousal rubbing against her.

“Is this what you were looking for?” he whispered in her ear rocking his hips so she felt the slide of him against her entrance.

“No please….stop” She stumbled on words as he continued to slide sensuously against her. It felt good in a way, but she had to STOP !! But she couldn’t bring herself to tell him that. Not while he made her feel like this !

He released her hands and slipped his own boldly beneath her shirt. She realized what he was doing a moment too late. His eyes started to glow ember. His fingers caught hold of her nipples and rubbed them with his thumbs. Next moment her tee was torn to shreds. It happened so fast she didn’t even have time to gather her wits.

He dipped his face over her breasts, laving each with his coarse tongue. The sensation was amazing and she felt tingling everywhere he licked. He slowly worked his way down her stomach stopping to lick at places which she never knew existed.

Too soon she felt his hot breath over her pubic bone. He gently nudged her pants away. Now she was totally exposed to his sultry ember gaze.

She jumped a little when she felt his cold nose bump against her clit.It was not a nose it was a snout. Her eyes flew open and she looked down. He was not a man anymore neither a wolf. He was a hybrid now. She looked at him with facination.He was bigger more muscular now. Using his long tongue he licked her slit. She fell back and moaned involuntarily and put her hands over her mouth.

“This had to be wrong, it shouldn’t feel so good.” She thought

With his long tongue he tongue snaked gently in and out of her tight passage. With his nose he continued to bump and grind on her sensitive clitoris. Soon she arched her back and clutched the bedsheet.She screamed as pleasure coursed through her.

When she came down from the clouds. He was lying beside her now in his human form.

Still panting she looked at him

“I won’t be able to stop once I start, my love,” he whispered into her ear. “Are you ready for me?”

“NO !!” She shook his head “NO!!” her eyes grew wide fear.

“What did just happen? Are you feeling alright” She sat up

He gave his amused smile “Do you do this doctor thing every time?”

She looked around wildly then immediately covered herself with the bed sheet “We can’t do this. We just cant.I have to go home. They would be worried”

“Relax love. I have managed that. My friend Jagadish her informed your family that you will be away for few days”

She started to protest.

“It’s not safe for you to be out. We are trying to trace those rough wolves. They have been troubling several neighborhood packs vandalizing kidnapping females. But this time they have crossed all limits. They messed with an Alpha’s mate. I won’t leave them till I have killed them all” His voice immediately turned from sultry to livid.

“Sid but how long do I have to stay? And did you meet me Masa? “She asked

“I haven’t been to your home myself but I can find out” He replied

A knock on the door disturbed their conversation. Pratz pulled her sheet further up while Sid strode to open the door totally unashamed of his named self.

He opened the door. Had a short conversation with Vikram who was fully unobvious of Sid as if this was pretty normal phenomenon.

Pratz looked on. He came back and sat on the bed near her “We have got some leads on the roughs. I am going out with my men to investigate. I would suggest you stay in bed and take rest. I will send some of the omegas with your breakfast and extra clothes”

“Do you always prance around naked?” She asked

He laughed “We r wolves. I understand your discomfort with this. Modesty is not a custom here. Others that haven’t been around humans much may find your reactions odd,” Sid replied.

“What are omegas?”

“Omegas are the normal workers. Wolves are divided into a hirarchy.Omegas are the normal wolves something like civilians. Betas are stronger wolves they are warriors. Then the Alpha that is me”

She nodded

“Btw I will send a new phone for you. See you in evening” Placing a kiss on her mouth he went in for a shower.

Pratz collapsed on the bed and closed her eyes. She didn’t know what to do. First she had to know where Masa was.

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  1. Nataly says:

    OMG…this story is pure poison…and I`m already poisoned…when is the next Full Moon?!?!?!

  2. Anju Singh says:

    This is madness, I need my oxygen mask… one pls ..Thanks Neha

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