Bound by Fate

Chapter 7

Pratz was sobbing uncontrollably in her pillow. After Sid dropped her home. She had run into her room and cried. Why was this happening to her?
“How Could I lose control. What if I had killed him” She shuddered at the thought but was also puzzled how he remained unscathed. True that they didn’t have any real sex but that kiss…She blushed at its memory. It would have killed any normal human.
Perhaps she was wrong. Maybe some humans might not get affected so easily.
“I should talk to Maasa” She decided

Sid was at the bar…holding a 4th glass of scotch. Jagadish was sitting to him giving him a sympathetic look
“Are you drunk enough to elaborate exactly what happened?” Jagadish asked passing him another glass
“I fucked up again”
“Couldn’t keep your hands off?”
Sid grimaced
Jagadish roared in laughter “Control dude control….That’s why you should get laid more often”
“Oh stop it Jagadish” Sid said in anger
“Btw your floral was pretty pissed off”
“Did you drop her back?”
“Yeah it was difficult….she didn’t want to leave. Broke few things in your room…don’t worry nothing valuable. Then cried on my shoulders and offered me a fling. She wanted physical comfort to come out of your betrayal”
Sid spluttered on his drink. Though Floral was free to do whatever she wished but offering herself to his best friend was not something he approved of….Though he didn’t have any right to object.
“Good for you…So did you take it up?”
Now it was Jagadish turn to grimace “Heck no. I have better taste besides screwing up my best friend’s fiancée just after their break up. Come on I am might be a man whore. I am not a bastard”
Sid smiled and felt better. Jagadish was somebody he could rely on.
“Can you do me a favor?”
“Anything for you my friend” Jagadish said
“Find out everything about Pratyusha.Her past, her family, where she came from…everything. I do have general information about her but I need details…especially about her past. I have a feeling she is scared of something”
“Consider it done mate” Jagadish said


Ganga and Pratz were in the shopping mall. After a spell of bad moods and constant crying Ganga had decided that Pratz needed to get out and do something fun to improve her mood swing. The information which Pratzi her about Sid was sketchy so she had concluded that the guy was somehow responsible for her friend’s state.
They were wandering in the mall when Prazti suddenly spotted Jagadish. She froze he was the same police officer who had stopped her that day…the first day she met Sid. This meant Sid was still stalking her and had sent his men to follow her. Enraged she crushed her coke in anger.

“What have you done Pratz?” Ganga said. She turned to look at Jagadish who was sitting at the other table checking his mobile.
“Is he that guy?” She whispered at Pratz
Pratz didn’t answer but seeing her outrage Ganga guessed.
“Wait here I will be back”Ganga said
“Excuse me mister” Jagadish was interrupted by a sweet voice. He looked up and froze instantly….He was looking at the most beautiful vision he had ever seen.
“Why are you disturbing my sister?”
He barely registered her words. He was hardly breathing the world had ceased to exist except for the beautiful girl standing in front.
“Look Mr. whoever you are…You don’t mess with my sister else I will personally beat the crap out of you…do u understand?”
Not trusting his voice. He just nodded.
“Good” She gave a triumphant look and sashayed back to her table. His gaze followed her till she reached pratzi’s table and dragged her along with her.
“Shit!!” He exclaimed “That girl is Sid’s mate and that beauty is her sister!! Oh God! What a mess”


“Where is Maasa??When is she coming back?” Pratzi asked Sumitra
“Don’t know beta…She was supposed to come back today. Maybe the train got delayed”
Maasa had gone to visit their ancestral house in another state.
Pratz sighed and left for her college.
Sid was in his office. He was trying hard to concentrate on his work. His wolf was moaning. It wanted their mate. He said to himself “Not now dude”
He was suddenly interrupted by Jagadish who had rushed into his office and was not panting hard.
“What happened to you?”Sid asked
“I have to have her…She is MINE!! Please Alpha allow me to claim her” Jagadish was blabbering
“Whoa!! Hold on. Will you please explain? Who has struck your fancy now?” Sid asked amused
“No it’s real. I know it’s real. She is my mate. I can’t control my wolf…Its jumping to come out. What do I do? How do I control?”
Sid was silent as if shocked then he burst out laughing “I can’t believe it.Man whore has finally found his mate. Are you sure?”
“Yes absolutely and now I understand how you feel”
“That’s good our pack needs more of love struck wolves. Imagine all my Betas turning into love-struck Devas” He said sarcastically “Anyways who is she?”
“That’s the whole prob”
“I don’t know her name but she is your mate’s sister”
“What?? Pratyusha’s sister?? Where did you meet her?? Was Pratz with her?? Did you see her? How is
“She was sad….I could sense her sadness. She was also afraid and worried” Jagadish said
Sid closed his eyes in frustration “I have to meet her. I have to convince her that we are bonded to each other. Neither of us will be happy without each other. In fact we can’t survive for long without each other”
Jagadish looked fearful “Oh God is that how it supposed to happen? I will die if I don’t get Ganga??”
Sid laughed “Don’t worry you will get her….Now if she also as stubborn as her sister…we are both royally screwed”

The wolves were howling in the forest. Pratz left her college and walked towards the bus stand. She prayed that Sid would not come but her heart hoped that he would come. She missed him….Her heart craved for his touch…she could still feel his kiss lingering on her lips. She once just once she could feel him sliding over her body. She blushed at the image conjured in her mind. She knew it was impossible

She barely registered the tires squealing as a van pulled up beside her and hands dragged her inside.
A cloth was dragged over her eyes and her arms tied behind her. She started to scream and a hand came over her mouth and several sharp points were dug into the side of her face and neck. She tried to bite the hands but her mouth was immediately tied by a cloth. Whoever they were they knew about her abilities.

“Quiet, bitch,” was the deadly calm demand the voice made. “Condition upon delivery is up to you.”

A series of growls echoed through the crowded space.
“Throw the purse out,” a voice from the front rasped.
Her purse was unceremoniously thrown out of the Van.

They drove for what seemed like forever. At first, she just felt hands roughly grasping at her breasts and hips. Their hands became more insistent until she felt cool air on her belly and chest as her clothes were ripped away. They were not very careful with the knives they were using. Soon she felt the metal of the van’s floor digging into her side and she knew I was becoming totally exposed to these men. Tears stung her eyes and leaked around the blindfold, she their nonstop growling seemed weird as if they were not men but animals. There was some consolation that if they raped her they wouldn’t survive.
“You idiots none of that now, Don’t you know what she is??” a gravelly voice intoned.
“But master she is so beautiful and we are just touching. No harm in touching right?”

“Leave the bitch alone” came a voice from the front of the van again “If u scrape her even accidently you all are dead meat got it.Just leave her”
They protested a little then left her alone. Pratzi sighed with relief. At least they had stopped the torture. Then a cloth was placed on her nose and everything went blank.

Far away Sid suddenly jerked in her board meeting. Pratz was in danger he could feel it.
“Vikarm gather all the betas….My mate is in danger”
Jagadish looked up in surprise “What happened?”
“Pratz…there’s something wrong with parts…She is in danger…I can sense it”

“But Sid you are not yet mated how can you sense it?”
“I don’t know…I just feel it” Sid replied while continuously calling on Pratzi’s cellphone. It went to her voice mail.
Sid was now shouting and screaming all his betas…..So they were loaded into several SUVs.
“But Alpha where are we going?” Vikram asked
“Just keep driving. I know where to go” Sid replied.

Pratz opened her heavy lids. Her head was spinning. Whatever toxic they had used on her. It was very strong. She found herself in a dimly lit room. Seeing its wooden interiors she assumed that it was a cabin. She shivered it was cold in here and she was completely naked. Her hands were very sore but free now. Though her legs were still bound. She clutched at the bed sheet wrapping it around her…Trying to get some warmth. She was looking for some escape route. When the doors open.

She turned her head slightly; bright golden eyes were looking back at her.
She scrunched her eyes for a clear look

“Look what we have here?”
A man’s voice said…those creatures with golden eyes growled and yelped.
“Who are you? Where am I?” Gathering her courage Pratz asked
“That is a very important question…bitch” The man came nearer
She looked at his cruel face…He was young probably in his 40s but somehow looked ancient. She shifted back “Who are you? What do you want?”
“I am your owner. Too bad you were hidden from me all these years. But eventually I found you.Your stupid Maasa thinks herself to be smart. She can run but she can’t hide”
Fear tore through her heart “What do you mean? Where is masa? What have to done to her?”
“Don’t worry. She is at her rightful place. Unharmed till now and will remain so as long as you cooperate”
“What do you want?” Pratz said.

Her eyes were flashing blue in excitement. She wanted to tear off the man’s head. She could easily do that only if she was free.

“Do you see those creatures over there?” he pointed towards them. She turned. They were not human anymore. They moved on two legs but had the face and head of a wolf; they were covered with fur and looked like hybrid.
Her eyes grew in surprise and fright “What….what are those?”
“Wolves…werewolves to be more precise just like your boyfriend”
“WHAT?? I don’t have a boyfriend. And wolf boyfriend. I don’t understand”
“Hmmm seems like that dog didn’t tell you anything. That dog is a werewolf”
“What nonsense. Werewolves don’t exist” She spat back
“What do you see here??”
Those frightening creatures came near her and circled her. They sniffed her; rough hands stroking every inch of her skin weren’t hands holding knives, but paws with claws. The sharp points that would suddenly sink into her most sensitive areas were all the scarier now. She screamed and drew herself into a tight ball.
He shooed them away again. Coming near her he lifted her chin and whispered “They are quite dumb and r really excited by you.If I let them they will rip you into pieces. Though they will die so I have thought instead of you I will let them have your Maasa and your dear sister Ganga”

She looked at him in shock “No not Ganga…She is innocent. Where is she? Did you bring her here too?”
“Not yet but if you resist I can have her here in no time. My boys anyways need a feast”
She couldn’t stop her tears now “What do you want. I will do anything just leave my family alone”
“Now we are talking” he said in glee “Well your boyfriend Siddhartha”
“How do you know Sid? Btw he is not my boyfriend” She screamed

“Don’t interrupt. I know all about your little tryst with him in that club. He is very much taken by you, so this job will be quite easy for you.I want you to kill him!!”

She was stunned into silence. Kill Sid? How could she kill him?
“I…I can’t…I mean I am not sure. I can’t do it” She wanted to say that her kiss was ineffective over him but she decided to keep it a secret. This secret might save everyone’s life including Sid’s
“Aww true love. How painful will that be to kill your true love!? But know what I love tragedies. If you don’t kill him I will kill your family. Choice is yours”
She looked down thought for a moment then looked up “Ok I will do i.e. will Kill Sid but let my Maasa go”

“Deal” He replied

The growling bunch of wolves were outside the cabin now. She could just hear their yelps and growls. She pondered over the situation. Who was this man and how did he know about her? She needed to talk to masa soon.
“So can I go now?” She asked in a timid voice
The man laughed “No you will stay right here.Your boyfriend is on the way to rescue you” he snorted
“Sid was coming to rescue me? But how did he know?” she thought

“We have left enough scent of yours so that he can easily trace you.When he comes just tell him that you were kidnapped by the rough wolves. He will take you to his den.Rest you know how to do” He grinned
She recalled them tearing off her clothes and throwing it out of the window. They were actually making a scent trail. She was still trying to wrap her head about Sid being a wolf. She gave him a disgusted look
“Don’t ever mention about our deal else you know what will happen”

She nodded.

He left her shivering in the cabin. She heard the sound of screeching tires then deathly silence. Her nose was running with the cold and she was shivering almost uncontrollably.

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  1. Lili says:

    great chapter…Sid and Jagdish on love steroids.. hehehe…but, oh boy… perfect set-up chapter for…. P and S alone in a cabin? some action? UFF! hurry up Neha… hit me, i’m an addict 😛

  2. jyothi says:

    great chapter poor parts I really hope sid is fine

  3. Sudeshna says:

    WOW !!! Both Sid and Jagdish have found their mates !!! Buy one get one free wala scheme !!! 😛 anyway the kidnapping part is very scary !!! Poor Pratz !!! Eagerly waiting for the next update !!! I hope after rescuing Pratz , we could see some love and romance b/w SY 😉 …. (Y)

  4. Nataly says:

    Ufff…this is almost science fiction…the bittersweet science fiction…I`m waiting for more 🙂

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