Bound by fate Ch 6

Pratz cursed herself for the nth time. Why was she here? To tell him that I am not interested but that won’t discourage him.
“Ok let me think of a convincing excuse Mr. Siddhartha I am engaged. Yes that will do the trick “She smiled to herself in glee.
By the time she reached “Passion” “What a tacky name for a club” She mumbled she had concocted an elaborate story about her nonexistent fiancée.
She deliberately arrived 2 hours late. As soon as she entered the staff fell over themselves to serve her “Well this place is known for its hospitality”
“Mam Mr. Sid is waiting for you in the lounge area”
She raised her eyebrows in surprise “Mr. Hot Shot seems to be rolling in money…whatever” She had carefully chosen her most conservative dress, jeans and full sleeved top with a high neckline. She wanted to portray a frigid-not- interested look. If her body didn’t betray her she would get rid of him soon. Lost in her thoughts she didn’t realize she had already arrived in an exclusive looking dining area.
She was surprised to see no other customers there except the gorgeous man sitting on the bar. His face broke into a wide grin and Pratz froze “How can somebody be so gorgeous” She thought “It’s unfair”

Taking her hands in his warm hand she said “I knew you would come”

She replied “That’s one of the cheesiest pickup line…is that the best you could come up with?”
He laughed “No I really mean it…I knew you would come”
“We are attached by invisible strings don’t you feel it?” He gave his typical smirk
“I have no idea what you are talking about” She grumbled “Anyways FYI this is our second normal conversation and you are already getting on my nerves would please elaborate what do you want from me?”

He laughed “I don’t want anything from you in fact on the contrary I want to give you…I don’t know how to explain” He bowed his head and then looking deep in her eyes he said “I just want to protect you, cherish you, fulfill all your dreams. I know it sounds corny but that’s how I feel. Believe me I have never said this to anyone before but that’s how I feel about you….about us”

She swallowed a lump. How was she supposed to counter that? His confessions tore her heart. Trying not to cry she blurted “Thanks for such flattery but I am already engaged”
He raised his eyebrows “Really? I don’t see a ring on you”

She fumbled “I mean it’s not a formal engagement but it’s kind of fixed…you know my maasa fixed and I am quite happy with it…And… So we are not going to happen…” She looked at his smirk and realized that she was blabbering
“Oh stop it Sid” She said angrily

He held her hand and jerked her towards him so that she was trapped in his vice like arms “What are you afraid of?”
His voice was barely a whisper “You don’t trust me? I can take it slow…we can just date, get to know each other better…hmm?”
She was trapped in his eyes…she noticed now they were not really black but dark pools of chocolate brown. Her eyes flashed blue “Your eyes change color” he said casually

“Flashing color of death” Ganga used to say it jokingly. Venom ran in her bloodstream giving a bluish sheen to her eyes…whenever she experienced string emotional surge they used to turn bluer giving an illusion of her eyes changing color.

“I can’t do it Sid. It just won’t work. Please understand just forget it” She said in a whisper
“Why Pratz? Are you scared of being hurt? I will never hurt you. I promise”

She chuckled “Hurting her…rather he shld be concerned about hurting himself” she thought

“Why did you laugh?” He asked
She entangled herself from her grasp and paced in frustration “You don’t know anything Sid” She shook her head in frustration “I wish I could explain”

“See if it’s something related to you past I don’t care. I am only concerned with your future. Which is definitely with me?”

“Excuse me?? Are you trying to say I don’t have a choice? Just because you have taken fancy to me I have to agree to whatever you say?” Her feminist avatar was out

He smirked “No I don’t mean that. Your heart knows the truth isn’t it?”

She bit her lips. He was right she could not escape him. He was like a magnet continuously pulling her towards him.

“I am starved?? How about you?” He said suddenly

She blinked at him “what?”

“I am hungry. I called you for a dinner date and it’s about time” he said casually as if nothing happened

She looked at him annoyed “How can you think of food right now?? Aren’t we supposed to be arguing?”

“Well we can continue with that later. I can’t stop normal body functions for that besides it’s a waste not to eat that lovely steak” He said eying the table.

She looked at him dumbstruck and followed him to the table. He pulled out a chair for her before joining her.

“Do you always do that?” She asked

“Do what?” He said
“Suddenly change the topic”
“No only when I am hungry” he winked

In spite of her annoyance she laughed. They dined and she actually enjoyed talking to him. They talked about mundane stuff. For the first time she actually felt relaxed. She looked at the beautiful man talking animatedly about his passion for football.
She felt a tinge of pain…..”If only….”

He suddenly stopped as if reading her mind he asked are you ok

“Yeah I’m fine why?”

“You look sombre.But I know a very good way to lighten up your mood”

He got up with a swirl and offered his hand “Would the lovely lady accept my offer for a dance”

She burst into laughter “What the hell is this…19th century?”
He grinned “I don’t care what century it is as long as you are with me.Btw 19th century was not that great.”

“And how do you know that?”

“Will tell you sometime. Now let’s go”

She didn’t realize what she was doing impulsively she accepted his hand as if that was the most natural thing to do. And then they danced….He spun her around but kept her hands in his so that he could pull her back in his chest. Though he towered over her she didn’t feel intimidated and they swayed in perfect rhythm…
She laughed probably for the first time she laughed in abandon….it was one of those few moments when she felt normal.
“I Have to go now” She suddenly said looking at the clock

“Let me drop you” He said
“No its fine besides I got my car”

“I will get it dropped at your place. Please I insist let me drop you”
She opened her mouth to protest but he dismissed her…..
She was seething by the time they were in the car.

Grumbling silently she looked out of the window.

“Someone is angry” He said
“What do you think of yourself Mr. Stalker. I don’t want to be here…I don’t know you and I definitely don’t need a babysitter….will you stop this Gotham controlling attitude”

He smirked “It’s not control its manner a gentleman never lets his lady go unescorted in the dead of the night. I would have done the same thing for anyone”

“And when did I become your lady? I…..I don’t want this…”
She wanted to complete the sentence with an asshole but her mouth was suddenly crushed by his lips warm lips massaged her trying to coax them open. Shocked she tried to keep them closed and pushed at his rock hard chest. He grabbed her wrists in one hand and held the back of her head with another to hold it in position. She gasped at the onslaught. This gave him the opportunity to slip his tongue into her inviting mouth. She was helpless now. Her body and mind both trapped in his grip. The hand in her hairs slowly descended down her neck resting on her breast. He squeezed them.
Releasing her wrists he trailed his other hand down snaking it around her waist bringing her closer. Now they were stuck like glue. He hands were free now but instead of resisting it had gone around his neck clutching his hairs responding to his ferocious kiss. He tasted like red wine and very male.
They continued their tryst entangled into each other. He pushed her top from the fold of her jeans and snaked his hands under it, pushing aside thin wisp of her bra he plucked her already sensitive nipples. She arched her back to give him better access. He caressed and massaged them….a moan escaped her lips. This seemed to encourage him more and his ministrations turned more ferocious.
She left his hairs and clutched his strong arms. Her top was now totally off her. He left her lips and looked at her. His eyes were wild with desire “beautiful… are absolutely beautiful”
He bent his head took one puckered sensitive nub in his mouth….She froze as his mouth sucked on her breast.

“NO!! STOP IT” She screamed
He immediately stopped his eyes searching her face for answers “I can’t do this. I don’t know you, why don’t you understand we can’t”

She flushed and pushed him off her. Pulling on her top she covered herself. He made her feel angry n needy both at the same time.

Sid straightened up. He could still feel her arousal but now there were hints of fear in her.

“Why Pratz? Are you afraid of me?”

Ignoring his question she peered at him…then pressed her hands on his forehead “Are you alright? Do you feel dizzy?”
Puzzled he replied “I’m fine. Why? Is it some medical thing? Do I look ill?”

She continued to probe him muttering to herself “I shld not have done this. This is so wrong.You seem fine….but how?”
Exasperated he held her shoulders n said “I am not feeling dizzy, nor sick, I’m perfectly fine…well not perfectly I’m still heady because of you not to mention extremely turned on but…..oh well….no damage done….what’s wrong with you?”

She bit her lips and still looked unconvinced “Are you sure?”

“YES I am sure. Are you fine.You don’t look too good yourself. What is going on pratz.Please tell me”

“Sid I don’t want you to die. We can’t happen.You don’t know anything about me.You have no idea about my past. Just let it go”

“Just tell me what’s going on damm it”

“I Can’t Sid” Her eyes were tinged with tears now. That immediately sobered him up. Impulsively he took her in his arms stroking her hairs “Please don’t be upset. I will never hurt you.You know that right”. He whispered in her ears.

“I Know Sid. For some strange reason I know you won’t am worried about you. I don’t want you being hurt”
Sid’s brows were furrowed in deep thoughts. Something or someone was scaring her. He had to find out what.
The stranger was laughing hysterically. This was getting better than his plan. The animal had willingly walked into the trap. He clapped his hand called his man “tomorrow we strike. Be prepared”

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5 Responses to Bound by fate Ch 6

  1. Sudeshna says:

    Am I alive ???!!! Am I in my sense !!!! No I dont think so….*faint*….I am feeling thousands of butterflies in my stomach !!! I wish I could have a hot love story like this in my own life 😛 !!! Waiting for the next part with a drooling face !!! 😛

  2. Nataly says:

    Ufff…I stopped my breath…God…this is dangerously good!!! Next update pleaseee…urgently…

  3. Nataly says:

    “The stranger was laughing hysterically. This was getting better than his plan. The animal had willingly walked into the trap. He clapped his hand called his man “tomorrow we strike. Be prepared…” What does this have to mean?!?!?!

  4. jyothi says:

    it’s an amazing part and hot part

    loved the chemistry u have portrayed between the two. cont soon

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