Bound by Fate ch- 5

Ganga’s mouth fell in surprise when Pratz arrived dishevelled and aparently in a very bad mood. She stomped around in anger, took off her oversized jacket and threw it on floor. Then she proceeded to kick and trample it.


Ganga came rushing to her “Pratz wat are you doing.Why are you trampling this jacket and what happned to your top? Did you get in a fight again?”


“NO ! But I wish I did. I hate him….what does he think of himself….asshole”


Ganga looked at her bewildered “Who ? whom are you talking about ?” Picking up the coat she exclaimed ” Its a male jacket !! What’s happening pratz ?”


“I dont know.I dont want this.I dont want him in my life” Pratz broke down

“Come…lets go in your room and get you fixed before ma sees you”


Dragging pratz who was still crying….She filled her bath and forced pratz into it. The hot bath seemed to relax her.Her crying subsided though she still looked tensed

“Would you like to talk about it ?” Ganga asked gently

“I m cursed” Pratz sighed

“Why do you think so ? You are tensed about some guy isnt it?”


“This sat I met a man in the club. He is unlike any man I have ever seen.Whenever I m with him he is the only thing I can look or think about.I dont know whats wrong with me.He is so dominating and obnoxious I hate him yet I cant really hate him.You know what I mean ”


Ganga laughed “Girl you are in love”

Pratz looked at her in disgust ” I am not !! I can never love that asshole”

Ganga rolled her eyes “Pratz theres nothing wrong in falling in love.Its a normal human feeling”

” I m not human !!” Pratz almost screamed “Dont you know wht I am capable of ? Just one kiss and he would die the most painful death. I m a monster Ganga I m not supposed to fall in love.Wat can I give anyone except death”

Ganga was dumbfounded. Pratz never revealed her dark side.She was very careful in her daily intractions with people.Most people assumed that she was a neatness freak but the fact was her body fluid was lethal.

Pratz and Ganga grew up like sisters, sometimes she forgot that Pratz was not normal.

“So what will you do now?” Ganga asked in a shaky voice

“Run away from him.I cant hurt him”

“But you will break his heart”

” A broken heart is still better than death” Pratz answered.


Sid was restless n his wolf was grumpy they both needed her.He had messed up again.It was hard to keep his hands to himself around her.

“Alpha” A voice broke his thoughts

Vikram was there with an ancient looking book ” The concil chief has sent this book for you”.


“Ok keep it on my desk” Sid looked at the old book. It seemed to be book of fables.He wondered why council chief had sent him this. He decided to go through it right now anything to keep him distracted from her.


“There were fables about werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters all sorts of magical creatures which had terrorised and facinated humans.Some of them were real though hidden from humans.

Flipping through the book he reached a chapter about “Vishkanyas”

“Vishkanyas were poison girls who were specially created to assasinate important people. Beautiful baby girls were chosen from all over the kingdom. They were given a royal upbringing and tutored in 64 arts. Along with this they also received something deadly. Small doses of poison were given in their diet.As they grew the dose was gradually increased.Most died but those who survived were immuned to all deadly poisons but they were themselves fatal to other humans.Their beauty and charm had a magical quality but their bite was enough to kill strongest of men.

They were prefect weapons to kill discreetly.This practise was discontinued after the fall of Maurya empire but Many people presume this tradition was never stopped it just went underground like others”


Sid finished reading, his mind was processing the information.Those 5 men….could it be job of a vishkanya ? But why ? They were more like hired assassins why would they randomly kill few thugs? He wasnt even sure if the killer was indeed a vishkanya.

“Perhaps I should talk to the council head” He thought.

He looked at his watch n smiled.It was almost time. It was saturday and he was going to meet HER.His wolf howled in excitement.

A knock disturbed his happy mood. Vikram came in looking apologetic

“This better be good vikram”


“Forgive me alpha but Miss Floral is here and she has refused to go unless u meet her.I tried to convince her that you were busy but ….”

Sid held up his hand “Let her in”

“We anyways need to talk” He thought

His wolf grunted in anger.It was eager to meet their mate.

“Darling I missed you ” Floral sprinted into the room.She was bundled in too tight silk dress which revealed ample clevage.Taking him in a bearhug she grinned her typical toothy grin.

Wiggling out of her bearhug he said “I appreciate your gesture but this is not the right time.I have to tell you something”

“My wolfie was missing me? I cant wait anymore just take me right now”

“Floral wait….We need to talk….”

He didnt finish his sentece.He found himself pushed on the bed buried under her ample breasts.His wolf leaped out in anger.Floral felt him slipping out.A big black wolf was standing beside her bed growling in anger.

“My wolfie wants to play ? Shld I transform too” She cooed in arguably seductive voice.The wolf cringed.

“I better get undressed.Dont wanna spoil my new dress”

“ENOUGH” Sid was back in his human form….gloriously naked and extreamly pissed off.Nudity was not a taboo for them.They were used to changing from wolf to humans and vice versa clothes were usually casuality in these transformations.

She blinked her false eye lashes “Whats wrong Sid?”

He sighed “I found my true mate.Its all over for us”

Her already large eyes popped out in ashtonishment “What do u mean ? I am your mate”

” You know we are not.Does your wolf agree ? You know how this works isnt it ? I cant be with anyone else except her.The mating pull is too strong.If I force myself my wolf will turn rough and attack you.I dont wanna hurt you”

“But what about our engagement ? Are you sure about this ?”

“I am 100% sure.We had an agreement till one of us found our mate.I could have been either of us.What if this happned after we were wedded ? What if you found your true mate ?? Godess Luna has saved us from heartbreaks.This is best for us”

” But what if its a trap.You are a powerful Alpha it could be magic.You know witchcraft…”

Sid laughed “Humans r not aware that we exist.And witchcraft dosent affect us.Its not a trap.She is mine”

“YOU ARE DUMPING ME FOR A HUMAN!!” she bellowed in anger “I m the daughter of most powerful alpha you cant just dump me”

“I am not dumping you….we were never meant to be”

She was shaking in anger “You will play for this Sid”

Sid sighed in exasperation this was more messy than his assumption”Luna saved us from a miserable future floral. Go home…calm down n think about it”

“You dont tell me what to do…” She spat in anger.

They stared at each other neither of them ready to back out.


” Oops! I Guess I arrived at wrong time”

Sid was diatracted by the newely arrived Jagadish.His eyes were constantly shifting from naked Sid to dishevelled Floral.

“Actually you are right on time.Please escort miss Floral to her place.I have other plans”

” You are going to see her isnt it?” Floral spat.

Sid sighed in exasperation. This was getting messier than he presumed.

“We will talk later floral”.Jagadish winked at him and took Β away reluctant floral with him.

Sid ran his fingers through his hairs and looked at his shredded shirt and jeans “I better change its almost time… but would she come ?”He thought to himself “Well if she dosent turn up. I will find her and keep her with me till she is convinced that she is mine” He thought with a determined look. jeans “I better change its almost time… but would she come ?”He thought to himself “Well if she dosent turn up. I will find her and keep her with me till she is convinced that she is mine” He thought with a determined look.

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10 Responses to Bound by Fate ch- 5

  1. Nataly says:

    “…what does he think of himself….asshole…” Neha, I kill myself with laughter… πŸ˜€ but yes, it applies to HIM… πŸ˜‰ you know what I mean… πŸ™‚

  2. Lili says:

    ;D hehehe…can’t wait for next one… πŸ˜€ will you hurry please 😦

  3. Hello Neha … Just now I finished reading chapter 5 —very good way of writing , Excellent narrative skills …..very interesting …innovative way of expression with a new concept ! Have to say thanks to Vibha for suggesting me to read this !

  4. jyothi says:

    Neha it’s amazing please post chapter 6 soon

  5. Alison says:

    Loving how this story is shaping up πŸ™‚

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