Bound by fate – Ch 4

From the shadows his eyes followed her. So this was the one Kalyani devi might think herself to be clever but the fact was she could never outsmart him. They were just weapons after all a very deadly weapon. How did she imagine that she could change this little girl’s destiny ?
Like all woman of their kind she was equisite which was an important requirement. Juicy beautiful flowers attracts most insects.

Sid was having hard time controlling his wolf. It was almost to the surface. For depriving him off their mate. When her scent wafted toward him his wolf had stood in attention. He was forced to follow the intoxicating musk and her first view !! He couldnt describe the feeling. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He slim figure and lovely face entrapped him. And those eyes ! those lovely beautiful dark cobalt eyes. He was sure she could feel the mating pull too.
His wolf had screamed “MINE”
His first impulse was to grab her and take her right there but his human side prevailed. He didnt want to frighten her. But couldnt resist following her n taking a taste of her.
She was just prefect.
Right now his wolf was pacing in anger. When he had held her he could smell her fear, confusion and Arousal…She wanted him too “All in a good time mate” Sid said to himself.
Pratz dashed through the crowd.She wanted to get away as soon as possible.She ran into her car and started the ignition. She drove at a speed she didnt usually drive. He had shaken her soul, awakening feelings she didnt even know ever existed in her.
She was angry at herself for being so impulsive.That was a new thing for her.
Her thought were broken when she saw a police car following her.
She looked at her speedometer which was way above the normal speed limit.
“Shit ! As if things could go any worse” She thought.
She slowed down and stopped her car.
The police car stopped and a tall good looking officer walked towards her.
She rolled down her windows and blabbered “I m sorry.I was in a hurry n didnt realise tht I m speeding. I m not drunk either”.

He smiled and kneeled on the car window “He really worked you up isnt it?”

“Yes.. I hav never felt so…..wait a min how do you know …. ?”
He gave a mischivious laugh “Dont drive so fast. That will really work him up”

Pratz stared at him in disbelief “WTF ! Does whole town know about this ? Who is this Mr tall dark n handsome?” She thought.
The officer went back without answering.
Pratz drove off at relatively slower speed and realised that the police car was following her.It followed her till she reached her home….

“Are you absolutely sure?” Jagadish asked Sid
Sid stopped his restless pacing and looked at him in anger “For God’s sake YES….I am sure she is my mate.I can feel the pull. Her scent…her body….Gosh it was maddning. I am sure she feels it too”

Jagadish smirked “Well thts a good news as well as bad news….ur pack will finally get the alpha female but wat abt floral now?”

Sid’s face suddenly dimmed like a fused bulb….Wolves mate for life. They imprint on their mates and then stick together forever. However its not uncommon for some wolves to remain without their life mate….For some it took a long while to find their mate. In these situations many of them would form arranged couples.
Sid was the Alpha and he had remained mateless for a long time. Personally he didnt belive in this mating bullshit.
Floral was daughter of a powerful Alpha from another pack. A long time ago after years of bloody fights the packs had found a council and put an end to internal skirmishes.
It was start of a peaceful time for the warewolves. To strenthe this they had decided to form alliances. Sid’s father was one of those leaders. He had promised Sid and Floral’s marriage incase both of them failed to find their true mates.
Although Sid’s wolf howled in scorn he was bound to floral…..until now.
He had found his true mate. And his wolf would never accept anyone else expect that mysterious cobalt eyed girl.
Sid said “I will explain to her. Our engagement was only valid till either of us found our true mate because mating bond cannot be broke. Even Floral’s father understands this. Its a minor hitch for now I am more worried about that girl”
He was interrupted by a call. Seeing his chief beta calling he picked it up “Yes Vikram?”

“Alpha I have found everything about her.She is new here.her family arrived barely 6 months back.She is a student in medical college and her name is Pratyusha”

“Pratyusha” He repeated her name “Lovely name for a lovely person” He thought.
“Thanks Vikram. That is all for now”
Jagadish looked at his friend’s beaming face “So ? wats the news?”

“I am going to college?” Sid said
“what?? Arent you too old for that? something like 100?”
“I am going to Pratyusha’s college”
“who is this pratyusha?”
“Your Bhabhi” Sid laughed and left leaving behind a puzzled Jagadish

It was dark by the time Pratz left from her college. Being a medical student she was used to irratic schedules and travelling slone never frightened her except for the fact that Maasa had warned her against getting into trouble. She looked up at the dark cloudy sky
“Shit !! again rain” She thought “I am fed up of this rain”
She sighed and walked towards the bus stop.She had barely reached the bus stand when suddnely a car screeched next to her at maddening speed. Startled she looked at it and almost screamed in horror he was there !!
She could never forget that man…his scorching eyes and tht sexy smile…She had been waking up shivering from wicked erotic dreams ever since that night.
He gave his wide toothy smile and she gulped some air “Y..You? here?”
He nodded “I am sorry I scared you but We need to talk”
“Why? Why are you here? and how did you find me?”
“Too many questions. Please come with me we are blocking the whole traffic”
“No way….I dont wanaa talk to you. Just go away”

He sighed “We need to talk and you very well know that. Its better that you come in else I will have to carry you inside”
She looked at him in anger “What the….I dont want to see your face. Just go away”
“You dont really mean that” he grinned
She sighed in exasperation “What do you want?”

“I just want to talk. Please come inside its anyways going to rain.I give you my word you wont be harmed” He spoke with such sincerity that inspite of her misgiving she believed him though a tiny part of her brain mocked her she really wanted to be with him…there was something pulling her to him.

Ignoring her inner consciousness she entered his car. His face beamed and he drove off.
After few minutes of silence while he drove she said “So?”

He turned towards her that naughty smile still pasted on his face “So?”
She raised her eyebrows “I presume you wanted to talk?”
“Do you always work late ?”
“Is tht why you wanted to meet me…to dicsuss my schedule?”
“Its not safe”

“I m a medical student.I have irratic schedule…..its none if your fucking business” She screamed
“Wow !! you are a healer” He said and looked genuinely impressed

She gave him a puzzled look “Look Mr who ever you are…I dont know why I m here. Why are you stalking me. Why did you send police to follow me. Whats you intrest in me?”
He stopped the car by the side and turned towards her
“I m Siddharth n my intrest in you is hard to explain”
“Wat do you mean hard to explain ?”
He opened his mouth to say something then stopped “Oh fuck it ” He muttered
Suddenly she was encased in his arms .She tried to push him away but his rock solid frame did budge an inch.She felt his lips near her ears murmering soothing words and his hands gently stroked her back. She felt herself melting. He sensed her resistance breaking and gently loosened his grip and brushed her cheeks with his lips….He was trying hard to keep tab on his wolf….one wrong move and he could break her.
brushing away a lock of hair from her face he gently pressed his lips towards her. Sensing his approach she immediately turned her head forcing his lips to land on her neck. He didnt mind the diversion. He kissed her neck and caressed the sensitive skin .She forgot all about caution as her hands automatically snaked around his neck her finger lost in his curls.
His wolf wanted to howl in happiness. He trailed a line of kisses down her throat, when he reached the pulse beating madly at the base of her throat….He licked her pulse. His wolf nodded in appreciation
She shuddered and clutched at his hairs tighter. His touch was sending jolts of electricity in her body
A low growl escaped his throat and his assult on her neck grew more aggressive. His wolf was jumping to get a bite of her but he pressed him down. This was not the right time for that.
He kissed and caressed her neck and slipped further down. His hands slipped under her top and and reached her breast. He took her sensitive peaks between his fingers and stroked them with his rough hands and she buckled backwards a moan escaped her lips.
Looking up he smiled…and decided to capture those luschious lips.
He held the back of her neck and pressed his lips to hers
She froze. All passion escaped from her as the reality sunk in. She shld not be doing this at all infact she should not have been here at all….And she shld not kiss anyone ever !!
She tried to turn her head but he held it in his iron grasp.

She pressed her hands to his chest and pushed hard. Suddenly she heard a ripping sound.
In his excitement Sid didnt realise his claws had elongated and in his struggle to hold her he had ripped the back of her blouse to shreds.
Horrified he immediatly left her and wthdrew his claws before she could spot them.
Now disentangled she looked at her ripped top and looked at him in anger and cultched desperately at the shreds trying to cover herself “How did you?? what have you done !! is that why you wanted to meet me ? I dont want to stay with for even a minute”
Sid looked guiltily and said “I…..I am sory I didnt mean to infact I didnt mean to do any of this….but…wait Pratyusha you cant go out like this” He said when she tried to open the car door.

She stopped and peered at him with narrowed eyes “How do you know my name?”
He sighed “I know everything which I need to know. Look I am really sorry” He took off his jacket and put it on her shoulders “please take it”
She wanted to scream and punch but decided it was better to take his offer

“I want to go home” she said suddenly
“But we need to talk” He said almost pleading
“Not today please. I am extreamly tired and I cnat think right now. I am sure I dont need to tell you my address” she said
He nodded internally cursing himself and trying to forget the image of her half naked body else he would lose control once again.
He drove in silence after reaching her house he said “meet me at the same club this saturday”
She replied “I wont be coming”
He laughed “We’ll see. Good night Pratyusha and please take care of yourself for me”
She spent a good 15 mins staring the road long after he had departed. His masculine scent engulfing her
“Why God why ? I cant resist him being with him will kill him” she said to herself

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  1. Sudeshna says:

    First of all I am shocked that I missed this story !!!!!!

    Supernatural Story on SY…. I am already hooked !!!! And by God….its AWESOME !!!! Plz update soon ♥♥♥

  2. alison says:

    Made for eachother ♥

  3. Nataly says:

    OMG!!! Neha, this is just too good…I`m freaking out!!! This is adrenaline pure… 😀

  4. Anju Singh says:

    beautiful beautiful and beautiful, wow you and your imagination is making my imaginatoin go wild.

  5. jyothi says:

    Neha it’s beautiful

  6. Nataly says:

    Neha, you let us fidget really great… :-; where is the chapter 5 ?!?!?!

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