Bound by Fate – Ch 3

Maasa was sitting in a pensive mood.

“Are you ok Maasa”

“Come in Sumitra” She said. Sumitra was like mother to Pratz.She had never seen her real mother. Sumitra was a governess com adoptive mother.

“You look worried”
“I should be. Pratz is going to be 20 next month. I have kept her hidden till now. I have lost too mnay loved ones my own daughter among them. I cant lose Pratz. I want her to lead a normal life. Not the life of an assassin”
“But Maasa you know she cant be normal. I mean she can never marry or have children”
“I know. She is a living death. There’s no human who can stay alive after touching her. But I just hope that God may bring in some miracle. If she cant have a normal family atlest she should be strong enough to live on her own. I should have never allowed her to be initiaed but its too late to regret now. That child has a short temper. You know she killed few guys again”
Sumitra winced. Though she loved Pratz dearly but she was scared and disapproved of her dark side. She was a normal mortal afterall.Serving one of the deadliest freaks of nature was not easy.

“Maasa !! thts serious !! I mean there wont be any trouble right?”
“I hope not. I have called bahadur to look keep an eye on the legal aspects. The cause of death should never go out else they will come for her. I cant let history repeat itself”
“Maasa I will talk to Pratz. I will ask her to control herself”.
Sid was in his office looking at few property papers. He owned several businesses in town which supported the pack as well as provided employment to the pack members. It also helped them mingle with humans.A knock broke his reverie. Without looking up he said “come in”

“Someone’s really busy” a jovial voice called out to him
He looked up to find his right hand beta and best friend Jagadish grinning at him.

Sid gave an amused smile and asked “what brings you here”

“Nothing much. We have date”


“I mean you have a date…I mean you must have a date.When was the last time you got laid?” Jagadish asked with a mischivious grin

Sid looked annoyed “why sudden intrest in my sex life?”

“You dont have a sex life…atleast not like me anyways”

“You are a man whore !! anyways did you find out about those murders?”

“No much…for the police its open and shut case. They concluded they died due to drug overdose”

Sid furrowed his eyebrows and looked thoughtful.His wolf was very restless today.It wanted to run as if it could sense something coming.

Jagadish shook him “Come on bro…Get a life…Its been ages since we had some fun ”

Sid sighed “Alright ! where are we going?”

“You are asking me? You the owner of the best club in the city !!” He laughed

Sid shook his head “Ok Lets hit the bar”

Pratz was sitting on a bar stool and casually sipping her soda…She was not very fond of alcohol but liked the hustle and bustle of the bar.It was her friend’s birthday. For her friends and colleagues she was a normal human. She liked to feel normal even though it entailed some unwanted attention.
Her mysterious hypnotic beauty attracted men like moth to fire.
“Hi I had been looking for u all over there” she heard someone say.
She turned to find her friend’s cousin grinning at her. He had been hitting on her since they arrived at the club.
She gave him an enigmatic smile “I was always here. You should have looked carefully”

The guy seemed to beam he started off in a chatter.

Sid went straight towards the bar. His over sensitive nose was bombarded with all sorts of scents…alcohol, sweat, perfumes, cheap deo….Then it hit him. A sweet musky scent. His wolf stood in attention.Then is came again. A faint musky scent….He felt a sudden urge to follow the scent.

Pratz took another sip of her soda while Raj?? probably that was his name droned on. She was regretting getting into a conversation with him. She had a sudden feeling that she was being watched.Then she caught his eyes and her breath stopped midway.
“What a beatiful man !!” she thought. Then furrowed her brow at her impulsive thought. She was used to male attention but it first time that some male caught her attention.catching her eyes his lips twitched into a smirk…
“So I was telling…tht my car is worth 30 lakhs….” Raj cotinued his blabbering.
Her eyes locked with the stranger she finished her drink in one gulp….”I need something stronger” She mumbled.

His eyes twinked and his smirk grew bigger. As if he heard her.
Annoyed she averted her eyes “Who the hell is he?”.She looked at him again…He was not just looking, He was staring with enough intensity to make her feel naked…
She adjusted the slit in her skirt. Then it became a game for her. She looked at the man over Raj’s shoulders every few minutes.
He was very tall with slick shiny black hairs…His face was all angular planes with strong jawline.
She could not see his muscles but seeing his built she presumed he would be a extreamly well built.

Unknowingly she blushed then got annoyed at her stupidity.He had an air of authority and the staff seemed to fawn over him.
“So Mr tall dark and Handsome is well known here” She thought.
Pratz had completly lost track of Raj….the stranger smiled most of the time but when Raj reached out to hold her hand his eyes hardened and she could see hint of anger in them.
She withdrew her hand and saod to Raj “Execuse me I need to visit the restroom” without waiting for his answer she ran towards a maze of corridors.
The bathroom was like an art deco with a huge central area and full body size mirrors.Thankfully the restroom was completely empty. Placing her hands on the sink she tried to catch her erratic breath.Suddenly she was not alone.she heard the clasp of latch and the tall dark stranger was standing beside her.
She squeaked in surprise “Execuse me this is ladies room”

He just smirked and held her shoulders in his tight grasp.She cld feel the cold tiles behind her.She was trapped.Her eyes flashed blue in excitement. She could eaily kill him with one bite but strangely she didnt want to. Not this beautiful speciman of a man anyways.

“Let me go you are playing with fire” She spat in anger.

He grinned “I would love to burn in this fire” He traced her cheeks with his fingure sending fire till the pit of her stomach.

Close up he smelled leather and spice.It was intoxicating her senses.Catching hold of herself she opened her mouth to scream. He immediately placed his hands on her mouth muffling her scream.
She was confused and terrified. He gently nuzzled her neck as if breathing in her scent his 5 oclock shadow scraped her skin sending jolts in her body. His hands moved on her low back dress. When it reached her breasts she gasped and searched his face. what was his intention?

He smiled and left her mouth. As she slipped from his grasp he said ” You are so perfect”. There was not malice in his eyes. Infcat he looked at her adoringly. Placing a chaste kiss on her foreheard he said “We’ll meet again”

He turned and left as fast as he had come in.Breathless she stared after him for few minutes.
“I must leave immediately” She thought. She was not made for this.She was not made for normal love. Not tht she wanted to kill him but he didnt know he had escaped within an inch from loosing his life.

She gathered her things, mumbled an aplology to Raj and her friend and ran towards her car. She had to run before he saw her again.

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    uff… what first meeting… next one se vu ple 😀

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    This dude is intense … :p

  3. Nataly says:

    Ufff…Neha, don`t let us wait too long for the new chapter…

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