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Bound by Fate ch- 5

Ganga’s mouth fell in surprise when Pratz arrived dishevelled and aparently in a very bad mood. She stomped around in anger, took off her oversized jacket and threw it on floor. Then she proceeded to kick and trample it.   … Continue reading

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Bound by fate – Ch 4

From the shadows his eyes followed her. So this was the one Kalyani devi might think herself to be clever but the fact was she could never outsmart him. They were just weapons after all a very deadly weapon. How … Continue reading

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Bound by Fate – Ch 3

Maasa was sitting in a pensive mood. “Are you ok Maasa” “Come in Sumitra” She said. Sumitra was like mother to Pratz.She had never seen her real mother. Sumitra was a governess com adoptive mother. “You look worried” “I should … Continue reading

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Bound by Fate – Ch 2

The pack was apprehensive. This was the first time their run had been suddenly cut short and they could not fathom the reason for their Alpha’s restlessness. He was usually a jovial easy going person; hence it was a shocker … Continue reading

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