Bound by Fate – Ch 1

It was typical dark and stormy night. She struggled with her scoot trying to revive its dead engine. She cursed the situation n then looked at the dark sky.

“Now I will have to walk all the way to home” She thought

Thankfully it was not very far but she didn’t fancy getting drenched in the rain at midnight. She ditched the scooty on the roadside and walked off into the dark alley.

A beautiful young girl walking alone on a lonely road at midnight now this was bound to invite trouble. But she was unfazed. Unlike normal girls she was not afraid of unsuitable situations rather she didn’t really care. She was different.


“Fresh meat!!” Said he

“Where Boss” one of his minion asked

“Right there See the bird is walking right into the trap” He grinned. Pasha was usual city thug. One which each city has their job is stealing, mauling and harassing people specially girls. Getting a lonely beauty on a night like this was a stroke a good luck for him. Little did he know that he was going to get the surprise of his life.


All five of them lurked towards her like predators shadowing their prey.

Sensing trouble she increased her pace the followers continued to pursue her soon she was running in panic. Rain was pouring in torrents now.

As the catcalls and whistles increased she found herself trapped in a dead end. In panic she turned around to face her attackers “5 of them! This is not going to be easy” She thought


For a moment pasha was struck by her beauty. Not that he cared about look as long his lust was fulfilled but she was exquisite. Her terrified eyes were beautiful and strange…they were deepest shade of blue….almost black yet with a hint of indigo.

He had never seen such eyes before…She was slender and petite, barely 18.Drenched in rain she was shaking in fear.


She looked around wildly at her attackers “Please let me go” She pleaded uselessly

“How can we let u go sweetheart. Don’t u see it’s so unsafe there” The guy who looked to be their leader approached…She Backed off till she was pinned on a wall behind her his huge frame looming over her too close for comfort.

“Please…Please don’t let me do this” She said softly almost in a whisper.


He grinned Holding her arms in her grip “Don’t worry u just relax we will do the rest” his eyes were wild with lust.

Her expressions changed suddenly…….Her eyes were so bright they were almost glowing. The terror suddenly vanished, her face tensed and suddenly she leaned n caught his lips with her mouth.


Caught off guard he couldn’t believe what was happening. This was totally unexpected his prey was kissing him!! Rather biting him off! He could feel blood on his lips as her teeth bit on his lips.

His cronies stared in shock.


Writhing seconds he was free again. He stumbled away from her trying to make sense…..she just stared at him…her face calm.

Next moment he was convulsing and writhing on the ground….His while body burned in agony. Gasping for breath he looked at her serene face. Her face twitched in an evil smile.

“I told you not to force me” She said


His shocked cronies were looking frantically at her then their boss.


“What did you do to boss” screaming 2 of his men lunged at her holding her throat trying to strangle her. She twisted her body painfully and bit his hands…scratching the other one with her sharp nails.

Just like Pasha both doubled up in pain and writhed beside now dead cold pasha.


The rest 2 looked at her horrified.


“Don’t you want to kiss me boys?” She asked in sugary evil voice.

They backed off in terror but it was too late…The puny girl was too fast for her built. Before they could think they were writhing on the road along with their dead comrades….


She waited for the adrenal rush to cool down…As her breathing normalized she gave one last loathing look towards the dead bodies and turned back….She hated to do that but they were asking for it.


Sid was on his usual run. He loved running especially when it was raining. The stormy winds didn’t affect him and he could very well see in the dark.

He sniffed the crisp air then whipped around at the unfamiliar scent. Blood!! And fear. Someone was in trouble. He ran following the scent. As the trail grew stronger a new scent jostled him. Death! He could smell death. Was he too late?

Running frantically he finally reached the road. His eyes winded at the sight.

Five dead bodies awaited him. He sniffed around them. The rain had washed away any trace of the killer but he was sure he would get some clue.

“Snake poison!” he thought.

A snake attacking and killing off five people was unheard unless…

He looked at the human teeth marks on them….”Impossible!! What is it?” he thought

Such bite marks was only possible in case of shape shifters. But poisonous shape shifters were unheard of. It’s been years since his pack had engaged in tussle with another pack. Respecting terretorial boundaries was important. His reputation ensured that no one dared to disobey this rule. But if somebody had disobeyed this rule then they would have to be severely dealt with.

He took a last look and ran back into the forest.

Had somebody looked in the dark night they would have seen a lone black wolf howling then running back into the forest.

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13 Responses to Bound by Fate – Ch 1

  1. padmaja says:

    Good Start.

  2. Nataly says:

    A very unusual beginning… I`m really curious how the story will evolve!!! Neha dear, I`m so happy to be here again! 🙂

  3. Lili says:

    yes! next chapter please… 😀

  4. garima says:

    i am speechless….but want more.

  5. Nataly says:

    Neha, we wait for the next chapter… 😀

  6. jyothi says:

    a very nice start Neha

  7. alison says:

    Wow this seems to he so interesting! Glad to read another story written by you 🙂

  8. Anjujag says:

    I just started to read and am mesmerized by your writing 🙂

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