Affairs of the Heart – Chapter 44


The call bell distrupted her thoughts.
She started to run when she heard the call bell then realizing her precaious condition she carefully walked and opend the door. Shiv beamed at her.
“I missed you so much” She grabbed him in her arms pulling his head down and kissing him deeply.
His eyes grew wide in surprise “Woah !! What did I do to deserve such ummm’nice welcome”
She smiled “You will know soon”
He came in dragging his luggage “You know you should have come along. The weather was awesome there. Though I didnt get time to go out much…”
He continued talking while she barely paid attention.
“Anandi?? Anandi?? what happened?” suddeny she realized that he was addressing her and she was lost in her own thoughts.
“Oh Sorry. I forgot you must be tired. I will make some tea for you” She said and started to get up.
He held her back and said “Wait Anandi. Somethings going on in your mind.what happened?”
She fumbled “I…I think we need to redecorate the house”
He gave a puzzled look “We did that few months back…you want to redo it?”
“No not everything just the spare bedroom. We need a extra room for the nursery and the playarea…” She closed her mouth suddenly and blushed crimson.
His expression changed from puzzled to shocked then beaming with happiness.
“Anandi are you?? “
She nodded.
“OMG !! Really ?? How ? I mean when? Why didnt you tell me before”
“I met Swati for coffee yesterday and the coffee was smelling really funny though it was the usual which I take all the time. I was also feeling queasy. Then Swati said that I might be pregnant.So I bought this pregnancy test u know tht thing which shows blue lines . I did in today morning and  it was positive”
He was listening patiently to her detailed description with ans amused expression.With a huge grin he held  her hands he kissed both her khuckles “I am so happy I cant explain.Did you see a doctor?”
” I hav booked an appointment for tomm. You’ll come with me?”
“Of course! how can I miss this” He hugged her tight “Thank you so much for giving me this happiness”
She beamed she had never seen him so happy and loved this feeling.
“But Shiv I am scared”.
“Why sweetheart?”
“Last time…you know” She broke off
“Last time you were alone. Now I am with you nothing will happen to our baby.We will go through this journey together”
She felt relieved by his soothing words.
The doctor confirmed the pregnancy and seeing her past record of miscarriage she told her to take extra care and get the first ultrasound scan of the foetus in few weeks.
Unfortunately Shiv had an important meeting so he couldnt accompany her but he assured her tht he would join her ASAP.Anandi went for her scan with Swati. She couldnt really make out much except for few dots which the doctor said where her developing babies.
“Babies?” Anandi asked 
“Yes you are expecting twins” The doctor said.
Anandi’s mouth fell open in surprise “How will I manage twins !!” She thought.
She came out extreamly  nervous.SHiv had arrived by then and seeing her pale face he asked concerend “Everything alright?”
She nodded weakly.
“They why are you so worried? Please tell me wats wrong” He asked in a very concerned voice
“There are two babies Shiv” She said
“You mean twins?” he asked
She nodded again
He broke into a laugh and picking her up twirled her around “This is absolutely incredible.Anandi you are amazing”
She said “Shiv please put me down I am dizzy”
Swati who was listening to their exchange with and amused look winked at Shiv and said “Good shot ! Shiv. I always knew you had it in you “
He laughed and put Anandi down.
He said “Sorry Anandi but I couldnt help it. Twins !! wow !! but why are you worried?”
“How will I manage two kids?” She said
“Why are you worrying when I am there.  I will do everything. change the dipers, feed the babies, If you want I’ll become a house husband ok?”
She giggled “Thts not required Shiv. I am sure I will learn to manage everything with time”.
Swati said “Congrats to both of you and dont worry everything will be fine just relax and enjoy this experience”.
Next nine months were an incredible journey as she felt the two precious lives growing inside her.Shiv was always by her side comforting her and supporting her.He had become so paranoid tht he didnt let her do any work.She quit her job after entering 6th month. She wanted to enjoy her motherhood snd she didnt have to worry about managing twins as Ira and Bhaoo both were eager to come down and help in managing the babies.
She loved the fact that she was carrying his babies she loved their every kick and movement inside her.By her 7th month she was already the size of full term avg pregnant woman because of twins.
She got loads of advise from her mom, Ira and Swati.Her pregnancy news had also thawed the coldness between Shiv and his dad.His dad was estatic at the prospect of becoming a grand father hence his bitterness had reduced.
However Saanchi kept a polite distance from Anandi.
“Shiv do you want boys or girls ?” She asked him.
“We r either having 2 girls 2 boys or both. I am fine with anything as long as they look like you”.
“And have physique like yours” Anandi added.
“And eyes like yours” he said
“And tall like you” She giggled.
“Hmmm and sweet smile like yours”
“And they shld be intelligent like you” She added
He laughed “Why ? arent you intelligent?”
“Of course I am…ok they can share our intelligence”
Soon their days of waiting were over.After hours of agonising labor and apprehensions.Shiv and Anandi were blessed with twin boy and a girl.
Shiv was estathic with joy.Anandi was delighted when she held her squirming bundles of joy in her arms “I think they both look like you”She said.
He beamed “They r beautiful Anandi just like you” He said while cradeling one of the kids.
She was startled to see his eyes well up with emotions.
“Shiv ! Please dont cry “
“I am too happy.Thank you so much for these precious gifts” 
“No Shiv thanks to you for coming in my life.I had given up hopes of getting this happiness in my life again”.
He just beamed back at her. It was such an overwhelming moment that words were not required. 
They had a series of visitors to see the babies.
Swati gushed on seeing the kids “Awww they r so cute…And welcome to sleepless nights harassed life”.
Anandi said “Swati you are scaring me”
“No dear just warning you.But its totally worth it”. She said
Shiv who had not stopped smiling since the birth said “I am ready for the challenge. And its great I got both boy and the girl together.I cant ask for anything better”.
Swati  “They are beautiful and this little chap is going to be a charmer.Better keep him away from my daughter ok?”
Shiv and Anandi looked at each other and smiled.They wouldnt mind the sleepless nights and the tiredness for their precious babies.
A few years later. Anandi tucked her two toddlers in bed and after kissing them good night.She retired to her bedroom.Shiv was busy tapping on his laptop but kept it aside when she sank into their bed.
“Tired?” He asked caressing her hairs.
“Yeah your kids keep me busy all day”.
“They are quite a handful isnt it ? Should I give you a backrub ?”
” I would love that”
He sat up and said “great I will get the massage oil”
Before he could proceed two tiny footsteps could be heard.Their kids came running in their room both clutching their teddy bears.
“Momma” Shivadiyta called trying to climb on the bed.
Anandi pulled both of them up and they hid in her lap.They looked terrified.
“Momma theres monster under the bed”
Anandi smiled “No dear there r no monsters.Papa had beaten all of them last night remember?”
“Papa they came back” Anshika said to Shiv.
He laughed “Dont worry I will beat them up again”.
“momma I want to sleep here” Shivaditya said.
“Sure dear no prob you can sleep here with momma and papa. But dont be naughty ok? You have school tomorow”.
Anandi and Shiv exchanged a look and he simply shrugged “Maybe some other time”She winked at him and tucked both the kids in their bed.
Shiv slept on the other.Now feeling safe Anshika and Shivaditya drifted off to sleep.
“Anandi I am skipping office tomorrow” He said suddenly.
“Why Shiv?” She asked
“Well kids will be away at school. So you me and the Hot tub” He grinned.
Anandi laughed “Shiv you are worse than the kids. Sometime I feel I am managing 3 kids”
He made a puppy face “I am the most ignored one”
Anandi said “Now dont be a dramaqueen. You are the boss do as you wish”.
He grinned back at her. Life could not be anymore perfect than this.
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15 Responses to Affairs of the Heart – Chapter 44

  1. hemag says:

    wow…!!!…its fabulous neha…loved each and every word of it…thanks for such a beautiful ff….ll miss this ff a lot…..i personally wish u start another story even if they are not sy ffs….

  2. alison says:

    Amazing end to an amazing story …I want my SHIV now !!!! Thanks for writing such a wonderful story … each chapter was a delight to read ! Its so sad that affairs of the heart has come to an end …. may u keep in writing such romantic stories … thanks again – a big fan 🙂 😉

  3. Nataly says:

    Yesterday evening, after the duty circuit, we went to the French bistro, we ordered champagne and celebrated SidYusha´s happyend, the twins, the fateful Chapter 44 (4+4=8) and Jaggys upcoming holidays…Jaggy is on the vacation from Saturday…he called his ex-wife to ask which week he can spend with his son…she replied that he can stay all these weeks in Singapore!!! Goddd…I told him to buy his ex a Hot Tub as gift…

  4. Hema says:

    What an awesome treat Neha! I have already started missing my Shiv.. Hope you will resurge with another amazing “Affairs”…. Dont let us down please…

    Congratulations and Take a bow Buddy!

  5. itpostaff says:

    brillent closure to SY Affairs…Last two months have been the most memorable time spent on IF.
    You are one Courages girl. hats off to you……
    Iam surethis is just the bigning of interesting career in Writing …just follow your heart & mood.

  6. Azi says:

    oh my neha…that was the most wonderful and beautiful closure for our AFFAIRS…nothing could have been more perfect than this..
    had a great tym reading the FF SY deewanis n hoping to get our SY back..
    will surely gna miss u n our Affairs..hope that ull come back soon with another BANGGGG…!!!!

  7. sumana says:

    This one was tooooo good.All the best for your creative journey and ahead.

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