Affairs of the heart chapter 42


When Anandi’s eyes opened she took a while to take in her surroundings and recalling the previous night.It was not a dream it was indeed real.She blushed at the memories and turned to look for Shiv.His side of bed was empty.She sat up clutching the sheets around her.
It was 9:30am.She almost jumped in surprise how come she slept so late.What would everyone think.She was still contemplating when the door opened and Shiv came in pushing in a breakfast cart.
“Good morning, good tht you are awake”.
It seemed he had already showered.His hairs were still wet and he looked drop dead handsome.For a min she couldnt believe that this adonis belonged to her.
“Breakfast is ready”.He announced 
“Shiv I slept too late mom must be furious.I m feeling so bad”.
“Relax Nobody is furious.Nobody will bother abt your sleeping pattern here so chill!”
“But Shiv its my first day after marriage and…”
“Dont worry nobody bothers abt these things.Saanchi is still sleeping.Dad has already left for his club and mom has left for some charity function so we are all by ourselves” He winked at her.
“Is that how you hav always lived ? Self contained in your own life?”
He shrugged “I have you now anyways thts not important.Lets have breakfast I m starving then we have to start packing”.
“Packing? For what ?”
He slanted his head and gave a smile “Paris”
“Execuse me ? Paris ?Why?”
“Honeymoon of course.Thts wat normal newely weds do”.
Her mouth fell open and she jumped off the bed “OMG Paris !! Wow ! I have always wanted to visit Paris.How did you know that ? When did you plan all this?”.
He laughed seeing her excitement “You had told me once long ago that you wanted to see Paris. I am just fulfilling your wish”.
She threw her arms around him “I love you. How come you are so considerate” He hugged her back running his hands on her back.
“Anything for you dear”. She smiled back.Realizing that she was only in sheets she withdrew back and stammered “I…I need to change”
He gave a wicked smile making her redder and she ran towards the bathroom.
The flight to Paris was uneventful.They arrived in evening at Charles DeGaulle airport .Anandi was so engrossed in watching the view from their taxi that she didnt realise wen it pulled up in front of a huge building.She followed Shiv inside.It seemed she had stepped in to a 19th Century castle.
It was all gothic and period architecture. They were escorted to their suit which was decorated with antique furniture and it had a huge balcony with a panaromic view of the eiffel tower. Anandi just ran towards the balcony eager to take in the breathtaking view.
It was late evening and the Eiffel tower was glittering in thousands of light. She simply gaped at it. She didnt even blink her eyes.She didnt realize when Shiv came behind her and wrapped her in his arms.
“Its lovely shiv” She said still looking ahead.
“Yes Paris is amazing”.
“Let go out Shiv. Its so beautiful”
He laughed “Sure we will play tourists soon but first relax and have some dinner we have 5 days to explore this place”.
She reluctantly left the balcony.After having a hurried dinner they strolled towards the Eiffel tower.The colorful fountain around the tower gave it a magical hue.
“WOW !!! this place is so romantic” Anandi gushed
“Yes indeed its city of love afterall and there’s something which you must do in Paris”
“What is it?” She asked curiously
He picked her in his arms ” You must definitely kiss near the Eiffel tower”
Turning crimson she said “You are kidding”
He said “No I am serious its a tradition”
She looked at him suspiciously “Put me down Shiv people are looking”.
He grinned “Let them thts the best thing about Paris” without any warning he pressed his lips on her.Soft warm lips captured her gently working its way till she forgot everything and responded to him…wrapping her arms around his neck pulling him closer.
After a long while they broke apart and then she realized tht they were out in open all this while. She blushed.They walked back to their hotel and now the tiredness struck her. She leaned on his shoulders as thye walked back. There was no need to talk.
Next day onwards like ideal tourists they visited all the landmarks of Paris.
Pyramid of the Louvre, Louvre museum,Arc de Triomphe, Palace of Versailles, Seine river boat trip, Strolling on the Pont des Arts bridge. And of course the Eiffel tower.
He kissed her passionately at every opportunity 
“When in France do as Frenchmen do” He had commented
After inital cultural shock she had got used to seeing couple kissing everywhere and didnt hesitate anymore.They walked Up and down the Champs Elysees. Over across the Seine to the Eiffel Tower and up on it. 
“Its incredible” She exclaimed looking down at the city View
“yes and that calls for a kiss. Our highest kiss” He said pulling her in his arms.
She giggled and complied. Why would she complain about that ?
For the next five days they visited the sights, such as the Louvre , the Left Bank and the Latin Quarter, Notre Dame, the Paris Opera House , Montmartre, the Champs, and some of the open-air food markets.Top of the Arc du Triomph, overlooking the Champs Elysees. 
As for the nights they didnt have to worry about it.They made love in every possible way and at every possible place including the balcony.
On their last night in Paris while they were still tangled in sheets Anandi said “Thanks for bringing me here. Frankly I dont want to go back”.
He laughed “Me too but trust me New York will be even better”.
She propped her self up and asked “Tell me about it. You home office everything”
“Well I have a penthouse in Manhatten. We’ll live there unless you want to shift someplace else. And I dont have many friends as such but I am close to Ashima and her husband. They are really nice couple you will like them”.
Anandi said “I am very curious to meet them too. When are we leaving?”
“We’ll stay in mumbai for a while then we’ll be off to New York. Btw I have a question. Your are ok about this New York thing.I mean I didnt even ask you and assumed that you would accompany me”.
She said “We are married so why wont I accompany you? As long as you are with me I dont mind staying in Sahara desert also”.
He laughed and tightened his grip around her “Life is gonna be so great !!”
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5 Responses to Affairs of the heart chapter 42

  1. alison says:

    I hope his “life is gonna be great” statement lasts for ever with no problems ….:p 🙂 😉

    • nniks says:

      Of course it will.Its my story afterall 😉

      • Nataly says:

        Neha, you are born to live in Paris and to write the most beautiful love storys…
        but Jaggy is disappointed because “the thing on the balcony” of his opinion would have to be described in the detail 😀 😀 😀
        and this is not only his opinion…
        I must return to Paris to taste “the thing on the balcony”…

      • nniks says:

        Lol tell him he will get the details in next chapter 😉

  2. Lili says:

    can’t wait for balcony details… hehehe 😀

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