Affairs of the heart chapter 41


Indian wedding are like endurance tests the plethora of rituals, relatives and visitors make sure that you get the taste of what lies ahead in marriage.

Anandi was feeling exhausted after the Bidai, The flight to Mumbai and another round of welcoming rituals at Shiv’s home. She had barely rested and right now she was decked up again for the reception. They had a normal wedding but the reception made up for all the opulence which was expected from Shiv’s family.

He whispered to her “You look tired”

She shook her head in a no “I am fine just that I can’t wait for all this to get over and get out of these heavy clothes”

His lips curved in a smile with a glint in his eyes he said “I can’t wait for that too”

She blushed and couldn’t help smiling. It’s been so long almost 5 years since they were together. It was almost like the first time. The hesitation, the nervousness everything was back. This was very different. Back then she was a love struck young girl driven by her hormones. Now there was some level of maturity in their relationship. Now he was her husband!! She still couldn’t believe it.
Soon enough like a typical filmy scene she was seated in a decorated room waiting for Shiv.She looked at the door when she heard it closing.Shiv closed the door and looked towards the bed. As if in a daze he came and sat near her. And to her surprise he was blushing. He didn’t make any move just sat there and stared at her like a Dumbo. She couldn’t help herself and giggled.

Shiv asked “wats so funny?” Anandi said “Ur so nervous…where has all your naughtiness gone “Shiv said “I’m ok just that all this is too much to take in. I still can’t believe it.Its so surreal”

“I thought you were the desperate one” She said

He said “Yes but as soon as we got married all my desperation evaporated”

She looked aghast “What do you mean?”

He gave her a naughty smile and lay back lazily “Well now you’re my wife not girlfriend. Wives are not enticing anymore”

She glared at him “Fine then why I am here. I am boring after all. Why don’t you go out on romp with couple of your girlfriends?”

She got up to walk away only to be stopped by his vice like grip on her wrists.

She turned “What?”

He just smiled and pulled her towards him. She fell in his lap to be held tightly in his arms.

“Ouch! Now wats this?” She said

“How can I let go the woman of my dreams. The one for whom I waited so long”. He said tucking a strand of hair behind her ears.


“Who is absolutely divine. Whom I can keep worshipping all day”. He caressed her cheekbones with his thumb.
Her anger gone she looked at him blushing crimson. “So why were you teasing me?”

“Because I can” He grinned at her.


He held her hennaed hands n placed a kiss on it.Anandi felt a jolt n pulled back her hands. Shiv laughed “Now who is getting nervous”

 He placed a kiss on her wrist…and continued kissing upwards till he reached her shoulders. Anandi could feel his breath on her ears. She closed her eyes expecting a peck instead she felt his warm hands removing her earrings.

Anandi said “what r u doing?”

 He replied “Removing the obstacles” then placed a kiss on her earlobe.


He proceeded to remove her 2nd earring .Anandi shivered as his hands touched her neck to remove her neckless.Placing a kiss on her neck as well. He proceeded to the same with all ornaments. Anandi shivered with every strategically placed kiss on her body. She nearly jumped when he kissed her on her waist. She hid her face in his chest n hugged him tight.

Shiv gently held her and caresses her hairs.

Anandi said “Shiv”

 Shiv replied “hmmm”

Anandi said “Shiv I love u”

Shiv chuckled “I know I love u too”

Anandi said “Shiv I am scared”

Shiv asked “of what?”

Anandi said “I am scared of all this happiness…I’m sacred of being loved too much.”

 Shiv lifted her chin up n looked deep in her eyes. He said “Don’t be. Now everything is fixed. This is just the beginning we have a long way to go…our whole lives”


Their lips were very close. Anandi trailed her figure over his jawline. She felt his slight stubble. She thought how it would feel scraping on my skin. She blushed at the thought. Shiv bent down his head and his lips were on hers. Very gently his lips started working on hers. She returned the sweet pressure of his lips.Shiv broke the kiss and looked at her. She was in a daze n his smoldering look was all that was needed to break her.

He said “If you are tired and need some rest just tell me to stop” Anandi said “No don’t stop…ever” She smiled naughtily. Shiv smiled and said “My wild cat” and bent his head again.

The minute his lips touched hers, her arms came up wrapping around his neck.
His kiss was hot and heavy his tongue exploring the insides of her mouth. While her nails raked his back his fingers slipped off the dupatta and deftly undid the dories and hooks of her blouse.
Her hands slipped slowly from his neck to work the buttons on his kurta. She released a sigh when she felt his hard chest beneath her hands.
It was like touching smooth marble. She trailed it lower reaching in and stroked him he whimpered. “God yes”

His fingers trailed on her legs up her lehenga and eased their way up her inner thigh even as she brought him to the edge of control. His body was sending so many signals she wanted to scream from the pleasure.
He could feel her mouth turn up in a smile as they kissed.

Kissing her deeply his fingers deftly found the wet slit he had been wanting, sliding inside to touch her warmth. She screamed into his kiss at the pleasure he was giving her. Circling and applying pressure on her sensitive nub.

Soon her entire body was shaking while she chanted his name. He pulled back from her briefly to take off his clothes before starting on hers. Her lehenga and whatever was left of her dress was off in seconds and he was lying directly on top of her kissing and touching once again this time without any barriers skin to skin.

His tongue lapped at her breast and nipped it with his teeth. His hands roamed over her sensitive creamy body. She was panting and writhing with every touch until at last she felt him withdraw, then come back, only this time it wasn’t his fingers. She opened her eyes and looked down to see him guiding himself into her very wet and throbbing interior. She nearly came from that sight alone, but it was his eyes meeting hers and then that sexy smile as he pushed into her that set her off again.

She pulled his mouth to hers in another mind blowing kiss.

He slid further and further in as her panting grew labored. Lying atop of her he held still letting her get used to his size. Sensing her discomfort  kissing her nose, cheeks and eyelids he whispered, “You ok sweetie?”

Slowly her eyes fluttered open “Yes”.

“I am not hurting you right?” He asked

“No its just that it been so long. Don’t stop”.

He smiled “Anandi you feel so wonderful. I wish to stay inside you forever.”

She blinked in surprise as he rocked his hips feeling the friction of him on the inside. Slowly pleasure started building inside her…and she longed for him to continue faster and faster.

He was so close just a few more strokes and he would be gone, but not yet, he lowered himself touching her body from head to toe with his own. Looking into her eyes he slid his right hand down low grazing her hip bones before touching that place that would send her over the edge for a third and final time.

Her pupils dilated as he stroked her there teasing before he felt her body begin to tense and shake

He barely captured his name in the kiss before bucking his hips in a frenzy thrusting into her again and again until they were shaking in the rhythm that left him groaning her name as well.

She could feel him pulse inside as well as the wetness that soon followed she shivered with it holding him tightly when he collapsed on her, sweaty and exhausted. They were both panting, their heartbeats synched.

Beads of perspiration framed their forehead their bodies sated they sagged against each other while the beat of their pulses normalised.Anandi laid with her head over his chest.Shiv was holding her with one hand and his eyes were still closed…She felt complete now. She whispered “Thank you so much for coming in my life”. He just smiled in his sleep too exhausted to talk.


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19 Responses to Affairs of the heart chapter 41

  1. Lili says:

    :o….calling honey and leaving work, ice cubes are not helping…

  2. Bikica says:

    very hot,sweating… I urgently on cooling. I am amazed ,awesome ! Congratulations

  3. sudhajo says:

    Very Beautiful and HOT(ofcourse, with sidyusha everything is like tht,,, The Perfect couple),,,,,, Thanku for bringing in wott the colors failed to do.Wish u never stop writing abt sidyusha… as we are v.happy in Sidyusha land.

  4. Nataly says:

    Goddd…Neha…this is not only ultra hot, it´s just criminal good!!!!!! We´re on the duty this night…fortunately, nothing is going because our Jaggy is still sitting with an oxygen mask on his face 😀 😀 :-D…Ilo said, if we now get an emergency call, I should give him a few electric shocks… 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  5. Yas says:

    Woooow Louise……too hot!! Simply loved it!!!

  6. Lili says:

    read it again to actually see all the words… hehehe… amazing way with words… your writing evokes images and rolls like a movie. love ya ❤

  7. Azi says:

    temperature is terribly high…its raining heavily n its not helping things at all…infact its making things worse…damn!!! cursing myself for still staying single…
    SY rocks..n u…no words jiii..tussi great ho..!!!

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