Affairs of the heart Chapter 39




Shiv had insisted that he would do everything right this time that included not touching her till they were married. He was regretting his decision right now when Anandi had arrived in a beautiful black chiffon sari with a glittering red border.

He grumbled “Anandi why are you wearing this?”

“Is it looking bad?”

“No it’s too beautiful and I don’t feel like going”

She gave a naughty smile “Hmm am I tempting you Shiv?”

“You always do. One of these days it’s going to cause death of me”.

Anandi placed a finger on his lips “Don’t talk like this please”

He had an urge to bite the finger but that would have led to other things which he was trying to avoid. He concentrated on looking at the road.

After his proposal Shiv Anandi had visited her parents in Delhi for their blessings. They got shock of their lives when one of the biggest industrialists of the country asked for their daughter’s hand. They gladly consented not able to believe the Anandi would get a second chance in life that too with Shivraj Shekhar. Anandi’s colleagues gave varied reactions. Some were genuinely happy. Some were jealous how Anandi ensnared the Company’s owner within weeks. They were not aware of their history.

Shiv’s mom Ira was ecstatic with joy when she knew of his proposal. Shiv wanted to marry as soon as possible due to obvious reasons.Shiv’s dad had opposed the match but he didn’t really have a choice.Shiv had threatened to leave post of MD and without him running the company was impossible. In last four years he had created such goodwill among the board of directors and the clients that they refused to cooperate if he left. Shiv’s dad was just like a puppet now.

So reluctantly he agreed. Saanchi she was seething in anger ever since her confrontation with Shiv but she didn’t have a choice. Shiv- Anandi’s wedding date was announced after a month. She had resigned from her job as she had to join Shiv in New York.Seeing her enthusiasm for work. He had insisted that she could continue working there. Either in his company or some other place. As long as she was happy he was ok with both.

Right now they were leaving for a pre wedding party at a farm house. Anandi had arrived few days back at his lavish bunglow.She had been stumped by its opulence and for a minute she was unsure if she would be able to adjust in his upper crust society.

He had said “don’t worry Anandi your  intelligent and smarter than most of these society people. Even I don’t like interacting much with them we’ll be too busy with our work to bother abt them”.

That had given her some respite. Anandi knew Saanchi and Shiv’s dad had reluctantly agreed for their marriage so she had decided to keep distance from them. She wanted to make the extra effort to make them agree but Shiv had objected he had said

“Anandi people should like you for who you are and the way you are. It’s not necessary to make everyone accept you like you. Just be yourself and be good in your behavior  if they have to like you they will if not that’s not end of the world. Give importance to people who matter and I know you are smart  enough to prioritize that”.

That’s what she liked about him he guided her and explained things to her so easily and she knew who was the most important person in her life. It was Shiv. She could lay her life for him.

“Here we come” He said as he pulled into the parking area. She turned to look out of the window she couldn’t make out much in the dark apart from the huge outline of a bungalow and surrounding trees. He parked in the secluded area and then said to her

“Anandi I think your lipstick is smudged”

“Really?? Where?” She turned the rearview mirror to check her face. “It’s not smudged  shiv where did u see it?”

“It’s smudged believe me. I will show you” He chuckled. He reached out to brush her lips with his thumb. It lingered more than necessary  on her lips. She stiffened and said in an amused tone “Shiv what are you doing?”

“Hmmm nothing trying to remove the smudge”

“It’s not smudged Shiv. I know your tricks you are trying to…”

“Yes?? Trying to what?”

“Trying to break ur vow of chastity” She laughed

He laughed along with her “I have not taken any such vows which prevents me from kissing you”.

Saying that he leaned forward and captured her lips…sucking and nibbling on it till she forgot why and where they were. She snaked her arms around his neck holding a fistful of hairs as she opened her mouth to give access to his flickering tongues as it swirled around her soft lips and inside of her mouth. She arched her back holding him tighter and he deepened his assult on her lips.

After a while they broke apart panting for breath. “Let’s forget the party and go back to hell with all the vows” he said.

She giggled “Shiv ! you are man of your word isn’t it? So let’s go as per the plan and got to the party…. Rest all will have to wait till marriage” And gave him a sweet smile.

“I will kill that pundit who predicted this stupid date” he grumbled as Anandi adjusted her lipstick and sari Pallu which had slid off.

“Shiv a little patience won’t kill you ok? Now stop grumbling and let’s go”

“Well it’s not just that. This is a page 3 party Anandi and I just hate them. You might meet typical people so just be careful. If you have any problem immediately tell me we will leave ok?”

She smiled “Ok understood”

Holding his arm she went inside. The party was usual crowded with blaring music and fairy lights on the bushes…She saw stylishly dressed people everywhere she could even spot a few celebrities.

“WOW !!” She said “I have never been to such place ever” She said to him.

“Trust me you didn’t miss out much” He said ruefully.

They received curious, appreciative, and jealous and some downright disdainful glances from the people.Ira spotted them and came smiling “God !! you took so long where were you stuck? Anandi you are looking lovely” Anandi blushed at her question.

She took Anandi with her to introduce to the people. Soon she was greeting and getting introduced to plethora of people and she had lost count of who was who.

“It’s a beautiful Sari. Who’s the designer?” Somebody asked her.

She felt lost “Designer?” She simple said “I have no idea. I got it from Karol bagh but whoever designed it must be really talented”

Then the topic changed to designer clothed with everyone boating about their designer dress and ridiculous price. Since she had nothing to contribute about it she mostly kept quiet.

“Hello Anandi Bhabhi” Suddenly she heard Saachi’s voice.

She arrived with her group of friends for some reason on of the fashion model look alike was glaring at her.

Anandi greeted her and said “Hi Saanchi”

Saanchi introduced her friends. “So what do you Anandi?” Of one of the girl who was constantly on phone asked her.”

“I am a system architect” Anandi answered.

“Wow !! architect as in you design buildings? Which all have you designed?” The girls asked with wonder.

“No I don’t design buildings I am a software architect I make soft wares”

“Oh so you are the part of the huge s/w coolie crown ?” That fashion model asked.

Anandi said “You can say so. If that’s what you think”.

“what’s an s/w coolie ?” that girl who now seemed really dumb asked.

Anandi said “The mobile which you are using. I was part of the team which developed its OS. Without us you might have been deprived of the pleasures of mobile gaming”.

Thankfully she was rescued from further torture by Ira who took her to meet other friends. After a while Anandi got a message from Shiv “Meet me near the fountain”

She looked around and there was indeed a fountain in a corner. She excused herself and went towards it…The party was being held in a huge open area surrounded by trees and flowering plants.She reached the fountain which was little secluded though still part of the same area and waited for Shiv.

“I can’t believe he actually chose you” A shrill voice said.

She turned around to see that same model type girl “wats her name ??” She thought “Oh yes Shanaya”

Anandi said “Excuse me ? I don’t get it”

“Don’t try to pretend. You know what I am talking about. How could he choose you? You are nothing” She hissed in a menacing voice.

“What’s your problem ? whom are you talking about?”

“Shiv of course. What did he see in you? I mean leaving aside scores of girls richer and way prettier and classy he chose you? Saanchi was right what spell have you done on him?”

Anandi shrugged “ever heard of love? that’s the magic spell. We love each other. Why are you so bothered about Shiv?”

“Our marriage was fixed. His dad asked for my hand for Shiv. My Dad is the biggest businessman of the country how dare he defy him? How could he reject me ??” She said in anger.

“I am really sorry about that but how can I help you in this? Its Shiv’s decision whom to marry not his dad”.

Shanaya glared in anger “He rejected me ?? Me Shanaya Bajaj for a commoner like you!!”

“That’s enough!” A booming voice was heard.

They turned around. Shiv had arrived and he looked angry enough to commit a murder. Saanchi also stood near him with a guilty and scared expression.

“Ah Shiv !! I was getting acquainted with your girlfriend” Shanaya purred sweetly.

“I know what you were trying to do. Anandi is not my Gf she is my wife to be. And If anybody even thinks of insulting her they will regret this for their entire life”.

Anandi looked perplexed at Shiv and Shanaya. Everything was happening too fast she didn’t know how to react.

He turned towards Saanchi “ I know it’s all your plan. U saw her moving away from the crowd and used this opportunity to insult her. This is my first and last warning Saanchi. I don’t care whether u like or dislike Anandi. If I ever  see you repeating this you know what I can do. So better watch out.”

Saanchi simply nodded meekly. She looked too scared to speak.

Turning towards Anandi his expressions softened “Let’s leave Anandi. I think we have spent enough time here”.

Anandi followed him and after talking to Ira and making excuse of not feeling well they left.

He didn’t say a word while driving back just looked ahead with a grim expression.

“Shiv its ok now cools down”.

“I can’t”


“How dare she !! I mean I barely know her”.

Anandi said “She was jealous because she couldn’t get you”

He shrugged “So that gave her right to insult you?”

“Shiv we don’t know to what extent you dad had gone ahead with this proposal maybe she felt betrayed by you”.

“As if I care. I had not even seen her before that party in my home. I never promised her anything. She is just another stupid egoistic girl”.

“Ok so let’s forget it and enjoy the evening ok?” Anandi said

He remained grumpy.

“Btw I didn’t know you had so many fan girls. Do I have to continue fighting them off for the rest of my life ?” Anandi laughed.

He laughed “No, because my heart is only for you”

“Ah !! I am so glad to know you don’t have roving eyes” She grinned.

He looked appalled “Why would I when I have the most beautiful girl as my wife”

“Hmmm you fans girls don’t think so” She winked

“To hell with them. But really Anandi I am very sorry for Saanchi’s behavior but I won’t let you face any such problem in future”

“I know Shiv that’s why I am cool. Btw why did you call me near the fountain?”

“Oh yes I totally forgot about it” He stopped the car and gazed at her “Let’s take a walk”

She looked surprised at a sudden suggestion of a walk. Then realized that they were near a beach. With silvery sea roaring in the moonlight. She took off her sandals and they walked barefoot  on the silver white sand.

After a minutes of walking quietly she asked  again “So why did u call?”

He smiled and just looked at her mesmerized…Her wind swept hairs and and her flying pallu which she struggled to keep at its place.

What?” She asked

“Just wanted to tell you that you are looking breathtakingly beautiful. I could barely concentrate in the party I just kept looking out for you in the crowd. Finally when I couldn’t bear it messaged you to meet me so that I could be with you for few moments”.

She looked at him overwhelmed  “Shiv !! please don’t love me so much I feel scared”.

“why so?”

“I feel so happy that I am afraid of losing it”

He took her in his embrace “Don’t be afraid. I am always with you”.

She sighed and relaxed in his embrace.

He whispered “Anandi let’s get married tomorrow. To hell with the dates”.

She giggled “No our parents r planning a celebrations let’s not deprive them of it”.

He groaned “Ok but at least I can kiss you right?”

“Of course you don’t need to take permission for that”.

He grinned and cupper her face bringing his lips closer to hers sealing them in a kiss. A long lazy kiss with the wind whipping around and sea roaring as if cheering them on.



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  1. Hema says:

    Wonderful as always.. Cant thank you enough for continuing this FF. Looking forward to more breathtaking updates…

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