Affairs of the heart chapter 37

“So how are things Anandi ?” Swati asked.

“Everything is fine Swati”

“Really ? Then why are you so morose”.

“Nothing I am little under the weather”.

“Ah !! and how is Shiv?”

“He went back”

“Why did you let him go ?”

“let’s reach home Swati I will tell you everything”.

After reaching home and tucking sparsh in her bed Swati asked “Ok now tell me what happened?”
Anandi narrated the entire thing.

“Wow !! So you are both madly in love but can’t stay together because of your personal guilt and a bad past”.

“Yeah something like that”.

“So for how long r u both going to suffer from devdas syndrome ? I mean do you really enjoy this drawning in grief being a meena kumari”

Anandi couldn’t help smiling “What should I do Swati?”

“Let bygones be bygones and make a fresh start”.

Anandi  simply blinked at her “It’s not so easy”.

“Why r u so upset about the miscarriage ? because you hold yourself responsible for it? How was it your fault? Miscarriages happen for various reasons. What if you both were together and you had a miscarriage. Would you still blame yourself? Do people all over the world keep crying over it? No they move on”

“I didnt take care of myself Swati”.

“Oh please it was not that u purposely did it. It just happened coz it was supposed to happen. Remember what doctor said most miscarriage of the first trimester happed because of genetic abnormality they are not capable of growing into a full term baby so they abort. That is nature’s way of weeding out the abnormal children. I know its cruel but that’s the way it is. Maybe that was supposed to happen”.

“But Swati it was Shiv’s baby”.

“So? you are crying over losing a part of him meanwhile you are overlooking the fact that you will lose the real thing too”.

“What do u mean ?”

” You are losing Shiv again. This time due to your own stupidity”.

Her face turned white as realization struck her. she was losing him again !

“Just think Anandi can you live without him? maybe you can but it won’t be a life.You have tried that for four years it didn’t work. Neither he will be happy without you. And destiny will make you meet again. So instead of wasting all these years why not forget the past and make a new start. He loves you. You love him what’s the problem?”

“I have hurt him Swati. I forgave him but now he is unable to overcome his guilt”.

“Then nurse him back. Only you can remove his guilt. Don’t let him go Anandi stop him. You two will not be happy without each other. Don’t let this opportunity go”.

Anandi’s mind was whirlwind of emotions. She had committed the biggest mistake of her life. Like her he had suffered too. She was still thinking when her phone beeped with an unknown number. She took the call and Ira called from the other side.

“Anandi its Ira here”.

“Hi Aunty” she responded surprised to receive her call.

“Anandi Shiv is leaving for New York tomorrow. Stop him don’t let him go. I know I am being unreasonable but I am his mom after all I can’t see him in pain. I am begging you please forgive him and take him back”.

“No Aunty please don’t embarrass me. I will stop him. I can’t let him go again”.

She cut the call and said with a worried look “Shiv is leaving for New York I have to stop him. I can’t lose him again”. She stated dialing the phone. Swati snatched away the phone.

“No Anandi don’t call him. Let me do it my style”

“But Swati….”

“Trust me Anandi. I won’t let him go but he needs realization too and besides I have to settle some old scores with him”

“What scores Swati”

“Nothing much I deserve some revenge for hurting my friend right? Leave your phone with me and don’t take any calls till I say ok?”

“But Swati don’t hurt him please”

“Ah don’t worry little prank wont kill him” She assured Anandi.

“Ok Swati” Anandi agrees but he heart drummed with worry.


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