Affairs of the heart chapter 36



Shiv was sitting on the bar stool holding a drink simply staring ahead. He was in middle of a party. His father had thrown a party to welcome him and Sanchi was hopping around excited. She was finally in her element all these days had been boring.Shiv hated these parties and rarely attended them but since it was at his place in his honor he didn’t have a choice. He was eagerly waiting for it to get over. He barely mixed with the socialite crowd and sat in the furthest corner to avoid anyone.

That was not to be Saanchi spotted him and with her came a fashionably dressed mannequin look alike girl. She eyes him as if cat finally spotted the canary. She was typical fashion model material.

“Bhaiya Ur sitting here. Everyone is looking for you. Meet my friend Shanaya”.

He said an unenthusiastic “ Hi”

Shanaya was lot more enthusiastic. She caught his hands and shook it “Hi it’s so good to meet you. I have heard so much about you from Saanchi”. She gave a perfect plastic smile.

Shiv removed his hands from her perfectly manicured grasp and said “Nice to meet you too. If you two will excuse me I have to meet someone”.

He got up and left without a second look. He was used to female attention specially at these parties. He usually kept a scowl on his face to ward of any unwanted attention. The more daring ones used to get a royal cold shoulder. He went and stood in another corner cursing the party. The truth was he was missing Anandi like hell. He couldn’t stop thinking about her touch, her laugh and the way she made a stern face to admonish him. He smiled to himself.

“Thinking something pleasant are you?” A husky voice said

He looked arnd to see that maniquin walk up to him. He creased his brows “why was she here?”

He said “Hi are you looking for Saanchi?”

“No exactly” She came very close and stroked his arms “You look really tense maybe I can help you”

His face turned rigid “No Thanks” and started to move away. She stopped him “Hey I think we’ll get along pretty fine why not give it a chance” He was irritated.

“Miss whatever you are…. you are quite clingy don’t you get the hint. Now excuse me I have to leave” He walked off. Shanaya who was not used to rude rejection glared at him. The party was giving him a headache so he went and sat in the library. After don’t know how many hours Saanchi walked him stamping her foot

“Bhaiya how could you do this?”

“What did I do?” He said without looking up.

“You insulted my friend Shanaya”

“Shanaya who?? Ok that maniquin. I didn’t do anything. Why what happened?”

“She is my best friend and you were so rude with her”.

“Saanchi I dint say anything out of ordinary. She was quite clingy and I have no intrest in being aquinted with her”.

“So? Couldn’t you have talked to her nicely you know she is very nice girl and she is daughter of Mr. Bajaj. You know they are billionaires”

“So what am I supposed to do with this useful nugget of info?” He asked sarcastically.

“Bhaiya I think she would be perfect for you. And she is of our status”

Shiv’s expression turned to rage “And who gave you right to take decisions on my behalf I have already said I am not interested in marrying?”

“It’s not hers…..It my decision” Said a booming voice. Both turned around to see Ashok Shekhar standing at the doorway. Shiv pressed his lips in anger and exasperation.

His father walked in and said “You have messed up before don’t mess up again. I have decided that you will marry Shanaya”.

“Dad I will not marry Shanaya or anyone else you have chosen for me. We have gone through this before. I have clearly stated my wish.

“No Shiv u will do what I say. This time don’t you dare disobey me”.

Shiv clenched his fists his facial muscles twitched. No wonder he had stopped coming home”. He decided instead of arguing it was better to leave. 

“Tomm I am leaving. And I’m not marrying shanaya that’s it” .

“I know why you r opposing. It’s because of that divorcee girl isn’t it ?” Ashok said

Shiv stopped abruptly “How did he know abt Anandi?” He thought

“I know what you have been up to in Bangalore. I got all reports about you. I know that in spite of the deal getting over in few weeks why u overstayed. You were trapped by that divorcee Anandi”.

Saanchi’s mouth fell wide open on hearing the name Anandi….was she same Anandi?

” Her name is Anandi Singh dad and I love her” Shiv said.

” How can you even think of such indomitable thing? A middle class divorcee can never be DIL of the Shekhar family”.

“Who asked your opinion dad” He hissed in anger.

Saanchi asked “She is that same Anandi ? Isn’t it Bhaiya. That pune girl ? How could you do this ?”.

” Yes she is same Anandi. I had lost her before but destiny made us meet again”.

“Bhaiya she ruined our lives. I nearly died because of her”.

“Anandi didn’t ask you to slash your wrists and she was the one who was wronged. You got married right ? So why are you complaining?”

“At what cost bhaiya my in-laws are still angry at you.You broke Amisha’s heart”.

“What about Anandi’s heart ?Amisha didnt love me but Anandi did, with all her heart and what did I do ? I broke her heart. For you I left her heart yet you are blaming that poor soul? How can you be so indifferent Saanchi? As for Amisha would your in laws be happy if Amisha was trapped in a loveless marriage?”

“Oh please don’t tell me her sob story. I know such girls very well. They trap rich guys like you. Fortunately you escaped last time so what did she do next ? While you were walloping in grief she went ahead and got married. She didn’t wait for you did she? She couldn’t stay in that too. Then when you two met by chance she trapped you again Bhaiya don’t you see how scheming she is?”

Shiv was shaking in anger while his dad gave an approving look to Saanchi. Hearing the verbal volleys Ira had also arrived in the library.

“Saanchi shut up ! I have had enough of your nonsense. You don’t know anything about her loss saanchi.You can’t even imagine what she lost…I lost” Shiv said.

“Oh what is it ?? Wats the great sacrifice I keep hearing about ? You have put her on a pedestal as if she is a Goddess and we have committed a blasphemy”

“You want to know what happened . She lost her baby ? My baby….Our baby. When I left her she was pregnant and that shock caused her miscarriage” His eyes turned misty. “I have wronged her we all have”.

Ira’s face turned white with Shock. She was not aware of this detail. Saanchi’s eyes grew wide with shock but she soon composed herself.

“A likely story…did you verify it ? Did you see any medical reports? Was it even your baby ?”

A slap echoed in the room. Saanchi was holding her cheeks in shock looking at Ira who had a firm look on her face.

Ashok said “How dare you slap her ? She is right. why should we even trust this girl”.

Shiv looked at his mom with a renewed expression of shock and respect.

“Is this the way to talk to your elder brother ? have you lost all your manners and upbringing ? And worst of all being a woman how could you belittle another woman ?”

“But mom this is the fact …I didnt say anything wrong”.

“Shut up Saanchi I can’t believe you have become so selfish. Shiv did so much for you yet you accuse him ? Why are you imposing your choice in him now? He will marry whenever n whoever he wishes”.

“But mom that Anandi is not of our status”

“Shut up Saanchi. Now I know why you are unhappy in your marriage. Your marriage was based on someone’s tears. Due to your stupidity Shiv and Anandi lost their lost, their baby probably that’s why you are still childless!”

Saanchi’s eyes teared up.Ira had touched her raw nerve even Shiv looked shocked at his mom’s frankness. Saanchi ran away sobbing.
Shiv started to go after her but Ira stopped him “Let her be Shiv.She needs to learn that being selfish won’t get her anything”.

Ashok was seething in anger “Now you made Saanchi cry for that girl” .

“I am sorry Ashok but I can’t take it anymore. ” Ira said.

“You wont a single dime from me…I will disown you” Ashok said.

Shiv rolled up his eyes “I don’t want anything dad. I was never interested in all this anyways”.

Ashok walked off angrily

Ira sat down in a chair ” Shiv go away from here. I was wrong this is not the right place for you. Go back to your Anandi”

He kneeled near her and put his head in her lap “I am sorry mom. I failed to understand you”.

“No Shiv I failed as a mother to understand you. Had I taken a stand 4 years ago you might not have to go through this”.

“Mom thank you”.

“Now go back to your Anandi”.

“I can’t mom….I can’t face her. I don’t deserve her”.

“She will forgive you shiv”.

“I know mom but that will be selfishness. Whenever I am in her life I only give her pain. I will go back to New York”.

“Shiv please rethink your decision”.

“Mom it’s all over mom. It’s all over.”

Ira looked dusturbed.He was stubborn as hell something had to be done.

Meanwhile Anandi was driving back Swati and her baby daughter from the airport. After 2 days of crying it was a good distraction


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  1. Hema says:

    Wonderful as always! Dont tell me that you will not update during this weekend… Please dont do so Neha….

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