Affairs of the heart Chapter 31


It was early morning when Anandi opened he eyes. Last thing she remembered was coming out of the club with Shiv. Everything was blank after that. She turned back and nearly bumped into Shiv’s face. How come they were on the same bed??She was wide awake now. She couldn’t sit because she was pinned beneath his arm.

“We couldn’t have ended up doing it or maybe we did??” She thought

She slowly lifted his arms to get up…..He snuggled and gripped her closer burying his head near her shoulder. She gave up and decided to wait till he woke up beside it really felt good to wake up in his arms after a long time. No wonder she had a fitful sleeps after years. A few min later he opened his eyes.

“Sorry I didn’t know u r already awake?” He said sleepily

“No prob”

“How r u feeling Anandi?”

“What happened last night?”

“That’s not my answer ….Are you having headache?”

“I have little hangover but its fine. Now answer me”.

He sat up “Well you got wasted started seeing double so I had to get you back here. You were not letting me go. So I had to stay with you that’s how we ended up on the same bed”.

“Is that all?”

“You were expecting something else?” He gave a naughty smile.

“You exactly know what I am asking”

“What do you think?”

“I will tell you what I think first you ans me”.

“Of course we did it. Why else would we end up together”?
She rolled up her eyes “If you think you are SRK of DDLJ and I will start sobbing like kajol then sorry to disappoint you I won’t”.

“You mean you wouldn’t have minded it..Shit ! I missed the chance” he pretended to be disappointed.

“I would have very much minded it so don’t be so happy”.

“And how do you know nothing happened ? I am admitting it. It happened Anandi”.

“Accha…then why did you just say that I missed the chance” She gave a smug smile.

“Oh yes…ummm well you caught me” He looked sheepish.

She laughed “You are a bad actor Mr. Shivraj Shekhar. Besides that I know you pretty well…..If all you needed was to get me drunk and take me to bed why would you get me all the way to Coorg…you could have done that in Bangalore itself”.

“You are right I have some more evil plans” He tried to make an evil face.

“And what is that ?”

He sat up straight to sit directly in front of her took out a packet from under the pillow and said

 “Happy Birthday Anandi”.

She was stunned for a moment. Of course it was her birthday. She had forgotten all about it.
So that is why he had planned this trip !!!

“You still remember my Birthday?”

“Of course how can I forget it”

“You planned all this for my birthday?”

“Yes and I wanted to wish you last night itself but you were utterly wasted”.

She laughed “I am sorry but you should have told me”.

“Then what would be the surprise in it?”

“Ok anyways thank a lot I have completely forgotten it’s my birthday”

“How could you Anandi anyways see your gift”

She opened the packet and out came a beautiful designer sari with matching jewellery.

“Sari !!” She said amused

“Yes I couldn’t think of anything better. You look beautiful in sari”.

She laughed “It’s lovely but seriously you actually shopped for sari !! It’s hilarious to even think of that”.

“Why not ?? Yeah it was not easy but I managed” He grinned “You like it?”

“Of course I love it”

It was pink and blue net sari with lovely trimmed border.

“Will you wear it today? “ He asked looking hopefully.

“I have forgotten how to wear a sari” She replied.

“No worries I can help” And winked.

“Not required I can manage on my own but not now” She said

“Of course I have full day planned for us. We’ll go and see few places around here. Then come back and have a lovely dinner and…Hey wait I am not supposed to reveal my plans its surprise ok?”

She laughed “Sure don’t worry I didn’t hear anything”.

He looked happy and excited like a school boy. After freshening up and breakfast they left to see some local places around. She loved the beautiful valleys, waterfalls and sceneries around Coorg. They shopped and were back by evening. After some rest he told her that they would be going out for dinner. She changed into the sari and admired herself in the mirror.

It had been ages since she had worn a sari well definitely not since her wedding. For no reason at all she blushed.

“Anandi we’ll be late” She heard Shiv calling out to her.

With a drumming heart she went out “Yup I am ready let’s go”

He didn’t respond. Just stood gaping at her like a statue.

“Shiv lets go” she said shaking him.

“Anandi you look…absolutely stunning” he finally said

She blushed “Thanks”

He still didn’t move just kept staring at her

“Shiv now you are embarrassing me. Shall we go or you’ll keep staring at me”

“I can’t help it Anandi” He looked kind of knocked off.

“Ok so are we going to stay here whole night?”

“I won’t mind that” He said giving her a naughty smile.

“Shiv it my birthday remember ? and I am hungry. Let’s go please”

“Ok… but really Anandi you are looking gorgeous”.

She giggled and they left for dinner.

Dinner was on the terrace. It seemed he had booked the entire terrace because it was decorated with balloons and bouquets. And candle light dinner for two was arranged on a table.


“OMG it’s so beautiful !!” She exclaimed. He just grinned at her.

They settled down for dinner and she looked around. “Wow you planned all this?”

“Yes although I am seriously reconsidering my planning. I would prefer going back to the suit right away you’re looking so gorgeous”

“Shiv !! Enough now” She said.

He grinned back again. They talked and enjoyed their dinner. After dinner he took her hand for a dance. It was all so magical that she forgot everything. It was as if last four years didn’t happen at all. He was sweeping her off her feet all over again. It started drizzling and they ran in for cover. She laughed when he grumbled over rains spoiling his plans again.


She said “It’s so magical just forget the plans the go with the flow”

He said “You are right. Let’s take a walk”

“In this rain?”

“Why not?”

She smiled and they walked through the garden. It was still a light drizzle. He cupped her face and lightly kissed on her lips. She felt that familiar sensation again at the same time her misgivings were back.

“I love you Anandi “ He whispered

“I know Shiv” She said

“Then why don’t you believe me Anandi ?”

“I do believe you Shiv just that…..Lets go in its rainning harder” She said

He nodded and they went back in their suit.

As soon as they were in he pulled her in his embrace ” I have been aching to do this all evening”
He nibbled her earlobe n she forgot everything. Soon they were on the sofa kissing and ravishing each other. It was just waiting to happen.

“You know how beautiful you are??” he whispered from somewhere near her neck.

“I don’t know about that but its you who make me feel beautiful” She replied.

They were lost again in the searing kiss.

They broke apart when her phone beeped. She looked at him and he released her. It was Jagadish calling !!!

She looked at him and he nodded gesturing her to take the call.
After adjusting her pallu she took the call while he waited for her to finish talking.

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2 Responses to Affairs of the heart Chapter 31

  1. Hema Menon says:

    Neha, I am at loss of words to express my feelings… I’m totally loving it, the way the whole story is shaping up. For me this looked very natural…not at all filmy…

    Wonderful update as always! All I can say is “Keep up the good work”.

    Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone

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