Affairs of the heart chapter 30



Anandi’s lips were on fire…her body craved for his touch and her mind and heart fighting over varied emotions.

That lingering kiss did nothing to douse the fire which had been burning in her since they day she saw him in the meeting room. It only aggravated the emotions which were lying dormant in her since four years. It came bursting out only with Shiv no one else had been able to stir them.

She followed him in daze. The smoldering looks which he had given her in the pathway held desire and promise. She knew what he wanted and she would not stop him. Ironically speaking of going slow they were actually galloping pretty fast!!

They reached their suit and as expected they were in each other’s arms as soon as they closed the main door. Pinned on the wall she had grabbed a handful of his hairs caressing it while he teased and explored her. He left her lips and nibbled further down. She arched her back and wound her arms around his neck. Her hands were busy digging in his shoulders when he unceremoniously grabbed her wrists and pinned it on the sides of her head with his hands. She stared in his eyes. What was he up to??

He just bent further nibbling her neckline. She struggled to release her wrists to wraps it around him again. She got some respite when he left it. She grabbed his head caressing his hairs. His free hand now creeped under her tee shirt.

She didn’t realize and later on didn’t remember how long they remained lost into each other. From the wall they  proceed towards the living area finally ending up somewhere on the thick rug in a tangle of arms and limb.

His phone beeped and they broke apart breathless.

She sat up and pulled down her tee while he reluctantly went to pick his phone. Still breathing hard she collected her wits and decided to retire to her room.

She lay down on her bed and recalled the last half an hour “I will go crazy pretty soon” She grumbled to herself.“ Instead of running around in circles it’s better that I tell him the fact” She decided.

Hours of tiredness finally caught hold of her and she drifted off into sleep. She didn’t realize when he silently tiptoed in her room. Gently covered with a quilt and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

It was late evening when she woke up and found herself in strange surrounding. It took a while to realize where she was. She got out and looked around in the dark.

She went towards the terrace and found him sprawled on the terrace lounge. He had probably dozed off while reading. His book was still resting on his chest.

She kneeled down beside him and looked at him. Why do all men look so vulnerable and childlike while sleeping. She thought.

His usual cool and suave exterior was replaced by an innocent face. A mop of hair was hanging on his forehead. She brushed aside the hairs “How could I ever hate him??” This was the biggest lie she had said to herself. In spite of his betrayal she had never stopped loving him.

 She got up not wanting to disturb his sleep. She was held back when her wrists was caught in a firm grip. Startled she looked back. He had woken up and gave her a lazy smile.

“Good morning” He said

“Rather Good evening”

“What time is it?? Don’t know when I slept off”

“Around 7pm.You were tired so you slept off. Normal body requirement you see”

He sat up and gestured her to sit down near him.

“Did you sleep well?” He asked

“Yeah and you?”

“Me too”

They stayed silent for some time just listening to the forest sound. He took her hands in his and said.

“Is there something you want to tell me Anandi?”

“No why are you asking that?”

“I have a feeling that something is bothering you. I can’t pinpoint what but I can just feel it”

She sighed.

“It’s ok tell me when you are ready” He added.

She nodded.

“Do you love me Anandi?” He asked

She looked up surprised “I never stopped loving you Shiv. It’s just that it’s difficult to trust you again”.

He looked disappointed.

“It’s not your fault Shiv. I just need some time”.

“You still love me that’s enough solace for me. Take your time”.

“Shiv I….I…..” She fumbled for words …..Why was it so hard?

He didn’t say anything just took her in his arms. A comforting soothing embrace ”Its ok Anandi”.

They remained wrapped into each other for some time. He looked at his watch and said “Let’s go out and have a blast maybe that will help you clear your mind and it’s almost dinner time too”.

She agreed and after freshening up they left to explore the resort. After dinner they went into the Resort club cum lounge. Like all typical clubs it was dim with loud blaring music.

Although crowded it was quite big and tastefully decorated.
Anandi n shiv occupied one corner sofa. She had come to a club after a long time….in fact first time after her separation. She had become reclusive and barely had any social life other than office.

“You know I am coming to such place after four years” He said

She looked at him surprise “Why shiv?”

“I was always too busy n didn’t have time for friends”.

“Really Shiv? Or u didn’t want to ?”

“Ummm bit of both”

“And you still have that watch “

He looked at his wrist watch the one which she had gifted etched with words “Destined to be together”

“You noticed ? It’s a prophetic watch it always says the truth “

She laughed ” Aren’t we a pair of emotional fools Shiv?”

“I don’t care whatever title I get…as long as you are with me “

She giggled and blushed after a long time she giggled again.

“Shall we dance?” He asked her

“Sure Shiv ” She took his hand and went to the dance floor.

Forgetting everything she let herself goes n danced.

“You haven’t improved much in four years” She said

“That’s coz I was not practicing just wait and watch now”.

He did some funny moves which sent her into peals of laughter. Ironically the song changed to pappu can’t dance saala….She laughed so hard that her stomach lurched…..he grinned seeing her happy and carefree just like old times.

“Anandi why did you drink?? You know you can’t handle it” After a while Shiv was holding tipsy Anandi while she swayed holding her head.

“I thought it was a mock tail Shiv”

She had rather weak resistance to alcohol and it gave her severe dizziness and headache hence she rarely took alcohol. Today in her exicetment she had gulped down few cocktails.

“You want to sit Anandi?? Are you feeling queasy?”

“No I am ok….but why are you two Shiv ??”

He suppressed a smile “I am one and only piece Anandi your vision is getting blurred.Lets go back”

Supporting her took her to their suit.

“Shiv you know how much I missed you “She mumbled.

“But I am here Anandi” He took her to her room and laid her on her bed.

“You know you spoiled all my plans be getting wasted” He said.

“What plans Shiv?” She asked

“Nothing I will hold them till tomm” tucking her in her bed he was about to leave when she held his hand and said “Please don’t go Shiv”

“Anandi go to sleep” He said

“Please Shiv stay with me”

He sat down beside her and smiled while tucking few stray locks of hair.

“Sleep with me Shiv” She said

“What !!!!” He looked surprised.

“Just lay down with me I am scared” She looked so innocent.

“That’s not a very good idea Anandi you might not think the same tomorrow morning”

“Ok but please stay here”

“Fine Anandi” He took her hands and waited for her to drift into sleep.

“Will you go away Shiv?”

“Where am I going?” He asked puzzled

“Like you went away last time?”

“Oh no sweetheart….I will never do that again. I am so sorry I hurt you” He could feel a lump in his throat “I will never leave you I promise. ”

She drifted off to sleep nestled in his arms. At midnight he kissed her forehead and said “Happy Birthday Anandi” But she was too deeply asleep to realize that.


To be continued…..

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  1. Lili says:

    Brilliant! So you gave me a resort (not the beach but it’s good), dinner, the club, so there is only one thing left I asked for… hehehe Love Ya!

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