Affairs of the heart – Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Next week flew by…Anandi was busy in her work…After the amazing satruday and spending whole sunday in resting her tired sore body.Her thoughts involentarily went to Shiv and she got a silly smile on her face.
“I wonder wat he wld be doing” She thought…She had not heard from him since that day…how will he call he dosent hav my number and why would he call…why am I even thinking of him…she shrugged off his thoughts.
That whole week passed off in work…she was so busy tht returned late everyday n directly went to bed..

On Friday Anandi was shutting off her laptop happy at the prospect of finally getting a weekend.
Her phone rang…seeing an unknown number she took the call…A throaty voice called frm the other side.
“Hello I hope ur little feet hav recovered frm the stressful hiking”

“Execuse me who’s this?”

“Ur chauffer”
“Well I did gave u a ride so technically tht makes me ur chauffer”
Anandi’s heart suddenly started racing “Shiv!!! Its u?? How did u get my number?”

He replied “I emotionally blackmailed Gaurav”

Anandi laughed “U need not hav done that…u could hav asked me”.

“Hmmm I will remember this next time”.

“So wat was the urgency which compelled u to ask for my number”.

“Actually I need a favor…I am dying to see this movie but I dont hav company”.

Anandi said “Why wat happened to Gaurav”.
He replied ruefully “Why wld anyone agree to spend their precious friday night with me wen they can do so with their girlfriends”.

Anandi said “So why dont u do the same?”.
“I would love to but currently I m single with nobody to mingle”.
He dosent hav a gf !!! her heart jumped in a backflip.

“wait a min u said currently …u mean u had previously”

He laughed “better let the sleeping dogs lies…please will u come for a movie tonight?”

By this time Anandi was out of office and on her way to her home.
“Shiv are u asking me out ?”

“No…I m asking u out as a friend who will def agree to another friend’s request”.

Anandi said ” Hmm I wld hav prefered the former but anyways I will go with u”.
He chuckled “Cool…Ur place in next 20 min”

Anandi said “Hell no…not so fast..I hav not even reached home n I need to get ready.”

“20 mins” and he cut the call.

Anandi stood still shocked at herself.”Why did I agree…n wat was all tht flirty talks…Anandi wats wrong with u?…ur supposed to be serious and sensible…A tiny voice said in head…
I know but somehow he brings out the wildchild in her…She replied to the tiny voice.

She rushed in her room and quickly took out all best dresses…she rummaged through the pile trying to decide wat to wear…She settled on a black skirt and a white silk top…She quickly made her face n brushed her hairs wen there was a callbell…

She rushed past a very surprised Swati …When she opened her heart stopped for a minute.Dressed in a checked shirt n jeans Shiv looked very dashing…Hot is an understatement.He is a bloody inferno she thought.
His eyes gleamed and he gave an appreciative smile at her.Blushing she asked him to come in…
Swati was in the living room by then…looking at Shiv her eyes about to pop off in surprise.

“Hi Swati” he greeted her
“Hi …wat r u two upto?” She said looking from Shiv to Anandi.

Anandi immediately blurted out “Movie we are going to see a movie”.

“When did u make movie plan?”
“Ummm just now 20 mins ago.”

Swati narrowed her eyes..”Oh so thts why u were rushing around…anyways hav fun”.
Anandi left with smirking Shiv…”Phew…I wonder wat will Swati think” Anandi said
He said “Why? she dosent approve of me?”
Anandi said “No..its not that usually I tell her all my plans n this was very sudden.Too sudden for me too..How come u mde movie plan on impulse.U could hav told me earlier.”

“To be honest I was hoping to meet u again.Since I didnt see it happening on its own so decided to make it happen myself”.
“Really?? but atleast u cld hav told me in advance”.
“I agree…I had a hectic week so it slipped off my mind”.
By that time they had arrived near a car.Shiv opened the door and gestured her to enter.
“U drive a freaking BMW ?!?” Anandi asked.
He raised an eyebrow “Yeah…why? U didnt like it?” he looked serioualy offended.
Anandi said “Hell no who can dislike a BMW..serioualy wat do u do to afford this?”
He laughed “I got it by honest means I can assure u that…and she’s my baby”.
Anandi rolled up her eyes “men”.
She asked “Seriously I really dont knw wat do u do …or anything else for tht matter”.
He laughed “I will ans all ur queries shoot off”
“Ok for start wat do u do?”
“I am a computer engg just like u…I did my MS from MIT then aftr few years in US I came back and started my own company”.

Anandi was staring at him dumbfounded..”This guy is brainy and probably filthy rich!”

“OMG…u hav ur own company !! But how come u are so relaxed…I mean u r not like those perpetually busy CEOs”
Shiv laughed “I am busy wen working but I know wen to relax n have fun…Why waste whole life working”.

Anandi smiled but she was in daze perhaps Swati is right…he is way out if her league…Rich…handsome and intelligent…why the hell was he wasting time with her ?

They soon reached the theatre.He had booked gold class tickets for MI3…Anandi watched the movie in silence but even tom cruise failed to distract her from the Adonis sitting next to her…

Her mind was buzzing with questions some for Shiv n some from herself…she liked him but didnt want to get her heart involved in this.
After movie and dinner…Shiv drove towards her home.
He said “U hav been very quite this evening…wats going on in ur head”.
Anandi said “I m just tired…”

“Is that all? “

“And also tht why wld a guy like u spend time with a girl like me?”

“Why ? wats wrong with u?”

“Nothing but I am soo…ordinary compred to u..I mean ur this really successful guy who can go around with…u know any girl…why me?”

“Is thats what bothering u? “
He reached out and tucked a strand of hair behind her ears sending shivers down her spine wen his hands accidently brushed her cheeks..”Because I like being with u…I just feel like myself and free with you”.
She simply looked at him…

He stopped the car near her home.Before getting down she asked “One more question Shiv ? Hav u ever been 
in love ?”
He looked amused “I dont belive in love Anandi”.
She smiled “Good neither do I”.
He said “No wonder we get along so well” and grinned back at her.
She said “Good night Shiv”
He replied “Good night is already over”  and winked…making her blush again
She got off the car and waved him goodbye.

To be continued…

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