Affairs of the heart – Chapter 8

Anandi dreamily walked back to her home smiling to herself for no aparent reason.
Swati gave her a meaningful look but didnt say anything…
After freshning up Anandi came near swati …She took off her headphones n said “I knw ur dying to say something..come on shoot off”

Anandi giggled “Well movie was good any dinner was good..Shiv is awesome guy…U knw he is from MIT…he has his own company and he owns a BMW !!”
Swati exclaimed “What?!? I knw this guy was loaded…which company?”
Anandi said “I forgot to ask I was too excited about the BMW”.
Swati rolled up her eyes “Did he tell u anything about his family?”.
Anandi shook her head in a No.
Swati gave her an exasperated look…”Anyways did he…u know attempt anything?”
Anandi turned pink “Why would he do that?”
“Why else would he take u in a dark theatre otherwise”.

Anandi recalled Shiv’s brushing off her hairs from her face…but that was just a harmless gesture.

She said “Swati there’s nothing like that between us…we are just friends”. Although there was a sensual undercurrents between them which Anandi chose to ignore.
Swati said “Ya ya I know this just friends things…there’s definitely something happening “.
Anandi rolled up her eyes…A tiny voice said in her mind “There is something primal and raw about him…Be careful he can make u melt in his arms with that sesual smile or one touch of his fingures…ur treading in dangerous waters!”

Swati interrupted her thought process “Btw next time wen u meet him ask him useful questions like his family or work”.

“Will there be a next time ?”

Swati gave her are-you-insane look “Of course…he is badly smitten…he will come back running very soon.”
Anandi laughed…dont know why this thought made her very happy.
Swati’s words proved prophetic wen Anandi’s phone beeped…she checked her message box.Her face beamed Shiv had messaged “Had a lovely evening…Looking forward to a repeat”

Anandi’s smile grew into a grin “Same here I love repeats”.

He messaged back something witty which sent Anandi into peals of laughter…Swati cleared her throat breaking Anandi’s messaging spree “Oh sorry Shiv messaged”
Swati replied “Yeah I know…its obvious from ur flushed face”.

“He just said tht we shld hang out again..”
“Anandi were are u going in this friendship of yours ? I mean are u serious ?”

“Swati I m not intrested in a relationship after Jagadish happened..Shiv is awesome guy n its fun hanging out with hum but he’s I mean I am way out of his league…He is too rich n successful…I doubt he is looking for anything serious.”

“So u both are in something like no strings attached thing”.

Anandi laughed “Maybe I dont know where its going but its amazing as long as it lasts…”
“What if u fall in love ?”
“I hav become averse to affairs of the heart…I dont think that will happen”.
Swati said “U r walking on the edge Anandi be careful”.
Anandi simply nodded she was thinking the same thing.

Next few weeks Anandi balanced her stressful job and exciting happy moments with Shiv.They met almost every weekends and sometimes in weekdays too if they were able to squeeze out time from their busy schedule.They went to movies..hang around at malls…explored places in and around Pune…sometimes as a couple and sometimes with their group.
He was addictive and she was hooked to her new addiction.

As usual one saturday they went along with the usual group to a disc…Anandi felt a smug satisfaction when Shiv’s jaw fell open for a moment seeing her little black dress…He composed himself and simply commented “Looking good”.
The disc was usual noisy and crowded…Anandi was sitting along with others.She sipped her mocktail when Shiv asked “You dont drink ?”
Anandi said “I cant handle drinks…so I avoid them”.
He said “Ok wanna dance ?”
She said “I was wondering why didnt u ask until now”.
He laughed “Trying to gather courage I m not very good in dancing”.
She took his hand n said “We’ll see”

They danced and he was not too bad..The music was blaring..she had to lean real close near his ears to talk…”Ur not tht bad”
He said “Its effect of my company”.
Suddenly he encircled his arm around her waist…held her other hand bringing them real close…He twirled around with her in a waltz or whatever it was…
Anandi stared in his eyes…They had an eyelock and he had a mesmerised look…Her knees has turned to jelly…Good tht he was holding her.
They danced for dont know how long…wen music suddenly changed to a faster beat..He released her and ran his hands through his hairs looking slightly embarassed “Perhaps we should take a break”.
Anandi who was barely breathing simply nodded…
They came back to their couches…Shiv went to get some drinks and Anandi started chatting with her friends.
“Hey Anandi did u hear from Jagadish ?”
Deepak one of her college friend asked.
She said “No Why ? Anything important ?”
He said “I came to knw that he and one of his classmate Gauri are a couple now…I caught him online last week.He seemed very happy…he is planning to propose her”.
Anandi knew he was a closed chapter and it was unreasonable but she was upset.

She finished the convo ASAP…She knew it was all over…she knw it was unreasonable and stupid…still she was upset..She managed to give a civil reply to Deepak… He didnt even bother telling me…we used to share everything She thought.

Shiv was back and caught her disturbed expression he could make out something was wrong…He was immediately at her side “Wats wrong Anandi ?”
She looked at him and felt relieved “Nothing I…I m feeling suffocated”
“Would U like to go out?”He asked.
She thought for a min and said “Shiv please take me home”.
He said “Sure…lets leave now”.
She informed the others and left with Shiv.

To be continued…

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