Affairs of the heart – Chapter 22



Chapter 22

Anandi wished the ground to open up and gobble her up alive. Why did he come back in her life again?? She had so painstakingly sorted out everything. She had just made a new start when he was back again to throw her life in shambles. He looked the same a little older but in a good way. He was wearing a rim framed specs and looked devastatingly handsome’.But she couldn’t bear to see him again it was too painful

It seems like after hours the meeting was over. She was one of the firsts to leave the room.

For shiv it seemed she was gone in few minutes’.He had always missed her but seeing her unexpectedly made him realize how much. He had a sudden urge to follow her outside has crush her in his arms but the reality made him draw back.

“Anandi works here! But Swati said she went to Delhi” He thought ‘.He had a series of meeting to attend so he averted his concentration elsewhere. He knew it was fruitless and wrong but he had to see her again. He had to explain and he had to know that she was alright and happy.

Anandi was restless. She couldn’t concentrate on her work’.”why god why?” She thought

Priya came in again for her usual gossip “Hey Anandi I heard u were late for the meeting and Mr. Shekhar didn’t say a word!! he is famous for being khadoos “.

Anandi said irritated “Maybe’ I don’t know’I am busy Priya”.

Priya said “Hmmm’.well I heard he is really hot!! is that so?”

Anandi spat back “Priya I don’t have time for nonsense talks. Please let me work”

Priya made a face and went away.

Rest of the day Anandi dreaded encountering Shiv again. “What if he called her to meet him personally?? But why would he?? He left her so why would he want to see her again. Perhaps he is also as irritated as me and wants to avoid me” This thought calmed her.

By now whole office knew about Shivraj Shekhar taking over the company. Anandi went towards the coffee machine and heard two fresher girls gossiping

“He is such a dream boat” gushed the first one

“Did you see him?” Said the second one.

“Yes I saw coming out of the conference room’God he is so handsome like a model’I wish I get a chance to meet him u know personally”‘.both the girls giggled.

Anandi felt sudden rage. She approached the girls “What are you doing here? Is that why u people are hired to waste time near coffee machines” The girls turned white. They looked scared and mumbled an apology.

Anandi glared at them and they scuttled away. Then she regretted scolding them’what was their fault after all’they were just being silly like girls of that age.

“I shld not let him get under my skin again” She thought.

She was back in her cubicle when she got a mail from Shiv “Please meet me today in my cabin”.

She started to shiver’.”Why does he want to meet me?”

Irritated she replied “Why do u want to meet me?”

He replied “Because I want to talk to you”.

Disregarding all company policy and etiquettes she replied “I don’t want to meet you. And I don’t care if u are my Boss’s Boss’s Boss. U can fire me I just don’t care”.

 He replied “why on earth would I do that”.

She stared at his reply then ignoring caution which her brain sent her she replied back.

“Happy Birthday Shiv”

Shiv read the reply and his face twitched in a smile.

He called the HR manager and said “I would like to see the past records and details of all senior resources specially the technical architects”.


Next few days he didn’t make any attempt to contact Anandi’She felt partially relieved and agitated both at the same time.

She was sitting in the cafeteria having lunch it was crowded as usual. She moodily took a bite


Startled she looked around at the source of the voice. Shiv was standing in front of her. At least 100 ppl in the cafeteria were staring at him surprised’They didn’t often see the company’s director casually walk into the cafeteria.

He said “I want to talk to you for a minute”.

She had half a mind to refuse but she didn’t want to create a scene at her workplace and he looked determined. She excused herself from her frns who were staring at him their eyes about to pop out.

They walked out in silence she could feel almost every eye in cafeteria boring into her.

She followed him out into the parking lot'”How have u been anandi?”

“What do u want?” she said. She had snapped out of his awe and now felt pure rage.

“I’I am Sorry Anandi” he said.

“Thanks’that really means a lot’are you done now?” She said sarcastically and started to move.

He immediately blocked her “Anandi…” It was almost a plea.

“U said what u wanted to say now let me go”

 “Anandi I am not done yet. Please talk to me for a minute”

 “Why?? Whats the point”.

“At least let me explain'”

“I don’t want any explanations shiv you did what you thought fit’There’s no point talking about it now after four years”.

He looked exasperated “Anandi I guess this is neither the right place nor right time to talk. Are you free this evening?”

Anandi looked at him incredulously “Shiv I don’t get it why are you doing this?”

He simply said “Meet me for dinner at my hotel. Or you can suggest any other venue you wish”.

Irritated with his pushy attitude she said “No Shiv I can’t meet you. My husband would not like it. I married Jagadish 4 years ago”.

Shiv looked at her expressionless “I know anandi and I also know that you are separated now. I am your Boss’s Boss’s Boss remember. I have the personal details of all my employees”.

She said angrily “So you were spying on me?”

He replied “No I was just checking all the employee details it’s a normal procedure”.

She looked away from him.

He said “7 pm my place is that ok with you?”

“I am not coming”

“Of course you will come anandi. I will wait for you”.

He left her standing in the parking lot.


To be continued””””””


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  1. Nataly says:

    Goddd…I can read it 10 times and it´s always the same exciting…

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