Affairs of the heart – Chapter 20


Like All typical TV shows my FF is going for a leap of 4 years Tongue

Chapter 20

After four years


Shivraj Shekhar was a very bitter man. He was seated in his swanky New York Office Manhattan skyline stretched beneath him.

He had everything..A fortune 500 dollars company…Power…prestige…everything but Happiness.

All he had in his heart was suffocation…to quench that suffocation he used to work harder.He impatiently called his PA.

A rather wiry looking man came in trembling “Y..Yes Sir”

“Where is the MOM of yesterday’s meeting??”

He stammered ” It must be here somewhere”

Shiv narrowed his eyes “what do you mean somewhere?”

“Sorry. Sir I..I will get it now”

“Why wasn’t it here in the first place?”

“I forgot Sir. It was a mistake”

“You know I hate mistakes .One mistake can destroy everything .I have no  sympathy or place for people who make mistakes. you are fired”

“But  Sir”

“Leave now”

The PA scuttled out disappointed. His 5th PA in a row.

“Mistakes can ruin a life .It definitely ruined mine. Just one wrong decision finished off everything” He thought .

 Then brushing aside the painful memories he got back to staring at his laptop. Work kept him away from the painful memories. He’s concentration was broken by his beeping cellphone. He saw Ira his mother’s name flashing.

“Yes Mom”

“Hello Beta sorry to disturb you. How are you?”

“Same as usual. Come to the point mom”.

“You are coming home this weekend?”


“I told u na…we are having a small party… and..”

“Mom you know I am not interested in attending parties. I don’t have time for all this”.

“But beta it’s your birthday…Your dad has invited many dignitaries. Can you come as favor for your mom”

He was quite…”Birthday !”…He closed his eyes for a moment then said “Mom you know I don’t celebrate my birthday. I hate birthdays. So please don’t ask me for favors which I can’t do.”

“But Beta .it’s already announced invitations are sent”

“Then celebrate it without me ..why are you even asking me ? you never needed my presence in your parties before”.

He had never celebrated his birthday in last 4 year .

“Beta we are not your enemies. We just want your good”.

He sighed “Yes I know everyone wants my good according to their perspective. But really mom I can’t come I will be travelling next week”.

“But your dad .what should I tell him?”

“Tell him I am going for a 50 million dollars deal, that will satisfy him”

He hung up the phone and looked at the calendar .It was indeed his birthday the coming week .no wonder he was feeling gloomy. He stood up and walked towards the glass walls behind him .looking down at the skyline he recalled those memories… memories which refused to die in spite of his efforts. Each time he thought that now he is over them they used to resurface like a fresh wound. Would he ever come over them ?? Would he ever  feel whole again?

His secretary came in..,..

“Sir the meeting for the  

He said “Good Leave the file here I will go through it. When is the meeting scheduled ?” 

“Sir next week 12th Dec”

“Excellent. So next week I will be travelling for Bangalore arrange for my tickets”

“This way I will have an excuse to skip that wretched party” He thought.

His phone beeped again. It was Saachi this time “Bhaiya mom said you are not coming. I am travelling all the way from LA just for this party”.

He sighed “Then have it in LA itself. It will hardly make any difference”.

“Bhaiya please no excuses this time. What will Vedant think. He will assume that his in laws don’t respect him”.

Shiv frowned “Saanchi I don’t care what anybody thinks. I have a very important meeting that day”.

“Come on bhaiya who works on their birthday”.

“I do …specially on my birthdays”.

“When will you get over it bhaiya. You have already caused enough damage. You know how much probs I had to face after my marriage in Vedant’s family. My In laws have not forgiven you. “

“Saanchi if you don’t have anything useful to discuss then please cut the call. I am busy. I don’t have time for nonsense talks”.

” Haan we are nonsense for you. You don’t care for our feelings at all”.

“You are right Saanchi I don’t care for you at all that’s why I sacrificed my everything. Even the most important person of my life for you… my family…bye Saanchi this is not the right time to talk”.

He kept the call and rubbed his  throbbing head with his forefinger.

He called his secretary “Cancel all my meetings for today. I am leaving for the day. If there’s anything urgent send them to my home”.

He picked up his coat and walked out. What had started off as a bad day turned out to be getting worse.

He stepped out into the chilly air…it had just started to snow…everything was dusted in white. He started his car and left for his home…


In another part of the world. Anandi was coming back from lunch. She smiled at the sunny climate. She liked Bangalore including the terrible traffic. She had come to Bangalore few years ago but she had shifted to this new office recently..
She had joined a small company as a system architect.
Her work was hectic and it kept her busy. She preferred it that way it gave her no time to think.


Shiv reached his home…He flipped through the merger files. 5 years back when he took over his father’s company it was in shambles…His Dad’s narrow minded and autocratic approach had ruined the business which was founded by his grandfather. Many units were closed. They were in huge debt. Creditors were sending legal notices. He was forced to take some hard decisions.
He had to give up his dream project. He had sold off his own company to counter the debts. 
Then his Father committed the biggest blunder. He went into partnership with Raisinghania. It was not just a business deal but a package deal of marriage and business. Shiv had opposed it vehemently then due to an unpleasant incident he had to give in.

Not that it helped them much. Eventually Shiv had to step in and salvage the sinking company.

After vigorous hard work. The company was in much better shape than before. He had expanded it into all continents and fields.

His latest acquisition would help him break into the IT field.He had always been intrested in IT…His company Pentagram was his dream project which he had to give up due to circumstances. Now it was time to get back into his field of intrest.

Zigma was a small product company which specialized in networking software. He saw a bright future for that product. After years he would be getting back his dream the love of his life at least one part of it. 

Anandi ran back into her office her lunch break over. The signboard over that building read Zigma software.


Unknown to them their paths were going to cross again.


 To be continued…

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  1. Nataly says:

    Hi Neha, it´s weekend and we are on the duty… time to read the previous chapter… Ilona and I have continued with Ch20… but our Dr.Jagdish still beginns with Ch17 😀 😀 😀

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