Affairs of the heart – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

She re-read the note again and again. It read
” I am sorry Anandi but some things are not meant to be.
This time you are wrong. We are not destined to be together.
It was magical till it lasted. I came yesterday to break up but I m a coward. I don’t have courage to face you…don’t miss me Anandi “.
Is it some sort of joke !!! She thought…He wanted to dump me !!
Then why did he…
Dazed she walked out of her room…On impulse she called him. His phone was unreachable…She recalled his lost look…his cryptic words and suddenly she connected the dots…
He was indeed disturbed and wanted to say something but she was too lost in his spell to realize it.
“How could I be so stupid…I shld have talked to him…I was so insensitive”.
Swati saw her sitting like a zombie.
She asked ” What’s wrong with u…don’t tell me u had bad night…I could see him literally salivating seeing in sari”.
Anandi didn’t respond she simply stared ahead too shocked to reply.
Swati shook her “Anandi r u lobotomized or what?”
The note fell from her hands…
Swati read it and her face was full of rage…”W*F…I will kill that bas***d, How dare he…Oh God…even shiv !!! Is there any good guy left on this planet”.
Anandi looked at her “Swati he is suffering…he is in some deep trouble…something is def wrong…It’s all my fault…I shld have understood”.
Swati stared at her “Have u lost your mind !! Why r u blaming yourself…This guy has manipulated you…I knew it…He spelled DANGER in capital letters…I even warned you…why didn’t I stop you…All rich brats r bas***ds !!. Even I got fooled by his too good attitude”.
Anandi folded her legs hugging her knees close to her chest…she just said “He loves me Swati…u just wait he will be back. He can’t live without me”.
Swati looked at her concerned “What do I do with u Anandi…let me get hold of that bas***d…I will call Gaurav n ask his whereabouts…although I hate him too”
Anandi simply sat in that fetal position while swati made several phone calls.
She hugged Anandi n said “Everything will be alright dear”.

Anandi was unusually calm she had full faith on Shiv…she trusted him more than herself.
Next few days passed like a daydream for her…She barely talked…ate only wen forced. She had forgotten to smile altogether…She was living without a life.
Shiv ‘s flat was empty…his friends had no idea where he was…
Now they came to know that Pentagram his company had been sold off few months ago.
Swati burst into anger on this news “He had been planning this for months”.
Anandi said “I think we r overreacting…Something is def wrong swati Shiv will never do this to me…”
Swati said ” He is not contacting any of his friends also’.All they know is tht his dad had some business problems and he was busy in resolving that. He came to break up with u right? So why didn’t he say so ?.
Anandi said “He tried but we…we…”
“You ended up sleeping together”
Anandi nodded.
“Wow ! He came to breakup but changed his mind n decided to have a last fling instead…then wrote a sorry note and scooted off…God this guy is worst manipulator and an opportunist”.
Anandi closed her eyes trying to sooth her throbbing head.
“It’s not like that Swati…We…are in love…it was a natural thing…He will be back Swati…I trust him”.
Swati said “He is son of that billionaire tycoon right…Why didn’t this strike me before everybody knows him…lets go to his place in Mumbai…he must be hiding there”.
“No !! He has gone away for some purpose…He doesn’t want me to contact him so there must be a reason. I will not do any such thing to jeopardize this. And wats the point of that?? “.
” So what will u do Anandi ?’
” Wait for him…I will wait for him to come back whenever he wishes…He went away that was his decision.
He will come back to me…that will be his decision too. He can’t live without me…”

“Can u live without him Anandi ?” Swati asked.
“No…I can’t my each n every breath calls out to him. He can’t ignore so many voices can he ?”

Swati’s eyes welled up. She hugged her and cried “oh my poor baby…Why God why ? Its so unjust you don’t deserve this Anandi’
Anandi wiped off a stubborn tear drop falling from her eyes. She couldn’t become weak now…She had to be strong.
Days turned into weeks then months…Anandi tried to appear as normal as possible. She immersed herself in her work but her eyes revealed her inner sadness…There was a lost distant look in her eyes as if searching for something…she cried herself to sleep almost every night…everything reminded her of Shiv…how his lips nibbled her and hands stroked her body.
Sometimes she woke up from sleep feeling his scent all around her…She would gasp for breath trying to dispel his memories.
Her parents and Jagadish was unaware of her state…Trying to appear normal with them was the worst part’.Coming face to face with them would break her. She just waited and waited’.She was sure would never betray her.
About 2 months after Shiv disappeared. She was busy in her morning chore. She picked up the newspaper. A news item in the gossip section caught her eye’.”Its Shiv !!”
Indeed there was a family picture of Shiv. She immediately skimmed throught the news.

” What can be termed as a high profile merger of two prominent business families of India Mr. Ashok Shekhar and Mr. Pratap Raisinghania announced the engagement of their children Saanchi with Vedant Raisinghania and surprise surprise Shivraj Shekhar with Amisha Raisinghania””””””The future bride Amisha graduated from Dartmouth College with a business degree””’.
Mr Shivraj Shekhar has got masters degree from MIT and he is the founder of IT company “Pentagram” which was recently taken over by the IT giant IBM. Rather reclusive Mr. Shivraj is the most sought after bachelor of the elite. This was his first high profile public appearance.
A September 2013 wedding is planned for both the couples”.

She stared at the picture again. It was indeed shiv and Saachi along with their parents.Saanchi was leaning on the arms of a very handsome guy. She looked happy with a big smile on her face.
And there she was Amisha the future of Shiv. She was tall and beautiful in a supermodel sort of way. Shiv was slightly leaning towards her n he was smiling !!!
Too shocked to react she felt her head spinning. Tears sprang in her eyes. Probably for the first time the girl who never cried’..cried bitterly.
A sharp shooting pain rose in her abdomen. She almost screamed then blackness engulfed her. She collapsed senseless on the hard kitchen floor.

To be continued…

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  1. Nataly says:

    Goddd…he really deserves a lot more suffering than you´ve allowed him…

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