Affairs of the heart – Chapter 16


Chapter 16 

Anandi closed her laptop and prepared to leave for the day. It was Friday evening’.like most Friday evening she was going to meet Shiv then stay over at his place till Monday morning.

They had been together for  a year now’It had been a magical year. She had come even closer to Shiv. She realized wat a kind and sensitive person he was.’She even met his sister saanchi wen she came to Pune’She was typical rich pampered girl but she was nice to Anandi.

Anandi saw a familier lonliness in her eyes. It seemed both Shiv and Saanchi had a pampered but aloof upbringing..they got every materialistic pleasure possible but craved for love and attention.

She was yet to meet Shiv’s mom but from wat she heard from Shiv she seemed to be a nice lady but lacked spine.Her thoughts were broken by her phone’.She beamed seeing Shiv’s name flashing on the screen.

Anandi : “Hi”

Shiv: “Hi dear..missed u”

Anandi : “Missed you too’good thing is the missing part will be over soon.Are you coming to pick me?”

Shiv : “Unfortunately There’s a prob. I am leaving for Mumbai today mom called me. She wanted to talk abt something important. So seems like the wait is gonna be longer”.

Anandi: “Oh ! but its ok dear..ur mom has called so must be something importsnt. See u later dear”.

Shiv : “Yeah don’t have a choice’.This time I will talk about you”.

Anandi laughed : “Me ?? An in?”

Shiv : “As in how to get you locked up with me forver’Bye”.

Anandi said : “Bye Miss you”

Giggling she cut the call’.She was disappointed tht Shiv wld be away for the weekend’He had suggested several times to move in with him but she didn’t want to.

First of all her relationship with Shiv was still a secret from their parents..secondly she liked living with Swati’thirdly the distance helped her maintain some sanity’her weekend sojourns left her breathless. His passion and intensity was too much to handle.

She had just reached home when she got another call’.It was from an unknown number. She took the call and the response from the other side baffled her.

“Hello Anandi” Said a familier voice.

“Jagadish !!!” She almost screamed “How are you ‘how come suddenly?”

“I am fine Anandi’.I am in Delhi got u number from ur mom’God to know you are doing great’Pune hmm?”

“Yeah’When did you come back?”

“Last week’and’can we meet Anandi?”

She was surprised by his sudden intrest “Yeah sure’but when?”

“I am coming to Pune tomm’So if its ok we can meet up”

“Sure btw congrats for ur engagement’.I know its more than a year late but there was no way to contact you”.

There was a pause on the other side “Thanks Anandi but’Its useless now”


“Lets meet tomm u will know everything”

“Ok see ya tomm’bye”

Anandi cut the call still reeling with shock’.wat had happened to Jagadish suddenly he was back in her life and wat did he want now??

She always considered him her frn and if she wanted to be frns again she was fine with it.

She immediately called her mom to ask about Jagadish’.Her mom sounded smug.

Anandi said “Mom wats wrong with Jagadish?? He is suddenly back n u gave him my number too”

Bhaago said “Yeah he is very heartbroken Anandi  don’t you know Gauri broke their engagement”.

Anandi was too shocked to reply “what?? But why??”

Bhaago said “Dunno’but job hi hua accha hua’she tried to trap him and'”

Anandi interrupted “Ma don’t say like this they both were in love .He is not a baby to get trapped  ‘.Somthing must hav gone wrong.I am meeting him tomm will try to find out the truth”.

Bhaago said “Don’t bother dear’U know her mom is being too friendly with me nowdays and she is so relieved. She never liked Gauri”

Anandi tried not to laugh “Mom I will talk to u tomm..Bye”.

Sat evening Anandi arrived at the pre destined coffee shop to meet Jagadish. He was waiting for her to arrive and he looked really morose.

He looked at her and said “Wow !! Anandi u r litrally glowing’Seems like Pune is good for u”.

She thought “More than Pune Its Shiv who is good for me”.

She said “How are you Jagadish??”

He said “I am Ok”

“And Gauri?”

A pained look crossed his face “we broke up”

“I am sorry Jagadish’If u feel fine u can share with me wat went wrong”.

“I guess its all my fault’I am too obstinate for her ambitions’we had ego clashes lot of fights and in the end she decided to end it all”.

Anandi held his hand “I am so sorry Jagadish’just be patient thing will be fine’..did u try patching up ??”

“Its too late for that Anandi she has moved on and dosnt even want to see me’so its better I move on too but’..its not easy”.

Anandi’s anger and resentment for him melted seeing his forlorn look’He was miserable’.

“Things will be fine Jagadish””

He suddenly said “One more thing Anandi ‘.I am sorry’I am sorry for ignoring u all this while’I know I was a jerk’.I took you for granted”.

Anandi said “Jagadish you will always be my friend inspite of whatever happened. And I guess u misunderstood me’.I was indeed into you that time but I didn’t hav any expectations from you. I was hurt wen you suddenly broke our friendship too’..but its ok now’Lets forget the past”.

He said “No Anandi’.I never misunderstood you”I stopped being in touch with you because Gauri didn’t approve of it’..She didn’t want me to be in touch with you’she felt  insecure from my female friends and like a fool I followed all her wishes”.

Surprised she said “Oh’..why didn’t u tell me that Gauri was so possessive I wld hav understood and it  It wld hav saved me a lot of heartache”.

He laughed’

“See finally u smiled’.u look good wen u smile’be like this Jagadish'”

He looked intently at her “I hav been a fool Anandi’.an idiot of highest order. Sometimes we don’t know value of something till we lose it”.

Anandi looked at him puzzled “Ok enough of this intense talks can we hav lunch now I am starving”.

She toyed with the idea wether to inform Jagadish about Shiv but she decided otherwise. He was just out from a breakup and this was not best  time to share her happiness.  She was anyways happy to hav Jagadish back as a friend.

She came back late and discussed with Swati abt Jagadish.

“So tht girl dumped him ! Serves him right” Swati said.

Anandi suppressed a smile “Swati don’t be so mean’He was looking miserable”.

Swati rolled her eyes “Well I don’t give a damm n u better stay away from him’He might create misunderstanding between Shiv and you”.

“He wont do any such thing Swati’He is just my friend and Shiv will def understand'”

She got interrupted by the call bell’.She opened the door and found Shiv standing there looking upset.

“Shiv !!!…U were in Mumbai right ??”

“May I come in?” He asked

Anandi said “yeah sure do come in”

He came in said Hi to Swati and collapsed on the sofa.Anandi gestured Swati to move.She went in her room.Anandi asked “Whats the matter Shiv”.

Shiv asked looking blankly “Do you think I am a bad son Anandi ?”

Anandi said perplexed “You are the best person I know Shiv’Ur are kind and caring for even stranger how can u be bad to your loved ones’.wahy r u saying so?”

“Because thts what my parents think Anandi’they think I am stubborn and heartless. I know my dad thinks so but today even mom”‘.He looked like about to cry.

Anandi hugged him and caressed his hairs’.”No Shiv’Please don’t feel bad’I am sure there’s some misunderstanding”everything will be fine don’t worry”.

He said “Seems like they r partially’dad is not keeping well’.He cnat manage everything alone now. I should be helping him’.Saanchi’s marriage discussion is also going on with a prominent family. I shld be with my parents in this crisis But I lost my temper and ran off’.How could I be so irresponsible !!”

Anandi said “Shiv if its important then you must be with them’.I can stay without you for sometime. I wont mind”.

He brushed a lock of hair off her face and said “You are so simple Anandi you don’t know half the story. You don’t know wat all I will hav to sacrifice”.

She said “No sacrifice is more important than your parents Shiv”.

He said “Can I stay with you tonight. I need my anchor tonight that is you”.

She laughed “Of course’dear ‘would u like to eat something’I will make something for you in a min”.

He said “I am not really hungry Anandi'”

“Of course you are’.come with me”

She prepared some sandwiches for him and after dinner he def looked better’Later in her room he was lying with hid head in her lap. She gently ran her fingers through his hairs’.

She said “You know I met Jagadish today”.

He opened his eyes “really ?? wen did he come?”.

She said “He came to apologise for his behavior and he was miserable’He and Gauri broke up’.I could see pain on his face”.

Shiv looked thoughtful “Anandi wat if we get separated somehow’.How will I live without you?”

Anandi said “Don’t say such things Shiv’nothing like that will happen’We r destined to be together”.

He got up and cupped her face “How can u be so sure Anandi ? u never know situations might change'”

Anandi put her finger on his lips “No Shiv don’t say anything nothing will happen’.We will always be together’.dont u see how destiny kept bringing us together. It must mean something’And I love u too much Shiv”

He hugged her tight “I love u too Anandi but don’t know why I am afraid’I am scared tht u might go away from me”.

She said “Now will u stop talking such nonsense’..Or I will hav to shut u up”

He chuckled “And how will you do that?”

She gave a naughty smile and brought her lips closer to his and felt the warm silk against her lips’.taking the cue he grabbed her pulling down in his lap kissing her senseless’..His apprehensions were gone as soon as their bodies met in another passionate encounter.

To be continued”””..



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