Affairs of the heart – Chapter 15


Chapter 15

Current time..
Anandi stared blankly at the wall…her face frozen in a half smile as if reliving tht moment.

Asha looked dumbfounded “God u mean u…”

She nodded “I dont hav any regrets asha it was beautiful”.

Asha asked “Then why r u getting married ? wat happened after tht?”

Anandi said “That was just the start…”


New years morning…

Anandi stirred from her deep sleep…It was early morning…she turned beside her to find an empty bed…
She sat up and looked around and picked up a note near her pillow…It said

“Good morning beautiful…I wish I could stay and see you stirring from the sleep but unfortunately duty calls.
Hope to fulfill my wish later…”

Anandi smiled pulled the sheets around her’his scent was still lingering in her bed and when she closed her eyes it felt as if she was still in his arms.
Later during the day she saw swati with a cup of black coffee nursing her hangover.
Anandi wished her a chirpy good morning and new year.

Swati gave her a knowing look “So u didnt come back afterall”

Anandi blushed “Umm actually it was already 12 so we decided not to go back”.

“So u had your own private party “.

Averting her eyes Anandi said “Nothing like that…we just…umm..talked and he went back after tht”.

Swati smirked “He left today morning we  bumped into each other wen I came back”.

Anandi turned crimson “Yeah we talked all night”.

She rolled up her eyes “Yeah sure do I look like a 5 year old?”

Anandi changed the topic “Where were you last night?”

Swati said “Oh don’t avoid the topic my new year was not as exciting as yours’Gaurav and me broke up”

Anandi raised an eyebrow “why??”

“Nothing in particular’we were not getting along and he was becoming over possessive”

“Oh I am so sorry swati”

“Don’t be good riddance.We were never too serious’.anyways you n Shiv are perfect for each other…I am so happy for you both’I just hope u never have to go through a breakup. What me and Gaurav had was just a fling with superficial feeling. But and Shiv are in love’..and though I don’t trust men easily but Shiv really loves you’.Has had been in love since quite sometime’Btw did he tell you tht he loves u?”

Anandi said “Yes finally he did’Infact it was a surprise for me too.I never thought I will fall in love again’infact now I know my feelings for Jagadish were not love it was just a crush’I am scared by the passion and intensity which Shiv has. Its too overwhelming”.

Swati said “Don’t be ur in safe hands ‘Shiv is your soulmate”

“My addiction had reached a new level’It was difficult to live one moment without him. Once we began our journey there was no stopping”.

Anandi was in Shiv’s home casually wrapped in his arms’they were lazily watching a movie and munching on pizza’.Shiv went out to attend a phone call.

Anandi randomly picked  magazine and sat up straight when she saw Shiv’s picture on the cover page’Its headline read “Young entrepreneur of the year”

“WOW !!” She exclaimed and turned the pages to read’.The article about his company and how he had managed to make it successful in a short span of time’there was a brief description about his family.

“Shivraj Shekhar is son of  Mr. Ashok Shekhar one of the top businessman of India. Unlike other scions of business family Mr. Shivraj didn’t join his family business. Instead he launched a startup Pentagram”..”

She saw picture of his father and then it struck her’.He is son of that Ashok Shekhar !!! one of the top industralists of the country !!!

“But why didn’t he tell me before ?? And I am so stupid I never connected the dots before” She thought.

She heard Shiv coming in and turned towards him’He saw her open magazine his face turned slightly stern.

“Shiv your are on a magazine cover” She said

“Yeah I know” He said in a dry tone.

“And you never told me ur father is Ashok Shekhar”.

“I didn’t think it was necessary’so ?”

“Shiv why are you getting so upset I just asked”

He came and sat near her “I am ok Anani its just that you don’t know much about me”.

“Then tell me Shiv’I know there’s something which you are hiding”.

He took a deep breath and held her hands””I and my dad don’t get along too well’.He is strict and has a set of rules for everyone. I am a kind of black sheep of the family’.My dad wanted me to study business and continue the family business’.but I wanted to persue my own dream’.much to his displeasure I studied engineering from IIT and then worked in IT for a year’.which was disgraceful according to him.

Then I moved to US for my MS and started my own startup’.Its not that I am against joining his business but our ideologies are different. He lives in the autocratic world of aristocracy whereas I prefer the simpler n common things’.we hav issues due to this.”

Anandi who was looking intently at him said “Hav to talked to your dad? Did u tell him tht you want to do things differently??”

He said “I hav but he is not used to listening’he orders and everyone should obey thts how he communicates. He has dictated my life since I was born..he decided which school I shld go…which friends to make’.eventually I rebelled The only people I care for in my family is Saanchi n my mom “.

She held his cheeks n said “I am so sorry dear. Please don’t be sad’things will be fine between you n your dad soon. I am sure he will thaw down once he sees how successful you are now”.

He smiled a gently caressed her face with his palms'”I am so glad I found you. I feel relaxed and grounded with you. You are my anchor Anandi” He kissed her temple “never leave me ok ?”

She laughed “Where am I going ?? I am always with you”.

“Hmmm but we meet only on weekends dear’sometimes u work on weekends too…”

“Yeah but I hav to work u see’.so hav patience till we meet again.”

He looked thoughtful “I  will solve this prob once and for all’..get u to stay with me forever”

Anandi teased him “and how will you do that?”

He nuzzled her neck sending the familier shiver down her spine'”for start” he circled his arms around her “I will imprison you in this flat”.

She giggled “And what if I run and escape”.

“You wont…I know u cant resist this” He gave her a naughty smile…and kised her palms and slowly trailed little kisses up her hands..shoulders and neck…

He brought his lips closer to hers’.sealing them in a kiss which led to further things.


“what !! he said he wants to keep you with him forever !!” Swati yelled

Anandi said “Yeah wat could he mean?”

“He wants to marry you dumbo” Swati said

“But he never proposed me and we hav never discussed marriage.”

“You will soon’I am sure he is very serious about you’maybe he is waiting for the right opportunity”. Swati concluded

Aanandi felt butterflies in her stomach..


To be continued”


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