Affairs of the Heart – Chapter 14


Chapter 14

The new year party was in full swing. Anandi was chatting with her usual group .Her eyes automatically glanced in Shiv’s direction…he was engaged in an intense discussion with other guys.
As if on cue he turned to look at her and winked. She blushed and smiled back…He had been hovering around her like a moth since he laid eyes on her this evening.

For the party she had worn a silver dress which was simple from the front but had a daring low cut back.
His eyes had turned from appreciative to popping out in amazement when he saw her.

“Wow!! U look…really good”  He had said.

She mentally thanked swati for cajoling her into wearing this daring dress.She had insisted by saying…Shiv will be instantly seduced if he saw her.

Anandi had laughed “But I dont want to seduce him”.

“Then wat do you wanna do with him ?? hav dinner n take walks which you anyways do…Tease him girl…guys need teasing from time to time…make him desperate for you”.

Anandi had giggled. Wat was the harm in being a tease for a day.

Her thoughts were broken when suddenly Shiv approached her for dancing. She gladly took his hands and came on the dance floor.
He held her waist and bringing her closer…they danced totally unaware of the crowd and the  surrounding. She liked being held by him. He was stroking her bare back with his thumb. It was just a subtle touch but it was enough to send shivers down her spine.
Blushing deep she moved around on the dance floor.

“Your dancing has improved”.

“I hav been practising”.

“Really how?”

“Nothing much just took some dance lesson”.

“Wow !! how sweet”.

He grinned back and bent down his head to whisper in her ears.

“You are looking stunning Anandi. If swati had not been there I would hav cancelled the party plan”.

She looked at him puzzled then she realised what he meant.For a min she turned crimson n he gave a mischivious smile.
Suddenly feeling bold and flirty she said “Hmmm its not too late lets sneak out”.
His smile turned into a grin and his hands glided up her back…They were dancing so close as if fused together.

“Get a room both if you” They sprang apart to see swati giving them an exasperated look.

“Swati !!! u know sometimes you give such bright ideas.I love you for that”. He said giving his best heartmelting smile.

Swati turned pink but simply shrugged and turned towards her partner.
Shiv Anandi looked at each other and  laughed.

“Lets sit down for sometime I am tired”. Anandi said.Shiv followed her out of the dance floor. It was almost 11pm…The music was heady and the party was in full form…
She and Shiv were standing apart from each other but they were having conversation with their eyes. Exchanging glanced till she flushed.
She moved away from her group and walked towards him…Suddenly someone bumped into her…She felt cold sticky liquid pouring down her dress.

“Oh I am so sorry Anaa..Its so crowded here” Rupal apologised in her sugary voice.

Anandi pressed her lips is annoyance ” Its ok …just a mistake but please dont call me anna I am Anandi n I prefer it tht way”.

Shiv immediately came by her side and offered Anandi his hanky…He didnt say anything to Rupal but he looked angry.

“Are u ok Anandi?…u are not hurt ?”

“I m ok Shiv but getting drenched in cocktail is not a pleasent experience”.

Swati also came running and glared at Rupal “U did this on purpose”.

Rupal arched her perfectly rather irritatingly lined eyebrows “Why would I do that !!! waste my cocktail over Anandi.It was just a mistake” She gave an apologetic toothy smile which stretched across her face widening her already big mouth.

Swati yelled at her “Oh please I know you.You r jealous…better be in control coz I will be watching u”.

Anandi interrupted “Swati please its just a mistake…its ok Rupal but plz be careful in crowd…swati please come with me to the restroom.

In the restroom Anandi tried cleaning the huge orange stain but it was of no help…the silver color of her dress accentuated the stain.

“Shit !! my dress is totally ruined..its looking hideous…I cant stay like this”Anandi said morously.

Swati said “Anandi change your dress”

“But how ??”

“Go home n change…go with Shiv…if you are quick enough u will be back before midnight”.

Anandi agreed…She ran out to Shiv and asked him to take her home.
He immediately agreed and they dashed out.

In the car Shiv looked at upset Anandi “Anandi its ok…dont be upset…its just a juice stain it will come off in laundry”.

“Its not tht Shiv…I ruined your party too…not sure if we’ll be back my midnight”.

“Anandi New Year should be celebrated with your loved ones. As long as you are with the people whom you love thts all matters…Its not necessary to be in a party.You are with me I don’t mind even if clock strikes 12 on the road”.

She simply stared..she felt too overwhelmed for words.
She ran up the stairs with Shiv following her “Careful Anandi u will trip and fall”.When they entered her house she rushed towards her room.Her high heels caught in the rug and she tripped.
“Anandi !!!” Shiv immediately caught her.

She looked up from arms and they had an eye lock…the pent up simmering passion  came rushing out…
Her eyes felt glassy and her heart was hammering in her ears…looking at him it seemed he too felt the same.

Don’t know who moved first but suddenly they were kissing. She was pushed against the wall her feet almost off the ground. He kissed her passionately and roughly.His tongue exploring her mouth leaving  her wanting for more. She caught his hairs and tugged it trying to draw him closer.

And suddenly he withdrew…”Anandi u hav any idea wat ur doing to me ?”

She shook her head.

“You are driving me crazy. If this continues I wont be able to stop”.

“Then dont stop Shiv”. She whispered.

“Do you know wat you are asking ?”

“Yes…I want you too Shiv ” She said blushing red.

He smiled and gently cupped her face “About time I shld tell you this I love you Anandi…I hav been reluctant to accept but I cant keep it to myself anymore.I love you”.

She looked at him in disbelief.Did he just say that he loved her !!!

Her eyes glistened with tears…she closed her eyes tear drops rolling off her eyes.

” Please dont cry Anandi I didnt want to make you upset”.

“I am not upset Shiv I happy infact very happy because I love you too.Why didnt you tell me before?”.

caressing her face with his thumb he wiped off her tears “I was in conflict with my mind and heart ultimately the heart won”.

She smiled and with an unsaid communication he captured her lips again.
She was standing against the wall and he kissed her again with abandon. His hands roamed over her body … He was so intense that it almost scared her .She felt herself being lifted and carried into the bedroom.

Never leaving his lips for a minute she felt herself being lowered on the bed continuing wat had started in the living room.
He left her lips and propped himself on.his elbows… “If you wanna stop…stop me now”.

She said almost pleading ” No dont stop…please..I need you”.

He closed his eyes for a moment “God !! I hope I survive this”.

“So do I” She thought.

He moves on to her neck, biting her just the way she liked, gently holding her hair and pulling her head back for better access. With the other hand he roamed it all over her. He ran his hand down her stomach raking me with his nails. I gasp with pleasure as his fingers sneaked into her sensitive areas.
She  ran her hands all over his back and chest. Digging in her nails at times and grabbing his hair others. 
They kissed passionately, like a starving animal.

She shivered with trepidition when her dress was tossed aside to join his.

She writhed and tossed beneath him in pleasure when he kissed and touched her body.Every sensation sending her to new heights of pleasure.

She buckled with with the sudden intense sensation wen they eventually joined but he held her and supported her trip to the clouds and back.

It was chilly night by Pune’s standards but Anandi was covered in a sheen of sweat beads. They were lax and laid against each other…his hardness complemented her softness. Feeling content and happy.

Their eyes flew open when they heard bursting of crackers.

He looked at his watch n said “The new year has arrived…Happy new year dear”.

She snuggled closer n kissed him on the cheeks “Happy new year dear…So I did make u miss the party”.

He smiled and nuzzled her neck.”It was worth a miss”.

While the world erupted in new year…we had our own private new year and it was beautiful.

To be continued…

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