Affairs of the heart Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Anandi walked in her home dreamily as usual.

“Anandi u were with Shiv all day !!!” Swati said in disbelief.

Anandi gave a smile “Yes and it was awesome!”

“But didnt hav any such plans right ?”

“Yup we went out for brunch then I realised I had locked myself out.Thankfully Shiv was there…He took me to his place..”

” You went to his home ?…His home?? U were there all day ??”

“Yeah but why are u being so excited over it…the circumstances were such that I didnt hav any option”.

“Wow! so where does he stay.Is it a big a house?”

“U cant even imagine…its a 5 bedroom penthouse!! n its so grand and huge”.

Swati’s eyes grew wide “So tht means u hav done it…no wonder you are glowing…give me the details…wow !! you and Shiv !! Rupal will die of jealousy”.

Anandi turned crimson “Hold ur horses swati…Nothing happened…we r just friends u know”.

“You know ur a bad lier..I know something is simmering…dont give me this just friends execuse…ur not a celebrity”.

Anandi sighed “Alright well…I m attracted…not just attracted I cant resist him…and..we..we kind of kissed thts all”.

“Woah !! And u say ur just frns !! Does he love you ? Did he say tht?”

“Ummm no…we didnt discuss love.But he said tht he wants me”.

“What !! whatever does it mean ?? God…Anandi be careful…this guy is dangerous.He is a total heartbreaker and he might take advantage of you.”

“Wat advantage?”

“you know…try to get physical”
She laughed “No he will never attempt anything which I dont want.If thts all he wanted he wld hav already done tht today.He had the opportunity “.

“But he kissed you”.

“We was mutual”.

“Anandi do you love him?”

“I dont know…I cant think straight wen I am with him…I just feel a very strong desire a chemistry which I cant explain…I like him…I like him enough to not stop him if he makes a move”.

Swati gave her a mischivious smile…”I dont blame you…He is sooo HOT even I wld hav done the same…infact anyone wld hav done the same.Poor Rupal u know she has made a foolproof seduction plan for Shiv.But he gives her a royal ignore.”

Anandi laughed “Frankly I dont understand why he is so taken with me…He is very rich and handsome he can get anyone he wants”.

“He wants you Anandi ” Swati concluded.

“Life is strange…It never shapes up the way we want it to…What we dont realise is that whatever life offers us in course of time is the consequence of our past decisions and actions.Shiv and me were slowly getting very close.He had become a permanent fixation in my life.I was like  a drug addict who daily needs his dose…my addiction was Shiv.
I didnt see anything beyond him.Future didnt matter as long as he was my present.
I didnt know that new year would bring such drastic change in my life whose impact would remain forever.It was not because of fate.It was my own decision”.

One day before new year.Anandi was having her daily chat with her mom. Bhago was disappointed ever since she came to know that Jagadish was involved with Gauri. Since their parents were family friends they had always hoped that someday Anandi and Jagadish may hook up together.But it was not to be.

Bhago said “Anandi did your hear anthing from Jagadish?”

Anandi rolled up her eyes “No Ma’I told you we r both too busy besides he is in US.So we hardly get time to talk”.

Bhago said “He’s In India didn’t you know? I tought he must hav told u?”

Anandi was surprised “what !! I didn’t know tht? When did he come back? And why?”

Bhago said “He is getting engaged to that girl” She was still full of contempt for Gauri.

Anandi said shocked “I didn’t know this ma’He never told me'”

She quickly finished her talk…She knew he had moved on but she missed his friendship. They had grown apart over time but this was big news. He should have atleast informed her’.She still considered him her friend afterall.

Her gloomy mood changed to jubilant when she saw Shiv’s name flashing on her phone. With a wide grin she took his call.

“Hi beautiful” Said his husky voice from other side.

“Hey” She blushed.

“Well seems like we are gonna get another reason to party”.

“Party for wat?”

“For New year of course’wat else did you think?”

“Nothing’.So where r we going this time?”

“I hav got passes for a new year’s party in Club Cabana’and I before you ask its for the whole gang. So tomm 8pm be ready”.

She said “Wow !! tht sounds so exciting .I will be ready”

She cut the call and went to inform Swati who promptly reacted by getting panic attack about what to wear’She got busy in planning for the party. Jagadish was conveniently forgotten.

To be continued…

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