Affairs of the heart Chapter 12

Chapter 12

His words I want u Anandi kept ringing in her ears..
Shiv came back and found Anandi pacing furiously in the room.
She looked back at him…it was hard to belive that she was responsible for his tossled hairs which made him look so much hotter !!
He looked angry…
Anandi contemplated how to begin.
“Shiv I…I..”
“Dont say anything Anandi…This will never happen again.Its all my fault”.
“Never happen again wat did he mean?” She thought

She said “Shiv why are u blaming yourself ? I wasnt really resisting right ?”
“But dont u see how inappropriate this is ? frankly I feel like a jerk.”

“In that case I should feel like a s**t right?” She said.

He gave a shocked and angry look “Anandi I dont want to hear those words from you again…ever! I respect you like I always have…Its just that…”.
“That ??”
“Whenever I see you something happens to me as if I m possessed…I hav been in relationships before but I hav never felt or been so desperate ever…You are beautiful Anandi”.

She stared back dumbfounded.Shivraj Shekhar the dream hunk thought she was irrestable !!…She was beautiful !! And even he felt the same urgency as her !!! This was too good to be true.

“I dont know wat to say”
“When I saw you last year in tht parking.I was intrigued.But I didnt see you again.I must admit I was kind of dissapointed.Then suddenly u came back again during that trekking trip…It was hard to stay away after that.” He was talking so softly as if to himself.She came nearer to listen.
“…Last six monthes has been a bliss…I litrally count days to be with you”.

“You said that you want me”.

“Of course I want you…I mean it sounds  crude to say it but I really do”.

Her throat had suddenly gone dry.Wat should I say ? She thought..Wont she project herself as a wanton”

“..But enough of my indiscritions.Just becoz I want you it dosent give me right to paw you..So I m sorry…I will be in contol from now on”.
“But who wants you to be in control”…She thought.
“Shiv I totally understand but u are being too serious abt this.Just relax I m not offended or anything.Lets just forget it ok?”

His face relaxed into a smile.

“Thank God..So lets finish this movie.I mean actually finish it”.
Anandi blushed…
They were back on the couch again her thoughts as scattered as before….Damm phone call !!! She thought again.

She was dreaming again…This time she was among satin sheets…The softness of the satin was combined with roughness of the muscles…his stubble pricked her at several places as his mouth glided over her body.
It was truly a sensual dream.

Her eyes flew open…where was she ? The room seemed darker and she was covered by a satin duvet..Ah ! So thats wat she was dreaming about.Her dream also included Shiv..Where was he ?

She sat up…unlike her dream she was fully clothed…Her eyes had adjusted to the dim light now. And she could make out she was in a bedroom…it was painted strong grey and navy blue…very masculine…

The the realization stuck her “This is Shiv’s bedroom and I m in his bed!!!” just this thought sent tickle in her body…But where is he ? And how did I reach here?

She got up and came outside…looking around…Study and other rooms were empty.
She heard some noise in the gym and she peeped in.
There was blaring music in there and she saw the most spectacular view of her life.
Shiv was busy working out… Sweat beads ran down in tiny rivulets.She could see each cut and twitch of his muscles as he pumped iron.And worst of all he was shirtless !!

Holy crap !! this is 
testosterone in human form.She thought.

He noticed her in the wall mirrors and stopped his workout
 “Good evening seems like ur sleep finally got to you”.

She stammered trying not to stare “When did I sleep off ?”
“Somewhere in middle of the movie”
“oh !! n how did I ended up in your room ?”
“I carried you in..couldnt leave you sleeping on the couch”.
She turned crimson and looked down…She did want to end up in his bedroom but not this way.

“I…I’ll wait outside for you” She went out ASAP..his naked troso was too distracting.
Sometime later he came out showered and dressed in a simple white tee…looking hotter than ever.

“Dunno about you but I am really starved…its almost time for dinner and you slept through your lunch”.
“Oh no wonder I m feeling faint…”
“Lets move out fast…we’ll eat out.I know a very good place for dinner”.

She had already freshned up.

“You usually eat out everyday since you stay alone”
“No I hav a cook and a housekeeper they r on leave today”.
“Dont you feel lonely?”
“I am too busy to be lonely…My mom and sister keep visiting is always busy.
Anandi recalled he always took her to swanky restaurants.

She said “Shiv I know a very good place for dinner…lets go there”.
He agreed and drove wherever she pointed.
After an hour he said “Anandi if we continue driving we’ll reach lonavala is tht your plan?”

She laughed “No I hav no plans to kidnap you.Hav patience!”
Pune mumbai highway has several dhabas…She asked him to stop near one dhaba.
He looked at it “U want to eat here ?”

“It has awsome food…I hav come here previously with Swati…u will be fine with it  ?”
“I would love it…Infact thts wat I usually prefer”.
“So why did you always take me to swanky restaurents ?”
“I thought thts what all girls liked  ! and I was trying to impress you”.
She doubled with laughter.Shiv the dream guy was trying to impress her !!
“Too bad I m not impressed.I prefer simpler things”.

After hearty dinner they walked back towards their cars wen Anandi spotted as ice cream vendor…”ice cream !! U want one ?” She screamed excitedly.
He gave an amusing smile “Sure”

Later they were seated on the charpoys near the dhaba gazing at the hills and star spangaled sky.
The radio in the dhaba was blaring a soothing romantic number.

Chalo tumko le ker chale…hum un fizao mein…

She happily licked her ice cream.She turned to look at Shiv who was busy gazing at her.She pointed at his melting ice cream.

He said “Its more entertaining to look at u rather than having in myself”.
She asked between the bites “Why so?”
“Didnt know u liked ice cream.I know of few better ways to hav it”. He replied with a mischivious grin.
Dont know why but that seemed really HOT.Blushing she bit her lower lips.

“There’s some ice cream on your chin”
“Is it gone?” She asked wiping her chin.
He shook her head.Holding her chin with his fingers he wiped her chin with his thumb…then slowly trailed it on her lips..
She had a sudden urge to take it inside her mouth…but the place n timing was wrong.
She froze looking in his eyes while her ice cream melted away…

The combination of vanilla chocolate and Shiv was too heady.
“Shall we leave ?” He asked.
She simply nodded not sure if she had the energy to stand up.
They walked back to their car she was lost in thoughts when suddenly her phone rang.

“Where are you?? I just came back”. Swati said from the other end.
“Oh good…I am with Shiv will be reaching home in sometime” She answered back.
“Swati’s back so you can drop me home” She said to Shiv.
He replied “Good although I admit I loved spending the day with you and hope it would hav lasted longer”.
 She smiled back. The fact was she was kind of hoping swati to stay out all night !!!!

To be continued…

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