Affairs of the heart – Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Anandi shuffled through his DVD collection n noticed most were action movies…
She gave up n said “I cant decide pick whichever you want”.

Sometime later they were seated on couches in front of the huge LCD TV…Anandi was staring at the screen blankly…he was too distracting to concentrate on movie…The tension was palpalable…sitting alone in a dark room with Shiv, pretty risky
Her hormons acted crazy around him.

She looked at him from corner of her eyes…His jaws were set in a stiff line as if making efforts to be still…was he as affected as her ?
The movie scene changed to a romantic seq…The guy and the gal were kissing passionately on screen…

Oh hell !! She thought…

She shifted uncomfortably …his face was rigid mask…she noticed his jaws twitch a  little…The temptation to touch tht little pulse twitching on his temple was too much…

“I will get some water” she blurted…She needed to get away but she was not sure if her legs would support her..
He simply nodded…She got up and walked past him towards the fridge…her knees which seemed to hav turned to jelly bumped into the sofa and she tripped falling backwards into waiting arms of Shiv…

She was almost in his lap…He was staring at her with an amused smile…
Her throat went dry…this was not wat she had planned.

“I…I  am sorry…I not so klutzy usually”
He said “yes you are but in a good way”.

They had an eyelock and the tension which had been simmering since so long broke through the dam…
He held her face and brought his lips over her taking her in a passionate kiss…
Her arms automatically went around his neck…their tongues entwined they explored the inside of their mouths.
She was quivering with little electric currents running through her…seeing the way he shuddered he was feeing the same urge.
He deepened the kiss devouring her completely…She felt being pushed backwards till her back touched the sofa.
He left her lips and she called out his name in protest.

Her protest immediately turned to pleasure when he started placing kisses down her throat…She arched her back when he nipped the pulse beating at the base of her throat.
It was just like her dream infact much better than the dream…maybe she never woke up this morning and was still dreaming.

The tiny voice in her head did warn her but the current scenario was too heady to listen to it.
As if on impulse her hand glided over his back and reached under his tee.It slowly glided up his bare back…

“God ! wat ur doing to me Anandi!” He whispered…Ah so he IS equally effected tht was quite an ego booster.

His mouth was somewhere near her ears…while his right hand glided up her legs…sliding up her skirt…till it dissapeard under it…It glided over her belly and navel.The other hand slid the straps of her dress from her shoulders…whatever little resolve she had it evaporated.

“Oh I want u so badly Anandi…I want you since the day I first saw you”.

He whispered while caressing her face…It was impossible to resist such gentle assult..they continued the devouring…nipping…kissing…touching…caressing..exploring each moment increased the urgency.

Then he suddenly froze…Anandi opened her when she heard the ringtone of his phone.
Her expression changed from estacy  to annoyance to horrified.

What the hell am I doing ? She thought.
Its about time you realise that...said the miffed tiny voice in her head.

Probably he was going through same termoil coz he immediately withdrew his expression equally disturbed.
He took his phone and went out to talk leaving her alone to ponder over the situation.

Anandi sat up and adjusted her dress which was more like bunched around her waist…
bad choice of dress…she thought.
Will I ever cease embarassing myself…now wat wld he think of me ? She thought.
This is wat happens when you let your hormons do the thinking.
She sighed.

Its dangerous to stay with him she had never felt like this with anyone ever not even Jagadish.Strangly she didnt feel any regret she was terribly attracted so why be ashamed of it she was worried about the fact that did he feel the same ? of course he did…didnt he say he wants u…chided the tiny voice.
Yeah but did he judge her for her misdemenour ?
What was he exactly thinking ?
And wat did they both want from this ?
And worst of all why did tht damm phone call came now !?! 

Too many questions…She started pacing around the room wringing her fingures.

To be continued…

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