Affairs of the heart – Chapter 10

Chapter 10

She was dreaming…dreaming abt floating on clouds…being kissed by soft lips.Carassed by firm strong hands..The softness of clouds below her and the hardness above her send pleasure ripples inside her…then she started to shake…she was quivering while being thrusted against the soft clouds.

“Anandi wake up!!!”
someone was shaking her vigorously…

She opened her eyes and looked around bleary eyed…
“wah..wat happened ?” She sat up trying to make sense…She was in clouds doing unmentionable things…She blushed recalling her dream…
“Why did u wake me up?” She asked
Swati who looked agitated “Where’s ur phone…Shiv called you and it was switched off…he got worried and thought ur angry with him…did u fight last night ?”
Anandi checked her phone “its discharged…why was he worried did he call u?”
Swati said “No he is here!!! Imagine how shocked I was when I opened the door thinking its the milkman.”
Anandi said “What!!! is he here?? so early!! does this guy ever sleep!!”
Swati said “He is in living room…come out fast…”
Anandi jumped off her bed n scrambled around should she meet Shiv like this…in her ratty old pyjamas and messed up hair…

Swati peeped in “He wants to talk shld I send him in ?”
“NO !! I am in complete mess”
“Too late” swati said with a mischivious smile.
Shiv was looming behind her..his face was rigid…it softened wen he saw her and for a min she saw that mesmerised look.
“Sorry to barge in but can we talk please”. He said
Anandi nodded and swati left after giving a knowing look.
Anandi looked at Shiv her face red coz her erotic dream about him was still fresh in her mind.He came in his hands tucked in his pockets “I am sorry”.
Anandi was surprised “For what ?”
“For kissing you of course”
“was it that terrible” She thought.

“I was just trying to make u feel better…and..the surrounding and..situation…I got carried away”.

oh well…yeah the strange feeling akward or getting offended didnt occur to her at all !!…as If being kissed by.him was most natural thing in this world n here he was apologising about it ” She thought

She said “Its ok Shiv..u did promise me tht u will make me feel better so no probs..dont feel bad about it”.

His face relaxed and curled into a slow smile…”Thank God …I thought u were angry wen u didnt return my call”.
She said ” Oh no…my phone battery is dead so couldnt reply”.
swati came  rushing in she was dressed to nines  “Sorry to disturb u ppl…But I m going out with Gaurav…its a full day plan…So Anandi dont worry about me if I am late today.”
Anandi gave her a smile “Sure bye n hav fun”.
Shiv smirked “So she n Gaurav…wow gaurav finally admitted”.
“You knew about it?’
“Of course ! I gave him a boost up. U didnt know ?”
She sighed “Guess I m tht last one to knw tht too accidently”.

“Accidently ?”

“Yeah I walked in on them last night while they were u know..”
He laughed “Good for them…so wats your plan for today ?”
” Nothing I was planning to sleep late but  dosent seem feasible now.”
He gave a slow lazy smile…”Sorry about disturbing you sleep.”

“Tht u do anyways even in my dreams”  she thought…
“So to make up for keeping you sleepless may I take you out for brunch.I know a very good place for brunch”
“Brunch ! but why?”
“Coz I am starving…please” He made a puppy face.
She laughed who could resist that.
“Ok I will come…just give me sometime to freshen up”.
Hid face beamed “Sure I will wait outside”.

Anandi got ready in a jiffy…after fussing over what to wear she finally settled on a bright summer dress with strappy shoulders.
Leaving her hairs down she rushed to the living room…Shiv as usual gave an appreciative look.
The place which he suggested turned out to be a swanky restaurent with huge buffet menu…
After brunch she said to him “Thanks…I should be going home now”.
“Wat do you usually do on sundays?”
“Nothing much.I mostly relax or go out with Swati since she is already out I will catch up on some sleep”.
He said “Ok I will drop you”.

He dropped her home and Anandi went to her flat..She fished in her bag for the keys and she froze…She had forgotten the keys inside n was locked out of the house!!!
Oh no!!! She thought…She immediately ran down…Shiv was about to leave wen he spotted Anandi running down from the stairs towards him…curious he stopped 

“Wat happened ?”
“I m locked out and Swati wont be back till late night…I dont know wat to do”.
“What !!! how is tht possible you left after swati “.
Anandi said “Its an autolock…I just closed the door and it didnt strike me that my keys were inside.”
He said “Oh ! Thts a prob” He got out of the car and said…”Its sunday we might not be able to find a locksmith too…your landlord may hav a spare key”.
“They dont stay in could I be so stupid..wat am I gonna do”
He looked at her worried face n said “If you dont mind  I have a suggestion…You can stay at my place till swati is back”.
Anandi looked startled.
“See I wld not hav suggested this and please dont take it otherwise but in.this situation this might be the only feasible solution…”
She nodded “But wat about ur family ? wat will they think?”
“Umm I stay alone…my family stays in mumbai.” He said looking sheepish.

Anandi looked thoughtful.

“I hope u trust me enough to not feel akward by this arrangement”.
she said “Ok..I will go with you…n I trust you”…Its me I am afraid of...she thought.
She was going to visit his home !! dunno why she felt excited at prospect of visiting his home.
They soon reached a building in the swanky part of the city…
She got into the lift with him and waited patiently to reach his floor…She followed him out…He unlocked one of the doors and gestured her to enter…
She entered one of the plushiest apartment she had ever see.The living room was huge…probably bigger than her own flat…She could see the kitchen area and various corridors leading to diff room.
She blinked her eyes in disbelief..”U stay here ?!!”
“Yeah..why ?”
“Its quite big..alone??”
His face broke into a smile “I hope not for long”.
For some reason she blushed.

“Make yourself comfortable I will be back”.
She wandered around…Everything seemed state of art and tastefully done..She was gazing at some miniature planes.

“Cofee?” She heard a voice…she turned and saw  Shiv holding two steaming mugs of coffee…he had changed into a tee and trackpants and looked as handsome as ever….Was it even legal to look this hot ? She thought.

She gladly took the mug and tasted the coffee…it was divine “U made it ?”
He nodded

Was there anything this guy couldnt do ?..he was perfect in everything…well except dancing of course…Wonder wat else he is good at…She thought.

“Come I will give you tour of the house”…
She tagged along…it was a 5 bedroom flat with 2 of the rooms converted into a study and Gym…it had a huge master bedroom and an attached terrace.
“Wow and u live alone in such big house?!”
“Sometimes my mom and sister drop by but most of the time I am alone”.
“Who all are in your family ?”

“My parents and a sister” He said n stopped at that…
She realised he loved talking about his mom n seemed fond of his sister but was curt about his father..
Shivraj shekhar you are so myaterious and I know so little about you…She thought.
He asked “would u like to see some movie ? I hav a good DVD collection”
“Sure pick whichever you want”.

To be continued..Wink

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