Affairs of the heart chapter 3

Chapter 3

Swati was pacing in the room.She was furious
Anandi was sitting on the bed with a bucket of ice cream.She absent mindedly dug in the melting ice cream.

“He is a prick !! how dare he Anandi…how could he say no”.
“Swati its not his fault…He never made a pass at me or showed any intrest…I misunderstood”.

“Accha thn why did he say ur the most important person for him…why did he send roses on ur birthday?”

“He was just being a friend”

“Ok tell me does he hav a gf ?”

“No else he wld hav told me”

“Is he blind?”

“Hell no!”

“Then is he gay?”

“God ! No!”

“Then give me one valid reason why anyone wld reject u…U are so

beautiful…smart..good…wat else does he want?”

Anandi said “He dosent love me Swati…thts a good enough reason.”

Swati said ” Bullshit…he likes u..He is just  confused.”
Anandi sighed “Does it matter…its all over and I dont want to sit arnd hoping and
waiting…It really hurts…Its all my fault I shld hav never fallen in this love ka chakkar…I m happy being the practical Anandi.”

Swati came near her n said “How r u feeling Anandi?”
“Totally messed up”
“How come ur so calm..I mean u dont feel like crying”

“I dont cry…I hate crying…it will take more than a heartbreak to make me cry.But I am feeling foolish…I hav eaten a kg of ice cream…I guess I shld sleep over it.”

“No Anandi…I knw wat u need…U need a party…lets go out…we’ll go to a disc and
patry…thts the best mood lifter.”
“Not today Swati…some other time..I hav headache…let me sleep.”

Anandi hid herself inside the blanket…A stubborn teardrop fell from her eyes…She
immediately wiped it off…”Get a grip Anandi”.

Anandi immeresed herself in her project…She needed diversion..Jagadish too never called.
Saturday evening she was sitting in her room surrounded by her frns.The discussion had started off frm how cld Jagadish do this…to how all men are bas***ds.
Her frn sugna quipped “Anandi I knw wat u need…u need shopping..and an outing and party…So lets decide where to go.”
While her frns were busy discussing Anandi was toying with her phone…She saw Jagadish’s status checked in at “The Phoenix”.

“Lets go to Phoenix” Anandi said loudly.
Her frns looked at her surprised…”How do u knw abt Phoenix?” Swati asked.
“I read abt it some where…wat is it?”
Swati replied “Its a disc..and quite famous one…U r sure U wanna go there?”
Anandi said ” Come on its not tht I will be going somplace like that for the first time.I m sure…lets go.”

“Jagadish is leaving tomm…what is he doing in phoenix…and why didnt he tell me ? He always shares his plans with me…Not tht it matters…but why am I bothered abt it.” Deep in her thoughts Anandi got ready for their outing.

In next hour she was standing on the enterance of “The Phoenix”..Inside it was typical disc with dim lights and booming music…
He eyes started to searching for jagadish…”I hope he didnt leave already” She thought.She was seated with her friends on the couches.She execused herself and started roaming around in the crowd…The disc had several floors…Avoiding bumping into random people she scanned the area and finally spotted him.
Jagadish was with a froup of friends…he was laughing and chatting…There was a girl with him sitting rather too close.

Anandi simply stared…
“Hey Anandi ! She heard a voice near her” She turned around to see Ankit his pesky roomate…grinning at her…he was holding two beer mugs in his hands.

“U finally came !! I was asking Jagadish why didnt u come to his party…he said u were not well…Glad tht u cld make it..else I might hav missed u” he beamed at her…
Anandi gave him a weak smile..”Actually I came with..” She stopped and saw jagadish staring at her…he looked shocked and guilt ridden.

“Please come” Ankit ushered reluctant Anandi towards his group.
“See Who came” he announced..
Anandi felt akward and said a weak hello to everyone.She was feeling irritated with over attention of Ankit.

Jagadish remained quite while his frns started chatting animatedly with her…
The girl sitting near him said “Glad u could make it to his farewell party.”

She glanced at him…he looked uncomfortable..Anandi said “Actually I came with the other grp of frns…they must be missing me..I just came to wish him luck..U guys carry on.”

She got up and mingled in the crowd.Jagadish followed her and said “Wait Anandi”
She turned arnd he said “See I..I wanted to invite u but..I thought u might be hurt.”
Anandi said “Jagadish I am not hurt abt the invitation.I am sad tht u thought this
way…before all this complexity we were frns right?? U always shared everything with me.” She spotted the girl who was sitting near him looking at them.

Anandi asked “Is there something more u want to tell me?”

Jagadish looked uncomfortable “Please dont get me wrong but I kind of like gauri”.
Anandi asked “Tht girl who was with u?”

He nodded.

Anandi said “Is tht why? U?”
He said “No its not tht…We r just frns..perhaps a little more than frns…But I didnt say no to u because of her..I just dont feel tht way for u”.

Anandi took a deep breath “Jagadish since wen did u start avoiding and hiding things frm me?I know I hav goofed up but things can be same as before right? I am not hurt because u dont love me I am hurt coz u dont love me.I am hurt coz u hav stopped considering me as ur frn too.”

Jagadish said “No Annadi its not like tht..I just thought if I stay away it will be easier for u to move on”.

She said “U were wrong…U know me so well…Do I seem like some clingy type?…Anyways U enjoy ur farewell party…My frns wld be looking for me..Good luck jagadish”

She left frm there and went down…She tried to console herself…She came back n sat with her frns…She felt totally disintrested and the loud music gave her headache…even a drink didnt help her.She decided to go out for some air.

The cool night air did sooth her.She walked absent mindedly towards the parking…She was thinking about the whole thing…
She was startled with a loud Hello !
She turned around.It was Ankit grinning as usual.

She said “hello wat r u doing here ?”
He replied “Same question..why r u here ??..and u left so suddenly…everything allright?”
She said “yeah I am fine I dont like loud music so left…If u dont mind please leave me alone for sometime”

Ignoring her request he said “Anandi I hav wanted to talk to u for so long…I was not getting a chance..I really like u”

Annoyed she thought “Oh God !! A proposal is the last thing I need right now”
she said “Ankit see I understand…but I…I am not intrested in all this right now..”
Suddenly he was on his knees holding her hands “Anandi I know U r good girl..U will not indulge in all this.I am also a good boy I really really like u..ur my dreamgril..Will u marry me?”

“WHAT !!!” She said shocked…”This is worse” She thought
She had a strong urge to burst into laughter but composing her self she said “Ankit please get up and stop all this nonsense.I am not reayd for all this.”
He continued pestering her “Anandi please say yes..I cant live without u.”

“Ankit please leave my hand dont be childish…Do u even realise wat ur saying”.
He said “Anandi Please say yes…I really love u”.

She jerked off her hands and said “Ankit ur drunk..we’ll talk later” She walked away frm him.He followed her pestering with his request.
Anandi stopped near a car and told him off “Ankit stop following me..I said no..Just go away”.
Suddenly the car door behind her opened and she heard a voice saying “The lady does not want to be bothered dont u get it?”
A tall man was suddenly beside her…She looked up at him…he Was very tall..with a very handsome profile…Dressed in a casual white tee and jeans half of his face was covered with sunglasses..

“Who wears goggles at night ” She thought.

To be continued…Tongue

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