Affairs of the heart ch6

Wind and rain drops whipped off her face…Shiv was driving at a breakneck speed…She felt as if she was living a dream…Last few hours were bliss which brought out the carefree wild side of her…
She looked around but couldnt spot any other member of their group…The dusk was falling and they were wizzing past the thick vegetation.
Anandi came near towards his ears n said “Arent we going too fast?”

He replied “U want me to slow down?”
She said “I dont mean speed…I cant see anybody from our group.”
He chuckled “Dont worry I m not kidnapping u…I knw where we r going”.

The image of both of them lost in the woods indulging in all sorts of wild things which had never crossed her mind…she breathed deeper controlling her drumming heart..she barely knew this guy…And yet u decided to ride off with him ? A tiny voice quivered in her mind.

Anandi said “Btw its better if u slow down the bike too…its scary “.
He replied back “Hold me tight u wont feel scared”.
Anandi shot back “Mr. Shivraj r u trying to flirt with me”.
He replied ” Its hard not to but I m trying my best”.

Anandi blushed n giggled at the same time…logically she should hav been annoyed but her reactions were totally haywire.
Finally after crossing through a maze of roads they arrived at wat seemed to be a dhaba cum Garden restaurant..
Anandi got off n looked at the surrounding while Shiv parked the bike..
When he came back she asked “We r supposed to come here?”

He said “Yeah thts wat everyone planned u didnt knw?”
Anandi just shook her head “I was too busy thinking about u to pay attention to  other things” She thought.
“Where are the rest?”

Shiv responded “Must be on their way…And here comes the first one”

Gaurav arrived accompanied with Rupal who was shooting daggers at them…Gaurav simply smirked.
Soon others arrived…Swati came running to them saying “Thank God ur here…I thought u both eloped”
Anandi turned crimson and Shiv laughed “Swati I was just escorting ur frn not eloping…my elopment plans r for someone else” and grinned at her.
Swati just rolled her eyes at him.

Anandi whispered to Swati “Why r u so upset ?? I am fine”
Swati said “Yeah I can see that n since wen did u become so reckless ?? How come u arrived ahead of us?”

Anandi rolled her eyes “Chill !! I am absolutely fine…Shiv is a nice guy…so no harm done and I arrived first coz he drives like crazy”.
Swati said “U barely know him and suddenly he turned nice ?? let me tell u he is HOT…Brash..flirty hence totally off limits”.
Anandi sighed with exhasperation “Its not wat u think…” She was intruptted by other who were eager to have dinner after a tiring day.

Soon all were wolfing down the food…Anandi who was seated away from Shiv baraly touched her food…She was thinking over Swati’s words..
She was a sensible and logical person…falling in Love again was out of question…yeah she did like Shiv’s company..His sense of humor..his reckless attitude but tht didnt mean she will loose her guard.
Wats wrong in having some fun ? She thought.

Swati announced “I had movie plans after the trek anyone intrested?”
It was followed by groans…Shiv automatically looked at Anandi and raised an eyebrow…She shook her head in no n mouthed the words “Too tired”
Shiv said to all “I doubt people hav enough energy left for a movie unless they want to spend 300 bucks for sleeping in the movie hall”.

Later while leaving for home Anandi again accompanied Shiv ignoring Swati’s disapproving eyes…She was too tired and felt like it wld be heaven if she could just lean on him…”Tht wld be quite inappropriate” she thought.
After some time she was at her home…She got off to thank Shiv “Thanks for the ride”
He smiled “My pleasure…Thanks to u I had a wonderful day”
Anandi laughed “But I didnt do anything intrested other than sitting ideally on the bike”.
He said with a twinkle “Tht was THE intresting part”.
Anandi blushed he looked tired and had a shadow of stubble which any girl wld love to be scraped with…Anandi averted her eyes from his chin..
“I better go now its quite late”

He said “Ok c u around n if u need any rescusing u know whom to contact right?”

Anandi giggled and watched him leaving…She had hard time believing if the day really happened  it all seemed so surreal like a dream…laughing to herself she entered her home only to encounter Swati glaring at her…”We need to talk” Swati said in a commanding tone.
Anandi sighed “Ok but I too tired…and I need wat u want to talk..See there’s nothing between me n Shiv we were just having fun…”
Swati said “Wat does he do?”
Anandi replied “I didnt ask”
Swati replied “Then wat the hell u both talked for so long?”

Anandi said “Just general work…hobbies..etc..”
Swati replied “Great !!Anandi ur very naive…Shiv is a heartbreaker..u know those types who like to flirt around..stay away from him”
Anandi replied “Swati If u think I will fall in love with him and then be heartbroken then ur mistaken…I am off emotional stuff forever…I am practical..he is good..after a long time I met someone who could make me laugh and he was decent enough I dont know why ur being so concerned”.
Swati said “Well not just me but everyone noticed the flying sparks between u two”.

Anandi rolled her eyes “whatever !! but even if sparks do fly wats wrong with that?”
Swati said “I just dont want u to be hurt again”
Anandi looked thoughtful “Dont worry swati..I wont..tht aint happening”

To be continued…

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5 Responses to Affairs of the heart ch6

  1. Anusuya Yadav says:

    I saw ur note in IF. I dint wanna comment der… why do u bother abt the negative comments…I know what it must be to u but still they r less in number… Each and every day of mine starts with ur ff and ends with it!!! I’ve already told u dis! Pls try updatin in ur blog atleast…sincere request :/

  2. hema says:

    r u updating in parts again from first..both on affairs of the heart and stranger on the hill??
    where is red roses ff??

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