Affairs of the heart Ch4

Chapter 4

Ankit looked terrified..but he stammered  “See its not wat u think…its our personal matter..”
Anandi glared at him angrily “Ankit just go away…I told u I dont want to talk”.
Ankit still persisted..the stranger said in an authorative voice..”Didnt u hear what the lady said?”

With a sullen face he went away.

Anandi sighed with relief “Thanks”
That stranger was looking curiously at her…
He said “Parkings r not very safe”
For a min she couldnt answer…being struck by his appearence…tall broad shouldered if only she cld see his eyes…he was embodiment of every girl’s dream rescue..He was def hot.Hot in the sense he cld send the pulse racing anyone wld hav a strong urge to pin him to the
wall…rip off his shirt and …”God ! why am I thinking all this” Anandi thought.

“I knw I just came out for some air n Ankit followed me.” She said

“Ah fight with boyfriend?”

“Hell no ! he’s not my bf…He’s my frn’s frn..I barely know him.”

“So ? Is he troubling u ?”

“Not really just proposing marriage !”

The stranger laughed showing a row of perfect white teeth. “Well thts pretty harmless…why did u break tht poor guy’s heart”

Anandi glared at him ” I m not intrested…anyways dont bother urself abt it.”

He simply smirked..

Anandi was annoyed she had already been through too much..and this tall imposing stranger was not helping much…infact he was already affecting her already scattered thoughts..She didnt like this at all.
“I shld go now my frns wld be waiting”.

He said “If u dont mind may I accompany u?”
She raised an eyebrow.
He continued “To ward off any other prospective suiters…tht guy might still be lurking around and I am anyways going in.”

Anandi thought for a min…few seconds with him had sent her brains in tizzy.
Instead surprising herself she said “Ok”

They walked in silence frm the parking lot…Each moment crackling with tension…She could not see his eyes through his goggles but she cld feel his eyes were constantly following her.
They entered the noisy disc…She turned around to face him and said “Thanks”
He smiply smiled and said “It was my pleasure”

Anandi started to scan the area for her friends.She was going carefully towards the couches here her friends avoiding the group of ppl dancing enthusiastically.Suddenly she was knocked off by one the exuberantly dancing guy…

She fell back only to be caught by Strong pairs of arms.Knocked out of breath she looked up and her eyes met deep blue goggles again.
Her breath stopped for a min…Not by the impact but by THE IMPACT…His face was so near with tht amusing half smile…
She realised tht she was not breathing…And for no reason she was shivering.

He released her and said “Careful ! I wont always be  there to rescue u”

Anandi blushed then got irritated with herself for doing tht “I thought U left”
He replied “Dont worry I am not following u I am going in same direction as u”.

She blushed some more “No I didnt mean that…I..mean I didnt realise u were still here”
He smirked “Isnt it good that I was still around”.

She couldnt stop herslef and giggled “Yes…Thanks again” She spotted swati at some distance.
“I found my frinds…Bye”
He was looking intently at her “But I think I lost mine”

“What?” She blurted

He laughed “Nothing I hav lost track of the person I was supposed to meet in this mayhem”.
She said concerned “Oh I am so sorry”.

He said “Dont be…I am not complaining” He grinned.
Anandi said “Well I shld go now my frns wld be frantic..Umm..C u around “

He smirked again “I sure will…Bye”

Blushing crimson she turned and went away as fast as she could…He was the type of guy who cld make u go weak in the knees but his aura screamed danger…”A total heart breaker” She thought.

She found frantic Swati..”Where the hell were u?Why is ur phone switched off” Swati screamed

Anandi looked at her phone n realised it had been drained out of it battery.
She said “I went out for sometime n my phone battery died”.
Swati said “U know how worried I was…It not safe to move arnd on ur own..especially wen u dont know this place..Why r u looking so flushed anyways?”
Anandi said “Its a long story..will tell u in sometime”..
She looked around but couldnt find the tall stranger again.

Swati said “We r leaving now let go”
Anandi nodded absent mindedly…

Once at home after telling the whole story swati was looking at her in disbelief.

“Are u sure u didnt dream the whole thing?”
Anandi laughed “No I had a heart break…got a marriage proposal n got rescued by a HOT guy twice …all withing few hours !!…Phew”

Sawti said “And why didnt u show me tht Hot guy?”
She replied “I couldnt find him he dissapeared somewhere”.
“So who was he ?” Sawti asked
Anandi realised she didnt even know his name.
She said “I dont know I forgot to ask”.

“Shit!! it always happens…anyways why didnt u tell me jagadish was there I so want to give him piece of my mind”.
Anandi said “leave it dear wats the use somethings are not meant to be”.

She was leaving next day for her next sem..She felt little dissapointed she might never see that nameless stranger again.

To be continued…

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