Affairs of the heart Ch1

The house was buzzing with energy..There were guests, relatives and friends all contributed to the mayhem. The sound of dholak and shahnai assertained the fact tht there was a wedding..Wedding of Anandi Singh daughter of Khajan Singh.
Anandi a petite slim girl with gorgeous eyes and a childlike innocent face was sitting in a pensive mood.

“Anandi careful u will spoil ur mehendi ” Asha’s voice broke her reverie.
Anandi smiled looking at her friend…
“Dont worry Asha I will be careful”
Asha came and sat near Anandi looking at her heena “Lovely design…where’s the groom’s name?”
Anandi laughed “Asha u knw I hate these cheesy things.”
Asha said “Silly girl…did u see ur wedding dress…its come frm the boutique”
Anandi smiled “Yeah it must be kept somwhere I saw it while fittings”
Asha looked intently at Anandi “Anandi r u happy with this wedding ? U seem so disintrested”
Anandi sighed “I am fine Asha…just tht all this chaos is getting on to me…I m just tired”
Asha said “For a girl who is getting married to the love of her life u seem extreamly disintrested”.
Anandi said ” Love of my life…U knw Asha sometime we pine for something tht it becomes our life’s goal and wen we get them we realise they were not meant for us at all.Our destiny was something else.”

Asha looked confused ” I dont understand u Anandi…wats the matter?”
Anandi said “I am a terrible person Asha.I shld not get married.”
Tears stinged her eyes.
Asha hugged Anandi “U knw I m ur best friend…We hav always shared everything with each other.Tell me wats the matter.U knw u can trust me.”

Anandi composed herself.She was glad she cld finally share her apprehensions with someone.
Anandi took a deep breath n proceeded.

“Asha u knw Jagdish n I are frns since our schooldays.During highschool we were inseperable best frns…Then for college Jagadish left for IIT Bombay …he had always been a brillient student.I continued my engineering in Delhi but we were always in touch…Wen he was away I realised how much I missed him”

Asha interrupted “Anandi we all knew u and Jagadish were meant to be together..even in school we used to tease u remember?”

Anandi nodded “Yeah but it didnt happen tht way…We used to chat n talk while in college…we met too occassionally..I was sure tht I was in love Jagadish too showed intrest.Three years ago I met him in mumbai…he was leaving for US and I was in final year”.

To be continued…

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