Affairs of the heart ch 2

Chapter 2

4 Years back…

Anandi admired herself in mirror…dressed in jeans and a stylish top she looked pretty as a picture.
“How do I look ?” she asked her frn swati.
Swati whistled in appreciation…”Wow Anandi had I been a boy I wld hav proposed u right now”.

Anandi laughed and hit her playfully”And me like a sensible girl told u to buzz off”

Swati was her dear friend n lived in Mumbai.Anandi was stayin at her place n doing her summer project…
Since Jagadish was already in Mumbai they met whenever they could take time out of their busy schedule.

Swati pouted “yeah why wld u say yes to me…U hav ur Jagadish”

“So is today the D-day?”  Swati asked.
Anandi replied ” For what ??”
“Proposal of course” Swati said

Anandi laughed ” I dont know swati…we r not a romantic couple…rather we bicker n do leg pulling..I am not sure wat he feels…I mean he just shuts up n diverts the topic wen things get too emotional”.
“But u love him right?” Swati asked.
Anandi said “Yes..but sometimes I feel I am getting it all wrong.He is not intrested in tht way.”

Swati said “Dont fret so much just go with the flow.And if he dosent say it thn u tell
him…why cant girls say it first…I m all for girl power.”
Anandi laughed ” Right if he dosent say it I will force him to do so”

As preplanned she arrived at the mall.Jagadish was lounging on the railing looking at the escalator.
His eyes popped out for a minute when Anandi arrived.She noticed this and gave a smug smile.
He said “Wow !! I am gonna hav a hard day today”
Anandi asked “Why?”
He said “I will hav hard time diverting all unwanted male attention frm u.”

Being and attractive girl with a witty attitude she was used to male attention.

She laughed “No need to be my bodyguard.I can deal with it…Btw why r u bothered ?? feeling jealous?”

He said “Nah why shld I..Btw my roomate ankit…u remember u met him in my bday party last week..Well he’s lattu over u and wants an intro for u know Fraaanship.”

Anandi vaguely remebered tht bespecteled guy..She said “well wat do u think..wat shld I do?”
He said “Suit urself..waise he’s nerdy not ur type”

Anandi said “Actually ur quite wrong I like studioud nerdy guys” She gave him a meaningful look.
Jagadish changed the topic saying “Lets go now our movie is about to start.”

Anandi followed him confused.He was kind of distant…

After the movie and dinner they sat down on benches in a corner…Looking out from the glass walls she could see the night sky and the crawling traffic below.

Suddenly Jagadish said “Anandi I know wat ur waiting for”
She looked at him confused.
He said “I know wat u wnat to hear from me..but I am unable to say it.”
She got the meaning and said “Wats stopping u Jagadish?”
He sighed “I am hating myself right now but u must know I hav always considered u my frn thts all…my best frn…The thing is u want more and I cant give u that?”

Anandi said “Why Jagadish?? Do u love someone else?”
He replied “ yet..just tht I dont love u Anandi…never hav..I want other things frm life..And I dont want to waste ur time hoping for a change of heart.”

Anandi felt as if she lost something precious “Jagadish I understand but why ??”
He replied “I dont hav an answer Anandi..I just dont feel tht way…please dont cry”

Anandi fought back the tears which had suddenly sprang in her eyes “I am fine Jagadish…Sorry dont wanna upset u”
She hated crying and cursed herself for breaking down.
She continued “Know wat jagadish U hav been my best friend and somewhere along the way I…I got feelings for u..Not ur fault u never encouraged me..Its me who misunderstood u n took it as something else…I am sorry”
Jagasidh said “No Anandi its not ur fault…Its just bad luck..Promise me tht u wont cry and be ur same cheerful self again.”
She said “I will jagadish..It true tht I love u but I am matured enough to understand ur situation.”

He sighed with relief..

She said “Will u drop me home…please”
He replied “Sure”

They left the mall without exchanging any words…She knw things will not be same again with him…somehow things had got akward between them all because of her stupidity.She felt heartbroken,Sad,and little foolish too.

She got off near her home and asked him “So wen r u leaving ?”
He replied “next week..We’ll be in touch right?”
She smiled “Sure u think I will let u live peacefully”
He laughed “Always be happy Anandi..C u”
She replied “U too..N all the best”
He started his bike and moved ahead…She looked at him departing…Somehow she felt She might not see him again for a long time

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