Rasoi mein romance ka tadka

Shiv was in his office busy flipping through the files…He was in a good mood and he was humming a romantic tune.Its been 6 months since their marriage.Their relationship had reached the next level.After departure of CM and Saanchi they had settled into a peaceful conjugal life.

His afternoon meetings had been cancelled so he was free for rest of the day.
Shiv relaxed in his chair n thought…”well I am free for rest of the day.lets see wats Anandi doing?”
He called up Anandi she picked up after several ring
He heard her busy voice “Hello CS…kuch kaam tha aapko?”
He said “No just called to know…”
She said “CS aaj mere school mein exams hai n school inspection bhi I am kind of busy can we talk later..I might be late in coming back too”
Shiv said “Ok no problem Anandi I will call later”

He cut the call n looked thoughtfully at his phone…Hmmm so Anandi will be busy today..Wat will I do at home then…He suddenly got an idea.His lips curved in a slow smile.
He left for home.After freshening up he went into the kitchen.Looking around like a clueless kid he started tampering with vegetables, pot and pans…After some searching for the ingredients he finally figured out wat to cook…He had not cooked since his UK stay and it was not his area of expertise but he wanted to do something special for anandi today.It would be nice to see her smile after her busy n tiring day…but tht depended on wether he could whip up a proper meal.For now he was struggling to pound the sticky atta into a decent dough.

Anandi ran towards the Circuit House.She had a hectic day and it was already late.She wanted to prepare dinner before Shiv arrived.She put her keys in the door and slowly entered the house…She could smell cooking of spices and heard noise in the kitchen.She peeped into the kitchen.
For a minute she stood transfixed.
She saw a pressure cooker, a bubbling wok on the gas chula and Shiv smeared in aata and spices wiping his eyes near the kitchen counter.He was cutting something on the chopping board and sobbing.

Utterly surprised.She went near him n tapped him on his arms.
He looked at her with tear streaked eyes n said “Oh ! u came”
She said concerned  “Wat r u doing here? !! Why r u crying ?”
He replie  “I am not crying I am chopping onions…hence the tears”
Anandi didnt know weather to laugh or cry…She looked at his atta and tear smeared face and at the kitchen.In his zeal to help her the Shiv had totally messed up the kitchen.
Anandi said “But wat was the need to do all this.I was anyways coming back”
He said “I just wanted to help u..I mean u must be tired so wanted to do the cooking u know just to lighted ur workload”
Anandi burst into laughter…Shiv looked at her puzzled.
She said “Thanks for ur intentions but iski koi zarorat nahi thi…I am back now so u leave I will handle the kitchen”
Shiv said “But I still need to make chapaties and chop the salad…”
Anandi said “Ummm well u hav helped enough” She wiped his face and said softly “Thanks for being so caring”
Shiv beamed..He cirlced his arms arnd her and said seductively “All for u darling”
They had an intense eyelock and as his head was about to bend forward.They were distracted by the Pressure cooker’s whistle.

He jumped towards it turning off the knob he said “Oh no my daal wld hav burned”
Anandi laughed again n held his hand “Chaliya ab yahan se.I will manage everything”
She litrally dragged protesting Shiv to their room n said “wash ur face…did u see u face how funny ur looking?”
Shiv looked in the mirror and saw his atta and spice covered face and T shirt.
He said grumpily “Well I am not looking tht bad”
Anandi laughed “Well ur looking quite cute with this makeup…U shld do this more often” She started laughing hard
Shiv peered at her with narrowed eyes “Aapko bahut hasi aa rahi hai…abhi karta hoon aapka makeup”
Before Anandi could stop him he had grabbed her n pulled her towards himself held her wrists tightly..

She struggled to free it “Shiv wat r u doing…this is not the right time…we hav to hav our dinner”
Shiv smirked n said “Kyun? abhi to bahut hasi aa rahi thi” He trailed a fingure on her cheeks making a searing trail over it.She stopped breating..He was too close and his closness always affected her sanity.
She said “I am sorry now plz lets have dinner” and tried to wriggle out of his grip which was an impossible task.

He didnt respond but just looked at her darkly.He bent his head and rubbed his cheeks on hers.His stubble scraped her cheeks and she moaned.She could feel his breath near her ears.He smelled of spices.
He always affected her this way…even after so many months it always felt like first time.
Anandi said “Ouch ur hurting me”
He stood straight n grinned at her “Now ur looking perfect”
Anandi looked in the mirror..her cheeks n saari was smudged with atta.She said “Shiv ! this is so childish”
Shiv grinned wickedly…Anandi said “Btw I guess ur forgetting something aapki sabzi jal jayegi”
Shiv’s smirk was replaced with a horrifying look he said “Oh ! Shit !” and ran towards the kitchen

Anandi laughed n after freshening up joinned him in kitchen.He had saved the curry n was trying to make chapatis which ended up in diff shaped maps.
Anandi came behind him.She looked at him n thought…”He is so sweet..my husband cooking for me!”
He looked huge and out of place in the kitchen.But there was something very appealing and sensous watching him deftly handle the cooking.After he rolled out his third map of probably australia.
She said “Rehne dijiye mein ker lungi” then she muttered to herself “U hav already caused enough mess”
Shiv gladly gave up and asked “U said something”
Anandi said “No nothing..U go n change I will join u”

Later on when they were having dinner together.Shiv looked at her expectently.

Anandi said “Its good…especially daal to bahut hi acchi hai..I didnt know u could cook”
Shiv beamed “Yeah I learnt it in UK…I used to stay with friends and it was not feasible to eat out everyday”
Anandi said “Thank u for ur gesture…I am really touched nobody has ever done something like this for me before”
Shiv squeezed her hand and said “Anything for u dear..waise u must agree I am a very good cook.Aisa khana to aapne kabhi nahi khaya hoga”
Anandi looked at him her eyes full of emotion “U r right aisa khana..which someone made with so much love especially for me…maine kabhi nahi khaya hai..plz dont love me this much.I am not worth it.”
Shiv cupped her face with his left hand n said “Why do u think like this..U know ur so special tht no matter how much I love u it never seems enough to me.Btw kahi aap ye soch ker to pareshaan nahi na tht I cook better than u”
Anandi laughed at his self gloating she said “Bilkul aap to mujhse bhi accha khana banate hain…frm now on u do the cooking”
Shiv said “I dont mind..bas halwa aap bana dia kijeye”
Anandi asked “Why? If u can prepare dinner I am sure u can prepare halwa too”
Shiv said “No ur hands hav magic besides I love ur halwa.I will do the rest”he grinned
Anandi said “Koi zarorat nahi hai its better u stay away frm kitchen”

After dinner Anandi was cleaning up the kitchen She had just done the final touch up.When she felt Shiv hugging her frm behind his chin resting on her shoulders.His hands were caressing her bare midriff.
Anandi felt the room temperature suddenly shooting up…She turned back n said “Chodiye bhi I hav work”
He said “wat work?? everything is done” n nibbled her ears.He turned her arnd and before she could react his lips were on hers…She leaned back on the counter to give him access.His lips doing their gentle assult.
With fireworks inside her head Anandi felt herself being hauled up and seated on the kitchen counter.She was too busy to realise wat was hapening around.Shiv increased the intensity of his kiss parting her lips and exploring her mouth.
Their tongues began to wrestle and anandi’s fingures went automatically in his hairs.Shiv’s hands were roaming on her body.He reached for her bouse dori and tugged it loose.He left her lips n kissed his way down her throat.Slipping off her pallu and sleeve he grazed her shoulders with his mouth.Anandi’s nails were digging in shoulders.Their clothes seemed like a barrier now.
He bent forward nibbling her neckline…pushing her further on the counter..They were so lost in each other tht he didnt realise he had placed his hands on the utensil stand for support.

Suddenly the stand came crashing down all utensils noisily bouncing off the floor.
They sprang apart.Anandi looked distressed at the mess then back at Shiv.
He looked sheepish n said “Sorry I got little carried away”
Anandi rolled up her eyes adjusted her dress “chodiye mujhe now I have to arrange all this”
Shiv held her more tightly n said “leave it…I’ll fix it later…right now there r other things on priority”
He started to bend towards her again.
Anandi leaned back stopping his advances and said “But I have a condition”
Shiv raised his eyebrows quizzingly
Anandi said “Promise me u will stay away frm kitchen”
Shiv laughed “Anything for u dear..btw why shld I stay away?
Anandi gave a mischivious smile “whenever u come here u create havoc”
Shiv said “acchaji maine kya kiya…tht stand was at wrong place”
Anandi said “no we r at wrong place…for God ! sake we r in kitchen !”
Shiv said thoughtfully “ur right this is not very comfortable I know of a better place to create havoc”

He carried her in his arms gazing deeply in her eyes…she was lost in his gaze.He kicked open their bedroom door and gently laid her on their bed.He tucked a strand of hair n gazed at her with his half smile.
Anandi turned crimson n said “wat r u looking at?”
He said “I m just thinking I m so lucky to hav u”
Anandi smiled “well ur not as lucky as me…I hav a perfect husband who loves me.cares for me..n even cooks for me…yeah he does wrecks the kitchen occasionally but I can live with that”
Shiv laughed n took her in his arms.He whispered is her ears “I love u”
Anandi replied “I love u too”
He asked “So shall we proceed?”
Anandi asked dreamily “with wat?”
He said “creating havoc”
Anandi answerd by nipping his neck.He groaned and captured her lips again…everything else was forgotten for now.

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