Remember me

Shiv was busy tapping on his laptop in his office.He glanced at Anandi’s picture on his table and his lips apread into a glowing smile…a warmth spread through him…He was missing her so much.”We will u come back dear?” He spoke lovelingly to her picture and touched it with his fingure.
Anandi had left to visit her teacherji…leaving their confession in limbo and she was being too stubborn to relent to his pleading.

Suddenly he was interrupted by a phone call….seeing Anandi’s number he eagerly picked the calling only to hear a brusk voice at the other end.
“Is this Mr.Shivraj Shekhar?”
“Well Ur wife had an accident please come soon to Jaitser hospital”

Shiv felt numb…all feelings drained out..No this was not happening…It cant be true..He managed to ask “How serious is she.. I mean wen did this happen?”

The voice said “Just come here fast…u will get the details”
The phone slipped out of his hands..his face a blank mask..he immediately rushed to his jeep…praying fervently..Plz God let her be fine..

He parked the jeep and rushed into the hospital…clueless where to go he ran towards a doctor.”Anandi..where is AnAndi?”
The doctor said “Oh collector sahab..please calm down Anandiji is in OT…She had a severe accident..”
Shiv panicked “She is ok ??..She will be fine right ?? wen can I see her?”
The doctor looked on beliwered at Shiv’s panicked state…he said “collector sahab calm down…will tell u everything first u calm down”

With thumping heart Shiv became quite.
The doctor explained “Ur wife’s jeep had a road accident…Driver died on the spot.Anandiji was brought here in critical condition.We trying our best..Now everything is in God’s hands”

Shiv felt as if room was swimming around him.

His throat went dry but somehow managed to say “She will be fine doctor?”

The doctor gave a serious look “We r trying collector Sahab..We r trying out best but..Her condition is very critical..severe head injury..But We hav hopes…Just pray”

The doctor went away leaving a devastated Shiv.He collaped on the chair..His eyes closed in concentration hands folded he prayed.
He prayed ardently for his love..His Anandi.

After uncountable houres and nurse nudged Shiv.He looked up with hopeful look.
She said “Collector Sahab u can meet Aandiji now”

His face lit up “She is ok now ?? I mean she is out of danger?”
The nurse looked uncomfortable “Sir Anandiji just gained conscious and she has been asking for u…meet her before…”

He looked concerned “Before what?”

He followed the nurse to the ICU…he went in and looked at the frail body lying on crisp white sheets…surrounded by tubes and machinery.
he went and sat near her bed…She looked pale and tiny her shiny eyes were closed.
He just looked at her peaceful face…Anandi opened her eye and turned towards him…her eyes shone with happiness.
“Shiv I was waiting for u”

He choked and said “Anandi u will be ok..I wont let anything happen to u”
She smiles “I am Om Shiv…I will be fine but ….I dont think I can be with u anymore”
He held her hands and said “Wat do u mean Anandi?? Of course u will always be with me u promised”
A tear streaked down her face “I am sorry Shiv..I am So sorry I promised u all happiness and wen the time came ….”
Shiv said “Dont talk like this U will be fine I know that”
Anandi looked sadly “Shiv I hav to tell u something”
He looked up
She said “Shiv I love u..Wanted to tell u sine very long but…anyways must tell u before its too late..I love so much..thanks for all the lovely moments we shared”

tears broke through his eyes and he didnt stop “He kissed her hands and said “wht took u so long Anandi..and Why Anandi?? Why?? please dont leave me Anandi..I cant live without u”

With difficult she spoke again “I am sorry Shiv I guess I was too stupid to realise it..And u hav to be strong I will always be with u..Remember me”

Shiv said “No Anandi no..U cant do this to me U just cant..”

Anandi said “Shiv I love u Shiv please I am sorry thts how its meant to be”
He hugged her tightly and cried..Aanndi felt a weight being lifted off her…she was sad tht this wld be their last moment together…Suddenly Shiv felt her hands go slack.
He broke the hug and looked at her…Her face looked calm and lifeless.

“NOOOO NOOOO Anandi ” He hugged her lifeless body and cried in the ICU room.

Anandi had gone too far away to hear him.He had lost her forever.Their pure love wld remain incomplete forever.

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