AnShilicious Honeymoon Part 2

Ice Skating

Anandi woke up and looked around she was still disoriented from sleep and It took a while to realise tht she was away from her home..She was in sweden with Shiv..She turned to see empty
bed beside her..Where was Shiv?
She looked ahead and saw him spralwed on the couch…Anandi felt dissapointed ans well as angry why was he sleeping on the couch.She recalled they had been watching a movie..n then she fell alseep…then how come she was on the bed…Did Shiv put her here…She blushed and got up.
She went towards Shiv…he was sleeping peacefully his face looked innocent like a child which was now covered with dark stubble..
Involentarily her hands went on his cheeks and she traced her knuckles over his stubble…It scrpaed her hands…She smiled at the sensation..Suddenly his eyes flew open and he caught her wrists.
Anandi nearly jerked…He said “U woke up so early”
Anandi said “yeah its new place so I m not used to it…btw why did u sleep on the couch?”
Shiv said sheepishly “Well I drifted off while watching the movie”…he didnt want to tell tht he was busy watching her.

Anandi said “Ok so wat happened in the end?”
Shiv said “I guess they found the holy grail”
Anandi said “But U shoudl not have slept on the couch na…u wld have been uncomfortable”
Shiv said “no I am cool…the movie was so intresting I could not stop myself frm watching it.”
Anandi said little miffed “Ok…so wats the plan for today ?”
Shiv said “Well lets freshen up then we’ll go for site seeing”
Anandi gentured towards her hands…Shiv looked down he was still holding her wrists.He smiled and released it.

They left for local site seeing.Shiv pointed towards a building and said “u know wats tht ?”
Anandi said thts “Stockholm Concert Hall venue for Nobel prize distribution”
Shiv looked at her amazed “U know it?”
Anandi just shrugged “yeah I had read about it”
Shiv said “Wat else hav u read ?”
She ratteled off abt brief history of noble prize…some info abt sweden and stockholm.
Shiv said “Wow all this u know just by reading and u remember it also !”
Anandi just blushedShiv said “Anandiji why didnt u ever try for the civil services exam?..I am sure with ur intelligence and awareness U wld have cracked it”
Anandi said “Well i never thought of tht and I was too busy with my school and panchayat..waise wats the need we already have one collector in the family”

Shiv said “thts not the point..u have the potential to do something I want u do go for it”
Anandi rolled up her eyes “But now its too late”
Shiv said “Nah ur still below the cutoff age…I will help u and guide u..u must got for it”Anandi said “Ok as u say collector sahab..waise hum itni door civil services ki exam discuss karne aaye hain?”
Shiv smiled “Nopes honeymoon manane”
Anandi blushed “ok so where r u taking me now?”
Shiv said “I am famished lets hav lunch then I will take u ice skating”

Later Shiv took Anandi to a frozed lake…It had an ice skating rink…Many people were skating around..Shiv said “Come on”
Anandi looked nervously at the ice rink She said “I cant do it…I dont know skating and I am in a saari.I cant skate in a saari”
Shiv said “Dont be scared..Mein hoon na”
She said “I know but this time please exceuse me.I really cant…U go ahead I will watch”
Shiv said “O have not skated in years I am not sure I can do it”
Anandi insisted “No please I want to see u skate”
Shiv agreed “Ok as u say”
He took the skating shoes and went ahead to skate…Anandi was admiring his skating…he was pretty good.

He waved at her from the rink and Anandi saw him dissapear in and out of the crowd.He made some fast moves and Anandi muttered “Showoff !”
He was skating around on the far side when a sudden fear gripped Anandi she felt uneasiness and looked nervously at Shiv..He was too far away.Anandi wanted to call him bak but he wasnt looking at her…There was a crack and Shiv fell intot the icy water.
Anandi shouted  “NO!!”
She ran towards inside the rink…which was difficult coz of the slippery ice…Fortunately there were people around and she saw him being pulled out of the water…Her mind had gone numb..She vaguely said to someone “please take me to him I am his wife”

Rest whatever happened was in whirlwind…Shiv was still conscious he smiled weakly at her n said “Its bone chilling cold”
Anandi held his hands n cried “I shld not hav let u go..I am sorry”
Shiv was shivering his teeth chattering.She called a taxi and took him to their hotel.With the help of others she took him to their room.
Shiv said “Anandiji I am fine dont worry..I am just cold”
Anandi said “Ur shivering I can see that”
She was in strict teacherji mode now…When they reached their room she told him to change.Shiv changed his dress and felt better in dry clothes…As soon as he was out Anandi forced him to get in the bed and covered him with quilts.
he said “Anandiji I am need for all this” then he sneezed
Anandi made a stern face…”I can see tht..U hav got chill and I dont want u to fall
sick..anyways I hav called the doctor”
Shiv said “Why did u call the doctor?”
Anandi said “Why not??”
Shiv mumbled “I dont wnat injection”
Anandi tried not to laugh n said “Collector sahab it depends on the doctor ki injection dena hai ya nahi n agar dena hai to wo aapko lena padega”
Shiv paled n said “No please no injection” He sneezed again n shivered
Anandi looked at him worried…after sometime th doctor came.

He said tht he has just got some chill n had to stay warm..He suggested Shiv to take some brandy…tht will keep him warm.
Shiv said “No I dont wnat brandy I’ll be fine”
Anandi said “No collector sahab if doctor says u must take it”
Shiv said “Anandiji do u know wat it brandy?? Its alcohol”

Anandi said “So wat ! right now ur health is my priority”
She didnt listen to his protests and ordered hot water with brandy for Shiv.Shiv looked at the glass apprehensively..he said “R u sure?”
Anandi replied “Of course”
Shiv said “wat if I get tipsy” n gave a naughty smile
Anandi said “Dont worry I know u will behave even when tipsy”
Shiv said “Itna bharosa hai mujh par?”
Anandi replied “Yes khud se bhi jayada”

Shiv took the drink he actually felt better a warm feeling going throuh his body.
Anandi asked “U want more ?”
Shiv replied “No I am ok actually I am already feeling better”
Anandi sat down near him and said “I am sorry I shld not hav asked u to go in the ice rink”
Shiv said “Why r u blaming urself…Its not ur fault..n I am fine”
Anandi said “No U dont understand…I had this fear…I thought I had lost u..n it wasunbearable” her eyes welled up.
Shiv cupped her face n said “I am not going anywhere n Its not ur fault get this out of ur mind”

Anandi stared back at him…she felt as if puzzles pieces were falling in their placees..Her heart had nearly stopped when Shiv had fallen down she knew it why.
Why was Shiv hasitating…She realised She had not confessed her love to him.
Infcat She had not realised her love till now…Now she knew his importance…tht sudden fear she had felt for him…tht was coz she loved him.
Shiv said “Anandiji kahan kho geyi aap?”
Anandi said “kahi nahi…I hav found the way now”
Shiv looked at her puzzled “well I had the brandy n ur getting tipsy”

Anandi laughed “No I am fine…u take rest now”
Shiv held her hand and said “Thank u”
Anandi asked “For wat?”
Shiv said “For taking care of me”
Anandi blushed n said “accha now u go to sleep”

To be continued…



This was a long pending update…actually my FF has become totally out of context with the current track so I was undecided how to update anyways here’s the next chapter

The Brandy effect

Anandi felt emotinally drained out…It had been a long day n she had nearly lost Shiv.She shuddered at the thought.She looked at him sleeping peacefully…she wanted to hug him and
run her hands through her hairs but she restrained herself…she felt exhausted n
thirsty…she wanted something warm this place was so cold.
She took the bottle if water n poured it in a glass then drank it all ina gulp…she felt strange taste n warmth running down her throat.She thought wat it is ? but she liked the sensation…she took another glass n felt really light hearted.She was feeling so free tht she giggled.

Shiv turned around frm her noise n opened his eyes he was not asleep anyways.He looked around for anandi n saw her sitting on the sofa giggling.He narrowed his eyes this was very unlike Anandi…He got out of the bed n went ti her..she looked serene n dazed…she gave a sob wen she saw him.Shiv looked puzzled just now she was giggling.he sat near her and asked her “Wat happened why r u crying?”
Anandi said “I am a bad wife I nearly got u killed I shld not have let u go in tht ice rink..I am soo bad”
Shiv looked at her stumped he held her hands and said “No anandiji its not ur fault…I am please dont cry”
Anandi said “Ok” then giggled again.Shiv looked at her with narrowed eyes she was behaving strangely…She gave him a dazzling smile and tried to get up but sways and sat down again she had fit of giggles again.
Shiv caught her shoulder and asked “Anandiji wat did u drink ??”
Anandi said “Ummm something really Hot and good..u want some ?”
Shiv looked around and saw the brandy bottle and glass on the table.He picked up the glass and took a wiff of it…he looked back at her horrified.
“Did u drink frm this bottle??tell me”
Anandi said “Oh yes its really good..please I wnat some more”
Shiv took away the bottle n said “No anandiji u cant drink this ur already drunk”
Anandi tried to snatch the bottle but Shiv took it and kept it aside…She beat her fists on his chest n said “ur bad Ur very very bad”
Shiv tired not to laugh her fists were hardly hurting him.”How am I bad wat did I do?”
She said “U took away my drink…Ur more intrested in watching movies than me”
Shiv looked at her surprised he said “Anandiji ur drunk..Lets do one thing..u please sleep for sometime”
Anandi said “No I dont want to sleep…aap apne aap ko samajhte kya hai…u think u can watch
movie aur mein akeli bore hoti rahu”
Shiv said “Ok I am sorry now I will never watch movie wen ur around…wasie bhi movie khan dekh raha tha”

Anandi asked “So wat were u watching?”
Shiv said “mein to bas aapko dekh raha tha”
Anandi narrowed her eyes n said “Jhoot”
She got out of his grip and ran towards the door.Shiv ran after her and caught her he didnt wnat her to run out in drunken state.He carried squirming anandi towards the bed and dropped her on it Since she was still holding him he lost his balance n fell on top of her.
He was knocked out of breath..her face was so near to him tht he could feel her breath and her seductive smile was making things really deiifcult.He tried to get up but Anandi caught his collar and said “please dont leave me alone”
he stopped and looked at her

She said “U smell so good like cologn…I wish U stay like this all the time”
Shiv turned tomato red…
She continued “U know Collector sahab I was so scared when u fell I thought I had lost u…I cant live without u collector sahab”
She looked so innocent he couldnt stop himself he hugged her and said “I am not going anywhere ever”

Anandi said “collector sahab…please kiss me”
Shiv jerked away n said “what!!!”
Anandi said “I said kiss me”
Shiv was reeling with her sudden demand…he had been waiting for her to initiate things ” but this would not be right..she is not thinking straight.She’s drunk..wat if she regretted this after becoming sober” He thought.
“Anandiji I cant do it…u must sleep now” He got up n said
“Anandi looked dissapointed n asked “Why collector sahab…Dont u love me?”
Shiv said “Of course I love u anandiji”
Anandi said “Then why do u keep calling me anandiji”She imitated hum “anandiji or ok? abandiji lets hav lunch…koi apni biwi ko aise bulata hai ”
Shiv laughed “ok to mein aapko kya bulau?”
Anandi said “Sirf anandi…”

Shiv said “Ok anandi ab aap so jayeye”
Anandi angrily got up frm the bed n said “I dont want to sleep” she swayed a little.Shiv held her n said “See u cant even stand properly”
Anandi gave him her seductive smile n said “U know how much I love u…Why r u so good collector sahab…wat hav u done to me.I cant think or see anything besides u…app to mere dreams mein bhi aate hain”
Shiv looked at her darkly he was dying to hear these words frm anandi now wen she was ranting in drunken state he didnt understand wat to make of it…
He asked her “Do u know wat ur saying ? lets talk abt it tomm ok?”
Anandi said “No I want to talk right now…btw havent u kissed me till now”
Shiv said “I cant kiss u…Ur not in ur senses”

Anandi made a grumpy face n pouted her lips.Shiv’s eyes fixed on her lips…”God this is getting difficult” He thought.He took anandi towards the bed n made her lie down.Anandi held his hands n said “Please stay I dont want to sleep alone”She looked so cute tht he relented n sat down near her “Ok I will stay but u close ur eyes n try to sleep” Anandi smiled n threw her arms around his neck…Shiv just stopped breathing…his brain stopped working…perhaps he shld give in to the temptation…He looked in her eyes darkly…
she said “Collector sahab wat r u thinking?Are u scared ?”
He replied “Yes I am scared of hurting u”

Anandi whispered “Why do u think so..U can never hurt me” She reached up and touched her lips
to his…There was fireworks.It all happened automatically..Their lips entwined they nibbled each other.She tasted of brandy…She automatically started running her fingures through his hair.Shiv continued to kiss her deeper.He left her lips proceeded to nobble her throat and neckline His hands roving over her body.
Anandi let out a gasp…The brandy and Shiv combined was a deadly combo.Shiv looked at her and closed his eyes…He thought “I better stop now…I’ll need a cold shower..or better I go n stand in the snow”
He slid off her and lay down beside her propping his head on his elbow he said “Anandi I kissed u now please sleep”
Anandi who was still panting said “Only kiss?” and gave him a naughty smile
Shiv said “Yes for now only kiss.If u behave maybe we’ll proceed to something more”

Anandi said “But I am always well behaved”
Shiv said “Yes but not right now…U dont know wat ur asking for Anandi.Although I would be happy to oblige but going ahead wen ur drunk is not my thing”
Anandi pouted her lips again…Shiv said “Anandi now stop doing tht”
Anandi said “Ok I’ll sleep but please stay here” Shiv relented and came in his arms.
He head resting on his chest…He could feel her heartbeat…Slowly her breathing became steady and she slept…Shiv was looking at her face intently..he smiled smugly “Well she does love me..I need to get this out wen she is sober”

To be continued…


I am too frustated anyways here’s the long overdue update

The Confession

Anandi got up with  a heavy head…she was little disoriented…she looked arnd n found herself wrapped arnd shiv..her head ws resting on his chest n her right hand was inside his shirt.She could feel his hard muscles she immediately withdrew her hand…Shiv was still asleep…She thought “how come I slept like this.I better move away” She sat up but found tht  her pallu was completely removed n it was pinned beneath Shiv.
She turned crimson…She could not pull it out without waking him up…she tried pulling it but instead it disturbed shiv n he sleepily swiped his arm over her pinning her under it n snuggled closer…She caught her breath.He was just too close she tried wriggling out which finally woke him.

He looked at her sleepily n said “Good morning…how r u feeling now?”
She blinked at him…wat had happened to her n how come they ended up here…
She asked  “wat happened to me?”
He said “u dont remember? u got little tipsy” n gave her a naughty smile.
She looked horrified n sat up “wat!!! ur kidding right”
He supported his head on his elbow n said “why wld I kid…do u remember anything ?”
She tried to recollect…she remembered drinking something then hazy memories of falling in his arms…and some sweet sensation on her lips…She blushed wat had happened last night !!

He was looked amused at her discomfort…Suddenly she realised her palluless state and pointed out at Shiv..He raised an eyebrow questioning her..
She shyily pointed at the pinned pallu..He smirked and moved…She immediately adjusted her pallu n said “I hope I didnt trouble u much”
Shiv said “Not at all..u really dont recall anything after whatever happened”
She said “Wat happened ??”
Shiv held her hand n said “Ummm well we finally had our first night !!”
She looked surprised at him “What !! how is tht possible”
He said “U have doubts??I mean u were quite willing and..well u get the point”
Anandi looked at him shocked she wanted to but not this way…She didnt know how to react..Her hands went cold and her throat went dry…She had not even told him abt her feelings.

He came near her placed a fingure on her chin n tipped her head up..he asked “Why r u so upset? u hav any regrets ?”
Anandi looked in his eyes..She said “I wont lie to u I am not happy abt it”
Shiv looked hurt “U mean U didnt want this??..Tht means..Oh God !!”
He looked away and Aanandi could see he was very hurt.
She immediatly regretted saying those words…
She said “Collector Sahab..”
Shiv released her n said “No Anandi..I am sorry..I shld not have done tht..I know u r not ready but yest u were willing and I just..I am sorry..Lets go back now enought of this honeymoon”

Anandi felt guilty she wanted him there was no denying then why was she being so skittish…She came up to him he was so hurt..She wanted to hug him..She said “Collector sahab aap galat samajh rahe hain…Please dont be so upset…aapne to bas wohi kiya jo aapka haq hai.”
Shiv looked even more hurt “Anandi I dont want any rights over u..I didnt marry u for this”.he whispered “I just wanted u to love me”

Realization struck Anandi she had been hurting him making him all this while and he was waiting patiently for her..Wat was wrong with her??
Here was this man who loved her unconditionally..was ready to do anything for her…gave two hoot about her past and even went against society to accept her.
And was was she doing…she remained hung up on her past and insecurities…She was being so unfair to him…

Finally she decided it was time to let him know the truth her feelings.
She said “Collector sahab please look at me..wat do u see in my eyes?”
Shiv looked at her puzzled
She continued “aapko pata hai wen our marriage was fixed I took it just as a duty to fulfill my mother’s wish.I had never anticipated tht my life will have so many twists and turns…after jagya my life was totally empty…I had been hurt and lonely for so long tht I had forgotten how it feels to be in love…like a fool I resisted tht feeling.Actually kani na kani mujhe aisa lagta hai ki mein aapke layak nahi hoon”

Shiv said “Aisa mat soocho Anandi…u dont have any shortcoming ur perfect”
Anandi said “aap se to mujhe meri takat wapas mili hai…u made me feel whole again..and unknowingly I had been hurting u I had been pushing away ur love…Toady I must tell u tht mujhe bhi aapse praay ho gaya hai collector sahab”

Shiv’s eyes lit up he said “really ?? I cant believe it”
Anandi said “Vishwaash kijiye CS.I love u” she blushed crimson
Shiv wanted to jump in happiness but he said “well mein kya bolu…I cant tell u how happy I am I had been waiting to hear these words from u…waise ek baat bolu please dont be angry”
She said “kya?”

Shiv said sheepishly “nothing happened last night I was just kidding.U were tipsy and little aggressive but still nothing happened.Aapko kya laga maein aapka vishwaas aise tod dunga”

Anandi looked scandalized “Why did u say so CS?”
Shiv said “Well its a long story…kal jab aap nashe mein thi to u said tht u love me and u asked me to…umm..kiss u”
Anandi said “wat !! did I say this ?ur not kidding again?”
Shiv said “No mein sach bol raha hoon n its said a person never lies when drunk.So I lied today to make u confess…Ur not angry na?”

He made his cutest puppy face
Anandi said “I dont know wat to think..head is hurting”
Shiv said “Oh I am sorry ur having hangover I’ll give u some medicine..U take rest I will order breakfast in the bedroom itself”
he was back in full action mode trying to make her comfortable and gave a pill to her.Anandi asked after taking the pill “So wat did u do?”
Shiv said “wat? when?”

Anandi said “I mean wat did u do after I asked u to..u know” she blushed
Shiv said “I kissed u”
Anandi said “Wat ?? u mean we…”
Shiv said “No I only kissed u nothing else..u were not ready to sleep otherwise…waise for a min I was scared for my honour”
Anandi blushed deep “App mujhe ullu bana rahe hain”
He said “No really…but pata to chala tht u too love me”
Anandi said “too bad I dont remember a thing”
Shiv gave a naughty smile “Well do u want to refresh ur memories?”

Anandi gave a shy smile…they looked at each other for few min…the room suddenly seemed hotter…His hands held her shoulder and he nest his head to meet her lips.Soon they were lost in the kiss…he started with a gentle nibble and soon his lips were ravishing her.Her hands ran through his hairs.
After and eternity he broke the kiss..Anandi looked at him shyly.

He said “I dont wnat to break this but I am really famished”
Anandi laughed “Dont worry collector sahab we can order breakfast here…chaliye ab aap fresh ho jayeye I will order something for u”

He kissed her on her cheeks again n went towards the washroom…Anandi smiled…She felt free today.

To be continued…


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The surrender

Anandi sipped her coffee and gazed at Shiv.He was busy flipping the channels.
After rest and and some strong dose of coffee anandi was feeling much better.It was snowing outside…
She looked at Shiv n said “Collector sahab”
he replied without looking “ummm”
Anandi said “Aisa kya intresting dekh rahe hain?”
He said “Nothing is more intresting than u…just doing timepass..How r u feeling?”
She said “Much better…headache is gone..I will never drink alcohol again.Why do ppl drink such stuff?”
She came on the bed n sat near her “Dear its good during cold else how will ppl survive such harsh climate”
Anandi said “Hmmm seems like u really liked brandy yest”
Shiv laughed “No u liked it better thts why u drank so much..btw I dont mind it if drinking makes u so..soo brazan mein to ghar mein hi pub khol loon” he grinned at her
anandi blushed “U r too much and I am not brazan”
Shiv put his fingures under her chin and lifted up her face he looked deep in her eyes n said “U know how beautiful u r ”
Anandi turned crimson n said “Ur just flattering me”
He said with a very serious expression “No I am saying the truth.I was smitten the day I saw u Although tht was not right place or situation to say anything.And beside it would have been inappropriate”
Anandi looked surprised she just looked at him surprised …How could she be so lucky…How could he love her so much sometimes she was afraid of his love..Was she worth it?
She said “CS thank u for making me feel so good abt myself..I had lost myself u made me myself again..I love u CS”
Shiv smiled they shared an eyelock and Shv’s hands cupped her face.His thumbs slowly caressed her cheeks.
Anandi felt burning sensation wherever his fingures touched.
Suddenly feeling shy she hid her face in his chest.He wrapped her in his arms n said “Wat happened sarpanch ji ?”
She said “Why dont u continue calling me anandi?”
He replied “Because u still call me collector sahab”
Anandi looked up n said wats wrong in tht u dont like it ?”
He said “I dont but it makes me feel really old and formal”
Anandi laughed “Ok so wat shld I call u ?”
Shiv said “I have a very short and sweet name Shiv”
Anandi said “But I like collector sahab”
Shiv said grumpily “Aisa lagta hai mujhe meri biwi nahi Bheem singh bula raha hai”

Anandi laughed “Ok Shiv” and blushed
Shiv’s face lit up he said “Please say it again”
Anandi said “Shiv”
He said “Now this sounds so much better and intimate” He tightened his grip on her.

Before she could realise he tipped her face up and with one swoop his lips were upon hers.Anandi was caught by surprise then she automatically started to respond to his gentle pressure.
He broke the kiss and they looked at each other breathless.He rested his forehead on hers and took a deep breath.Anandi’s fingures were knotted in his hairs.
Finally he said “U have made me happiest man today”
She said “Not as happy as me..I am luckier I got u”
Shiv laughed n sat up straight…”Well u have made me soo happy so I shld be a perfect husband n do something for u”
Anandi said “U dont need to do anything U have already done more than enough for me”
Shiv said “But I want to…Lets go shopping”
Anandi laughed she continued laughing for sometime
Shiv looked at her puzzled and asked “wats so funny?”
Anandi said “Ur the first guy infact only guy I hav seen u enjoys shopping”
Shiv said beaming “yeah u know the perks of being a perfect husband.Now get ready fast”
Aanandi said “But wat shopping will I buy frm here I dont wear such clothes”
Shiv said “We’ll see come now”

Anandi was surprised at his enthuciasm…She went to the washroom to get ready.When she came out Shiv was missing frm the room…
While she was giving finishing touches to her hairs he came in…he was already dressed
She asked “where were u?”
He said “nothing I had some work at reception”
They then left for shopping…It was biting cold and snowing but Shiv insisted on going to all the shops…Anandi just followed him arnd still skeptical abt wat to buy.
Soon they had bought presents for all the family members.
When Anandi saw Shiv gazing towards a maniquin.It was dressed in a wine red dress/gown whatever.She couldnt make out.
She came upto him n said “wat happened?”
He said “Nothing are u done?”
She replied “Umm almost u wait near the counter I’ll come in a minute”

He went and she looked back at the maniquin…Will she ever have courage to wear something like this?
The dress was beautiful with halter neck and sequins arranged in a beautiful pattern.Anandi went to the saleslady and asked for the dress her size she wanted to surprise Shiv.

After their shopping spree and dinner.They reached their room.
Before entering Shiv said to her “I have a surprise for u”
Anandi entered the room and saw it was decorated with candles and flowers.
She looked at it in surprisen then looke up at him questioningly.
He blushed n said “Well I told room service to do this and the shopping was actually a ploy to get u away”
He carefully scanned her face to see her expression.Anandi looked arnd and smiled “Its beautiful”
Shiv gave a sigh of relief “thank God I thought app phir se daar jayengi”
Anandi blushed “No I dont have any fears or doubts now”
Shiv grinned at her.
She continued “But I have a surprise for u as well”
he raised his eyebrows questioningly.
She said “Wait i’ll be back”

She colleted tht dress package and went into the washroom.She changed into the daring left her back bare and barely reached her knees.She freshened up her face.With shaking hands she opened the door and stepped out into the room.

Shiv blinked at her for few mins…His jaws litrally hanging.He had stopped breathing.
She turned crimson n not getting his response she asked “How is it ?”
Shiv said “Umm..Its …Its shocking how did u get this?”
She said “I saw u looking at this dress in tht shop and..Am I looking ridicuolus”
Shiv came upto her n said “ur looking stunning…too stunning actually”
His eyes became dark and started at her intently.Anandi felt a blush creeping up her neck n she lowered her eyes.
He lifted her face up with his finguretips and said “ur beautiful” making her turn maroon…She tried to look down again but he held her face forcing her to look in his eyes.
Her eyes closed in anticipation but instead of the expected kiss she felt his breath near her ears…she felt shivers as he trailed his lips on her neckline ending in the hollow of her neck.He placed a kiss there.

He looked up n said “U know ur looking so beautiful in this candle light It was my dream to see u like this”
Anandi was reeling from his affect he was soo so handsome..She had been a fool not to notice him.Suddenly she was scooped up in his arms and he carried her to their bed and laid her on it never leaving her eyes.
Cupping her face he kissed her on her forehead n then proceeded down placing little kisses on her nose cheeks.Anandi squirmed under him.She turned on her front n Shiv’s eyes widened wen he saw her bare back.He trailed a fingure on her back…then followed it with his lips..he tugged the silky knot on her neck to release the halter straps.
He turned her on her back again n said “I had waited so long for this”
Anandi replied “Sorry I kept u waiting ”
He replied “hush it was worth it”
She hugged him n was lost in the vast expanse of his chest.
He captured her lips again and soon they were riding on waves of passion.

After hours when they lay entwined with each other…Anandi’s head lay sleepily on his chest…his body hair tickled her nose.She felt sated n content.Strangely peaceful.
She had finally overcome all her fears n insecurity…she was finally his for ever n ever.

The End

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