AnShilicious Honeymoon part 1

This is my take on AnSh SR and honeymoon …Dont know wat CVs will show but there’s no harm in imagining
The First night

“Ira ur bahu is very beautiful.”one of shiv’s relative commented during the muh dikhai.
Anandi blushed and Ira beamed…
cm said “well afterall she is Shiv’s choice sundar to hogi hi..and her qualities are also as beautiful as her face.”
The ladies praised n gushed abt anandi.Anandi felt uncomfortable under all this attention.Shiv was somewhere out with other men.After the grihpravesh and other rituals she had changed and came down for muhdikhayi

She was missing his reassuring look and soothing voice.Unknown to her shiv had been peeping down at her from the first floor balcony…he smiled wen ladies praised anandi.
After last lady left it was already quite late night…Anandi was tired after the hectic day…Ira came to her n said “come I will take u to ur room.U must be tired”
Anandi smiled gratefully…Ira escorted anandi to her bedroom.Mahi n grumpy saanchi came out mahi giggled and said “bhabhi do tell me decoration kaisa laga”
Anandi looked puzzled.

She enter the room n her mouth was hanging…It was decorated withflowers…there was a canopy of flowers over a king sized bed.
Then it struck anandi the room was decorated for SR.
Shiv was her husband n now she had to be with him in same room.
She paled at the prospect she was still not ready for this intimacy.
Ira made her sit on the bed under the canopy of flowers…Mahi kept cracking jokes.She sat uneasily…After sometime she heard the door opening.She looked up from under her veil n saw Shiv entering the room…Mahi n saachi giggling in the background..She herd his stern voice chiding mahi over a joke…He came in n closed the door.

Anandi clutched her lehenga is nervousness.He came near n sat down casually on the bed.Anandi looked at his face…even he looked uncomfortable n his nervousness made him look comical.
Anandi giggled.Shiv looked at her surprised.”Anandiji why r u laughing?”
Anandi shook her head in a no.He said “I know all this…its too strange and new for u…aap uncomfortable to feel nahi ker rahi na”
Anandi said “No collector sahab…its little overwhelming but I am fine”
He smiled n said “actually its all very overwhelming for me too…btw did u like the haveli?”
Anandi said “yes its beautiful…ur lucky to hav such beautiful house”
He laughed “Actually aapke saath mera bhi grihpravesh tha…I hav never lived here…we hav got it after years if court cases…so mere liye bhi sab kuch naya sa hai”


Anandi laughed “koi baat nahi collector sahab we will explore it together”
Shiv smiled to see her relaxed.”Anandiji aap haste hue bahut acchi lagti hai..aise hi haste rahiye..I know all this is very new n different for u…but trust me I m always there to solve ur probs and please dont feel uncomfortable We’ll proceed in our relationship when ur ready till then we r best friends”
Anandi looked at him and smiled…She said “I know collector sahab and I trust u…and I will try my best to become a good wife for u”
Shiv held her hand and said “I still cant believe tht We r finally married..before marriage each day seemed like 100 years n suddenly its a reality”
Anandi blushed “collector sahab It real…appko belive nahi ho raha”She pinched him on his hands
He said “Ouch !! wat was tht for”
She laughed “aapki neend todne ke liye”

He laughed along with her and then took a yawn.
Anandi said “Seems like Ur very tired…let go to sleep now”
He nodded and said “I will sleep on the sofa U stay here”

Anandi looked at the sofa and then Shiv…She said “Collector sahab I dont think tht small sofa will be able to tolerate ur bulk…U stay on the bed”
Shiv said “But I dont wnat u to sleep on the sofa It will be uncomfortable for u”
Anandi gave him an enigmatic smile “Who said tht I will sleep on the sofa…This bed is big enought to adjust 2 people”
Shiv mouth was hanging open…He was trying to understand wat anandi said…She was giving mixed signals…wat shld he do.He managed to say “Are u sure anandiji?”
She replied “I said I trust u…Yes I am sure”…she took a yawn.
Shiv immediately got up an said “Anandiji Ur very tired…there’s the bathroom..u freshen up then we’ll go to sleep”
Anandi nodded and went in.She took a deep breath to control her thumping heart…Why was she feeling this way?

She washed her face and came out of the bathroom…As she stepped in the room suddenly the lights went off ..It was pitch dark…taken aback she bumbled in the dark and collided with something hard.She lost her balance but was immediately caught by pair of strong arms.She opened her eyes and peered in the dark…

 She heard Shiv’s voice saying “R u ok anandiji?suddenly light went off”
Her breathinf had become hard n her throat had gone dry she was in collector sahab’s arms…so why was she feeling so comfortable?

She managed to say “I am fine..I collided with something”
He grinned and said “yeah u collided with me…aap ko lagi to nahi na”
She replied “No I am ok”..Still in his arms she squirmed…he immediately released her.
Anandi was flushed crimson “Good tht the light is off” she thought.
Shiv ran his hands through his hiars still reeling under the shock of tht bump.
He turned on his mobile and in the dim light he saw Anandi’s flushed face…they had an eyelock…Both blushed.
Shiv said breaking the eyelock “come lets go to sleep…pata nahi light kab aayegi”

They lied down on the bed.Anandi closed her eyes and immediately fell asleep.Shiv laid down facing the opp side.”Its better this way.I better not turn in her direction”
He smiled to himself and fell asleep.

To be continued


The morning after

Next morning shiv woke up at his usual.time.He was used to waking up early.He turned around still in half asleep state his lips touched something soft.His eyes flew open n his face was just next to Anandi’s…Her face was so close tht he could feel her breath on his face.He immediately jerked back…n her lips…well he was sure tht it had touched it by mistake..was it an accidental kiss??…turning scarlet he carefully shifted back his head on the pillow…somehow during the night they had come closer to each other…her head was on his shoulders and and she was clutching his arms.Not wanting to wake her up he laid still looking at her sleeping for.He could continue looking at her for hours…Anandi snuggled closer and a stray lock of hair fell on her cheeks.He gently tucked in behind her ears careful not to wake her up…She looked very peaceful.

He smiled at her…anandi’s eyes slowly opened…she looked up n first thing she saw was Shiv gazing at her with an amused smile…she immediately turned red n wen she saw tht she had been sleeping clutching him she jerked back n sat up…Adjusting her dress she asked “why didnt u wake me up…aap kab se jage hue the”Shiv supressed a smile n said “just few mins back n I dint want to disturb u seemed tired”
Anandi said “No I m ok..”Shiv got up n said “I will check out weather everyone else is up…meanwhile u freshen up”
He opened the door and went out.
Anandi realised he was trying to make her comfortable.She got up wen Ira came in carrying a new saari for her.
She said “Did u sleep well? come down for breakfast…after ur ready”
Anandi nodded and went to get ready…She came out of the bathroom toweling her hair…Ira had given her a yellow sari..She looked up n saw Shiv staring at her with his eyes popping out.She blushed but found is expression very comical…she went to the dressing table n said looking in the mirror “collector sahab u dont hav to take bath?”

Shiv came to his senses…he was too mesmerises by her wet open hairs to realise tht his mouth was litrally hanging open.
He took in a gulp of air n said “yeah I m going”.He went in the bathroom n anandi burst into laughter thinking of his comical look…She went down to help Ira and cm in laying the table.Later on everyone jinned for breakfast unlike the Singh household she didnt hav to stand like an attendent…she could join everyone on the table…She shyily sat next to Shiv and served breakfast.Shiv was freshly showered his hairs still wet…Anandi consciously avoided looking at him…she didnt want her heart to start racing on the dining table.
Mahi coughed n said “kya baat hai bhaiya ur not saying anything”
Shiv said “I dont hav anything to say”
Mahi said “why saari baatein kal hi ker li”
Everyone laughed and Shiv gave a stern look at Mahi.
After breakfast Daadu said “WeL I am very happy with the wedding and all the function.We r all exhausted.Now I have a special gift for Shiv and Anandi”
Every body looked on expectantly.


He continued “I have arranged for a honeymoon for them to sweden”Everyone exclaimed with happiness.

Shiv nearly chocked his tea.Anandi look at daddu surprised.
Shiv spluttered and said “But Dadu..why honeymoon.I mean wats the need?”
Dadu gav him a withering look “Agar meri shaadi hui hoti to mein hi chala jata..wat a question…if u wont go then who will go…ur the newely wed”

Shiv and Anandi exchanged perplexed looks.
Shiv said “But daddu it wld be really cold there An Anandi dosent have a passport too”
Dadu said “Why r u worrying abt cold…ppl dont stay there during cold ?? and Anandi has a passport.I had already talked to Bhairov singh abt tht…Its ready”

Shiv still tried to convince him “But dadu..I dont think its a good idea…I have to join office…”
Mahi cut him off saying “Bhahiya aapko nahi jana to mat jao…mein hi chala jata hoon…Come bhabhi I will accompany u on ur honeymoon”
Everyone laughed and Anandi giggled.

Shiv said sternly to Mahi “U keep quite…She is my wife n I will take her to sweden”Anandi was trying to control her laughter.
daddu said “good then its decided…ur both leaving day after tomm.”Shiv looked worriedly at Anandi.

Later on in their room Shiv said to Anandi “Anandiji I will try to convince dadu to cancel this trip..I know U r won feeling comfortable with this honeymoon idea.”

Anandi said “Dadu has arranged it with so much love why r u refusing it?”
Shiv said “But I dont want u to feel uncomfortable.”
Anandi said “collector sahab U dont want to go with me on a trip?”
He said “of course I do…but..”
Anandi said “So we will go..I dont have any problem going on this trip with u..N since we have to start day after tomm lets start packing” She gave him her enigmatic smile.

Shiv looked at her with stunned expression.He ran his hands through his hairs n thought..”Oh no now wat shld I make of it ? Sometime I dont understand this girl at all”

To be continued…

Reaching the destination

Anandi was busy packing the suitcases…She had agreed to go on the honeymoon for dadu and she wanted to be with Shiv…It surprised her but she was actually looking forward to spend time with him.
She finished packing one suitcase and tried to drag it.Immediately Shiv was beside her saying “Let me do it” She smiled at him.
He said “I have brought these winterware keep them.”
Anandi looked at pile of thermals.She raised an eyebrow towards him.
He said “I am talking abt -15 degrees…u have to take all of these”
Anandi looked at him horrified “Oh no will it be tht cold !!”
Shiv smirked “yes I have been there when I was in UK…anyways U dont worry I am there to take care of u”

Anandi looked tensed…she said “Collector sahab I have never been on an international trip I dont know wat to expect.I hope I dont embarasse u”
Shiv held her hand smiled at her n said “U’ll be fine…Why will u embarasse me ??…Just be urself U dont have to change ur self to fit in.I like u the way u are and I am not ashamed of u..Turst me I am with u na”
Anandi looked at him gratefully he always lifted her self esteem…She had never been treated this way by Jagya.She brushed aside his thoughts…and started her packing.

Soon they were at the airport.They had to catch a flight to Delhi n then to Stockholm…Anandi looked out of the plane excited.
Shiv said “Are u nervous?”
Anandi said “No I have been on flights before with jagya..”
She stopped suddenly.She had painful expression on her face.
He held her hands n said “Its ok..I its not ur first flight but ur first international flight?”
She nodded.
He said “Well U will love it” He grinned at her.Throughout the journey he told her about sweden.Its snowfall and other attractions.
Soon Anandi was fast asleep on his shoulders her hands clutching his hands.
She woke up when the flight was about to land in stolkholm…
Shiv said “look out of the window ” She looked out and saw  everything covered in white.Her eyes grew in amazement.She looked at him he said “Snowfall”
She had never seen snow..It looked beautiful…She couldnt stop herself form staring outside.Shiv smiled at her indulgently..She was excited like a child.
She said “its so beautiful…It is always like this here?”
He replied “Yes during winters its all snowy”

As the plane landed Shiv offered his hand.Anandi gladly placed her hands in his and proceeded towards the exit.As Soon as she was out…it seemed as if chilly winds were piercing her face and all exposed parts.She wrapped her coat around her and shivered.
Shiv said “feeling cold?” and grinned at her.She looked up n saw his face pink due to cold.
She nodded.The chilly wind felt like needles and she was struggling to keep walk straight.He wrapped his one arm around her holding her tight and said “We’ll be in soon”

Soon they were inside the airport.Shiv collected their luggage and said…”Someone will come
to take us to the hotel”
They went out…braving another gust of biting cold.Finally in the taxi Anandi said “I have never experienced such cold”
Shiv gave her a I told ya look “Yup its cold here but U’ll get used to it..this place is
beautiful u will love it”.
They checked into their hotel soon after.
Anandi entered the beautiful room.It was suite with a seq view room.Anandi looked around and blushed when she sw a heart shape on the bed made with red roses.
Shiv follwed in after.

He too turned red.
He said “I guess Its a honeymoon suite.Daddu is too much sometimes.U liked the room?”
Anandi said “yes its beautiful…When will we go out ?”
He laughed “ur so eager to got out..Soon we’ll got out soon…Lets rest for a while”
Anandi spotted a bottle near the bed she asked “wat’s tht??”
Shiv looked and was horrified to see champagne bottle and strwaberries artfully arranged near the bed.
Blushing he said “It nothing…leave it”
By then Anandi had already picked in up and was reading the label.
She looked at him shocked.
Shiv said “I’ll ask room service to remove it..please dont be worried”
She said “Its ok Collector Sahab dont worry I am aware of the culture here.Btw do u drink?”
He turned crimson and said “Not anymore…But I did try it during my college days”
Anandi said “Accha aur kya kya try kiya hai aapne?”
Shiv said “Nothing much bas frns ke saath masti karna sports,skying…usual”
Anandi saw the strawberries and said “wats this?”
Shiv said “Strawberries…they r quite good..try some”
Anandi said “Accha…maine bas photos dekhi hai iski”
She picked one and put it in her mouth.
Shiv felt as if air had been sucked out of his lungs…He was staring at her mouth which moved slowly in a seductive way savouring the strawberry.
She said “Ummm its nice..quite juicy”
A trickle of juice was near the cornoe of her lips.Suddenly Shiv’s expressions changed he came nearer…Anandi forgot chewing her strawberry and looked at him…He came near her.
She stopped breathing.She didnt know wat to expect.
He put up his hand and with his thumb wiped the corner of her lips…”The juice had trickled”
He smiled and took away his hand.
Anandi’s heart was thumping hard she had stopped breathing…and strangly she felt disspointed when he removed his hands frm her lips.

She blushed and said “I better freshen up”
She litrally ran towards the bathroom and tried to control her heartbeat once inside.”Wats wrong with me she thought.I want to be with him but at the same time I get nervous.”
Shiv smiled to himself.His wife was not totally unaffected by him afterall but he needed to take things slow…

To be continued…


The snowfall

Anandi laid out her saari on the bed.After resting and settling down in their suit.They were going to leave for dinner.Anandi was feeling apprehensive and over whelmed…Shic was still in the bathroom…She changed into a simple chiffon saari.
Shiv gave her a appreciative look when he came out.She blushed and continued combing her hair..She gathered her hairs to braid when Shiv said “Leave them open…They look nice”
Anandi smiled at him and said “Ok”

They left for dinner in the hotel restaurent.It was huge with crystal chandelier.They had a window seat and Anandi looked in wonder at the snow covered outside view…
She looked at the menu then glamced at Shiv “I dont undertsand anything in it”
Shiv laughed “Its ok…I will order for u”
They were having their dinner when Anandi saw snow flakes starting to fall.Her face lit up she had never seen snowfall before.She said “Collector sahab..look”
He looked out and said “Its snowfall”
Anandi said “Can we go out please…I want to experience snowfall”
Shiv said “U know how cold it would be outside”
Anandi said “Please lets go na I want to be in the snowfall”
Shiv said “Ok we’ll go after dinner”
Anandi’s excitement was going out of bounds…After dinner they went back in their rooms to wear appropriate warm clothes and then they went out.

She stood at the hotel entrance looking at the snowfall.Shiv held her hands and carefully took her out.He foot sank in as she stepped out.Shiv caughth her tightly “careful”
She was grinning broadly “Collector sahab its so beautiful…mein pehli baar isse dekh rahi hoon”
Shiv smiled looking at her excitement…They spotted a garden where some people were loitering around enjoying the snowfall.

Shiv and Anandi walked around…Shiv held her constantly to support her.
Suddenly a snowball hit Shiv..He turned around and saw few kids playing with snowball one of the stray ball had hit him…Anandi laughed “Its ok…they r just kids”
Shiv shook his head to remove the snow flakes…Anandi looked at the kids and she got a naughty idea…while Shiv was still busy removing snow flakes She took a handfull of  snow and threw it at Shiv..
Its struck shiv in his face and he looked at her scandalized.
Anandi was doubling with laughter.
He said “Wat was tht Anandi? U r behaving like a small kid”
Anandi said “Kyun collector cant u take some snow balls…aise to bahut kadak bante hain aap”

Shiv said “Ok so ur challenging me I will show u now” He took a handfull of snow and gave a naughty look.Anandi understood his intentions and started running but it was useless to run in snow…Shiv’s snowball shruck her and she felt the biting chill on her face but it was a  good feeling…She picked some snow and thre back at shiv…

Soon they were snowball fighting with each other…Anandi fell in the snow several time..her hairs were covered with snow and her gloves and coat had become damp…She was laughing so hard tht it was difficult to breath.Shiv had never seen her laugh so freely and carelessly before…He loved it.
She shouted to him “I give up…enough now..”She stood there panting…
Shiv came near her and said “So will u take panga with me again?”
She said panting “No baba never…Btw ur looking pretty” and laughed again
Shiv looked at her puzzled and then relaised he was also covered with snow…
He smiled indulgently at her and said “Lets go in now…Its enough for today…U’ll catch cold”

She was indeed feeling cold now…They went in…Anandi’s teeth were chattering by the time they were in their room.
Shiv said “Ur all damp..change ur clothes immediately”
Anandi took off her coat and gloves…Shiv started the fire in the fireplace and made her sit near it.He said “I will order some coffee U will feel better”
He too took off his damp clothes and looked at Anandi who was still standing in the middle of the room.
He said “Anandi change ur dress”

Shiv came near her n asked “wat happened Anandiji?”
She looked at him still shivering “My hands are all numb”
Shiv took her pale hands in his…she marvelled at the size…her hands seemed tiny in his palms…He rubbed them together n said “Come n sit near the fire…u hav got frostbite.”
Anandi felt a sudden warmth in her body not because of fire but coz of Shiv’s nearness.He was busy rubbing her palms in his hands n she looked at him mesmerised.He looked up n saw her looking at him with her seductive half smile.His look changes…Anandi felt the room get too hot..her throat felt dry.

His hands went on her waist…She wanted to look down but was unable to do so…She felt his eyes piercing into her soul…He lifted up her chin and gently ran his thumb over her lips.
For tht moment she forgot everything around her…the only sensation present was being held by him…She waited with bated breath for his…for what ? She thought.

Shiv was contemplating to make the next move..”Should I take the next step…But wat if Anandiji feels bad…I dont know her feeling…and it would be bad to take advantage”

They were interrupted by the knock…He said “Tht must be coffee”
He left her relucantly and went to open the door…Anandi stood there still dazed his tounch still lingering on her lips…She decided to go n change her dress…
After coming out of the bathroom she saw him sitting by th fire…He smile at her n said “Coffee is awesome”

She joinned him n he said “We hav not yet called home”
Anandi realised how did she forget calling back home !!

He called his parents and then Anandi’s…After talking to them there was an akward silence none of them mentioned the incident…Anandi was wondering why was Shiv restrainning himself…Shiv said “I guess we shld sleep now.Tomm we’ll leave for site seeing its gonna be hectic day”
Anandi said “I am not sleepy”

Shiv raised an eyebrow “Ok since u dont want to sleep so wat shld be do?”
He tilted his head on one side and gave a naughty smile.
Anandi blushed and said “Lets watch a movie”
Shiv said “Mujhe to lagta tha u dont see movies”
Anandi replied “Haan Jaitser mein kabhi tim ehi nahi milta tha…na hi koi mere saath jana wala tha.Do u see movies?”

He replied “I used to watch but ajkal mujhe bhi time nahi milta”
Anandi said “Aaj to dono ke paas time hai na”
Shiv said “Ok”
He flicked on the TV and said “I doubt u’ll get any Indian channels here.R u ok with watching English movie?”
Anandi said “Ok I can try”
He sat on the couch and gestured her to join..She sat near him and he flipped the channels..Some had ads most were in scandavian languages.Finally he stopped on one english movie channel.He was still trying to decide which channel to watch when screen was filled with a couple who were passionately making out..
His eyes almost popped out and immediately changed the channel..Anandi didnt say anything but she noticed his face muscles getting tensed…She could actually feel the undercurrents in the room…

Finally he settled on an Indian Johnes movie “Well this seems to be the safest opetion other than cartoon network” He smirked

Anandi said “Why r u smiling collector sahab”
He said “Nothing..This is one of my fav movies”

She came closer to him and started watching the screen…He gave her running commentry abt the storyline…She was just watching the screen blankly..she could hardly concentrate on the movie..Shiv was busy watching the screen as if it was the most intresting thing in the world…althought his heart was not in the movie at all he was just staring at the screen to keep his mind(and hands) off Anandi.
After sometime he felt a weight on his shoulders.Anandi had dozed off.Her head resting on his shoulders and her hands clutching his arms…he smiled at her…He could keep looking at her forever..

He thought “I better make her more comfortable.He picked her in his arms she snuggled closer in his chest..He went to the bed and gently laid her on it..
After tucking the quilts around her sat on the couch and looked at her sleeping form.He could keep looking at her for hours…He fell asleep on the couch itself.

To be continued…

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