Red Roses and rain part 8

Chapter 22

Shiv closed the door and looked towards the bed.He saw Anandi sitting in her veil.He was in a daze.He came and sat near her.He looked at her stupidly.He didnt know wat to say.
Anandi was laughing silently looking him blush.Finally he said “well u can remove ur veil …tht drama gang has gone”
Anandi didnt respond.Shiv repeated.
Anandi said “no I m not doing it.Its ur job”

Shiv raised his hands a slowly removed her veil.Anandi was blushing crimson.She looked at Shiv’s pale face and burst out laughing.Shiv asked “wats so funny?”
Anandi said “Ur so nervous…where has all ur naughtiness gone ”
Shiv said “I m ok just all this is too much to take in”

He held anandi hennaed hands n placed a kiss on it.Anandi felt a jolt n pulled back her hands.Shiv laughed “Now who is getting nervous”
He placed a kiss on her wrist…and continued kissing upwards till he reached her shoulders.Anandi could feel his breath on her ears.She blushed.She felt his hands on her ears.He removed her earring n kissed her on ears.

Anandi said “wat r u doing”
He replied “Well ur jewellry seems quite heavy I m just helping u in removing them”

He proceeded to remove her 2nd earring .Anandi shivered as his hands touched her neck to remove her neckless.He placed kiss on her neck as well. He proceeded to the same with all ornaments.Anandi shivered with every stratagically placed kiss on her body.She nearly jumped when he kissed her on her waist.She hid her face in his chest n hugged him tight. Shiv gently held her and caresses her hairs.

Anandi said “Shiv”
Shiv replied “hmmm”
Anandi said “Shiv I love u”
Shiv chuckled “I know I love u too”
Anandi said “Shiv I am scared”
Shiv asked “of what?”
Anandi said “I am scared of all this happiness…I m sacred of being loved too much.”
Shiv lifted her chin up n looked deep in her eyes.He said “pagal why r u scared of being happy .This is just the beginning.”
He took out a red rose from his pocket and touched it to her lips.He said “U know what red rose means?”
Anandi nodded and blushed.

Their lips were very close.Anandi trailed her fingure over his jawline.She felt his slight stubble.She thought how would it feel scraping on my skin.She blushed at the thought.
Shiv bent down his head and his lips were on hers.Very gently his lips started working on hers.She returned the sweet pressure of his lips.Shiv broke the kiss and looked at her.She was in a daze n his smouldering look was all tht was needed to break her.
He said “I dont want to force u for anything.Are u alright ?”
Anandi said “Yes I am fine infcat I have never been better” She smiled naughtily.
Shiv smiled and said “My wild cat”

They shared an eyelock.They didnt need anymore words.

His hands got busy in releasing anandi’s hairs from her juda.It fell down in a glorious mass over him.Anandi’s hands seemed to move automatically over him.She trailed her hands over his back and slowly it trailed inside his kurta.Shiv gasped and grabbed her hands he started giving trail of kisses all over her body.He caught her blouse dori n with one tug it was undone…their initial shyness gave way to intense frenzy.Shiv’s hands and lips were constantly busy exploring her and tasting her.

This time there was no disturbance and no need for self control.
Their bodies began to move in the ancient rhythm of love…He released her lips and pulled her close crushing her softness against his chest.Anandi writhed beneath him.Finally he joinned her through the last equisite measure.

Beads of prespiration framed their forehead their bodies sated they sagged against each other while the beat of their pulses normalised.Anandi laid with her head over his chest.Shiv was holding her with one hand and his eyes were still closed…Anandi looked up at him.He looked down at her and she blushed.She felt complete now.
Shiv placed a kiss on her forehead n said “I have a surprise for u.”He took an envelop from the bedstand n passed it to her.
Anandi asked “what is this ?”
He said open it.
She opened it n saw 2 tickets for mauritius.
She looked at him questioningly.He replied “Its for our honeymoon.we r going to mauritius”
Anandi was just speechless she managed to say “but why?”
Shiv answered “well we r just married and def need a honeymoon to know each other better…not tht its required in our case but wat the heck “He winked.
Anandi blushed.Shiv held her in her arms n said “remember I told u its just the beginning.and although I dont want to but we better get some sleep we hav to leave tomm.”
He pulled a sheet to cover them.
Anandi slept in her fav position with her head on his chest…She whispered “Thank you so much for coming in my life”.
Shiv smiled in his sleep.


Chapter 23

Next morning anandi woke up feeling very content.She felt little sore in some places of her body but it was a sweet pain.Shiv snuggled closer.She looked at him to make sure he was still sleeping.He was indeed asleep.She gently loosened his grip and got up.She wanted to be presentable before others got up.She took a new saari and immediately went into the bathroom.She checked out herself in the huge mirror.She saw some lovebites on her body.She blushed thinking how each one was made.She thought thankfully these r not in visble places.

She got ready and came out.Shiv was still sleeping.She went n sat near him.She just smiled at him and waved her wet hairs on his face.He stirred in his sleep and held her hands.

He said “why did u wake me up I was dreaming of our honeymoon.”
Anandi laughed “well we hav not yet reached mauritius yet.abhi se dream.”
Shiv “Shiv said yes one should always be prepared n u know this honeymoon needs some practice”

He smiled and tugged Anandi ‘s hands she fell on him.He cushioned her fall and caught her waist.

Anandi tured crimson…she had trouble facing shiv.Last night they were too much caught up in the moment but now in the daylight she found it tough to look at him.
She said “u started again …see someone might come…let me go.”
Shiv said “who cares let them come now ur my wife”
Anandi said “u hav become shameless”
Shiv laughed “well u didnt have any prob with my shamlessness last night” he winked at her.
Anandi said “its no use arguing with u just let me go na”
Shiv turned over and anandi was pinned beneath him.
Shiv said “I am not doing anything see I am not even holding u”
Anandi said “but u hav pinned me how will I move ?”
Shiv replied “not my prob”and gave her a wink.

Anandi struggled to move away but she was no match to his strength.Shiv looked at her amused then bent his head and gently nibbled her ears.Anandi felt the familier jolt.She Stopped struggling and looked at him.He trailed his lips towards her lips and caught it.He gave a scorching kiss which made Anandi recall everything of last night.He Broke the kiss and smiled at her.He proceeded to nibble her neck and shoulders.

Anandi blushed n said “Please let me go”
Shiv laughed “Ok…anyways haddi gang would be arriving soon.”
Anandi got up and immediately left the room.She went out.She saw Ira and CM supevising

something.Ira said tht they would the kuldevi pooja tht day.
Ashi and Saachi joinned her.Ashi said “So Anandi how was last night”
Saachi giggled and Anandi blushed.
Sachi said “well ashi ur not supposed to ask these things so openly”
Mahi came running n said “tell me also I also want to hear evrything”
Anandi laughed…Ashi scolded him saying “Its girls talk u better go”

Mahi made a puppy face saying.”No please involve me also’
Anandi said “Well ur are all gonna be dissapointed coz I am not telling”
Ashi said “See I did all the arrangements and decoration atleast I am entitled to know if it was a success”
Anandi laughed “Well ur decorations were wonderful and Ur always successful in everything u do”

Ashi stood there puzzled trying to make out wat anandi said.
Mahi said “well ashi If u have prob understanding I will explain”

Ira came just then and told everyone to come for breakfast.Shiv was also ready by then joinned everyone for breakfast.He sat quitely.

Mahi said “Bro ur back !! I can see glow on ur face”
Shiv nearly chocked and turned red like tomato.He said “Mahi just stop it !”
Everyone laughed…They chatted and talked happily.
The Ira announced tht Anandi had to leave for jaiter for pagphera rasam.
Shiv was surprised he just blurted out “But mauritius..”Then immediately turned pink.

Mahi n his gang giggled.Alok said “Dont worry I have shifted the tickets for next day.Anandi’s
dadisa was admant for the rasam so.She will leave today.U guys can leave for mauritius tomm.”
After breakfast Anandi was to leave for jaitser.She had to go alone.Siv came in their room looking sad.Anandi was packing.He said “God I am sick of these rituals.”
Anandi said”Dont talk like this Its part of marriage so just go along with it.”
Shiv hugged her n said “I will miss u”

Anandi replied “Its just a matter of one day.U will come tomm na to pick me”
Shiv said “Of course.Infact I want to go along with u too”
Anandi laughed “Its not part of the ritual.U come tomm”
Shiv asked “Isnt there any ritual where they would leave us alone for sometime.”
Anandi answered “yeah its called honeymoon.”
Shiv laughed and they shared an eyelock.Shiv gave her a gentle kiss and then released her.

Anandi finished her packing and left for jaitser.
After reaching jaitser she was relaxing in her room .She was missing shiv terribily.
Next day Shiv arrived to take her.After bidding goodbyes They left for udaipur.
Anandi said “U came alone ?”
Shiv said “Of course…u wanted haddi gang to accompany us on our honeymoon?”
Anandi said “Honeymoon? but we have to reach udaipur first na?
Shiv said “Nopes…The tickts are of today no time to go to udaipur..we r going to Jaipur.”
Anandi said “wat!! but how did u ask mom?”
Shiv said “dont worry…everybody knows we’ll take a flight to delhi n then to

mauritius…Ashi has even packed ur luggage so no need to worry”
Anandi was surprised it was just too much to take and Shiv had given her a big surprise.They dashed to the airport nearly missing the flight…very soon Anandi was on her way to Maurutius.
She looked out from the windows at the clouds.She asked “So where r we gonna stay there?”
Shiv said”Its a surprise…I am sure u’ll love it”

Anandi wrapped her hands around his arms and rested her head on his shoulders.

Chapter 24

They had a very pleasent flight.After sometime Anandi saw tht the pkane was descending and she could see beautiful tropical islands surrounded by clear blue sea.She said “WOW!! sea look so beautiful..I had forgotten beaches look so lovely”
Shiv asked “U have been to beach before”

She just blurted out “Yes..I had my honeymoon in mumbai” she stopped She realized wat she had just said.Her face became very sad.Shiv’s expressions were unreadable.He said.
“Its ok Anandi.I know u have a past”

Anandi said “I want to forget it.I want to delete it from my memories”
Shiv said “Why do u want to delete ur memories ?…Its part of ur life.Even if its painful dont be ashmed of it.The prob comes when u start living in ur past which starts affecting ur present and future as long as ur strong and create new memories ur past will never trouble u”
Anandi had tears in her eyes.She clutched his arms tighter.

They landed in Port Louis soon.She got out of the airport and looked around.She asked where r we gonna stay?
Shiv said “Its a surprise u will love it”
They took a taxi n reached a small harbour then they boarded a small motorboat.It sped off into the sea.

Anandi was dying of curiosity.Finally after sometine they reached an island.It had a sprawing building in it.They got down on a wodden pathway which was built on the sea and went all the way to the beach.Shiv gave his hand to anandi n she got down frm the motorboat.He held her waist n they proceeded towards the island.Anandi asked wat is this place”
Shiv said “its an island resort.Its beautiful with private beaches n all.”
Anandi asked “we r in mauritius right?”
Shiv said “of course but I didnt want to be in the city.1 week with u in middle of nowhere is quite appealing”
Anandi said “we r here for one week!”

Shiv winked at her.They reached the hotel reception.Anandi was looking around at various aquariums while Shiv completed the formalities.The bell boy took them through a tropical garnen and they reached beach cottages.They reached their cottage.It was lovely with a tropical garden on one side and other side opened towards a porch n then white expanse of the beach.Anandi could see sea roaring some distance away.Shiv showed her their room and the beach view.The room was spacious with a huge king size bed and tasteful furniture.
Shiv sent of the bell boy.


Anandi was in the porch looking at the beach.He came behind her n wrapped his arms around her waist.
He said “This is our personal paradise u like it ?”
Anandi said “its beautiful”.

She turned to look at him.He looked in her eyes and caught her lips with his.He kissed her gently first.Anandi responded to his lips pressure.Her hands reached up to his head.she trailed her hands in his hairs.As the intensity of their kiss deepened.He picked her up and went in towards the bed.He kicked the door to close it…and dropped with her on the bed.His lips were still busy wresteling with her lips.They flowed along in the passion…hands and lips busy exploring and tasting each other.His hands seemed to be everwhere touching her stroking her.She cried out his name when it touched her most sensitive places.Anandi clutched at him and writhed beneeth him.In the throes of passion Shiv asked “u want me now?”
Too breathless to reply she just nodded.He captured her lips again and clutched her hands .He joinned his body with hers.She cried out but he began their rhythmic movement.She moved against him striving for more.Then he heard his own shout.Felt the molten sensation pour through him.Felt every nerve vibrate in his body.Together they reached the climax.
Anandi lay wrapped in Shiv’s arms her head on his shoulders…the crisp hairs on his chest was teasing her nose.She was almost asleep.Shiv rose up on one elbow n said “R u happy?”
She replied sleepily “very happy ..”

Shiv said “good but know wat I m starving…should hav immediately gone for lunch”
anandi said “n whose fault is it skipping lunch?”
Shiv said “hmmm but I had more  important things to attend to ” he gave a smirk.
Anandi said “ok order something in room.I m too exhausted to go out.”
They had their lunch in room itself.After some sleep anandi decided to explore the resort.She was trying to wake up still sleeping shiv.He said “let me sleep na we’ll go out later”
anandi said “no get up we havent even moved out of our room since we came here”
Shiv said “wats the need? We hav everything we want right here…n we r doing wat we came for ”
anandi said “I didnt come here to eat n sleep and…”she blushed “in one room…I want to go out”
Shiv said “ok get ready then wake me up”
Anandi made a face at him.She had not even unpacked her luggage thanks to shiv.She muttered “Men!!”


She opened her suitcase and rummaged through it.She gave a sign Ashi had packed her luggage with only cocktail dresses…beach wear..really sheer red chiffon sari…and to her horror bikini !!!
anandi said “I m not wearing those ever”
She tried to find something sensible and settled on a white dress which was the most decent among the lot.She changed and was combing her hairs wen she saw Shiv gaping at her with open mouth.
She asked  “what?”
Shiv said “ummm lets stay back in the room” he winked.
Anandi glared at him n said “Mr shivraj shekhar I will kill u if u dont get out of tht bed right now”

Shiv got out immediately.He got ready n they left.It was already evening.They went in the resort and Anandi saw A very nice restaurant, disc,Shopping complex,spa, even a casino…She said “wow this place is huge it has everything”
Shiv said “Yup Its very good place we’ll explore everything one by one.Its too late today tomm we’ll go on the beach.It has some very nice water sports facility.”

They explored the place and after dinner they went back to their cottage.They sat in the porch looking at the sea.Anandi was feeling bliss…It was heaven to be here with Shiv.As if on a cue he stroked her arms and looked deep in her eyes “he said u know I am so glad tht ur in my life”
Anandi said “yeah me too…I never thought I will fall in love again but U made it happen”
He smiled and kissed her.They shared an eyelock and went for another passionate encounter.

Chapter 25 – Last part

The honeymoon was going on smoothly.AnSh enjoyed the stay…they used to love going to the in water collect seashells…and nights were always full of passion.Shiv enjoyed water sports..Anandi was not much of a sports person but she liked to see him speeding of on water scooter or playing vollyball with other tourists.They did go for submarine ride and snorkeling.
In his swimming trunks he used to look like a greek God infact she had spotted some of the tourists girls checking him out.But Shiv’s eyes were only for Anandi.She spotted him talking to some bikini clad girl one day.

When he came back to sit near her she said “So who was she ?”
He replied “Oh nothing…she was complimenting me on winning the match”
Anandi said “Really !! well then why were talking with her for such long time”
Shiv said “I can smell something burning…ur getting jealous !! I am flattered”
Anandi said “Hell no Why would I get jealous..but I did see u checking out girls”
Shiv started laughing” Oh God This is awesome I cant believe it ur getting jealous”
Anandi was miffed..She said “Fine go ahead n do whatever u want”
He held her hands n said “Dear I have seen enough bikini clad girls to last me a lifetime.I have lived in UK…I am used to dosent affect me..besides I love u”
Anandi was still angry.

He made his cutest puppy face for her n said “Ok tell me wat shld I do to manaofy u”
Anandi smiled at him n said “Ummm I dont know just woo me pamper me”
Shiv laughed n grabbed her.He cupped her face n was about to kiss her.Anandi said”We r in public”
Shiv said “Its ok..dosent matter nobody would notice here”
Anandi said pushing him away “No not here please”
Shiv laughed “Ok as u wish but later…”He gave a wicked smile which made Anandi blush.
He got up n said…”Come lets go frm here”
Anandi said surprised “Where?”
Shiv said “nowhere just going for lunch..wat did u think ” He winked
Anandi blushed..she said “nothing”
After lunch they just lazed around.Then Shiv said “I have a special evening planned for u”
Anandi asked “What?”
He said “U remember our first date in the club?”
She replied “yes”
He said “Something similar…we’ll hav a candle linght dinner”
She smiled “Wow tht was lovely”
Shiv said “This would be better”

Later in the evening Anandi was contemplating wat to wear thanks to Ashi she hardly had anything appropriate.

She called out to Shiv who was busy on his laptop…”What should I wear?”
He replied absent mindedly “Anything”
She said “Wat anything?”
He replied still busy “Anything as long as its something”
She gave as exasperated sigh and looked through her suitcase again.She spotted the red sari which Ashi had packed.She had not yet opened it.
The sari seemed formal enough and altought it was quite sheer she could manage.
She took at the blouse and cursed Ashi under her was the most daring thing she had ever seen…sleeveless, low cut and backless…she thought “Shiv hankerchief would be bigger than this…I’ll see Ashi after going back.

She got dressed and her hair and makeup done she came out of the bathroom.She ignored Shiv and started looking for matching earrings.
Shiv was following her with his eyes.He was dumbstruck…She managed to impress him and surprise him everytime.She was just so exuisite…this daring red sari was just killing.His throat felt dry…
Finally she said “I suppose we were going out?”
Shiv managed to say “Yup of course”
She said “So get ready”
Shiv looked at her blankly.She looked cute when angry.Anandi stood there with her arms folded

She said “did u hear wat I said”
Shiv jerked back to reality “Umm yes I’ll be ready in 5 mins”
He got ready real fast and ust before leaving he said “U look lovely tonight just like tht day”
Anandi blushed.She took his arm and they proceeded.They reached the restaurant.It was glowing with dim light and candles.It even had a dance floor.
Shiv took a table with Anandi and they talked abt various things.When other couples got up to dance he smiled at her and offered his hands.Anandi took it gladly and she joinned him on the dance floor.He waltzed with her and twirrled her around…she laughed and remembered their 1st date.

When he joinned her on their table he took a red rose from the flower vase and offered it to her.
She took it and looked at him.He said “U know why I give u red rose ?”
She asked why?”
He said “Because It beautiful and pure just like u.”
Anandi smiled and just looked at the rose.He said “lets go on the beach”
Anandi said “Now?”
He said “of course come”
They walked on the beach.It was moonlit night and the the white sand was glowing.It was windy

and it seemed like it was going to rain.Anandi looked at the dark roaring sea.Shiv casually held her hands and they walked along the coast.
She said “This is just so beautiful”
Shiv smiled “I wanted to make our last night here special.remember our first date when I had proposed u.Seems like life has come a full we’ll always be together”

They had n eyelock n Shiv bent his head n  touched her lips.It started to rain but they continued to kiss in the rain.After an eternity he broke the kiss.He picked her up and walked towards their cottage.He opened itz door and Anandi gasped to see the room.It was full of candles.Their bed was covered with rose petels.She looked at shiv.

He just grinned saying “room service”
He put her down n she looked around.The room looked ethreal in the glow of candels.She asked him”u planned this”
He just smiled “just wanted to do something special for u”Anandi felt very emotional…she went to him n hugged him saying…u will spoil me with ur love.Shiv replied “na u have already spoilt me with ur love”

Anandi looked up and reached up to pull his head towards her.
This time she took the initiative.She touched his lips with hers.Shiv responded and his hands trailed all over her back.Shiv broke the kiss and looked at her she had tht seductive smile which tingled his desire for her.She was wet from the rain and her sari clinged to her like second skin…

He said “ur looking beautiful …very bridal..”

Anandi blushed n just “just for u”
Anandi reached for his shirt buttons and unbuttoned them one by one placing a trail of kisses on his chest.He Picked her up and placed her on the bed…She looked like a rose among those red petals.With her everytime was like the 1st time.
She began to caress his chest while he put his arms around her.Softly he stroked her arms and shoulders…he reached for her back and tugged on her blouse dori.
As it loosened he said “Ashi made a good choice”
Anandi just smiled and blushed she began rubbbing his flat stomach and chest in small cirlces Where there bodies touched there was fire and tingling his breathing occassionally caught in his chest as her hands and lips roamed his chest.

He caught his breath and asked “What r u doing to me?”
She gave her seductive smile and said “Just being ur wildcat”
He just grabbed her and caged her with his arms.His lips began to ravish her lips and soon every part of her body.She liked the contrast of soft petals below her and his hardness above.

Their wet clothes discarded both gasped and moaned  as every nerve of their bodies were on fire.Colors exploding int heir head every muscle tensed up.She arched her back as her nails dug in his shoulders.Pleasure was coursing through their bodies…and soon they reached the climax.

Finally their waves subsided n he collapsed on top of her.Putting his arms around her and kissing her again both were spent.She laid her head on his chest.In her half sleep state she heard him say “If this is a dream I dont want to wake up”
She got up looked at him n said “U still have doubts..need some reality check?” and winked at him.
He got tht familier stirring again..he said “On 2nd thoughts I should check it again”
Before Anandi could respond his lips had already caught hers.She looked up and they both grinned at each other.

They were both familier with the routine altought this time he was slower taking time to enjoy every step of their joinning.Finally they joinned again in thros of passion calling out each other’s names.

Well if it was a dream neither wanted to wake up

Next morning Anandi got up feeling really sore.Shiv was already up and he was getting their morning cup of coffee.
He said “Good morning”
She just looked at him n blushed.
He asked “ur ok?”
She replied “yeah just little sore…but I am fine”
He looked concerned “Sore ?Why ?”
She said “Nothing I am fine…wen r we leaving?”
He said “evening”
She said “Too bad I will miss this place”
He said “Me too…dont worry we’ll plan another trip soon” and grinned at her.
Anandi laughed “Collector sahab do dont have any work ?already planning another holiday “
He said “well If holidays are gonna be like this perhaps I should retire”
She said “well who said only holidays are full of pleasure we can make any day..umm..u know..”
Shiv gave her a wicked smile “hmmm I like the way u think…now even tht circuit house seems appealing to me as long as ur will be there with me”
Anandi said “I am always there with u”
He smiled and hugged her placing a kiss on her cheeks.Anandi said “Ur right this is just a beginning…”

The End…

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  1. hema says:

    its one of the best ff i have ever read..its so lovely..

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