Red Roses and rain part 6

Chapter 15

Jagya pleaded with Bhairov but Bhairov said “Learn to be responsible U have already messed up one relation dont mess up another one”.

Gauri was happy but she was looking angrily at Anandi

She thought “Wat is special in this girl everybody’s mad abt her now she trapped this handsome collector also”
Shiv noticed her decided its better to take anandi out from this place.

He said “Bhairov singh ji I am getting late I would like to take leave now”
Bhairov said “Sure and I am sorry u had to witness this”
Shiv said “Its ok” then he gentured at anandi to come along.
Anandi left with him she was upset from whatever happened at home and she felt ashmed tht shiv had to witness all this.Her eyes welled up.
Shiv saw her crying he looked around then stopped the jeep near the road.
He turned towards her and said “Dont be so upset anandi”
Anandi said “I am sorry u had to witness this”
Shiv asked “But why are u sorry ??Am I not part of ur family.
He turned towards her and cupped her face in his hands.He wiped her tears with his fingures and looked at her.Anandi stopped sobbing and she started back at him.All she had to do was look in his eyes she she used to get lost in it.
They shared an eyelock.Then Anandi realised tht they were in middle of the road.She looked outside thankfully the road was still empty.

She said “I have to reach school”
Shiv smiled and reluctantly left her face then how drove ahead to her school.
Anandi got down from the jeep.Shiv said “On min I have something for u.”
He gave her a red rose then drove off waving.

Anandi stood there holding the rose and blushing.She saw some girls from her school peeping out of the gate and giggling.
Anandi got back her composure and said in her strict tone “Dont u have classes go back in ur class”
The girls ran off inside.
When Anandi went back Jagya had already left with gauri.Dadisa was sad but Gehna consoled her saying She would be great grandmother very soon and its important for jagya to be with Gauri.
Bhairov had refused to let gauri stay in haveli.Not until the Anandi’s wedding.He didnt want any of her tantrums to hamper Anandi’s happiness.

Later tht day Shekhars came for dinner.Both the families were happy to see each other.Shiv and Anandi couldnt hardly talk in presence of so many people.

After dinner Ira said “I am planning a shopping trip to jaipur.I hope u dont mind if we take anandi with us.”
Dadisa replied “Now she belongs to u people why should we mind.U can take her no prob”

Shiv looked at Anandi with a naughty smile…Anandi remembered her previous trip and blushed.
In night when Anandi was talking to Shiv
He said “I am really happy about this trip”
Anandi said “why?”
Shiv said “well whenever I plan a trip with u it turn out to be really intresting”
Anandi laughed “Dont get ur hopes too high. we r going with the family and I doubt everytime God will listen to u and send a thunderstorm.”
Shiv said “But I didnt say anything abt thunderstorms…Are u expecting it?”
Anandi blushed “No way…why would I ?
Shiv laughed “He then said…anyways u know Mahi will also be joinning us in Jaipur and Ashima might also fly down.She is anyways very excited to attend the wedding.”

Anandi said “Thts really good I miss Ashima”

Shiv teased her “And u dont miss me??”
Anandi said on impulse “Of course I do”
Shiv said “really ?? tht means my plan will succeed”
Anandi blushed and asked “What plan?”
Shiv said “ummm…nothing I was planning something similar like last trip I hope God cooperates”
Anandi said “U have become very naughty..tell me wats ur plan else I am not coming”
Shiv laughed “Nothing dear I was just teasing u…would u like a lift till school tomm ?”
Anandi said “No not req I will go to temple with dadisa tomm and besides whenever u come to school all girls start behaving crazily”

Shiv asked bemused “crazily? like wat”

Anandi said “giggling and laughing for no reason.They leave their classes and follow u all around the school.”
Shiva laughed very hard “Oh God !! So are u getting jealous”
Anandi said “why would I get jealous of schoolgirls..but yeah ur quite a distraction so better avoid coming”

Shiv laughed again “Ok I wont come.anywas we have to leave for jaipur in 2 days”
They wished each other good night and went to sleep.

After 2 days Shekhars and anandi had to start for jaipur.
Anandi reached The circuit house and they were boarding the vehicle.CM started to go and sit in front next to Shiv when ira interrupted her saying “Where r u going u come and sit with me I have to discuss the shopping with u..Anandi u go n sit with Shiv”

Anandi came and sat next to Shiv in the front seat.Shiv gave her a wink.

Ira,Cm,Anandi and Shiv left for jaipur.

The journey was uneventful..Ira and CM continuously discussed shopping.Shiv and Anandi did some smalltalks.
They reached a bigger guesthhouse this time.It had several rooms.Mahi was supposed to reach next day and then they would go to pick Ashima from the airport.

Anandi was tired from her journey and she slept soon.

Next morning She got ready and left her room.She joinned everyone in the dining area.Mahi arrived after sometime.

He saw anandi and rushed towards her saying “Bhabhi I am soo glad to see u”
Anandi also greeted him.Mahi said “bhabhi I have lots to talk abt please sit with me”
Anandi gladly accepted.Shiv ended up sitting opposite to them and he sliently looked at mahi and Anandi chatting away.
Anandi saw tht Shiv was feeling jealous.She enjoyed it and teashed him even more by ignoring him.
Shiv kept looking at them angrily.
Whole day Mahi kept Anandi busy he told her many things abt Shiv’s childhood.Like ho he was very naughty kid he would break the flowerpot and blame Mahi for it.
Anandi laughed “really?Shiv dosent seem like he would be a naughty kid he is so calm”
Mahi said “Arre bhabhi u dont know anything.He was a terror.Mom had to run after him all day to feed him and once u know what he did ?”

Anandi asked “waht?”
Mahi replied “Daddu was sleeping peacefully he went and poured water in his ears”
Anandi nearly doubled due to laughter

She couldent believe tht Shiv could be a naughty kid perhaps some of his naughtiness was still in him.
She smiled to herself.

Shiv was feeling very angry at Mahi.He could hardly meet anandi ever since mahi had captured her attention.

He looked at the watch It was about time to pick Ashima.he got an idea.
He went to Mahi and Anandi and said “Anandi its time to go to the airport.Let go”
Anandi nodded
mahi also jumped up sayinf “hey Bro I’ll also come”
Shiv saw his plan failing “Wat will u do there?We’ll come in sometime see mom n cm are also alone here”
Mahi said “Dont worry abt them I cant stand their shopping plans.I will go with u”
Shiv gave a grumpy look he tried to dissuage Mahi but he was admant.
Anandi giggled seeing the two brothers argue.

Finally Mahi,Anandi and very grumpy Shiv proceeded towards the airport.

Even in car Mahi was speaking non stop and Shiv was looking irritated.The reached the airport and recieved Ashima.Anandi smiled and hugged Ashima.Mahi was looking spellbound at Ashima.

He said “I had heard a lot abt u but unfortunately never met u.I really regret tht now ” and grinned
Ashima said “So ur mahi the biker Btw where is ur bike ?”
Mahi said “I’ll show u dont worry I have some really nice moves”

Anandi smiled seeing Mahi flirt with Ashima and Shiv was relieved to see tht Mahi’s attention was diverted.

Chapter 16

They came back to the guesthouse and now tht Mahi’s attention was on Ashima he was busy chatting with her.
Anandi was searching for Shiv.She saw him sitting in the garden swing reading a book.
She went and sat near him.Shiv didnt look at her he continued reading.

She said “Seems like collector sahab naraz hai”
Shiv ignored her.
She snatched the book from him and said “ab aisi bhi kya naarazgi”

Shiv said “why? why does it matter to u ?u go and sit with Mahi”
Anandi said “oh so thts ur prob.collector sahab is jealous”

Shiv looked at her grumpily

Anandi laughed “Btw I came to know tht u were a very naughty kid”

Shiv said “Tht idiot mahi must have told u”

Anandi teased him “Kuch galat to nahi bola unhone…ur still naughty”

Shiv said “hey wat did I do ? mein to itna shareef hoon ki aur koi ho hi nahi sakta”
Anandi said “look who’s talking ur list of shararats is growing longer”

SHiv said “Abhi to u havent seen anything” and winked at her
Anandi was happy to see his anger was gone she said “means ur no angry anymore”
Shiv said “Of course I am angry U have not spent a single minute with me since we have arrived”
Anandi said “Well now I am with u”
Shiv answered “Thts coz Ashima has grabbed Mahi’s attention”

Anandi laughed “Its not like tht I wanted to be with u so I came well if u dont want I’ll leave”
She stood up to go.Shiv caught her wrist.Anandi gave him a naughty smile pulled of her hand and started to run.

Shiv chased her caught her waist and they both fell in the grass.
He propped his head on his palms and looked down at anandi.
Anandi was looking back at him.She pouted her lips and said “Ur very bad…why did u made me fall”
Shiv said “Well u only said I am very naughty so I was justifying it”
Anandi said “Ok leave my hands now somebody might come”
Shiv gripped her wrists harder and said “Let them come..I dont care”
Anandi pouted her lips even more.Shiv had a sudden urge to cover those lips with his but it was not the right place.
Anandi said “Ok baba I am sorry I will never ignore u now…ab to chod to..please”
Shiv smiled at her innocent plea.
He just gave her a smouldering look and Anandi forgot herself.She could never resist him whenever he did tht.He touched her face with his fingures and tucked a stray lock of hairs behind her ears.
His face was very close to her.He could have easily kissed her but he thought “not here not right now”
Anandi blused and lowered her eyes.
She whispered “Please Shiv”
Shiv was confused weather she was asking for the kiss or asking for release.

Anandi said again “please”
Shiv immediately released her.They sat on the grass and waited for their heartbeats to become normal.

Shiv asked her “Are u hurt?”
Anandi said “No I am fine.Joe can I be ever hurt by u”
He said “I am sorry U fell ”
Anandi smiled “Its ok”

They saw Mahi and Ashi coming towards them.
Mahi was saying “so u two are romancing here and our moms are going hyper.”
Shiv asked while getting up “Why?”

He gave his hand to Anandi She took his support and got up.
Mahi said “They r worried abt the fact tht we havent even started shopping.”
Shiv rolled up his eyes when he heard the dreaded word.

He said “Ok tell them to go who’s stopping them”
Mahi said “They want u to go…Ashi has already joinned their gang now they wnat us to go with them too”
Shiv said “Why me…They can buy whatever They wnat anways I dont have any idea of wedding shopping”
Ashima came and said “Desi boy ur t he bridegroom…we have to shop for u so obviously u have to come.”
Anandi was giggling seeing Shiv’s condition
Shiv gave in “Ok kets go…Mahi u also come”

Everyone went for shopping.Ira had gone overboard she went to diff shop buying saaries,jewellery,accessories.She bought and whole new wardrobe for Anandi.
Shiv and Mahi were reduced to being coolies carrying all the heavy packages.
Anandi was amused to Shiv’s plight when Ira dragged them to 5th Shop.
Ira forced Shiv to try different Sherwani.He came out in beautiful cream sherwani with Gold and maroon zari work.He wore a matching pagdi.
Anandi was breathless when she saw him.She thought…He would indeed make the most handsome dulha.

They came back very much exhausted.For next few days the same routine continued.Ira was checking out all the stuff she had bought Anandi and Ashima were helping her.
Ira said “I guess everything is done.If need anymore small stuff we can get it from jaiter also.”

Shiv signed with relief He asked “So finally can we leave?”

Ira said “Yup we can but tomm Menu n me were planning to visit neena mausi She lives near jaipur.”
Shiv said “Ok we’ll leave after tht”

Mahi said “mom wat would we do there.U know I find her really boring..u two go na we’ll be fine here”

Shiv got the message “He said yeah u two go.I’ll get a driver for u”

Ira said “Ok then Anandi and Ashima will come with us”
Mahi gave a look at Ashima

Ashima said “No aunty I will strange there.I want to stay back and let Anandi also stay with me please.These 2 will be busy watching

cricket I will get bored.”
Ira agreed.
Anandi looked around She could sense tht they were all planning something but what ??

Next morning Ira and Cm left.Mahi did a little hapy dance Anandi looked at him and asked “Ok now tell me wat are u all planning?”
Shiv gave an innocent look “I dont know I have no idea wat these 2 are upto.”

Ashima said “See I know last few days were really hectic So I thought we should have some fun.”

Everybody looked at her expectently.
She answered “Lets all go for a movie”
They got dressed and left.Anandi enjoyed the movie especially the part when Shiv hend her hands and gently caressed it.

After the movie Shiv asked “Ok now what?”
Ashima said “I have a plan for evening.Let go to some disc or pub tonight”.

Mahi cheered along
Shiv said “What !! a Pub No way I dont think anandi will be comfortable besides mom would be returning back by evening”
Mahi added “dont worry I have convinced them to stay overnight”And winked

Shiv looked at anandi as if saying this is not my plan.
Anandi felt uneasy at the thought.She had never been to such place before.
Shiv sensed her discomfort and said “No I dont wnat to go to any such place”
Mahi said “Come on Bro..we r going in a grp”
Ashima brought Anandi aside n said “come on anandi it will be fun and besides we all would be together Infact u will enjoy Shiv’s company.”
Anandi smiled “Ok I will come along”
She said to Shiv “I am ok see Ashi and Mahi r o keen to go lets not break their heart”
Shiv agreed…They all went back home to take some rest before leaving for the disc.

Chapter 17

Anandi was in her room.She was going through her closet trying to decide what to wear for the evening.Ashima entered her room with an armfull of dresses.
She said “See Anandi what I got for u”
Anandi saw Ashi had brought many modern dresses with her.
Anandi said “These all are very nice but I cant wear them.I am not used to wearing such clothes”.
Ashi said “Oh come on Anandi…Dont worry U wont feel uncomfortable in these.I know Its all new for u but dont worry I will help u out.
Anandi was reluctant
Anandi said “please Anandi just wear it once Dont u want to see Shiv’s face when he sees u in this?”
Anandi was tempted to just to see Shiv’s face but she was still doubtful.
She said “I cant carry off such dresses I will look like a joker”
Aashi said nobody dressed by me looks like a joker.I will help u remember u had given me a makeover in Jaitser now its my turn.”

Ashi chose a maroon cocktail dress for Anandi It was pretty decent by disc standards.
It had a sweetheart neckline not too deep and tight at waist with a full skirt.It was quite long not full length but came well below her knees.
The only daring bit was a deep V neck at the back It plunged quite deep.

Ashi looked at her appreciatively and said “U look stunning”
Anandi looked at herself in mirror.She felt little uncomfortable but she thought to

herself.”Shiv has given me choice to dress anyways I should be adjust myself according to him too so tht I dont let him down in his circle of friends”
She put on a brave face and decided to go ahead with the dress.
Ashi did her hair and gave her matching earrings and shoes.
After she was ready Anandi couldnt recognise herself.She looked ravishing. Ashi had collected her front hairs in a clutcher and left rest of it open hanging on her back.
Tendrils of hair framed her face.

Anandi blushed seeing herself and said “Thanks Ashi Its lovely”
Ashi herself dressed in a sexy little black dress said.”I am dying to see desi boy’s reaction.Come lets go.”

Shiv and Mahi were already waiting outside.mahi was cribbing tht girls take too long to dress up.The heard Anshi and Anandi come.Shiv turned around to look at them and his jaws dropped.
For a minute He couldnt recognise Anandi.
His eyes had almost popped out of his sockets.
Mahi was also staring at anandi with his mouth open.

Anandi blushed seeing Shiv.
Anandi saw both of the guy’s reaction and giggled.
And came near Shiv and shook him as if breaking his sleep “Wake up desi boy U r not dreaming.See I turned ur desi girl into a videshi girl”

Mahi laughed he said “Bhabhi U look beautiful see Bro is still in trance”
Shiv broke from his reverie.He didnt know wat to say…he thought this is worse than tht black
saari.God help me.
He gulped some air and then managed to say “Anandi u look nice”.
Ashi said “Hey nobody’s looking at me ur both busy admiring Anandi”
Mahi said “No My eyes are only for u…U look stunning”.then grinned..Ashi playfully hit him.

They all boarded the care and proceeded towards the disc.
Anandi was surious to see this disc.She had Shiv with her so her hesitation was reduced.
They all went into a lounge cum disc.
Anandi looked around with intrest.It was still not fully crowded it was dimly lit with white designer furnitures.The furniture had some light source hiddedn somewhere they seemed to be glowing with blue light.
Shiv had his arms around her waist and he escorted her inside.
They all sat down on a sofa.Shiv was still tongue tied.Mahi took away Ashi for dance.
Anandi asked Shiv “U dont like my dress?”
Shiv said “What? No I love it ! Its just tht its little shocking for me.I will be fine dont worry”
Anandi said “U dont mind me wearing this u see Ashi cajoled me into wearing it..”

Shiv cut her off saying “I dont mind u wearing anything.And Ur looking absolutely gorgeous infact had Mahi and Ashi not been with us I would not have let u go.I would have stayed back in the guesthouse ” he winked at her.

Anandi didnt get his meaning then understood his hidden innuendo and blushed.
She said “well good tht they were with us.”

Mahi came back and asked them to come to dance.Anandi gave a atriken look at Shiv.Shiv gave her a assuring look.He took her hands and took her to the dance floor.She watched his footwork carefully and swayed to the music.They danced for sometime and Anandi felt free She really

enjoyed the dancing with Shiv.
The came back to sit after some dacning coz they were all tired now.
Mahi came back with some drinks.He had brought non alcoholic drinks for Anandi.

Shiv got a call so he execused himself.Ashima was busy talking with Mahi.Anandi took a drink and sipped it.It tasted little funny but she was too thirsty She took it all in one gulp.
She felt strange warmth inside her.She took anoter drink and gulped it.She liked the feeling.She took another glass and had almost finished it when Shiv stopped her.
He said “Anandi wat r u drinking?”he took away the glass and smelled it.His face froze and he looked back at Anandi.
Anandi was tipsy now and she said “Please give it back…I love this drink”
Ashi and Mahi looked at her surprised.
Mahi said “Oh no Bhabhi drank our drinks by mistake”.
Shiv looked at him angrily and said “Why did u bring alcohol ?U know I dont drink when I have to drive.”

Mahi gave a sheepish look.
Aashi said “Its ok She seems normal now.I’ll be with her”
Anandi was sitting with a silly smile on her face.
She looked around everything seems to spin.She said “Please hold the room its spinning around”
Anshi giggled…Shiv gave her a worried look.
He was angry at Mahi and Ashi for being careless.

He said “Lets go before things become worse”
Anandi said “No I love it here.I am not going.I wanna dance.She got up and stumbled towards the dance floor.”
Shiv held her and said “Anandi ur not well.come lets go”
Anandi looked him and said “Oh here U are…my loverboy come lets dance”And gave a naughty smile.Mahi and Anshi started laughing but stopped seeing Shiv’s stern look.
Meanwhile Anandi had thrown her arms around Shiv’s neck and she was swinging around him holding his neck.

Shiv had a hard time controlling his laughter Anandi looked very cute and free with her silly smile.
He gently held Anandi and said “Ok dear we will dance but first u sit down here and drink some water”

Anandi said “No”and she ran towards the dance floor.She immediately mingled in the crowd.
Shiv ran after her and held her protectively.He supported her and gently coaxed her to come back.
Mahi and Ashi were nearly doubling with laughter.Shiv somehow managed to bring back Anandi.She was still in a daze.He said “come lets go.”
They all went down.Anandi was singing some silly song.She said “Ur such a bore loverboy.U didnt let me dance and I am not drunk.”

Shiv said “yeah I know ur not drunk but this place is so crowded so we r going for a drive”

Anandi said “really…where r we going..n I am not drunk”
Shiv said “we r going to umm…hawa mahal”
Anandi said “No take me to delhi”
Shiv looked at Anandi stumped “Delhi !! why delhi?”
Anandi said “to meet the prime minister”
Shiv laughed “What? but why PM?
Anandi said “Well I have to tell him tht I am not drunk”
Shiv laughed He said “I know dear Ur not drunk. And its a national issue I’ll take u to delhi.”
Mahi and Ashi were laughing like mad.
The boarded the car.Mahi was driving while Shiv was in backseat with Anandi.


Anandi continued her antics she kept on saying she is not drunk.
When they reached guesthouse Anandi refused to get down.Shiv gave an exasperated sign and forcefully carried her in his arms.Anandi kept struggling to get down.
He took her in her room and laid her on her bed.Anandi held his hands and said “Dont got please sit near me”
He sat down beside her.She said “Ur very very bad”
Shiv asked “Wat did I do now ?”
Anandi said “Thts the prob u didnt do anything yet.U didnt meet me also ?”
Shiv said “meet u ?”
Anandi said “Yes why didnt u meet me before?…I lost some many years. U should have been in my life 18 years before”Anandi started to sob.

Shiv understood her pain and hugged her he said”I m here now.I wont leave u now.No go to sleep.”
Anandi said “promise”
Shiv replied “promise”

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