Red Roses and Rain Part 7

Chapter 19

Anandi got ready and joinned others in the dining room.She didnt look at shiv .Ashi n mahi giggled.Anandi glared at them they immediately became quite.Ashi

broke the silence she asked ” so when is aunty coming back?”
Shiv said “they were supposed to come today morning but they decided to stay for some more time.they’ll be back by evening”
Ashi said “so we hav whole day to ourselves lets plan out something”
shiv and anandi both looked at her with not-another-disc-plan look
Ashi said “dont glare at me…I m not makinging a dics plan”
Mahi asked “Then what?”
Ashi said “well I have a surprise for u guys…u will love it”
Shiv said “I hope it wont be risky”
Ashi assured them.They got ready and went to a mall.Shiv and Mahi gave a sigh…not another shopping spree.
Ashi said “no yaar…trust me…she took them to a gaming zone.Shiv looked at her puzzled.Ashi said “well I got u guys to the gaming zone for bowling of


Shiv and Mahi’s face lit up.Mahi said “ur a gem..come on Shiv lets hav a competition”
Anandi was looking at everyone puzzled she didnt understand wat was all the fuss about.Shiv understood n said ” well we r gonna do pinball bowling”
He explained the game to her Anandi was was quite excited to see the pinball game.She had seen it on Tv but never thought tht people actually played it.She

saw Shiv posing in concentration and then rolling the ball.He was a natural sportsman most of his throws were strikes.He taught Anandi how to throw the

ball.Anandi was lowest scorer but she had fun.She laughed hard seeing Shiv and Mahi fighting over the game.Shiv and Mahi had fierce competition n finally

Shiv won.

They hanged around.Ashi dragged Mahi to some shop.AnSh went around doing window shopping.Shiv had casually wrapped his arms around her waist.It had become his habit now.

Shiv asked Anandi “icecream?”
Anandi smiled and nodded.He got 2 cones for them.While licking their ice creams Shiv asked “ur not angry with me ?”
Anandi asked “why?”
Shiv said “well for last night…I mean u accidently got drunk n …well…”
Anandi said “no why would I be angry infact I shld be sorry I was a total idiot”
Shiv smirked “U were quite entertaining …u know u wanted to visit PM in delhi n tell him tht u wre not drunk”
Anandi looked shocked “really was I tht wasted”
Shiv said “and u said I am not drunk abt 30 times”
Anandi said “u were counting?”Shiv laughed ” and u were a total wildcat.I liked tht bit now I m all the more impatient for the wedding.”
Anandi pretended to be angry.
Shiv licked from her cone.Anandi said”hey its my icecream…dont touch my icecream”She tried to hide her cone.
Shiv said “but I like ur flavor better.” and winked

Anandi blushed said “fine go n get another one I m not sharing”
Shiv gave his innocent puppy look “not even one bite…please”
Anandi melted “ok jst one bite”
Shiv took a big bite almost gobbling up the whole ice cream”
Abandi said “hey u ate the whole thing…get me another one else I m not talking to u”
Shiv laughed “ok ok I will get another one for u u just wait here”

Unknown to them 2 pair of jealous eyes were looking at thm.

After leaving jaitser Gauri and jagya had stayed back in jaipur.After her wedding debacle all her friends had come to know abt jagya n hers real status a few

enruiries from lal singh confirmed.
Soon the word spread tht jagya had abandoned his first wife and was living with gauri without any legalities.

She had become a center of gossip among friends and colleagues on top of tht her pregnancy had made the situation worse.Even her juniors snickered behind her

back.She tried to ignore it but with her ruined reputation she found it difficult to work.She had lost the respect of people.She resigned from SNG and had

shifted to jaipur in a smaller hospital.

Her only solace was tht with jagya back n haveli’s waaris in her oven she would eventually get her beendni status.Her and jagya’s relationship was strained

he blamed her for all his troubles and she was tired of his  MCP attitude.They were just tolerating each other coz they didnt hav any other option.She had

come to the same mall with her mother for some shopping.She and her mother were astonished to see anandi enjoying and laughing with shiv.she was under the

impression tht anandi’s marriage was forced n she would stay in an unhappy marriage pining for jagya.Her sense of victory was shattered seeing anandi

happy.She looked at them with jealousy.

Her mom asked “wo to anandi hai na.hai ye chora kaun hai uske saath…bada sundar chora hai…”she stopped seeing gauri’s angry look.

Gauri said ” He is collector of jaitser he is marrying anandi…dont know wat he sees in tht gawar”
Her mom’s eyes grew round seeing shiv.She couldnt believe anandi’s good luck.
Shiv approached the ice cream stand he heard someone approaching him.He turned around n saw a familier face.

Gauri introuced herself “Hello collector sahab parhaps we hav met before.”
Shiv was surprised to see her but accepted her greetings”Hello ms gauri wat can I do for “
Guri said ” I dont need help its u who need help.I can see tht ur also entrapped by her goodness.”
shiv looked amused “well how exactly m I trapped??”
gauri said ” u dont know anandi I know her very well she pretends to be good everybody has been fooled by her but not me I know the evil behinds her mask”
shiv said “well thanks for ur advise but I dont judge people based on others openion.Whatever u think is ur perception why dosent really bother me “
Gauri was aghast “u dont understand she tried to snatch jagya from me infact she was successful too but thanks to fate I got my jagya back.
Shiv said “congrats for ur achievement I hav an advice for u instead of interfering in others lifes try to fix ur relationship perhaps ur openions

abt other might change.As for anandi well we love each other so I def know her better than u”
Gauri was angry with Shiv’s words She said “How can u trust a girl who didnt stay faithful to her own husband.She pretends to be all sati savitri but got

ready to marry another man in no time”.

Shiv was irritated with her but he maintained his composure He didnt want to argue with a pregnant woman.
He said “Being faithful is a mutual thing.Its stupidity to stay faithful to a person when he/she dosent respect u nor value ur devotion.Being a modern woman

how can u think like tht ?? So should Anandi keep living in her past forever ?? If its ur thinking then I am sad to know tht an educated woman thinks like


Gauri was speechless she just kept looking at shiv.Shiv walked off.Gauri’s mom looked wistfully at shiv she said “ladoo tune anandi se uska durbhagya le liya

aur usse soubhagya de diya “(U took Anandi’s bad luck and gave her good luck.”
Gauri thought She was stuck with a looser for life…she wanted to see anandi unhappy but instead she herself was stuck in a useless marriage and anandi

had moved on to a better life.

Shiv came back to anandi.He passed her the ice cream cone n said “dont be so good tht people start getting jealous of ur goodness”
Anandi said “wat!!?”
Shiv smiled at her n said “nothing ur very sweet “
Anandi laughed “wat happened to u ?”
Shiv replied “nothing dear hav ur ice cream its melting”
he offered her her cone.she took a bite.Shiv laughed again and wiped ice cream from her nose.
Ashi n mahi were back.Shiv said “I will have to hire a truck to carry all those shopping to jaitser”
Ashi made a face at him.They went back to the guesthouse.Ira n cm were back n next day day all left for jaitser.
Ira said “Finally everything is done now we can concentrate on shaadi preps.I hope alok had talked to cateters and decoration “
They all reached jaitser.Anandi went into the haveli n saw dadisa was in full form.she was surrounded by army of workers n she was giving them instructions

regarding wedding preps.Anandi just signed and went in her room.She thought “Its gonna ba chaotic for next 15 days “

Chapter 20


Next few days went like whilrwind for Anandi and Shiv.Anandi was busy with her school coming up college work and Shiv needed to finish his pending office work before going on leave.They could hardly meet each other even wehn they did.It was in Shiv’s office.Saanchi had also come down for the wedding and after meeting Anandi her views changed.

She found her to be mature and sensible just like Shiv.
Since Ashi and Mahi were getting closer Saanchi was happy tht Ashi might still become her bhabhi.
When Anandi was at her home also all her time went in trying out the fittings for different dresses.

She was sitting among a pile of dresses and Sachi and Ashi were agruing abt Anandi’s look.Anandi smiled at them.She saw Shiv’s call on her phone.She picked up her phone and

Shiv replied in  a grumpy voice. “I am going crazy…my house has become a madhouse Today full day I had been trying out different clothes and I miss u terribily”


Anandi laughed and said “I miss u too but Things are really hectic here Besides The wedding is in just 5 days dadisa has forbidden me to go out of the house.”
Shiv said “Why ??”
Anandi said “Well she wants to keep me away from the evil eyes”
Shiv said “Well she is keeping u also away from me…I called her tht I have to meet u regarding some work she said no work till we r married.”
Anandi giggled.
Shiv said “Btw why r we forbidden to meet till marriage ??”
Anandi said “Well dadisa knows tht ur very naughty” and laughed
Shiv said “well she is not aware of her poti’s wild ways”Anandi blushed and said ” I’ll talk to u later..else sanchi and ashi will tears each other”
Shiv said “oh they r there ?I wonder where did they dissapeard every morning”
Anandi said “Yeah they r helping me to decide the dress n all for the wedding”
Shiv said “If I knew this marriage would be full of so much taam jhaam I would have preferred eloping with u”
Anandi laughed “Well u had so many opportunities but u never availed them”

Shiv said “U mean U would have agreed?”
Anandi said “Of course I can go anywhere with u”
Shiv said “Oh Man I missed the opportunity…u know Its my childhood dream to elope and get married”
Anandi laughed very hard.


They finished their convo and anandi went to break fight between Ashi and Sanchi.

After 5 agonising days of waiting and plathora of rituals Anandi’s wedding day arrived.She was dressed in all finaries of a bride.She was happy as well as nervous.Saanchi and Ashi were coming from the groom’s side.Anandi was in her room surrounded by Phooli,Gulli,Sugna, and some other girls.

Suddenly one of the girls came in running shouting Baarat has arrived.
All the girls ran off to see the baaarat.Anandi went to ther window and saw the big

procession.Althought Shiv and Anandi wanted a simple wedding but the sheer amount of guests invited..almost whole village was invited,Evn DM and CM were goin to make an appearence so It was a simple yet grand affair.Dadisa had let no stones unturned to make the marriage into a success.

She saw Mahi,Ashi,and saachi dancing like mad.She looked throught he crowd and finally saw Shiv mounted on a horse.He was looking majestic.Dressed in a beautiful cream and gold Shrewani he looked every bit of a price.But his face was covered by the sehra Anandi was dissapointed to see tht she would not be able to see his face.As if reading her mind he drew aside his sehra.He looked up searching through the Haveli’s windows to get a glimpse of Anandi.

Anandi was breathless he looked very hansdome.She had never seen a better looking bridegroom ever.All the girls Oohed and aaahhd …some went into fit of giggles.
Gulli said “Anandi jiji Jijusa is looking so handsome”.

Anandi blushed.
Shiv was desperate to see Anandi.He was straightface but his eyes used to dart up from time to time trying to scan the balconies.
Sumitra who was back from US took his aarti and welcomed the Baaraties.
Anandi went back to her bed waiting for people to take her down.
After sometime Sugna came and told Anandi…”ur prince is waiting for u”
Anandi got up and with a giddy heart she proceeded downstairs.

Shiv was sitting impatiently on the stage.He was greting and meetign people but his eyes were constantly on the staircase waiting for Anandi.He heard a commotion and looked towards the staircase.A group of girls were coming down.He saw glimpse of Anandi behind the sheer veil.The girls were holding a veil over Anandi similar to the way she had been escorted during the sagai.She moved down slowly her eyes constantly on Shiv.

When they reached the stage her sugna removes the veil.

Anandi stood there in red wedding lehenga and lowered eyes.She was blushing.
Shiv had stopped breathing infact he was cut short in mid conversation and was staring at her like a statue.She was indeed the most beautiful bride he had ever seen.
Mahi nudghed him “Bro please dot have a heart attack.Its ur wedding”

Shiv nudged back Mahi.Anandi walked towards him and she stood in front of him.
Shiv had hard time looking straight.He wanted to continue looking at Anandi.he had never seen her look so beautiful.
Anandi’s heart was beating like mad She too wanted to continue looking at Shiv but they were surrounded by lot of people.
It was varmala time.They were handed the varmala.
Shiv stood straight and tall.Mahi and some fo his friends kept hudging him “dont bend Shiv”.
Anandi stood there blushing.Finally she looked up at Shiv holding her mala.She just looked in his eyes and Shiv bent forward.Anandi placed the varmala and then Shiv followed.
Mahi teased his brother “Now u’ll always be dominated by Anandi”
Shiv said “I dont mind.”


Everybody congratulated them and posed for photographs.
Shiv whispered to Anandi “Ur looking absolutely gorgeous.It was worth the wait”
Anandi blushed.Dadisa was in her element.She was instrusting everyone to attend the baraties.After sometime they proceeded towards the mandap for marriage rituals.It was a beautiful

flower mandap.Shiv and anandi sat down and the rituals started.After hours of mantrajaap and kanyadaan it was time for pheras.

Their hands were tied with mehendi in between their palms as per the Rajasthani custom and they did their pheras.With each step they felt getting closer to each other.All this while Anandi was in a daze she was overwhelmed with the proceedings.It was all very unreal.She and Shiv were finally getting married.
It was time for Sindoordaan now.On the instruction of the pundit.Shiv took a pinch of sindoor turned towards her.Moved aside her maagtika and applied the sindoor in her parted maang.

He whispered softly so tht only she could hear “Congrats Anandi now we are married.”
Anandi looked at him.He was smiling at her.His face was all lit up.Anandi smiled back and they had an eyelock.The pundit commented.”Now some rituals are still left”
Everybody laughed.

Singhs and the Shekhars had tears of joy in their eyes.
The pundit declared tht from nowonwards ur husband and wife.
Anandi heard the word “Husband !!”
Shiv was now her husband…it all seemed very surreal.They went out from the mandap.Everybody were congratulating them and Anandi was still trying to believe tht Shiv was now actually her husband.

She heard Shiv whisper “Well wife ! I am hard time accepting tht all this is happening for real.”
She turned towards Shiv and they smiled at each other.


Chapter 21

Anandi n shiv looked ahead and proceeded for other rituals.suddenly they heard a commotion.Mahi n was being chased by gulli n grp of gurls he was holding one of Shiv shoes.He ran towards shiv n hid behind him.
He said “hey bro I managed to save one shoe frm these thieves”
Shiv started laughing.Gulli came there n said “jijusa see ur brother grabbed one shoe from us…we want our shagun”
Mahi said “no bro this is cheating dont give nything” gulli started arguing with mahi…anandi laughed silently seeing their fight.Shiv said finally “ok stop fighting now…”he took out a wad of note and gave it to gulli “divide it among urself.”
Gulli and her gang went away happily.

Soon it was time for bidai.Anandi felt heavy hearted.She had become daughter of the haveli…she gave a tearful farewell to everyone.Before leaving she told bhairov “please forgive n accept gauri…with ur love she will surely redeem “

The shekhars left for Udaipur immediately.They wanted to reach their haveli asap.Anandi was sobbing in the beautifully decorated car.Shiv held her hand n said “Probably I cannot fully fathom ur pain but I cant see u like this.I promise u ur crying for the last time I will never let tears in ur eyes again.”
Anandi looked at him she was touched by his concern.He smiled and squeezed her hand.Anandi was very tired due to hectic wedding schedule even Shiv looked tired.They had stayed awake all night due to the wedding.Soon Anandi and Shiv slept with their heads supported on each other.

Alok who was sitting in the front seat smiled at them.They looked like innocent kids.After few hours of travelling they reached Udaipur.Anandi was awake by then.Ira came to welcome her she said “U knw today its our grihpravesh too in kesarbaagh.”Anandi was impressed by the massive haveli it was much more grand than jaitser heaveli.
After the traditional grih pravesh Saanchi showed Anandi her room.She said “bhabhi u must be tired take some rest before the reception in the evening”
Shiv followed inside with mahi n ashi.
They all teased ansh.ashi said “shiv ur not supposed to do anything this is not ur suhaagraat its suhagdin:)”
Anandi turned pink.

Shiv said “Well thanks for the info btw would u guys leave us alone I am ready to crash” He said with a yawn.Shiv was already lying on the bed ready to sleep.

Ira came n shooed away Mahi and other She said…”U guys must be really tired take some rest we have reception tonight”

She went out.Anandi was still standing looking around.Suddenly she felt Shiv grabbed her hand and he tugged her towards him.She fell on the bed next to him.
Knocked out of breath she said “Wat r u doing ?”
Shiv laughed “Nothing just getting used to being around my wife”
Anandi blushed “She said I thought u were really tired and ready to crash.”
Shiv said “ummm yeah but This is more important.”He kissed her on her cheeks.
Anandi said pushing him away “Oh please I am really tired let me sleep”
Shiv said “We hav whole life to sleep…” He easily caught her waist and pinned her.She looked beautiful as a newly wed.Anandi smiled naughtily and tickled him.
He launghed “Ouch..So someone is feeling ticklish I’ll show u what is ticklish”
He started to tickle her everywhere.Anandi laughed hard.Shiv was too strong for her to resist.
She said “Ok Ok I am sorry I wont tickle u ever…please I’ll die laughing”

Shiv was still holding her tight.He looked at her tired face..she did look like she needed a good sleep.He said “Ok dear u take ur beauty sleep.”
Anandi kept her head on his chest.He had wrapped one arm around her.They fell into deep asleep immediately.
After few hours Anandi felt something trailing on her arms.She opened her eyes and saw Shiv was already awake He had propped his head on his palms and was trailing his other hand on her arms.He was just looking at her face.He smiled when she opened her eyes.
She was too tired to notice previously but now the thought being in same room with Shiv struck her.She was hit by sudden awareness.She blushed.

Shiv just smiled she asked “Did I sleep late?”
Shiv said “No Even I woke up just now.I guess others are also resting.”He kissed her forehead and trailed his figures on her face.

They heard a knock on the door.Shiv went to open the door and Anandi sat up.Saanchi n Ashi cam in.Ashi looked them with a mischivious loo.She said “So how was ur suhaagdin?”

Shiv said “It would have been great if u too haddis had not come along.”
Anshi made a face at him.Saanchi said “Yeah yeah no we will seem like haddis only…anyways Mom has said.To get ready fast.We have to be ready for reception.”

Shiv said “Ok we’ll be ready”
Ashi said “We r goign to stay.We have to help Anandi in dressing up…U leave..”
Shiv said “This is my room”
Saanchi said “yeah but today its ours…U go out…mom has selected ur clothes for go “
Anandi launghed seeing Shiv’s plight.After her lunch and bathing…Saanchi and Ashi laid out Anandi’s reception saari.It was very heavy red zari saari.

They helped Anandi with her hair and makeup.
Anandi didnt see Shiv till reception.
The reception was to be held in kesarbagh itself…Anandi went down with Ashi and Saanchi and joinned Shiv on the stage.He was dressed in a navy blue suit and looked devastatingly handsome.After hours of meeting the guests and dinner It was almost 1 am.
Most of the guests had already left but the place was still teeming with relatives.Anandi could barely talk with Shiv during the reception.After sometime She was escorted to her room.
He room was decorated with flowers.The bed was coverd in canopy of jasmin and rose flowers.It looked breathtaking.

Saanchi, Ashi and Mahi were joking and teasing her.
Ashi said “Wow Its so lovely I have seen it only in movies.”
Mahi said “Well If u wish we can stay here n send off Bhaiya and Bhabhi in some other room.”
Ashi said “Well Mahi dont get ur hopes high I have no intrest in staying in this room with u.”
Cm and Ira came in they saw all the arrangements and told Ashi n the gang to go out.
Anandi’s heart was beting like mad.She loved Shiv and had been waiting for this moment but the enormity of it stuck her.This was it !!!
Ashi helped her to sit.Ashi was mighty excited to see the traditional wedding.She made Anandi sit like a proper bride covered with a veil.Anandi said “Well Shiv is not gonna see me for the 1st time…why a veil?”
Ashi said “Oh com on its tradition and it will be so romatic.She even placed 2 glasses of milk.Anandi rolled her eyes upwards Shiv hated milk.

Mahi and sanchi were looking amused.Finally wen Ashi was satisfied she said “Ok now lets get in Shiv.”
Shiv was still outside busy chatting with the leftover guests.
Finally Ashi n her gang came giggling to Shiv and pushed him towards his room.Shiv went n his expressions were like “W*F !!”
Whole room was decorated and Anandi was sitting coy like a bride.He looked back at Ashi
She said “Atleast say a thank you “

Shiv said “Wats all this ?”
Mahi said “Well bro If u dont like it I will be glad to use it”
Ashi hit Mahi and continued “Its ur suhaagraat…so all this in needed of course”
Shiv blushed like a tomato.He had forgotten all abt the traditional SR thing..He didnt know wat to say.Then Cm came in and scholded Mahi ngrp.She shooed away every one.Shiv stood alone in the room now all embarassed and totally nervous…

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