Red Roses and rain part 5

Chapter 12

Shiv dropped Anandi at the haveli and he drove ahead.Anandi went in happily.Dadisa and Bhairov were in some discussion with a pundit.When they saw her dadisa said “accha hua tu aa geyi chori…chaumasa kahatm hone ko hai pundit ji ko bulwaya hai thari shaadi ki thareek tai karwane ko”
Anandi wnet and stood near her.

Bhairov said “yest Shiv’s mom called they were aasking to fix the marriage date soon”

Dadisa said “haan wo sab to utawale ho rahe hain Anandi ko vida ker ke le jane ko”

Anandi just smiled.

Punditji consulted his charts and said “There is a very good date after 1 month.I can recommend tht if u wish.Dadisa said haan haan fix it.We will get enough time also to do the preparations.”
Anandi blushed and ran off inside.She was thrilled…In just one month I will be with Shiv forever.She felt butterflies in her stomach.
Downstairs Jagya walked in he had sobered up after his bar stint.Everybody looked at him uncomfortably.Dadisa said

“come jagya come here…”
He went and sat near them.
Dadisa said “we hav fixed anandi’s marriage date.”
Jagya look at them increadously he had expected tht after getting acceptace they would convince anandi to accept him back.But here they were planning here wedding.How could they.He faked a dissapointed look and went to his room.dadisa looked aafter him sadly.
Later she went to his room and asked “wats wrong ?”
He hugged and said “dadisa I have lost everything..I lost my anandi today.I thought I could make things normal but I have lost her forever”

Dadisa patted his head and said”U destroyed everything due to ur foolishness but Now nothing can be done.Anandi has moved on.U find ur own way now.”
Jagya said “dadisa if u want u can make things normal…afterall I was her husband I am sure if u try to convince her she would forgive me and accpet me back”
Dadisa said “No child I cant do tht we have given commitment to Shekhars.I cant break this engagement and besides Bhairov will never agree to it.”
Jagya said “but what abt anandi ? Are u sure she is happy with this? maybe she agreed due to ur pressure”
Dadisa looked at his increadeously “je kya bol raha hai chora.Anandi is happy I know.Dont be selfish.Anandi has moved on U have to pay for ur mistakes in someway.”

She left…jagya was fuming..he thoguht well Its no use trying to convince the family.even if I tell them abt the jaiour trip nothing will happen infact they might rush up the wedding indead.I have to stop this wedding at any cost.

Anandi was reading in her room she got a call and smiled when she saw Shiv was calling.
He said “U know wat I am thinking”
She asked “what”
He replied “I am thinking how will pass this one month”
She replied “U know ??”
He said “yes mom called and told me…after all this time this one month seems endless”
Anandi laughed “have patience dear”
Shiv said “Wo ho to nahi hota..btw Mahi, ashima,saanchi everyone will be here for the wedding”
Anandi said “tht would be awesome I miss Ashima.”
They chit chatted for some time.

Next day Anandi was busy with her school.She got Shiv’s call he said “I am going to the nahar site to see the ongoing work would u like the join me?”
Anandi said “sure”
He replied “Ok I will pick u up after school”
Then anandi added “One more thing My school girls are organising a cultural show next week.U r the chief guest”

Shiv said “Me ? but U didnt even invite me.”
Anandi laughed and said “Well I am informing u in advance..keep ur schedule free”
Shiv said “Of course madam aap bulaye and mein na aaun is it possible”

Anandi laughed and cut the phone she called home and told them abt her nahar trip.After some time She was in a jeep proceeding towards the nahar.
Shiv was in very good mood he was humming.

Anandi asked “Kya baat hai collector sahab why so happy today”
Shiv said “Nothing its all due to my lovely company”
anandi smiled.Shiv switched on the radio and song started playing

“Wo lamhe wo baatein koi na jane…ye kaisi yaadein…Barsatein…wo bheegi bheegi yaadein”

They both remembered their farmhouse stay and blushed.
Shiv said “I wish we get thunderstorm again”
Anandi hit him playfully and said “ur getting very naughty”
Sahiv caught her hand midway and placed a kiss oh it.She didnt try to take it away but indtead she blushed.They reached the nahar and saw it progress.She was mighty impressed with the work.It was a very beautiful area but since they had gone their for professional work Shiv was in his Strict Collector mode.Romance n all was aside when coming to work Shiv was very professional and dedicated.
They left from their and Shiv placed a quick peck on her cheek she looked at him startled.
He grinned “I had been dying to do tht all day”
Anandi smiled and she got a naughty idea.

She came near Shiv and gently nibbled Shiv’s ears.
Shiv froze and nearly lost control over his jeep.
He said “he lady !! I am trying to drive.Just let me reach jaitser in one piece.U can continue whatever u want there”
Anandi laughed “I just love teasing u”

They entered jaitser and Anandi crossed Phooli’s house She saw phooli playing in the garden with her baby.
Anandi said “hey stop the jeep…thts my best friend’s house.Please can was stop here for few mins ?”
Shiv said “Of course and stopped the jeep”
Anandi and Shiv went in to meet Phooli.Phooli was overjoyed to see anandi and Shiv she had been away at her relatives house for sometime hence she had not met Shiv before but she was aware of Anandi’s engagement.

Anandi introduced Shiv and Phooli felt genuinely happy to see them together.
She asked “when is the wedding ?”
Anandi blused and answered “next month”
Phooli said “tht is gr8 I am dying to see ur wedding”
Phooli’s baby came crawling towards Shiv and tried to stand up taking his support.Shiv noticed this and picked up the baby.The baby smiled cutely at shiv and tried to grab his glasses.

Phooli said “he likes u! he never goes to any stranger but he gladly went to u”
Shiv played with the baby and said “I love kids and this one is specially cute”

Anandi looked at him and smiled.She liked tht image Shiv playing with the baby.He looked adorable with the baby.
The baby noticed Anandi and getting attracted by her sparkling jewellery tried to get into Anandi’s lap.
Anandi launghed and took the baby.The baby happily grabbed her necklace and started chewing.
Anandi laughed and said “Bad habit baby u should not put things in ur mouth.

Suddenly she felt something warm she saw tht baby had done susu in her lap
She said “oh no u naughty boy”..then kissed the baby

Phooli took the baby for cleanup she said “U know If a baby pisses on u its said it ur time to conceive in near future”…She grinned naughtily and Shiv and Anandi.

Shiv and Anandi both blushed crimson.They had just started to know each other better and had not even thought abt kids yet.
But carrying Shiv’s baby tht thought made anandi blush she felt giddy and excited at the thought.
She said “umm…well I need to cleanup I’ll be back”She ran towards the washroom.

Shiv looked arnd here and there he felt mighty uncomfortable.
Phooli smiled at his discomfort.She said “please dont mind collector sahab I was just kidding”
Shiv replied “No its ok…I dont mind”

Phooli said “Anandi is a very good girl.she had always helped others and brought change in their lives I was heartborken when her marriage broke but I am glad to see tht she has got a nice person like u for lifepartner.please take care of her”

Shiv replied “I will always take very good care of Anandi”

Anandi came back and then they left…they were feeling so conscious tht they hardly looked at each other.
Shiv drove in silence.They approched the haveli Shiv said “mom dada and dadu are coming tomm.They will be happy to see u “
Anandi replied “I will be happy to meet them”
He dropped her at the haveli and went ahead.



Chapter 13

Next morning Anandi decided to visit Shiv’s house as his parents would be coming.She cooked some nice scacks and carried it with her.She informed Her family about her visit and went ahead.
She entered Shiv’s house one of the servent opened the door.
She asked “Shiv hain “
The attendent said “Yes he is sleeping”
Anandi was surprised.Shiv was an early riser like her…
she asked “and where is Choti Ma?”
The attendent said.Choti ma has gone to the temple.
Anandi asked “Is collector sahab alright?”
The attendent said “He had told choti ma tht he was having headache”
Anandi was concerned.She went towards Shiv’s room.She peeped in and saw Shiv was sleeping in his room.She went in and sat on the bed.She touched his head to check for fever.
Suddenly Shiv grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him She fell on top of him.
She looked at him startled “U were sleeping na?”
Shiv said “Yup I was but I woke up when u came ur payal and bangles are too noisy”

Anandi gave him a grumpy look “ur very bad U fooled me.chalo leave me now.”
Shiv said “No I wont…” and tightented his grip
Anandi said “ur becoming naughtier day by day”
Shiv said “Oh ho look who’s talking..who was nibbling my ears yesterday ?”
Anandi blushed “that was just…U leave me right now”


Shiv said “well I never leave anything unfinished”he gave her a naughty smile.
He rolled over and Anandi was laying beside him.He didnt leave her for a moment.
He bent his head and nibbled her ears.Anandi’s brain went blank.When he was close to her all her logic reasoning went out of the window.
He trailed his lips downwards towards her neck putting little kisses all along.

Anandi suddenly said “Choti ma !!”
Shiv jumped and left her.His face turned red and he looked towards the door.He didnt see anyone there.Meanwhile Anandi got up and stood on the other side of the bed.She was giggling.Shiv asked “Where is choti ma?”

Anandi replied “Ummm temple”
Shiv said “Then why did u call choti ma?”
Anandi laughed “nothing just like tht” and made a funny face at him
Shiv said “U lied..U lied to fool me”
Anandi said “yeah so even U lied u were not sleeping”
Shiv gave her a mock angry look “Wait I’ll show u..”
He came forwards…anandi ran and threw a pillow at him…he caught it…Soon they were running all over the room with Shiv chasing her…Anandi was laughing very hard but she was no match to Shiv’s physical strenghts.He caught her wrists she tried to pull back she lost her balance and they collapsed on the bed.Anandi was pinned below Shiv.
They were panting badly.Shiv looked into her eyes he had a smouldering look in his eyes.
Anandi was lost whenever he gave her this look.
She just gazed back him.He caught her lips and gave her a deep passionate kiss…he continued for dont know how long.His hands continued to move over her body.
After an eternity he broke the kiss.They shared an eyelock.
Both of them were blushing although it was not their first kiss but it was definitely the first kiss after reaching jaitser and most intance one after tht farmhouse stay.

Anandi’s head was still dizzy from it effect but she gathered her senses and said “Ur too heavy”
Shiv said “Opps sorry”…and he got off her.

He laid beside her supporting his head on his elbows.He had a half smile on his face and he was looking at her with love.Anandi just laid there looking at him.She wanted to hug him.She was about to do tht wehn they heard choti ma’s voice.

She was about to reach Shiv’s room calling out “Shiv beta…”
They immediately got up and stood.
She entered the room and saw Anandi standing with Shiv.They both looked very flushed.Shiv thought thank god she called before entering.
Choti ma gave scrutinising look at them.She saw Shiv looking sheepishly.He had a guilty look the type he used to have in childhood when he did something naughty.

She said “hello Anandi..good to see u..when did u come?”

Shiv replied immediately “She came just now”
CM said “why did u get up shiv u had headache”
Shiv said “I am fine..its gone now” then blushed pink
Cm creased her forehead n said “Ok come have ur breakfast then.
Shiv said “Well U two proceed I’ll join u for breakfast.

He went to take his towel.
Cm gave a nasty look towards Anandi.Anandi smiled nervously.
Cm said “I didnt expect u in Shiv’s…bedroom”
Anandi said “well the servent said tht he was not well so I just came to enquire”
Cm said “Well u could have waited its not right to go into a young man’s bedroom.perhaps ur used to it afterall ur staying in the same house with ur ex husband”

Anandi didnt say anything.She just looked down upset.
They went out for breakfast.Anandi was quite at the breakfast table she didnt say much.Even Shiv was quiter than usual.
Anandi asked Shiv “When are ur parents coming?”
Shiv replied “They were supposed to come this morning but their train has been delayed they would be reaching sometime in evening”

After breakfast Shiv offered to drop off Anandi.When she got in the jeeo he said “I am sorry for what choti ma said”
Anandi looked surpried “U heard ?”
Shiv replied “Yes I heard her and Although I respect her but she should not speak to u like tht”
Anandi said “Its ok she is elder than me she has right to scold me”
Shiv said “It was not scolding she insulted u.I dont undertand wats wrong with her she was never like tht”

Anandi said “Please dont be upset.I am fine with it and please dont say anything to Cm she’ll feel very bad.”
Shiv just looked on thoughtfully and drove.

He came back after dropping her and went to meet choti ma.
He asked her “Do u have a prob with Anandi?”
Cm looked surprised “Why? Did she say something”
Shiv said “She is to gentle soul to complain abt anyone I head what u said to her this morning.”
Cm just looked at him and said “U r too young to undertand.I am not sure if Anandi really loves u or she is just using u.

I am not sure she has completely got over her ex and I dont want to see u hurt.She comes with a past baggage.I dont want to see ur happiness destroyed due to her”.

Shiv said “Choti ma I really respect u.Marrying anandi is my decicion.I have full faith in her and if u still have some misgivings with time I am sure u’ll overcome that.But till then U should not insult her or taunt her.”
Cm looked at him surprised Shiv had never talked to her like tht.
Shiv then added “Anandi is goin to be part of my life If u insult her u would be insulting me.I dont want to stop repecting u”.
He went out.
CM stood there looking aghast she couldnt believe tht shiv would ever talk back at her.



Chapter 14

Anandi reached home.She was kind of upset by CM’s word but thinking of her and Shiv’s romantic morning made her smile.She got busy with her work.Jagya rarely came in front of her even if he came accidently she used to ignore him.
She got a call from Gulli saying one of her school girls was not well.Anandi rushed to her home and escorted her to the hospital.
Unfortunately Lal singh was out and jagya came to see the girl.
he said did the checkup and said “Its normal viral fever please come I will write a prescription for her”
Anandi reluctently went to his cabin he wrote a prescription and then said “I am very sorry Anandi”
Anandi replied “Its ok may I go now?”
Jagya said “I know I have been a jerk but I came back for my family and wat did I get..rejection.Even U forgot me”
Anandi looked at him surprised “Wat do u mean forgot u?? U left everyone and went away”
Jagya said “Yeah but I came back and I apologised too…Dont I deserve forgiveness for one mistake ?”

Anandi said “Well u have got it now.Everybody has forgiven u even bapusa has forgiven u are back in ur home what else do u want ?”
Jagya said “But U didnt forgive me.Infcat u have got over me…How could U forget our relationship”

Anandi said “So wat was I Supposed to do? sit around and wait for u??”
Jagya said “well U didnt really wait U got into the arms of first available man”
Anandi felt disgusted “Jagya everytime u show me a new level of disgust…U never valued ay relationship so every relation seems fake.U were not faithful to me nor ur faithful to gauri.”

Jagya said “I left gauri because she lied to me”
Anandi said “U lied to her too.U lied abt ur marital status but still she accepted u but ur not ready to forgive her because it hurts ur ego.”

Jagya was irritated “See gauri has betrated me but I had great regards for u but even u betrayed me.”
Anandi said “betrayed u?? really?? jagya for ur kind info We r divorced.We dont have any relationship now.”
Jagya said “we had 7 pheras how can u break tht?”
Anandi said “Just like u broke it.U disregard the importance of those 7 promises but U expect me to follow it?? why ?? Just coz ur man u can do whatever u want but since I am giel I should keep waiting for u…know wat I was foolish enough to believe it but not anymore.”

Jagay was angry he said “I know why ur saying this.It because of tht collector.He has spoiled u..I know all abt ur good time with him in jaipur.”
Anandi was shocked but she held her composure and said “Jagya its not use arguing with u.just tell me one thing instead of u if I had broken our marriage n then come back for forgivness would u have forgiven me ??”

Jagya didnt have any ans

Anandi said “I know u wouldnt have…Just do one thing go back to Gauri.U chose her over me and u dont love me anymore u want me back because its hurting ur ego to see me move on”

She got up and walked away.
Jagya just sat there like a dumbo.

Anandi was on the way to her home when she got a call from Shiv tht his parents had arrived.She told gulli to escort the girl to her home and she went ot Shiv’s house.

Everyone was very happy to see her…even CM seemed cordial to her.She had a nagging doubt weather Shiv said anything to her.
Ira said to her “We should start shopping immediately.There’s so much to do and we have just one month time.Shiv u come here”
Shiv came and sat near them “wat happened ?”
Ira said “We have to visit Jaipur ASAP…u take leave from office”
Shiv looked stumped “Why jaipur ?”
Ira said “Shopping of course”
Shiv said “Shopping !! mom u people go then mein kya karunga”
Anandi smiled she knew Shiv hated shopping

Ira said “bilkul nahi…arre duhle ki bhi to shopping karni hai u have to come with us”
Shiv gave a grumpy look
Then Ira added “well anandi will also come with us Usse bhi to shopping karni hai”
Shiv’s expression changed his face got back his smile
Ira said “see Anandi ka naam sunte hi ready ho gaya”
Shiv Blushed…Anandi recalled her previous Jaipur trip and she blushed again.

Alok came and sat near them “Ira said so u’ll also come for shopping na”
Alok said “I dont have patience to do shopping with u women U all go”

Daddu also joined them he asked Anandi “So ur dadisa is fine ?”
Anandi smiled and said “Yes she is fine.”
Dadu said “Bhai I havent met her after ciming back.
Everybody had a knowing smile on their faces.Shiv said “Daddu u just came we’ll go there tomm”

Dadu said”Oh yes”

Anandi enjoyed her time there and later on while coming back Shiv said “U looked upset when u came wat happened?”
Anandi said “Nothing I was worried what would happen to my family after I leave”
Shiv held her hand and said “dont worry.U will be in jaitser itself and u can visit them whenever u want”
Anandi smiled
Shiv added “Btw I got a call from Mahi he would be coming here soon.”
Anandi said “really !! thts good.I hardly met him during the enagagement”

Shiv dropped her and went.
She went in and informed everyone about the Shekhar’s arrival.
Bhairov got a call from someone and after coming back he seemed very tensed.Anandi observed this later one she went to Bhairov and asked

“wats wrong bapusa? u look tense today”
Bahirov said sadly “I got a call from Gauri’s bade papa.Gauri is pregnant and he abandoned her in tht condition.
Anandi was stumped “What !! but why is he here then ? he should be with her.Why to punish tht innocent child for their fight.does he knows?”
bhairov said “No gauri didnt inform him.Her bade papa called because he wants them to reconcile even though she has hurt him but he cant see her alone in this condition.he would be coming here tomm dont tell anything to jagya.even though I cannot accept tht girl ever but I dont want to punish a poor child.Jagya should go back to her.”
Anandi just nodded.

She came back in her room and was thoughtful.
She smiled whan she saw Shiv’s call.She picked it up.
Shiv said “I missed u “
Anandi said “But we met today only”
Shiv said “yeah but its been 5 hours since then so I miss u”
Anandi laughed “Collector sahab aisa kaise chalega…control urself”
Shiv said “tab se control hi to ker raha hoon”
Anandi asked “wat do u mean?”
Shiv laughed “nothing…btw I was thinking to I come to pick u for school tomm”
Anandi asked “Why??”
Shiv said “Nothing just like tht my house has become madhouse nowdays with all this shaadi preparations I just need a break”
Anandi said “ok”

Next morning Anandi was busy with breakfast preparations When gehna came and said.U go I’ll handle this.
Anandi asked “Why I am doing na”
Gehna said “u go out u will see”
anandi went out and saw Shiv chatting with everyone.She was surprised.She didnt expect him to come this early.
Dadisa said “Anandi chalo sabke liye breakfast lagao”
Anandi and gehna set the table and everybody joinned for breakfast.Even jagya came down an joinned them.he was sitting opposite to Shiv and Anandi.He looked at them angrily but didnt say anything.Shiv gave him a cold look but still greeted him cordially.

Anandi whispered to Shiv “Why did u come early ?”
Shiv replied “I told u na I was missing u”
Anandi gave him a mock angry look “We were anyways gonna meet then wat was the hurry”
Shiv said “I just wanted to escape all those shopping talks thts all.Mom and choti ma are going hyper.”
Anandi smiled at him.
Jagya saw their intraction and burned with jealousy.
They still in process of having breakfast when Anandi saw Bhairov going to wards the living area.She suddenly remembered the impending
arrival of bada papa and gauri.She looked uncomfortabely at Shiv.She didnt want him to witness this but she didnt knwo how to tell him.
bade papa and gauri came in with Bhairov.
Everybody was stunned to see them.jagya’s face turned white when he saw pregnant Gauri.She looked menecengily at him.
Shiv was puzzled to see them he didnt know who they were.
Bhairov called Jagya and said “Jagya please come here”
They all went in the living area.
Gauri looked at Anandi with hatred being unaware of her engagament.
She just started her usual screaming “So u must be happy now thts wat u always wanted to take away jagya from me”
Shiv was surprised an he made a guess tht probably she’s Gauri.He looked at her curiously and thought “So jagay left Anandi for her!! was he in his senses ?”

Gauri continued her ranting she blamed everyone for her misfortune.
Finally bhairov “Enough ! First of all Stop accusing anandi.Anandi and Jagya are not together and u know tht”
Gauri looked at him dumbly.
Bhairov continued “Anandi is engaged to The collector and they are getting married next month.First get all the fact before blaming everyone.”
Gauri’s eyes grew round she looked at Shiv and anandi.She thought “This gawar got this handsome collector”

Jagya was still white faced he didnt know how to react.
Bhairov said “Jagya I know u have issues with gauri but I want u two to resolve it because I dont want a poor child to suffer due to ur actions”

Jagya continued his ranting tht he had got his family back after lot of efforts he didnt want to leave.but Bhairov was admant he said “u go back to mumbai with gauri coz she needs u.I am not disowning u have already gained ur forgivness but right now gauri needs u more so please go back with her to mumbai.”
Jagya couldnt say anything after tht and his dreams of getting back anandi had shattered.Gauri was happy to get back her trophy husband.


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