Red Roses and Rain part 4

Chapter 9

Next morning Anandi woke up feeling very contented and peaceful She saw Shiv’s one arm was wraped around her from behind.She turned back and saw he was sleeping peacefully like a child.her movement caused him to snuggles closer and hold her tighter.She was pinned by his arm she couldnt get up even if she wanted to.She lovelingly looked at his face.She thought no matter how tough image he might project outside he looks so vulberable while sleeping.

She blushed when she thought of last night they had not done anything but they had crossed an intimacy barrier and she was embarassed to think how she would face him.
She also felt excited when she recalled their kiss.She bent her head and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead.
She looked at his face and Shiv had a slight smile he seemed to be chuckling.

She said “Ur awake…I know ur awake”
Shiv laughed and opened his eyes
She said “when did u wake up ? why did u pretend to be asleep?”
Shiv said “I woke up just before u but when I saw tht u were making no efforts to move away I pretended to sleep.Must say I liked ur style of waking me up.Please wake me up every morning like this”


Anandi blushed.
She said “how can I get up u have pinned me with ur arm I can barely move”
Shiv held her even tighter and teased her “U have been caught while having ur evil ways with a poor sleeping man”

Anandi gave him a scandalous look “what !! evil ways ?? wat did i do I was just…” She bit her lips and turned crimson.


Shiv raised his eyebrows and gave her a naughty look.
Anandi struggled to get out of his hold “leave me” He held her with both his hands “Nopes I am not leaving u”
Anandi said “please I cant breath”
Shiv said “Ok but first lets finish what u started”
He covered her mouth wih his and gave her a deep passionate kiss.Anandi felt her head spinning she clutched at his biceps.
Shiv’s hands trailed over her body.Shiv’s breathing was ragged.Anandi’s hands started moving on their own she trailed her hands over his muscular chest,biceps and back she ran her fingures through his hairs.He gasped and started to kiss harder.

Anandi heard a buzzing sound.She realised tht her phone was ringing she opened her eyes and looked at Shiv.Shiv had also realised this and immediately broke the kiss.

She picked her phone n saw dadisa calling.
Her hands went cold…her breathing was still ragged she took a deep breath and took the call.
She heard dadisa saying in the other side “Arre chori wahan jaker ghar ko bhool hi heyi ke na koi phone kal bhi baat na ho saki thare se”
Anandi said “Ji dadisa I was busy in meeting and there was lot of work”


Meanwhile Shiv was lounging lazily beside her and gave her funny look.

She ignored him and continued talking

dadisa said “arre to itna haaf kyun rahi hai…tabiyat to theek hai na thari”(why r u panting so much ur ok na)
Anandi tried to control her breath and said “I am fine I came running to get the phone thts why”

Dadisa said “Ok when are u coming and where is shiv he had some work today na”

Anandi said “yes collector sahab is in his room we will leave as soon as he finishes his work.we’ll reach home by evening”

Shiv laughed silently at her misery he found her nervousness quite funny.

Anandi finished the call and said “why r u laughing? I was so nervous wat if dadisa knew” she shuddered at the thought.
Their Jaipur sojourn could cause a mini scandal in jaitser.

Shiv laughed aloud “well how would she find out unless u tell her n dont worry wen we r married everybody will be relaxed.”
He trailed his fingures on her back teasing her.
Anandi controlled herself and said “stop teasing me we should leave immediately.I told dadisa we’ll reach by evening”
Shiv said “Ok as u wish”

Anandi went into the bathroom and changed into her saari.She tidied up the room meanwhile Shiv had got dressed and he was talking to the owners of the house and thanking them.
They thanked ramdeen once again and left from there.
Since it was daytime so Shiv didnt have much problem finding the way they reached guesthouse pretty soon.
Anandi asked “when are we leaving”
Shiv said “I am famished lets eat something then we’ll decide”

Shiv told the attendents to lay the breakfast.After showring and changing anandi joined him for breakfast.She wore one of the anarkali suit She had bought from the mall.
Shiv looked at her appreciatively.

He said “U look good in anything.I like u in this U should wear it more often”
Anandi said “well in jaitser I am used to wear ghagra but If U want I’ll dress more casually after marriage”
Shiv said “Its not abt wat I want.U should wear whatever ur comfortable in I like u the way u are”
Anandi looked at him gratefully.She thought I wish my life was different I wish I would have met u before.

After breakfast Shiv said “we can leave after lunch so we’ll be in jaitser by evening would u like to do some siteseeing here?”
Anandi said “I have been to jaitser several times but I have never done any siteseeing here I would love to”.

They left for site seeing and went to the popular attractions of the city like hawa mahal,city palace,birla temple etc.
Shiv gave a running commentry abt each monument and gave her a peck on her cheek when they were at some lonely place.
They had their lunch at a nice restaurent and after tht they left for jaitser.Anandi had changed back into her ghagra.

When they left the city Anandi asked Shiv “what if Bheem singh reached before us? we’ll be entering jaitser alone.people might notice this”

Shiv replied “dont worry I’ll pick him up on the way.I have already talked to him about this.”He grined back at her

Anandi said “Oh my !! u have already planned everything I didnt know u were so cunning”
Shiv said “Only the trip…I didnt plan thunderstorm and tht stay at farmhouse” he winked at her

Anandi blushed when she remembered last night.
Shiv said “Thank u so much for making this trip memorable.”
Anandi said “It was the best day of my life I would never forget it and It set me free from my past”

They smiled at each other.They had developed a new bond between them.They were always compatible but now their friendship had changed to love.
Anandi said suddnely “Shiv I have to tell u something.U knw my family has forgiven Jagya.He is coming back in the haveli”
Shiv gave her a serious look. He had full trust on Anandi but he didnt trust jagya and his sudden goodness had actully puzzled him.He could sense tht Jagya’s intentions were not truly honourable.

He said “I know.Dont worry I trust u and I love u.Ur doing this for ur family once we get married U wont have bear him again”

Anandi replied “Shiv marry me soon I cant live without u anymore”
Shiv replied “U knw how hard it is for me to paas each day without u.I’ll talk to my mom today itself”

They picked up Bheem singh on the way.
Bheem singh started his usual chattering.
After reaching jaiter Shiv dropped Bheem singh at his home and then proceeded to drop Anandi.When they reached the haveli


Anandi said “Please come inside everybody will be happy to meet u”
He said “Later Choti ma is alone at home so I should go home soon.”
Anandi felt bad leaving him She was sad tht her time with Shiv ended so soon.
Shiv was having similar feeling.they looked sadly at each other.Shiv looked around then stroked her face with his hands and gave a quick peck on her cheeks.

He dropped Anandi near the enterance and drove off.Anandi looked at the dissapearing car and then called makkhan kaka to take her luggage inside.Unknown to them one person had seen their intimate parting.

Jagya was lurking behind a haveli pillar and he saw Shiv and Anandi’s closeness.He had come back to the haveli in her absence and had thought tht he would be the 1st person to welcome back anandi but he had hid behind the pillar wen he saw Shiv with

her.He was burning with jealousy and had a very angry look.He thought anandi has become a total wanton she is the beendi of the house but has no regard for its reputation I’ll teach her a lesson.

Anandi dreamily walked into the house everybody welcomed her and congratulated her for her success.She told them abt the meeting and how very soon some official people would be coming to aquire land for the college.

Jagya also came and and showed fake happiness.Anandi didnt even want to look at jagya but she accepted his greetings.She didnt love him or hate him anymore she was indifferent her heart was only full of Shiv’s thoughts.

Chaper 10

Anandi was in a very good mood she was still under shiv’s spell she happily served dinner to everyone and chatted animatedly abt the college project.
Dadisa said “dekh to chori ka chera kaisa chamak raha hai.kitni khush hai ye”
Bhairov looked at her proudly. Jagya gritted his teeth in anger but didnt revel his feeling he pretended to be happy like others.

Anandi was totally indifferent to jagya she didnt want any painful thoughts. Best way to avoid something is to ignore it.she had learned to stop thinking abt jagya.

Gehna observed anandi.Anandi was always happy whenever there was something related to welfare of people but she had never been this happy before she litrally glowed and genha concluded this had def something to do with shiv.she smiled knowingly.
After everybody ate and left anandi and gehna were having dinner anandi seemed again lost in thought she was smiling and blushing for no reason
Gehna asked “so how was ur trip anandi”
anandir replied “it was very good the meeting went very nicely”
gehna said “i am not asking abt ur meeting so how was ur time with shiv”
anandi blushed “it was good he is very gracious man…n i really respect him…”
gehna cut her off “ya ya i know all abt ur respect for shiv…Is this glowing and blushing face result of spending time with shiv ?”
a\Anandi didnt knw wat to say “ummm ye we had a nice time…i mean we went site seeing,shopping u knw the usual stuff ”
Gehna laughed and said “arre pagal why u getting so nervous u can tell me.I cant explain I m so happy for u I havent seen u so elated in years”
Anandi said ” tai ji u were correct spending time with shiv changed my perspective abt our relationship infact now I have fully accepted him and…I…I…love him”she blushed
Gehna hugged her n said “u have given me the best news trust me I will be ur confidate u can share anything with me”
anandi was very grateful.she quickly gave her the account of jaipur trip except for the more intimate parts.
After dinner anandi rushed to her room.she was dying to hear shiv’s voice.she called him.
Shiv’s sexy voice replied “hi dear”
anandi said “u had ur dinner”
he said “yes choti ma had made it…now I was thinking abt u…btw did u call me just to enquire abt my dinner ?”

Anandi said “no…I just wanted to talk.Thank u for wonderful and memorable trip”
shiv said “It was memorable for me too I hope we plan something like this again…and I dont mind if was can add couple of thunderastorms”
Anandi said ” ur getting naughtier day by day dont think u will be obliged everytime”
Shiv said ” hmmm so when should I expect being obliged”
Anandi blushed
Shiv replied “u know I am badly missing u”
Anandi said “I miss u too”

Suddenly she heard her door opened and jagya barged in her room.she looked at him surprised
He said “H wanted to talk to u abt something”
anandi told shiv on phone “I will talk to u later” and cut the call.

She asked  jagya “wat u wanna say?”

Jagya said ” I am very happy for u…u were always very intelligent and smart… I am glad u got a college for jaitser…why just jaitser very soon u will be famous all over rajasthan…why only rajasthan u will be famous all over india…”…he continued his ranting.

Anandi heard his rantings with a bored expression…She finally yawned n said ” Thanks jagya for ur appreciation but I m really tired n I badly need rest.I m sorry but can we talk tomm?”

Jagya said “sorry I didnt realise…c u tomm good night” he left her room with angry look he thought “so she said miss u to shiv how dare she think of any other man…I need to fix this soon”
anandi slept off peacefully dreaming abt shiv.

Next few days shiv and anandi hardly met.he was back in strict collector mode and there meetings were strictly professional.anandi was also busy with her school and now starting the new college work.
They did talk on phone but they didnt get time to mee alone and they missed each other badly.

After a week shiv decided to to meet anandi at her home he had been very busy n today he had some time before going to office He thought let me visit her n offer to drop her to her school I will get sometime to spend with her.

He went to the haveli.
Gehna received him she said “ghani khamba collector sahab please come in”
Shiv replied “namaste tai ji”

He came into the living area but didnt see anyone he asked “dadisa ??”
gehna said “dadisa left early for temple and basantji and bhairovji also went out for some work.u must have come to meet anandi she is in her room.she will be leaving for school soon”
Shiv replied “actually I needed anandi’s signature in some papers.I will wait for her”
gehna got an idea she smiled to herself

She said “u can go n meet her in her room”
Shiv looked baffled “no its ok I will wait here”
Gehna said “dont worry nobody is in and I dont want u to to waste ur time and getting bored here…dont know anandi might take time.. U  go I wont mind”

Shiv didnt know wat to do he was defenitely tempted to go but was feeling embarassed
Gehna gave him n encouraging smile
He climbed the stairs and reached anandi’s room.Her door was slighty ajar.He knocked on the door he didnt get any response.he knocked again…again no response he tentatively pushed the door in and entered her was empty.he thought were she could be ? he went into her tidy room.
He saw a bookshelf full of books.He went towards it and saw her book was full of classics,social service,self help and many more books.
He said to himself so ur also fond of reading like me.he took one book and flipped through it.

He heard bathroom door open he turned around and saw anandi coming out after her shower she was dressed in ghagra and choli but didnt have a dupatta.she didnt notice shiv and went straightway to to mirror she put hairs on one side and sttarted to rub it dry.

Suddenly she felt someone behind her.

Her eyes grew big with surprise and she was about to scream.shiv pressed her mouth with his hands.he said “shhh…its me I came to meet u tai ji sent me here”
Anandi relaxed she asked “wen did u come? N how did u come into the room ?”
shiv said “well I was waiting for u downstairs but taiji said there’s nobody at home n u will get bored waiting all alone so I should meet u here”
Anandi said ” taiji actually said tht?”anandi laughed

Shiv looked puzzled “why?”
Anandi said “well she knows the details of our trip I mean not all the details but she knows abt our being alone ”
shiv chuckled “well ur taiji rocks!! How well she guessed my plight”

Anandi asked mischiviously “n wat is ur plight?”
He held her by her waist n said “I missed u terribaly.”
Anandi blushed n they gazed at each other.

Shiv pulled her towards him n brought her closer he encircled her in his arms.She was looking beautiful in her wet hairs and freshly showered face.She smelled like lilacs.


He bent his head and lightly brushed her cheeks with his lips.

He nibbled at her earlobes…Anandi shivered…she held him tighter and ran her hands on his back…Shiv placed light kisses on her forehead…cheeks…He lightly nibbled her neck  and collarbone anandi arched her back n ran her fingures in his hair.

Shiv’s lips trailed upwards from her neck and he was about to place it on her lips.

Anandi blushed at the thought of his kiss and imediately hugged him she buried her face in his chest…Shiv smiled and hugged her back he rested his chin on her head.

He moved his hands on her back and saw tht anandi’s blouse dori was open…He caught it and tied it…Anandi was aware of his touch on her back she lifted her head and they looked into each other’s eyes.

They shared an eyelock for sometime when suddenly anandi’s door burst open and jagya barged in the room.Anandi and shiv immediately sprang apart.

Shiv put his hands in his pockets and looked at jagya with narrowed eyes.
Anandi looked at jagya and asked “yes? u want something?”

Jagya was seething with anger.He had seen their hug…but he pretended to be normal and said “ummm yes I needed to discuss something abt the farmers cooperative…”

Shiv cut him of saying “official work should be discussed in office.lets meet today in my office”
Jagya said “ummm ok I will c u then” he started to leave.
Shiv said “Btw knocking the door before entering someone’s room is considered good manners”
jagya nodded stupidly and went out.he was burning with jealousy…he thought.tht shiv is romancing my wife in my house…I have to do something…why didnt anything happen to him till now I had tampered tht railway file long time back”

Anandi looked at shiv.She had a pained look.Shiv went to her and hugged her.

He said “its ok I m there for u .nobody will hurt u again”.
Anandi clutched at him tightly.she said “please take me away with u.Iwant to be away from jagya and his memories.”
shiv patted her head n said” sure dear have patience.meanwhile Ican take u to ur school …wanna lift” he grined at her.

Anandi laughed “sure”
Shiv said “Then get ready fast I will wait downstairs”.
Anandi got ready and went with shiv…she got down at her school and shiv proceeded  towards his office.wen he went in bheem singh came to him looking worried.
Shiv asked “what happned?”

Chapter 11

Shiv asked Bheem singh “what happened why r u worried?”
Bheem singh replied “Sir tht railway file…”
Shiv said “wat happed to railway file?”
Bhem singh said “sir it got rejected”
Shiv asked surprised “why? I had personally had met railways minister ragarding tht.He had assured me tht we would get the grant waht went wrong ?”
Bheem singh replied “Sir there was discrepency in the file..”
Shiv said “what discrepency ?I had checked the file personally…even anandi was here.What went wrong”

Bheem singh said “The soft copy of the file had discrepencies”
Shiv said “How is tht possible did u check it before mailing?”
Bheem singh said “I checked it before taking the printout not before sending sir”
Shiv asked “DO u share ur system password”
Bheem singh replies ” no sir…but I didnt give it to jagya U had given him permission to sha
my system…infact tht day jagya was waiting here for system to be free”
Shiv looked thoughtful.”Could jagya do tht??”
He said “send the system admin to my office”

He went in and had discussion with the system admin.They checked Bheem Singh’s system throughly.

Later tht day Shiv called Jagya to his office.
Jagya came in.Shiv gave him a scrutinising look. Jagya sat down he looked expectently.
Shiv said “So jagya I am really happy to see ur zeal to serve people..I am impressed I really liked ur farmers cooperative idea”
Jagya replied “I am just trying to serve people and I happy to work with u hav started some really good peojects in jaitser like nehar prj,railways prj”

Shiv said “U seem very intrested in Railways project”
Jagya looked uncomfortable.

Shiv looked at him piearcengly…
He asked “Ever heard of word called spyware?”
Jagya said “no”
Shiv said “If u knew u wouldnt have done what u did?”
Jagya feigned ignorance “wht did I do?”
Shiv said “U tampered the railways tender file”
Jagya said angrily “Ur blaming me for no reason…ur jealous of me.U know anandi still loves me so Ur framing me”
Shiv laughed “well u have pretty good openion abt urself but I didnt call u here to discuss ur love life.I want to know why u
tampered the railways file.”
Jagya said “I didnt do anything…U must have planned this fraud and now ur blaming me..u r a corrupt official…”

“JAGYA !!!” someone screamed

They all turned around and saw Anandi standing at the enterance of Shiv’s office.

She came in angrily and said “How dare u say something like this for collector sahab.He is the most honest person here.”
Jagya said “Anandi good u came here…see the real face of this guy.has made some tender goofup and now he is blaming me.I am telling u anandi this guy is not right he will bring destrustion for jatiser.”

“SLAP !!”
Anandi slapped Jagya.She said “u are talking abt my future husband I dont wanna hear a word against him”
Jagya looked stunned he said “U have changed Anandi U have become blinded under his influence…”

Shiv said “enough Jagya !…I have proof against u”
Jagya challenged him asking “Ok show me proof”
Shiv called in the system admin

He opened the laptop and showed Bheem singh’s system logs.
He said “These are the keystroke logs It captures every key pressed by the user.We can see here tht day these keys were
pressed.They saw tht File data being changed.
Then he said these are the screenshots from screencapture spyware.U can see the different screenshots of the file.Again its been tampered.

Jagya said “So how does it prove I am guilt ?…anyone in the office could have tampered it”

The system admin said There’s one more spyware “cam capture…it records whoever is sitting on the system”
He opened it and they could see jagya’s face on the screen

Jagya looked perplexed but he was still defensive “So what I use this system often it could be any other day’s records”

Shiv pointed out the date and timestamp there.It was same day and same time when Bheem singh had left his system.
Shiv said “Tht time bheem singh was in my room discussing the file.Anandi was present there too.Now what do u have to say Jagya?

Jagya u should be aware tht all office systems are well protected by anti viruses and spyware and We have records of everything…ur plan was foolish”

Jagya’s face turned white.he didnt know wat to say.He looked helplessly at Anandi.

Anandi looked at him in disbelief.She was devastated.She had thought tht Jagya had turned a new leaf after his swine flu help she had believed tht he had changed for good.And she was happy for her family tht get got back their son.She didnt know wat to say.She said “Jagya how could u do this?? U betrayed everyone again.What will dadisa and bapusa think”

Jagya became alert after hearing those words.He started ranting “I am sorry anandi.I was blinded by jealousy U know how impulsive I am from childhood.I still love u Anandi I wanted u back in my life.please dont say anything to bapusa.I hav got back my family after so much struggle please dont take it away from me.Please forgive me once again”

Anandi flinched at his words.She said “I never forgave u jagya but I agreed to everyone wishes because I wanted to see them happy…but now u have tried to hurt Shiv I will never forgive u for this”

Jagya kept begging he said “please Anandi think of dadisa’s health she will die if she gets to know abt this.Do u want to see her die?Please forgive me”

Anandi relented “She said alright I wont say anything to them but I dont want to see u face ever again.and Ur not going to handle tht farmer’s cooperative I will grant it to some other deserving person.”

Jagya looked relieved but his mind was still evil he thought “I will not leav u Shiv..I will take my revenge”

Shiv said “Jagya just go and from now on ur banned from coming inside the collector’s premise I would take legal action against u if U disobey ur orders”

Jagya simply bowed his head and left.

Anandi felt dizzy and she collapsed on the chair.

Shiv signaled Bheem singh and system admin to leave.

He Kneeled in front of Anandi and offered her water.Anandi took a sip.
Shiv held her hands and said “Its ok everything will be fine”
Anandi hugged him and sobbed she said.”what should I do?”
Shiv patted her head he said “just stop thinking abt this.First relax then we’ll see wat should be done.”
Anandi just clutched him.hey stayed like this for sometime then Shiv bent down and placed a kiss on her forehead..He brushed
her face with his knuckles.They shared an eyelock.Anandi got bolder and arched her face and placed a kiss on Shiv’s cheeks.
Shiv smiled and said “Well this is not the right place.Lets leave.I’ll take u out somewhere U will feel better.”

They left his office and Shiv drove to a beautiful lake.
They sat near the lake with their feet submerged in water.Anandi was leaning on his arm.Shiv was gently stroking her arm.She
was feeling relaxed She thought “Shiv knows me so well he knows what will calm me down.

Shiv asked “Do u remember this lake ?”
Anandi looked puzzled
He said “Its the same lake were I met u for the first time.Remember tht wild carriage ride?? We both fell down here.U know
when I looked up I was stumped U were a beautiful vision.But I controlled my self” He grinned “No wonder the horse ran away with u”

Anandi blushed “really !! what if u had not controlled urself?”

Shiv said “well in tht case…”

He looked deeply in her eyes and bent his head towards her lips.Anandi blushed and she quickly turned away her face.Shiv’s lips touched her ears.He touched her chin and gently turned her face towards himself.Anandi was expecting him to kiss her.
But he didnt do anything he just whispered “I Love u” in her ears.

Anandi looked at him and smiled.They spent some more time near the lake and then left.

Meanwhile Jagya was in a bar…he was feeling very angry and was drowning his anger in drinks.He was cursing Shiv and Anandi.
A man cam and sat in front of him.He introduced himself saying “Hi I am Rahul…MLA heth singh’s son”…
Jagya looked at him and asked “What do u want?”
He replied “I know its difficult to see ur beendni going around with a paraya mard…disregarding our culture”
Jagya asked “what do u mean?”
He replied “well I know something which will be useful for u.” he narrated the Shiv and Anandi’s sojourn at the club.
Jagya thought angrily “So this is wat she has been doing going out alone with Shiv no wonder she is so enamoured by him.I bet they must have slept together…perhaps I should give this info to Dadisa”He smiled at himself evilly.

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