Red Roses and rain part 2

3rd Chapter

Shiv had been driving for 2 hours they had already left jaitser and were crossing some Shiv had been driving for 2 hours they had already left jaitser and were crossing some other village.Bheem singh was doing his usual chattering.Anandi was mostly silent after some time Shiv stopped the Car and said.”Bheem Singh U can get down here “
Anandi was sitting next to him she looked startled “where is Bheem singh going ?”

Bheem singh replied “Anandiji this My Uncle’s village is nearby I have to attend my cousin’s wedding and hopefully there I might find a prospective bride for myself too” he said blushing.
Anandi laughed “Ur going to get ur marriage fixed”

Bheem singh said “Ji wo kya hai ki Sir ki bhi shaadi ho rahi hai so mother asked me to come she has selected some girls for me”…he was stiil blushing.

Anandi said “thts very nice Bheem Singh ji but I thought u were going to jaipur with us”.
Bheem singh said ” No Madam Sir can handle those things he offered to drop since my uncle’s village was on the way..didnt he tell u?”

Anandi was surprised before she could ask anything Shiv said “Bheem singh u’ll get late…U’ll miss ur prospective bride”

Bheem singh said eyeing the bag of eatables “Sure Sir but I’ll get hungry on the way and there are no place to eat..”

Shiv said “Take the food bag and go”

Bheem Singh thanked them and got down.

Anandi was still trying to understand all the happenings.She was kind of disappointed by Bheem Singh accompanying them but now she was confused why didnt Shiv inform her.

Shiv started the car and asked “So are u still angry Anandiji?”

Anandi asked “For wat?” then she remembered the lunch incident.She blushed “No…I mean I was angry but not anymore”

Shiv said “I am sorry I was just playing a prank on you I didnt mean to embarass u”.
Anandi said “Its ok I am not angry at u.we are best friends remember In friendship No sorry and no thanks you”
Shiv samiled.
Anandi asked “Btw u told dadisa tht bheem singh would be accompanying us but he left midway”

Shiv said “U remember I had said I wanted to spend a whole day with you.When I got this DM’s invitation I got the idea tht we could use this opportunity to spend some time together.But dadiji seemed concerned abt U being alone with me.And she is right It would not be right if people saw us leaving jaitser alone even though we are engaged It could damage ur family and ur reputation in the village.So I suggested Bheem Singh would be joinning us.He was anyways gonna stop at his village.So I was fine with it.We could get some time alone and nobody would get to know abt it”

Anandi laughed “collector sahab I didnt know U could plan things so seamlessly”

Shiv said “So ur not worried abt being alone with me ?? I thought U would bombard me for fooling u…didnt know u were actually looking forward to it” he said with a twinkle.

Anandi blushed crimson “Nahi aisa nahi hai…I mean this jaiour trip is important for jaitser so..ab jana to hai hi…and wat would ur Choti ma think”
She was looking here and there fumbling for words.

Shiv was amused at her embarassment he asked “Dont worry abt Choti ma…Do U trust me ?”
Anandi replied “Yes I fully trust you”
Shiv asked ” Then are u ready to spend next 2 days with me? We will spend some memorable time together and get to know each other well starting with this beautiful long drive”

Anandi Smiled She just nodded her head…she was too overwhelmed to speak.She had never known avyone like Shiv before.She had only seen her village men who even though might be good to their wives but they had tht patriachal mindset.
Shiv was so different he set her free…she could enjoy,laugh,could discuss anything with him.

Shiv switched on the music system and song began to play “Do dil mil rahe hain magar chupke chupke…”

They laughed.
Shiv laughed “U know Anandi this secret trip reminds me of my teenage crush..I used to have secret date with my gf” he suddenly stopped.

Anandi teased him “You had a girlfriend !! when ?? How ? i thought u and Ashima were just friends”
Shiv replied “Well Ashima’s not the only girl I know and she was never my girlfriend”

Anandi’s eyes grew round with surprise “aapko dekh ker aisa lagta to nahi hai”

Shiv said “Dont misundertand me I was just 16 and in school…I had this high school crush.We used to meet secretly and go on secret bike rides”

Anandi felt a pang of jealousy ” But then why didnt u leave her ?”

Shiv said “When people grow up their priorities and choice change…we left school then go busy in college studies and realised tht we are not meant to spend our life together we wanted different things from life…she has her own family now”…”Childhood love are mostly infatuations As we mature we come to realise what are our actual priorities.”

Anandi looked thoughtful nowdays she was having doubts weather she was really in love with jagya or she had grown to love him because of social conditioning.The way she felt with Shiv was completely different.She felt shivers whenever she was near him and when she was with him she forgot everything it was just her and Shiv nothing else mattered.She never felt like this with jagya.

Shiv asked “wat are u thinking anandiji?”

Anandi said “Nothing and please dont call me Anandiji…We are friends so I am just anandi for u”

Shiv replied “Ok but U also call me Shiv instead of collector sahab”

Anandi said “i will try”

Shiv said “Why try start practising call me shiv just now”

Anandi blushed and said “Ok Shiv”

Shiv said “See how easy it is…so much more intimate”

They continued talking..Anandi enjoyed the ride so much tht she didnt realise when they reached outskirts of jaipur.It was almost night.
Shiv asked Anandi “I am very hungry how abt u ?”

Anandi replied “Yeah sure” although food was last thing in her mind when she was with Shiv she forgot her everything even her hunger and thirst.

Shiv stopped the car at a dhaba “Tht idiot Bheem singh took all our food so we better stop and eat here”
They got down from their car and was a typical dhaban with blaring music and lots of truck drivers.A group gave an admiring look at Anandi but Shiv held Anandi closer and gave a stern look.
They all turned around.
Anandi felt safe with Shiv.

They gave their orders and were waiting for it on a charpoyi…Anandi suddenly felt hungry when she saw food coming.She had not eaten all day.Shiv smiled and offred and bite to her
She blushed and ate its from his hands.

They finished their dinner and wne tback in their car.Anandi was dead tired and very sleepy.
By the time they arrived at their guest house she had already slept off.Shiv smiled at her.She looked like an innocent child while sleeping.He ordered the bell boys to take out the luggage.They had stopped in a government guest house and It was lovely 2 bedroom house.He picked up Anandi from her seat and carried her inside.He Gently placed her on her bed.Tucked her blanket and gave a soft kiss on her forehead.The he departed and went to his room..they had a very important meeting tomm and he needed rest.


Chapter 4


Anandi woke up she had a very nice sleep.Somehow she felt very contented.She looked at her watch It was 7 am She was used to waking up early but today she slept off.
She looked around she was in a different room.She tried to recall last night.She remember being at the dhaba then sitting in the car after tht everything was hazy.How did she reach here?
She heard a knock on the door she adjusted her dupatta and said who’s there ?


Shiv entered her room he was dressed in crisp cotton kurta and he seemed to be freshly showered.She could smell his musky deo.His hairs were slicked back and he looked devastatingly handsome.


Anandi blushed “Where am I ?”

Shiv replied “well we are in the guesthouse since U had already slept off in the car hence u dont remember our arrival.”

Anandi asked “I slept off ?? then how did I come here?

Shiv gave a naughty smile “Well I carried u in..It would have been very rude to leave u out in the car”

Anandi turned red she felt her ears burning “Oh u had to carry me I am so sorry”

Shiv said “Its ok no prob u were really tired and I didnt want to wake u up”

Anandi said “But I am feeling bad u had to cary me in It must have been so inconvenient”


Shiv laughed “Well it was not at all inconvinient for me..infcat I…well leave it..we have to reach DM’s office by 9 u have 2 hours to get ready.I will be waiting for u in the dinind room we’ll leave after breakfast”.

Anandi said “Sure”


Shiv left the room.Anandi got out from the bed her heart was still beating like a train Shiv carried her in !! She felt her knees going weak at the thought.She scolded herself…get a grip we have come here for some important work.
She opened her suitcase and looked in.She smiled at she decided what to wear today.Well Mr Shivraj Shekhar for u to get surprised.She took her clothes and proceeded towards the bathroom.


Shiv was flitting through the newspaper he was ready in his suit and was waiting for Anandi to turn up.
He heard similar tinkling of payals.
he looked up and his eyes widened like saucers.

Anandi was dressed in a crisp silk sari.It was Blue in colore with a black border.She wore matching earrings and matching pendent in a chain.She wore kadas in her hands and since her hairs were wet she had left it open.Without her heavy jewellery and pallu she looked stunning.

Shiv couldnt stop staring at her she was looking absolutely graceful and beautiful.It gave her a very profession aura.

He tried to speak but his throat seemed dry.He just looked at her dumbstruck.
Anandi came near him and lifted one eyebrow enquiringy.

He somehow managed to blurt out…”Wow!!u look very…umm..different”

Anandi thought yeah I can clearly see the effect on you.

She said “So collector sahab wat did u think village girls cant be dressed in chic way”

Shiv said “Oh no I didnt mean tht..I have never seen u like this its a surprise but a pleasent one”


Anandi said “Since this meeting was really important I wanted to look professional.And u know who inspired me…ur mom…I liked her way of dressing in graceful saaries.she gifted me this saari when she took me shopping with her”


Shiv was amazed “when did u people go shopping ?”
Anandi laughed “Oh its girls issue u wont understand…lets have our breakfast we have an important meeting remember!”

Shiv rolled his eyes and thought God know wat else these woman have planned for me one more surprise and I’ll have a heart attack.


They finished their breakfast and proceeded towards the car.Anandi had tied her hair in a bun and looked very chic.


They reached DM’s office and met the people there.The meeting went on very well and everybody liked Anandi’s presentation many educationalists showed intrest in starting a college in  jaitser.And the VC said they would get university affiliation very easily.
Only hitch was getting the land.Anandi assured them tht she would talk to the village people and convince them to provide land at reasonable price.She would also ask her family too to donate land for this noble cause.

The DM personaly congratulated her on her success.


Shiv beamed at her.
They left the DM’s office Shiv was still in high spirits.He said “I am proud of u Anandi”
Anandi blused “Ab itna bhi tareef mat kijiye…aapne bhi to kitni mehnat ki hai and it was actually u who convinced those people to give university affiliation”


Shiv said ” Oh no it was all ur efforts I was just giving my support.We should celebrate this what do u suggest ?”

Anandi said “Well I dont would u like to celebrate ?”

Shiv said ” Well I know wat girls like best I’ll take u shopping !!”

Anandi burst into laughter “hahaha…well u really know girls well but I dont need anything to shop I have everything”

Shiv said “u know my sis saanchi and Ashima would have made me bankrupt if I had given them this opportunity..n u r denying it..come on I know U like shopping too.See I dont make this offer to everyone its exclusive dont do something which u’ll regret later”


Anandi said “hmmm ok Shiv since ur so much knowledgable about girls why dont U take me to some good shops I dont have much idea about jaipur”


Shiv replied “OK Mam at ur service”

They went to various markets like bapu bazar,Johary Bazar.Shiv was very generous If Anandi looked at anything admiringly he bought it.
Then Shiv said I’ll take u to a very nice place…He took her to a very big and posh mall.Anandi looked on in wonder

she had never seen such big mall and such posh shops.
She felt kind of nervous she felt like an outsider in this place full of Modern people.

Shiv put his arm around her circling her waist and escorted her inside.

He took her in an exclusive boutique he told her.”Saanchi loves this place it has very good collection of every type of dress…U can buy whatever u like.”


Anandi looked around in wonder The place was full of every kind of dress possible.Ethnic,modern,indo western.

She felt like a child in a toy shop.

She said to Shiv “I..I cant decide I dont know wat to buy”


Shiv said “I understand It can be overwhelming dont worry I will help u”
He called a saleslady and instructed her to help Anandi.

She greeted Anandi and said “Madam please come We have very good collection..U have any specific requirement”

Anandi looked at Shiv nervously

Shiv said “Show her some good ethnic stuff”

He looked at Anandi and said “Dont worry She will help u out meanwhile I will make some important calls” Then added “I dont have much patience for shopping”


Anandi smiled at him “Typical male”


She went in the shop she thought wat to buy I only wear ghagra choli in Jaitser I wonder if they keep those here.Maybe I can try some nice saaries and salwar suits.

She looked around the sales lady helped her in making her selections..Anandi was actually enjoying herself.She was feeling so free.She thought Jagya never asked for my choice in mumbai he just got clothes of his choice and wanted me to try them.

He never considered my comfort level.
Shiv is so different he has no objection is the way I dress infact he has given me opprotunity to make my own choice.

She bought some nice suits and really nice saaris…then her eyes fell on a maniquin wearing a very sexy chiffon sari.She was tempted to buy it…She thought well this saari is quite bold for me but what the heck there’s nothing wrong in trying it besides she wanted to see Shiv’s reaction.

She gave a mischivious smile.


She went to the counter where Shiv was resting he made the payments and after some more round of shopping for shoes and accesseries they went to a restaurant for lunch.


Shiv held her hands and said “I really enjoyed my day with u I have one more plan.I have booked dinner table for us in very nice club.I hope U wont mind going there”

Anandi said “I have never been to such place but I trust u. I will go with u”
she thought for a moment and said “What kind of place is tht I mean do I need to follow any dress code?? I have seen people who go to such places are quite modern and I…

Shiv stopped her “I dont care how u dress I like u the way u are U can wear whatever ur comfortable in u can come in ghagara if u wish”


Anandi was touched how gracious of Shiv he never tried to change her.He had accepted her whole heartedly the way she was.He never imposed his choice on her.He didnt judge her on her appearance.She had met such a man before.


Shiv broke her from her reverie “kahan kho geyi aap…our food has arrived.We’ll go back to the guest house take some rest and leave in evening..its a date”


Anandi smiled at him.

After lunch they went back to their guest house.Anandi felt quite exicited abt the evening She was thinking wat to wear she wanted to baffle Shiv.She thought well collector sahab time for Another surprise…




chapter 5


After reaching the guest house Shiv got busy on his laptop and Anandi decided to take some rest they had a hectic day.She didnt realize when she dozed off..She woke up with a knock on her door.She got up with a start and saw Shiv coming in with a coffee tray.
He greeted her “Good evening sleepyhead”
Anandi replied “I dont know when I slept off”

Shiv said “its ok I slept too In my room of course”

Anandi blushed.


Shiv continued “Ur parents called”
Anandi said “Oh no I forgot to inform them tht meeting got over.I was so busy shopping I forgot everything”

Shiv said “its ok I told them tht our work is done but I have some official work so we need to stay for one more day”He winked at her

Anandi said “Why 1 more day ?”

Shiv replied “dear we have a date remember ?? and we cant start before tomm morning…maybe tomm afternoon also so I needed some execuse”


Anandi said “Oh yes the club dinner..but its not right na lying”
Shiv replied “dont worry bheem singh is with us” He winked again

Anandi laughed “I can see u have become quite naughty nowdays”
Shiv quipped “It depends on how lovely  is ur company”


They had their coffee together while chit chatting.

Shiv said “lets get ready now tht club is quite far away from the city.

Anandi nodded in agreement.Shiv left her room.Anandi anandi laid out her saari.


Shiv came out from his shower he was toweling his hairs and and had tied  towel on his waist he was shirtless 😉 he heard a knock he said on  impulse “come in”

He had expected some attendent but when he looked up his breath stopped.

Anandi came in his room.She was dressed in a black chiffon sari of a very thin material.It had a thin red border. She was wearing a beautiful matching earring and bracelet.her neck was bare of any jewellery and she has left her hair open.He could easily see her lovely figure and barely concealed waist.


Shiv felt his chest tighten…he relised tht he was not breathing and took in a gulp of air.
Anandi stood there like a statue She was under the same effect.She had seen him in towel before but not this way.His broad chest was bare and she could see his muscular biceps and 6 packs.Few wet strands of hair was falling on his forehead.She didnt know how to react she was unable to move and she had stopped breathing too.

They kept staring at each other for sometime then Anandi gasped.

She averted her eyes and said “I am so sorry I didnt realise…I’ll wait for u outside.”


She spun around to leave but not being used to high heels she tripped and was about to fall.Shiv immediately caught her.Since he had also just recovered from her effect and holding her sent electric shocks in him he too lost his balance they both fell he tried to control his fall but instead they both fell on the bed.

He landed on his back with Anandi falling over him.
They both looked at each other and out of breath.She was in tight grip of his arms.Their minds had stopped functioning.He just kept looking at her holding her.Her hairs were falling on his face , chest and her perfume was intoxicating him.

He slowly moved his hands up her back.She wore a backless blouse with just a knot to hold it together.He felt her smooth back and Anandi blushed.

Her mind had gone wolly she just wanted to remain in his arms  forever and It didnt feel wrong at at It felt perfectly right.She had reached her rightful place.All her lonliness and misgivings was gone she realised she belonged to him.She was aware of his bare body encircling her and it made her nervous as well as excited her.

Shiv was gazing deeply in her eyes and it seems like his hands were moving on his own.He gently touched her wrist then moved his fingers up her hands…arm…collarbones..her neck and finally her lips. They both felt electric current in their bodies.Their lips were so close tht they could feel each other breaths.


Suddenly Shiv’s phone rang.A tiny voice called out in his mind control urself Shiv.

He jerked back to reality and blused crimson.He immediately loosened his grip and Anandi also got up.She adjusted her pallu and she said “I’ll wait outside” She left without looking at him.
She was too embarassed to look at him.


Shiv picked up his phone.Choti ma said from the other side.”Shiv beta How r u? I didnt get ur call all day I was so worried”

Shiv controlled his breath and said ” I am fine…”

He somehow had a normal converstaion with Choti ma she was too receptive and he didnt want her to know any his mental state.

He finished his conversation and got dressed.


Anandi was lookin out in the garden.Her heart was still palpitating.She couldnt believe wat had took over her.”What would Shiv think ” She blushed “I should have been more careful”

Shiv came out She looked at him.he was dressed in  ablack shirt and jacket.
She was still unable to look in his eyes.


She could see even Shiv’s ears were red…He came close to her lifted up her chin and said “U are looking beautiful”
Anandi blushed
He continued “only one thing is missing.”
She looked at him

He took out a jewel box and opened it.
She saw a delicate silver chain with a beautiful ruby had little dimonds surrounding it.
“Its a small gift for u”

She look at it in wonder.

He asked “My I”

She blushed and nodded.
He took out the chain and put it on her neck.Then he went back closed it claps.All this while she was aware of his gentle fingures touching her neck and back.

He looked at her appreciatively.

He said “Shall we proceed”

Anandi nodded again and they proceeded outside towards his car.
Nobody talked about what happened in his room.They were both aware of each other but were too shy to admit.

Shiv continued driving and finally breaking the silence he said.”Choti ma called”
Anandi asked “When”

Shiv replied “When we were in my room and..well..” he blushed

Anandi placed her hands over his hands they booth looked at each other and laughed as if sharing a secret.
She continued “So where r u taking me ?”
Shiv replied “Its secret but I am sure u’ll love it.”

Anandi looked out of the window the weather was cloudy it was about to rain and she was with the man of her dreams her love.
She suddenly realised Love !!
I am in love with Shiv…She didnt have any doubts anymore she was sure tht she had fallen for Shiv.

To be continued…

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