Vacation troubles.

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Vacation troubles.

“Shiv will u please tell me where r we going??” asked Anandi in impatient voice.
Shiv just smirked “U will know in sometime”
Anandi angrily huffed n muttered “pata nahi kya planning karte rehte hain ye…itna kaam hai mujhe ghar mein”
Shiv said “Madam ji all work and no play makes Anandi a dull baby” He grinned at her…
last few months had been hectic…Ganga’s rescue…Jagya’s problems..but these things helped them in coming close…Anandi had finally confessed her love…Their first night together still brought blush to her cheeks.Shiv was so gentle yet sensuous..

She felt a blush creeping up her face…but she quickly maintained her composure.
Soon they were driving on the highway among the sand dunes…Anandi saw their car approaching a sprawling building…He pulled inside the driveway abd they went inside to wat looked like hotel reception…Anandi gave curious glances everywhere n looked enquiringly at Shiv.
He just said “Hav patience”

After completing the formalities…a bell boy showed them to their room.It was beautiful with a huge king size bed in the middle…Tht bed n the prospect of spending her time with Shiv there sent shivers down her spine.Shiv came in after tipping the bellboy.
She turned towards him “why are we here…this..”
Before she could complete her sentence he grabbed her in his embrace and caught her lips in a searing kiss…knocked out of breath she got lost in his intensity…responding to his gentle assult..
After several minutes he broke the kiss n grinned “I was itching to do tht since morning”
Anandi still dazed by the kiss asked “then wat was stopping u?”
Shiv said “well I got the opportunity now”
Anandi pouted her lips and asked “why r we here?”
Shiv replied “to relax of course …its a resort…we’ll stay here for two days n forget all abt outside world”
Anandi said “two days!!! why didnt u tell me I dont hav any extra clothes with me”
Shuv said “relax I hav packed ur clothes too …actually I wanted to surprise u hence the secrecy”
Anandi smiled “really how sweet of u…btw aapne meri packing bhi ker di..maana padega aapko”
Shiv said “Well I am perfect husband u see…” then winked at her.


They left their room to look around and hav their lunch.
The resort had everything…sports,swimming pool, dance floor…etc
After spending rest of the day in resort…they retired to their room for the night.
Shiv as usual made a grab at Anandi…she ducked n said “First freshen up…ur all sweaty n ur shoes…why didnt u take them off near the door…”
Shiv looked amused…”but pehle…”
Anandi remained in her teacherji mode ” No jaiye…pehle fresh ho ker aaye…” She thrust a towel in his hands.
Shiv reluctantly went in to shower…
After he came out…Anandi went in to…After taking bath she picked her saari n then realised Shiv’s blunder…The blouse was missing…how was she going to come out.
With some misgiving she wrapped the bathrobe and peeped out from the bathroom door…Shiv was busy flipping channel…She tiptoed towards her suitcase and rummaged through it…there were 2-3 saaries but no blouses…She looked distressed…


Suddenly she felt shiv encircling his arms arnd her waist.”Hmmm u smell so divine” and nibbled her earlobe…
She shivered he smelled musky after the shower…but right now she had other things in her mind…

She asked “Shiv u did my packing?”
he mumbled a reply…”hmmm”
She asked “Then where’s the blouse?”
Shiv looked up “blouse!!! wat blouse?”
Anandi said “saari ka of course…how am I supposed to wear it ???”
Shiv still looked clueless “umm well I got ur saaries right?”
Anandi pursed her lips n said “haan so shld I wear saari without a blouse now?…u didnt bring any of them..I cant keep wearing same one everyday”
Shiv realised his folly ” Oh shit !! I forgot…there were so many things to pack…saaries..jewellery…I even got ur makeup box..sorry I forgot dear. ” He made his most innocent puppy face.
Anandi’s heart melted but wat was she supposed to do now.

She said “Ab mein kya pehnu…kal to door ki baat hai…I dont hav anything to wear for the night too”
Shiv said “Isme kaun si badi baat hai…I will give u some of my clothes”
Anandi looked at him horrified…but Shiv didnt notice it…he quickly dug into his suitcase and took out several tees and shorts and jammies.
“Take ur pick” he proudly said to her.Anandi looked at him with narrowed eyes…then back at the clothes.
Shiv understood “I am sorry I messed up…I am such an idiot…I cant even plan a proper holiday for u..I wanted u to get relaxed but see..instead I created more prob for u..I am sorry I shld not hav planned all this”
He looked sad…Anandi immediately forgot her anger.She couldnt see him like this…She felt stupid for making him feel bad..

She went to him cupped his face and said “Plz aisa mat kahiye…I know how much u care for me…u wanted to see me happy thts why u planned this..its ok kabhi kabhi galti ho jati hai”
Shiv still looked miserable…”No I know I hav messed up…now wat will u wear tomm..U cant stay locked in this room whole day”
Anandi said “We’ll think of something..Yaad aaya..yahan ek shop bhi hai..I noticed today..we’ll buy something tomm..ok now please cheer up”
Shiv still looked glum

Anandi continued “Waise accha hua na U forgot my clothes not urs…I can still wear ur clothes but Imagine if u had forgotten ur to aapko meri saari share karni padti na”
She started laughing…Shiv glared at her “U r making fun of me?”
Anandi said “Arre nahi but really aap saari mein” She laughed hysterically…
Shiv smiled…He loved her laugh…She fell laughing on the bed…Her wet hairs spread on it and she was only draped in a bathrobe made his pulse race…

He just stared at her…Anandi realised his look and immediately stopped laughing…A sudden shyness gripped her when she realised her state..She immediately got up clutching her robe “Ummm I better change into something appropriate”
He gave her a naughty smile “Sure take ur pick”
She picked up a tee shirt and rushed into the bathroom…Why was she behaving like this…It was no tht they had never been intimate but he made her heart go racing everytime…She changed into the tee and looek at herself in the mirror…It was too lose and too long…It almost reached her keenes n she was looking silly..and very uncomfortable..How was she supposed to do? go out looking like this !!


She giggerly went out of the bathroom…Shiv was again back to flipping channels.
He turned to look at her and follwed her as she came in…She noticed his eyes pop out for a moment but he regained his composure immediately..Before he could say anything she said “Dont laugh..I know I am looking silly.Thanks to u”
He smirked and said “Anandi u hav absolutely no idea how gorgeous and tempting ur looking”

Anandi blushed crimson..”Whatever I am not happy with this arrangement at all…lets not discuss it”
She came and sat on the bed immediately covering her bare legs with the blanket and stared at the TV screen.
She ignored Shiv’s smirk.He leaned towards her and said “waise app aaram se bhi baith sakti hain…why r sitting away frm me?”
She glared at him “No I am fine”..He shifted near to her and gazed at her “I am sorry again..Please dont be angry.U know I will never trouble u intentionally”

Anandi looked at him surprised.He looked so ernest and genuine and irrestible…She wanted to melt into his arms..Her anger evaporated and he hugged him “please dont say this again..I am fine n def not angry”
He hugged her back..and kissed her forehead…They cuddled together in the quilt looking at the tv screen…Anandi leaned on him her back resting on his chest…he had his arms wrapped arnd her shoulders…
She could barely noticed the tv…his nearness his musky scent was unsettling her…Shiv’s eyes were glued to the screen but his hands were fidgeting…he had reached under the quilt and was slowly stroking her thighes…Her tee was slowly riding up her legs.

Anandi asked “Shiv was r u watching?”
He replied absentmindedly “Umm not sure..I m just flipping”

He turned towards her and suddenly captured her lips with his…pinning her down on the mattress with his body.
He ravished her lips while her hands explored her body…her thin tee barely provied any resistance..Nibbling and biting down

her throat his other hand crawled up under the tee till it reached her back…all this while stroking and teasing her…She writhed under him…clutching his arms and hairs.He took off his tee with one swoop and held her tee’s ends to do the same

Suddenly he got up reached for his phone …Anandi looked at him confused then realised tht his phone was ringing…He lay down beside and spoke in the phone “Yes jagadish???”

Anandi who was stroking his jawline stopped midway…Why was jagya calling them at this hour? She felt slightly irritated.

He gave her a reassuring look and spoke in the phone “Yes we r r not in Udaipur..We r on vacation”
He whispered to Anandi “Sweetheart I’ll be back in a minute”

He got up and left..Unknown to them Jagya had heard his loving address to Anandi and he cursed himself for calling Shiv.
Shiv said “Yes so u had to tell me something important?”
Jagya fumbled “Umm yeah..regarding Ganga’s case but I guess its not the right time…I will talk to u tomm”
Shiv said “Well since u hav already called better tell it to me…dont worry”
Jagya discussed something regarding her kid’s custody case.
Shiv replied “Ok dont worry I know a very good lawyer…I will talk to him..lets discuss this wen I come back”


He cut the call and Jagya wondered where exactly were they n God knows they had been upto..He sadly brushded aside their thought…and signed “I better get used to it now”


Back in the resort..Shiv came to the bed and Anandi looked at him enquirngly…he replied..”Its regarding Ganga’s case…nothing to worry abt…”
He laid beside her “Sorry for the disturance dear so where were we?”
Anandi smiled “its there some prob with her case?”

He said “No but we need a good lawyer..I know some good lawyers..will discuss with them when we go back” He grabbed her again and kissed the pulse beating at the base of her neck.


Anandi asked “So u dont want to see tht movie anymore?”
Shiv replied “What movie ?” and realised tht TV was still running…He laughed and switched it off “Nah there r more intresting things than tht stupid movie..and I better switch off my phone too..”
He cuddled with her under the quilt and got back to wat they had left midway stopping only to discard off their apparals…Soon they were lost in passion forgetting all abt the cloth misshap and Jaitser troubles.

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