The morning after

The OS is based on sat’s precap…I know CVs will never show this but khayali pulav banane mein kya jata hai

Shiv open his eyes and automatically turned towards Anandi.She was sleeping pretty close.He looked at her mesmerized..Her beautiful face looked serene and relaxed.He could keep staring her her forever.
He smiled then tried to sit up only to realise tht Anandi had placed her hands over his chest.
He looked at it dumbstruck.Wat was he supposed to do ??
wake her up or remain like this ??
He chose the later option.He laid back again looking at her face.For him the time seemed to have stopped and he was completely lost.

Anandi stirred in her sleep she was dreaming of Shiv…His deep eyes piercing at her.She wanted to reach out and break all the barriers…Suddenly Anandi opened her eyes.Her eyes directly met his gaze.Still groggy from sleep she didnt break the eyelock infact she was unsure weather she was still dreaming or woken up.
They just looked at each other mesmerised no words spoken between them…
As if on impulse he reached for her and touched her cheeks.Anandi didnt stop him instead she tilted her head and came nearer completely lost in their gaze.

Somehow dont know who made the first move but Anandi felt his lips on her…her eyes closed she just relished the sensation.He was gentle and slow…Very slowly he placed a kiss on her lips lingering for sometime.She parted her lips and returned his kiss by nibbling his lower lip.
He pulled her close his hands arnd her holding her…Anandi placed her hands behind his head runing her fingures in his hairs.He tilted his head and lifted up his body pinning her to the bed.His lips continously ravishing her.She was completely lost it was dream or reality didnt matter anymore she just wanted this to continue…

When he flicked his tongue inside har parted lips her eyes flew open.Shiv suddenly stopped and pulled back.He looked at her shocked…surprised and even hurt.
Anandi was shivering and shaking from the aftereffects.So it was not a dream aferall.
He had indeed kissed her and surprisingly she was not scared anymore…it was natural and normal…whatever irrational fears she had she didnt remember them anymore.Probably this is wat she had been waiting for.Shiv immediately got up his face crimson.
He mumbled “I am sorry” and immediatly left the room.
Anandi still in daze tried to make sense of wat had just happened.He had kissed her !!!
She blushed and smiled but why did he run off.She got up and realised he was probably feeling guilty.Just like last night.Her chest tightened…They needed to talk right away.

She went out looking for him but he was nowhere.She went in to the garden and saw CM
CM said “Good morning anandi”
ANandi asked “Wo collector sahab?”
Cm said “He left for jogging”
Anandi looked dissapointed.”Better wait for him to come back”

Shiv was in the park.he had already done 2 rounds of running and he was angrily doing the push up…He was feeling miserable.
“I am an idiot” he mumbled “Why did I do tht.I had promised her and..ShivRaj shekhar ur a despo”he closed his eyes in frustation

Bheem singh who accompanying him said “Sir u hav already done 100..”
Shiv snapped at him “I know…dont tell me wat to do”
He was so angry with himself tht he wanted to smack his head but for the time being he was taking out  his anger doing push ups…he increased the pace and continued.

Anandi was dremily making the breakfast.She had a silly smile on her face and blushed whenever she thought of the morning.Why wasnt Shiv in yet?? I hope he’s not feeling bad.

She was laying the breakfast table when Very sweaty Shiv arrived with Bheem shingh.
He didnt look at her but went straight to CM “Choti ma I have to join office today.Its already pretty so I’ll have breakfast in office” Before anybody could interrupt he went straight to his room.
Anandi thought “I was afraid of tht…He is blaming himself”
She followed him inside.He was banging the doors of the bathroom shut.Anandi gave a frustated look and laid out his clothes and other accessories.He came out towelling his hair.He sliently took his Shirt when anandi said “Collector sahab..”
He stopped her “Please Anandi dont say anything I am already feeling very bad..I dont want to talk abt it…I am very sorry”

Anandi gave an exsaperated look but decided to talk later he didnt seems to be in listening mood.He left for office leaving Anandi guilt ridden and confused.She had a long day ahead.She waited impatiently for evening.She was sitting with CM and saachi when Shiv arrived.She served him tea and gave him a meaningful look.He ignored and continued his sulky mood.Anandi was getting impatient.
“Why isnt he listening to me?”She thought

She didnt get any opportunity to talk to him during dinner and later as Shiv was busy talking to CM and saanchi.At night she laid out the bed and waited for Shiv.When he didnt come she ventured out looking for him.She found him in the study busy tapping on the laptop.Anandi came near him and placed her hands on his shoulder.

He jerked “U didnt sleep yet?”
ANandi said “Even u didnt sleep”
Shiv replied “yeah I have some work…Lot of pending office work..thts wat happens wen u join back after a long vacation”
Anandi said “U really have work or ur trying to avoid me?”
Shiv stopped and looked at her “Why will I avoid u?”
Anandi said “thts wat u have been doing all day…I know ur disturbed but unless u talk to me how will I resolve this’
Shiv said “Anandi I hav already said sorry This will never happen again I promise.I got carried away.I cant bear ths thought tht I hav hurt u” he looked crestfallen.

Anandi gave a sign and sat near him.She said “Shiv please look at me?”
He looked up
“wat do u see? Does my face look hurt?”
He shook his head
“Do I look angry or sad?”
He shook his head again
“then wat do I look like?”
He replied “Umm beautiful !!”

Anandi supressed a smile trying to control the creeping blush.
“Haan wo bhi but Whn I am not looking either of them then how come u assumed tht I am hurt?”
Shiv said “But anandi I …I kissed u”
ANandi said “yeah so?? u kissed ur wife is tht wrong?”
Shiv said “But I had promised tht I wont touch u until ur ready.I had promised to wait for u”
Anandi said “Shiv ur forgetting one thing u didnt kiss me we kissed each other”

Shiv looked at her puzzled.
Anandi smiled and placed her hands on his cheeks”Shiv ab kisi kasam ki zarorat nahi hai…Its me who shld be sorry for making u go through this pain.I dont have any regrest for today morning.Infact I am glad.It helped me in breaking tht barrier.It helped me in conquering my fears.Dont know why I was scared of getting close to u.I dont fear anymore.I am not saying all this to appease u.I also want this as much as u and…and…I love u”
She blushed.
He continued looking at her dazed…”U mean ur not angry at me?”
Anandi shook her head.
Shiv said “Anandi u dont know how relieved and happy I am…and will u please repeat “
Anandi asked “wat?”
Shiv said “wohi which u said in the end”
Anandi blushed and shook her head
Shiv pleaded “Please Anandi once more I hav been dying to hear this”
Anandi whispered “I love u” Shiv said “again”
Anandi repeated “I love u shiv”

Shiv removed his laptop and pulled her in his arms.She hugged him tightly listenikng to his heartbeat which matched her.They remained locked in each others arms.He released her after sometime and lifted up her chin..She looked up at him and smiled shyily.Taking the cue he bent his head and captured her lips.This time with no regrets or misgivings.She clasped her arms behind his neck and returned his kiss…Their lips wrestled and as the kiss grew deeper his flicked his toungue in her mouth.She arched her back to reach upto him…he pulled her so close tht they seemed to be glued together.His hand running on her back.After an eternity he released her from his grasp…Still panting she tried to stand her knees seemed to hav turned to jelly.She blushed deep while he smiled naughtily at her.

Suddenly they heard CM’s voice “Shiv beta u didnt sleep till now?”
They sprang apart and saw CM entering the study
She looked at their flused faces and said “Wat r u two doing in the study”
Shiv said hastily “I had some work and anandi was helping”

Cm gave a knowing look “Ok theek hai but jaldi so jana” and left
They looked at each other as if caught stealing.Anandi giggled and Shiv looked amused.
He said “Well Choti ma is right we shld sleep now”


 He held ut his hand to her.She placed her tiny hands into his.He pulled her towards him so tht she bumped into him.
“Wat r u doing shiv?”She asked
He just grinned and picked her off her feet into his arms.He quickly carried her into their room.He lowered her on their bed still continuing the eyelock.
He said “Well I shld hav listened to u in morning itself”
Anandi asked “I was trying to talk to u but u werent listening waise agar sun lete to kya karte?”
He replied “I wld hav skipped office today also”
Anandi laughed as he pulled her into his arms again…





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