Tera mera dostana

Guys this is a fun post on ShYa romance based on the current track …please take it in a good humour…Donji specially dedicated to u

Shiv pulled the kite thread…he deftly tugged at it…his red kite was soaring high…Anandi had hard time keeping pace with him.
Shiv glared at her “Anandi app thoda jaldi nahi chal sakti…meri patang kat jayegi’
Anandi said “I am trying my best collector sahab but its difficult to keep up with ur pace”

Shiv snapped “Well try harder”
He looked in jagya’s direction…Jagya’s eyes were on his Yellow Kite with full concentration…Nandu was jumping arnd him holding the chakri.

Rest of their family battalion were standing arnd grinning and nodding for no apparent reason.
Saanchi was as usual on her phone with her conspitated look…Shiv grimaced “wat did I do u be stuck with this lot”

He ran forward…Anandi dragged along him…clutching her pallu.
Shiv again snapped at her “cant u run faster dont u see I am loosing”
Anandi said in her sulky voice “Mein kooshish ker rahi hoon collector sahab but mera pallu gir raha tha”

Shiv said “To hell with ur pallu…chakri smabhalo meri”

Anandi said “collector sahab ek hindustani aurat ka pallu ki kimat aap kya jane…wo uske sar ka taj hai..uski izzat hai…uska samman hai…aapke ghar mein koi pallu leta nahi..isiliye aap nahi samajh payenge…iss pallu ke bina ek aurat kitni adhuri hoti hai…”

Shiv started to feel sleepy by her speech.He said “Ok enough…uff issa to accha saachi ko hi chakri de deta”
He looked again at jagya…his tall frame,his strong arms tugging the kite strings.Shiv felt mesmerised..”He’s so handsome” he thought..

Jagya looked in Shiv’s direction…jagya had difficulty concentrating when shiv was arnd…he still remembered his hug in the hospital..jagya’s ears turned red wen he recalled tht.How strong and sturdy Shiv felt in his arms..

Jagya looked up again n realised tht Shiv will lose…Thanks to anandi’s hopeless charki handeling…Suddenly Jagya realised..Shiv will feel so miserable if he lost..his handsome face will look so sad.
“Nahi I wont this happen..I cant see my Shiv like this..mere rehte wo kabhi nahi haar sakta” jagya thought

Jagya deliberately pulled at his kite strings…nandu shouted “Bhaisa..ye aap kya ker rahe hain..hum haar jayenge”
Jagya said “chup be bandar..mujhe apna kaam karne de”

another tug and Jagya’s kite went off flying in the sky…
nandu started crying “hum haar gaye…wwaaah “
Jagya looked at him and thought wat did I do to get such a pansy brother.Saanchi looked up frm her mobile and with a smug smile came to gloat abt her brother’s win.She started arguing with nandu after all their IQ levels were same.

Rest of the family gave appropriate expressions of shock and happiness for 2 mins each n stood grinning at their respective positions.
Anandi smiled at Shiv and started her another long speech.
But shiv was not looking at her..he was looking at jagya..he was totally obvious of his surrounding…he knew jagya had intentionally done this..deliberately lost to him..he felt angry and betrayed…How could he…how could some dare to do ehsaan on Shivraj Shekhar…

He thought his fav dialog..”mujh pe ek ehaaan karna mujh pe koi ehsaan mat karna”

Whole family desended on him..congratulating him…Shiv saw jagya walking off morosly down the terrace …
Shiv needed to talk to him…everyone was racing to feed him laddu jalebi etc.He brushed aside everyone n said “I’ll be back I hav some work”
He followed jagya and found him in his room.
Shiv knocked the door asked “may I come in” jagya nodded.
Shiv came in n asked “why did u do this?”
Jagya said “wat?…wat did I do now?”
Shiv said “I know wat u did..u lost purposfully…I might not be a good kite flyer but I can understand wen its done purposfully”
jagya started to go away…Shiv held his hands tightly n said “Today u hav to tell me…wats going on in ur mind”

Jagya looked at him full of emotion..”Kuch kuch hota hai Shiv tum nahi samjhoge”
Shiv gave him an intense look “mein nahi samjhunga to kaun samjhega…tum sabhitak nahi samjhe ki tumhare baar baar bhaag jane par bhi mein tumhe dhoond ker kyun lata rehta hoon.Kyun tumhe jail se wapas laya..kyun tumhe anathashram mein tumhe pagalo ki terah dhoond raha tha.<font size=”2″>Kyun mein baar baar haveli aata rehta hoon</font>”

Jagya looked at him surprised “Shiv kya aap bhi?”
Shiv said “haan…mein bhi even I swing tht way”

Jagya’s face lit up…realization struck him.their feeling were mutual.
Jagya said “Shiv mein aapse bahut pyaar karta hoon”
Shiv said “ye baat kehne mein tumne itni der kyun laga di..kitna tadpa hoon mein tumhare liye…I love u too Jagya”

Jagya smiled through his tears and they collaped in each other’s arms…Shiv hugged him tightly.Now they had each other.
Unknown to them Anandi was standhing in the doorway holding a plate of laddos…She had heard their convo and was thinking “Hey bhahwaan ye bhi gaya haat se…kya mera koi pati kabhi mere saat tik payega”


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2 Responses to Tera mera dostana

  1. Alison says:

    This is the funniest FF I’ve ever read … Loved it !!!! Heheheheheheheheheh

  2. Deya says:

    this one is just hilarious…just too good!!!I cant stop laughing…hahahha 😀 😀 Too funny

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