Red Roses and rain Part 1

Red roses and Rain


Shiv was sitting in his office.His table was piled with files but his mind was still thinking of his dinner date

with Anandi.He recalled how lovelingly she served him dinner,her sweet smile and how soft were her hands.

He smiled to himself.

Suddenly Bheem Singh rushed in his room followed by 2 peons

He said “keep these files here”

Shiv looked at the growing pile.he asked “Whats all this Bheem singh ?”

Bheem singh replied “Sir all thse are files need ur inspection and signature they have to be dispatched by friday”

Shiv gave sigh !! he needed a break…he said “ok i will look into them anything else ?”


Bheem singh said “Yes I got this official letter for you its from jaipur”


Shiv took the letter and opened it as he read it his face lit up.
 He looked at Bheem singh and said this is really good news I must call Anandi.Bheem singh looked on puzzled. he said “but sir these files”


Shiv gave a withering look at his desk.”Hmmm…I better call anandi to my office I’ll be stuck here for a long time”


He dialed Anandi’s number and gave a stern look at still waiting Bheem singh.Bheem singh took the cue and immediately left along with his peons.


Anandi was in her school her girls were busy in their PT class gulli was handeling them
She had kept All 3 roses given by Shiv in her book.2 yellow and 1 pink.As she flicked the pages she thought “When will u progess to red rose Mr collector sahab”


Suddenly her phone rang she saw It was shiv’s call she blushed and took the call.


Shiv’s sexy voice came on the phone “Hello Anandi”
Anandi replied “Hello collector sahab kaise hain aap ?”
Shiv “I am fine and I hope ur fine too.I have some very important news for u.I want to tell it personally but I am too busy in office.Agar aap bura na mane to can u please come to my office”
Anandi “Sure I’ll will as soon as school finishes”
Shiv “Do u want me to send Bheem singh to escort u”
Anandi “Not required I will tell makhan kaka to drop me”
Shiv “gr8 see u soon…and…I miss u”
Anandi blushed ” C u collector sahab…bye”
Anandi cut the call and muttered to herself “I miss u too “


She smiled to herself and then called dadisa to inform her tht she would be going to meet Shiv.

Shiv was busy in his work but now he was more energetic suddenly the huge pile of files seemed insignificant he was eagerly waiting for Anandi.

He heard tinkling of bangles and payal and knew tht anandi had come.he looked up and saw anandi coming in his cabin along with bheem singh.

Bheem singh was blabbering as usual “Please come Madam Thank u for sending the halwa yest…waise we staff hardly get to eat ur halwa wo kya hai na collecter sahab saara khud hi kha jate hain(he finishes it whole)…but since yesterday he had a meeting so we people also got…” bheem singh looked at the Shiv’s stern look and stopped.


Anandi laughed and said “Dont worry Bheem singh ji I will send an extra dabba for u”


Bheem singh grined and said “thank u so much Madam” he left


Shiv gave a grumpy look at Anandi “ye bheem singh bahut bolta hai”(he talks too much)


Anandi said “He was right u should learn to share…see bechare ko hawala bhi nahi milta”


Shiv gave her a meaningful look and said “There are some things exclusively for me”

Anandi blushed crimson and changed the topic “U called me for some official work ?”
Shiv gave her a envelop “Read it”
 Anandi took the envelop It was from jaipur’s DM’s office
She read the letter and as she progressed her face lit up…She looked up at Shiv and said “college !! In jaitser”


Shiv smile “Yes ! Govt has proposed to open a college in jaiter as there are no institues for higher education here.”


Anandi was very happy “Its great now people wont have to leave jaiter for higher education and many poor people who cant afford to go out they can dream of getting higher education and many parents dont want to send their girls out it will be boon for them…”She continued her chattering


Shiv just stared at her happy face he thought “She is so Cute,I knew this news will make her really happy and I wanted to see her glowing face good I didnt tell this on phone else I would have missed this moment..she genuinely cares for people and enjoys her work”


Anandi continued her chattering she suddenly became conscious “Why are u looking at me like tht?”

Shiv laughed “I was looking at ur enthusiasm..u seemed as a happy as child who got a new toy”


Anandi made a face and said ” I am not a kid I was just feeling good at the progress of jaitser”


Shiv said “I know ur very serious abt ur commitment towards welfare of people and I admire u for that”


Anandi blushed again “Ur are unnecesserily praising me its because of ur good work tht jaitser is progressing”


Shiv gave her an amused smile


Anandi continued “Btw whats the next step ? I mean how are we actually goin abt this ?”

Shiv said “next week we have a meeting in Jaipur with the DM,vice chancellor and some senior people from Rajasthan university..they will also invite some educationalist who are intrested in opening the college.We will have to give a presentation about jaitser to them.How to aquire land for college campus etc etc”


“Since u r the sarpanch U will have to acompany me and I would prefer If u give the presentation”
Anandi listend to all this attentively and said “But can I? It better u give the presentation”

Shiv refused flately “Nopes U know much more about jaitser.So It will be u”

He held her hand and said “I have full confidence in you I am sure u can do it”

Anandi felt a warm glow in herself she thought “Shiv is so nice and understanding he always boosts my morals..”with your support I can move mountains” she said aloud


Shiv said “what mountains !! U just need a college not mountains”
Anandi realized she had said her thoughts aloude…she fumbled “Wo main..bas..kuch sooch rahi thi”

Shiv smiled at her embarassment “its ok let go and tell this news to ur family they will be very happy”


Anandi replied “yes dadisa bapusa all will be overjoyed”

Shiv took his jeep keys and they proceeded.


Chapter 2

Shiv and Anandi were in his jeep.He looked at her …she was busy looking out at the scenery.her red dupatta was flying and a strand of hair was flying over her face.
Shiv took his hand and gently tucked in behind her ears.
Anandi looked at him and blushed.
She said “collector sahab gadi aage dekh ker chalate hain side ways dekh ker nahi”

Shiv replied “wo kya hai na side ka view jayada accha hai”
Anandi said “collector sahab please follow the traffic rules”
Shiv smiled as they neared the haveli.

They proceeded in.Dadisa was shouting for makhan “arre makhan I had told u told to cover the cowshead its going to rain…”
She stopped as she saw Shiv and anandi
She said “arre padharo Shiv.How r are u ?”
Shiv said “I am perfectly fine I have some very good news for u please call every body”

Bhairov and basant all came out and greeted Shiv.Meanwhile Anandi was dying to tell everybody the news.
Shiv noticed her enthusiasm and said “Its better tht Anandi do the honours uske pet mein baat nahi pach rahi “

Anandi gave him a nasty look and announced “We have got letter from Jaipur’s DM he has proposed to start a college in jaitser..Its such a great news now jaitser will also have a college…people wont have to go out for further studies and its very good news for girls who want to study further but are discouraged by their parents…”

Everybody was very happy with the news and smiled at Anandi
 She continued talking and Shiv kept looking at her mesmerised

Her family looked at her indungently then dadisa noticed Shiv starin at Anandi.She gave a smile.Soon Bhairov Basant and Gehna all were looking at Shiv and Anandi.
Shiv and Anandi both seemed unaware of their surrounding…then Dadisa coughed and everybody burst into laughter.

Shiv and Anandi both looked embarassed.

Anandi looked angrily at Shiv…
Dadisa said well we are very happy to see tht soon jaitser will have a college.Its good now parents will not miss their kids when they leave jaitser and there’s less chances of kids straying in City life.

Bhairov had a sad look on his face.Everybody thought of jagya.If Only he would have stayed back things would have been different.
Anandi had a pained look.Jagya was a like a dark shadow who would always shroud her past.

Shiv noticed her pain and changed the topic “dadiji u know Anandi and me will visit Jaipur next week for meeting with the DM I have asked her to prepare a presentation she would be meeting some very important people.

Bhairov looked at Anandi proudly “I am very happy for her achievements”

Dadisa asked “So who else is going with u ?”

Shiv said well I will go and since Anandi is the sarpanch so her inputs are alos required.

Dadisa said “wo sab to theek hai par app akele hi jawoge Anandi ke saath ?”

Shiv got her meaning and said “Bheem singh will also go with us “

Dadisa seemed relieved but she told Anandi “Why dont u takle Gulli also along she would enjoy visiting Jaipur”

Anandi said “Dadisa u know she is giving her boards I dont want to disturb her let her study”

Dadisa said “Theek hai jaisa theek samjho waise Bheem singh to ja hi raha hai…Chalo lets all have lunch..Shiv U please join us waise bhi Its already luch time ab ghar jaoge to usme bahut time lag jayega.

Shiv graciously accepted and they all proceeded for lunch.

Somehow Anandi didnt like the idea of Bheen singh accompanying them.She was kind of lost during the lunch and She thought to herself why am I feeling like this Do I want to be alone with collector sahab…she blushed at the thought.
Her reverie was intrupted by Dadisa’s voice “Oye chori thari bhali howe..kahan khoyi hai hai Shiv ko khana to paros”

Anandi came to reality and started serving everyone.

Shiv said “dadisa U know I dont like being served everybody should join in lunch”

Dadisa responded “of course…chalo Dono choriyan bhi baith jao khana khane”

Gehna and Anandi both joined.Anandi sat next to Shiv and started serving herself.She was about to eat when suddenly Shiv grabbed her hand below the table.

She was shocked as well as pleased.She tried to withdraw her namd but he gripped it tighter.Meanwhile he didnt let his expression change he continued chatting with dadisa.
Anandi contiuned to struggle but his grip was so strong tht she could barely move.She looked at him but he kept a straight face.
Dadisa told Anandi “Chori khana to kha idhar udhar kya dekh rahi hai”

Since Shiv was holding her right hand she couldnt eat.She started to eat with her left hand.
Again dadisa intrrupted “Thari bhali howe…ab kya seedhe haat se khana bhi bhool geyi theek se kha na”

Anandi said ” Ji dadisa” Anandi gave a pleading look at Shiv he just gave a smirk.

gehna sensed Anandi’s plight and she smiled.
She gave a knowing look at Shiv.Shiv seemed embarassed and immediately left Anandi’s hand.
Anandi looked at him angrily and proceeded to eat.She didnt talk with Shiv at all till lunch.

Shiv left after lunch.

Anandi went in her room she was still angry at Shiv.Gehna came and asked her teasingly “So baat yahan tak pahuch geyi hai”

Anandi feigned ignorance
gehna said “I know wat was happening during lunch…dont be angry at Shiv he was just playing a prank and these things make a relationships sweet…U r lucky tht Shiv is so much in love with u Value it and cherish it”

Anandi smiled and said “I know tai sa he is very nice and genuine person but I am scared wether I’ll be able to give him so much love.Sometimes I feel I dont deserve him”

gehna said “U will learn with time and ur gem of a person any man will be lucky to have you.Ur both so much alike just spend more time with him U will realise his love soon”

Anandi blushed

Tht night Anandi didnt talk to Shiv she was still pretending to be angry.
The whole week went in presentation preparation and planing for the jaipur trip.Shiv was also busy in his work so they barely talked except on profession matters.

Soon The Jaiour trip day arrived.Shiv had called and said he would pick her from her home.
Anandi had done her packing and she was waiting for Shiv.
Makhan kaka came running and informed her tht collector sahab had come.

She wnet down and saw Shiv and Bheem singh was sitting in the living room with everyone.Dadisa had packed a huge bag  of eatables and Bheem singh was eyeing it greedily.
Shiv gave her a naughty smile Anandi ignored him.

They left the house and went out.
Anandi saw a gleaming Toyota innova waiting outside.She looked at Shiv enquiringly.Before Shiv could reply Bhem singh said “This is Shiv’s personal car…He had left it in udaipur as it was not required here.He had his Jeep here. But Sir thought Travelling to jaipur in jeep would be uncomfortable so he sent me to get it from udaipur..”

Shiv interrupted him saying “Bheem Shing talk only when u r asked”

He put on his googles and proceeded towards the car.Their luggage was loaded and they all left jaitser.


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