Realization and Confession

Anandi was siting in the car thinking of the past events.
Her marriage,Bidai,arrival at kesar bagh another series of rituals…She was tired and overwhelmed.
Now she was going back to jaitser for her pagpheras.Shiv had a dissapointed look when he came to know tht Anandi would be going back without him.
He said “But ma we have just arrived”
Ira laughed and said “Its ritual dear.It must be followed”

Mahi had nudged him “I know bhaiya Babhi aate hi aapko chod ker jane ki taiyari mein lag geyi hain…abhi to suhaagraat bhi baki hai”
Shiv turned red and said “MAHI !! bakwas band karo”
Everyone laughed..Anandi smiled at Shiv’s grumpy expression.Ira told Anandi to take some rest in her room before leaving.
She was escorted to her room by choti ma…After some time Shiv arrived looking very grumpy.
Anandi samiled at him.
He said “Anandiji aapko bhi hasi aa rahi hai ne mere upar”
Anandi said “Nahi collector sahab..but I dont understand app gussa kyun hain”

He replied “to aur kya karu..we have just reached aur ab phir se jana hai..wo bhi”
Anandi said “Wo bhi?”
He replied sheepishly “without me..mujhe to yahan akela rehna hoga na”
Anandi laughed “akele kahan hai aap…sab to aapke saath hain…chaliye ab gussa mat hoyiye.Its just a ritual.I will be back soon”

After sometime Ira came to call Anandi..Mahi was going to drop her till jaitser and he was litrally jumping with joy..Shiv was looking daggers at him.
Mahi said “Chaliye Bhabhi aapka driver hazir hai”.
Sahiv said “yeah she is coming tu ja na neeche”
Mahi gave him a naughty smile and went out.
Anandi laughed and proceeded to go…As she was leaving Shiv called out to her.She turned back to look at him.
he asked “Anandiji will u miss me?”
She blushed and nodded shyily…His face broke into a grin..and said “me too”
She left kesar bagh with Mahi.She looked back at Shiv and he gave her a reassuring look…
“Kya hua bahabhi kahan kho geyi aap?” Mahi said
Anandi was woken from her reveire.
She said “Nothing”
Nahi replied “I know bhabhi my company is not as exciting as Bahiya’s but wat to do..abhi to mere se hi kaam chalana padega”
Anandi said “Its ok devarji mujhe koi prob nahi hai..btw why r u so happy jaister mein kisi se milna hai kya?”
Mahi blushed and said “arre nahi but mere liye ladki dhoondne ki responsibility aapki..i want a girl just like u”

Anandi laughed..Soon they arrived in jaitser.Dadisa welcome them and askedn abt everyone.Anandi felt nostalgic after coming back…How strange tht place already seemed distant.Mahi kept everyone entertained and hogged on the food…he left after dinner.

Anandi went to her room…dont know why even her own room seemed unfamilier..she wanted to be back at kesarbagh.She heard her mobile ringing.She saw it was Shiv calling.She blushed and took his call.
He said in his familier husky voice “U reached safely?”
She said “yes and Mahi has also left”
He said “Good..Btw u have been here for hardly one day and already ghar bahut soona soona lag raha hai..everyone is missing u”

Anandi said “Accha..aur aap?”
She heard him laugh “Of course mein bhi aapko bahut miss ker raha hoon.Ab to ek ek pal bhi aapke bina rehna mushkil hau.Mein jaldi hi aapko lene aaunga”

Anandi’s heart was beating like a train “I will wait for u collector sahab and…”
He asked “And ?”
She said “Mein bhi aapko bahut miss ker rahi hoon”
She blushed…he smiled to himself.
After two days Anandi was supposed to leave.She had been waiting with bated breath for Shiv.
She was on the terrace when she saw his car…She ran down towards 1st floor.
he had already entered by then and was looking arnd…he automatically looked up towards peeping Anandi…His face lit up…and his lips spread out into a grin.
Anandi blushed and slowly came down to meet him.Dadisa and others smiled seeing Shiv’s condition.
Shiv realized tht he was staring non stop at Anandi…blushing red he came back to reality and they all sat down to chit chat…

Later on When it was time to leave..Dadisa said to them “Arre I forgot I had taken mannat from karni Mata tht u will visit them once u are married..I fogot all about it in this wedding rush.Please Shiv beta visit the temple while going back”
Shiv said “Sure Dadiji…we will definitely visit”.They took the blessings of the family and left from there.Anandi was feeling elated she was finally with Shiv.She was surprised at herself how much she had missed him..She didnt realise it during these two days but when she saw him walk in…she couldnt control her excitement..She smiled.
Shiv asked “Why r u smiling Anandiji ?”
She just blushed and said “Kuch nahi collector sahab and looked out..the air was heavy and there was smell of rain in the air.
Anandi said “Seems like baarish hone wali hai”
Shiv said “Wo bhi sardi ke mausam mein.Whnever we r together bin mausam barsat hoti hai.”
Anandi said “haan but this time I j
hope we dont hav to stop in the middle”
Shiv said naughtily “well I hope ki aisa ho”
Anandi blushed but gave him a stern look.

They reached the temple.It had started to drizzle by then.Shiv said “I think I have an umbrella somewhere in the car..Let me search for it”
He found the umbrella in the car boot.Anandi said “Its not raining tht hard we can quickly reach inside”
Shiv replied “But its better to take the might start rainning harder.Too bad we hav just one umbrella”
They went inside the temple and did their darshan.While coming back it had started to rain harder…
Anandi looked out and said “Oh no !! How will we go back to the car..It rainning pretty hard..Should we wait till it subsides ?”
Shiv said “We must reach udaipur soon…everybody wld be waiting.We have an umbrella please tke it U will be safe.”
Anandi said “Collector sahab wat abt u?how will u come??”
He just shrugged “I will run and come”
Anandi gave him her teacherji look “Hum umbrella share bhi to ker sakta hai na…Chaliye aaye idhar”

Shiv obediently went under the umbrella.He held it over them…Anandi came closer.Their bodies were touching…She shivered due the sensation he caused in her.
Shiv looked at her puzzled “Are u feeling cold Anandiji?”
She said “No I am fine jaldi chaliye”
She wanted to be back in the car Asap she felt nervous due to his proximity

As they were going down the temple steps Anandi slipped and was about to fall.
Shiv immediately caught her fall.She looked up at him handing in his one arm…He was looking concerned.His hairs slightly ruffeled and wet…they shared and eyelock.
He asked “Are u ok anandiji?”
She said “yeah I am fine”
He said “can U walk? Should I pick u up?”
She blushed and said “No collector sahab I am fine…bas its little slipperly here”

He immediately circled his arm arnd her waist bringing her closer pinning her to himself. “Anandiji I will support u aap dheere dhere chaliye I dont want u to get hurt”
Anandi’s throat went dry…she could barely stand on feet.Her knees felt like they had become jelly..thank god he was holding her.

They slowly got down the steps sharing the umbrella and reached the car…he opened the door and made Anandi sit inside.She sat down stiffly
He smiled and said “Anandiji u can breath now”
She turned crimson and said “What?”
He just laughed and sat on the driver side.Anandi asked him again “Wat did u just say?”
He said “nothing…U seemed so stiff and nervous…just relax…Anandiji Ek baat kahu aapko.I will never force u for anything…ur friendship is enough for me.I have already said I love u and I will wait for ur acceptance”

Anandi just looked at him..he was so simple and honest with his feelings.
She was over whelmed and had tears in her eyes she held his hands and said “Collector sahab I dont know wat good thing I hav done tht I got u.

Sometime I feel scared ki itna pyaar mein sambhaal paungi bhi ya nahi”

He wiped her tears and said “Anandiji maine kaha na aap bilkul bhi chinta mat kariye mein aapke saat bahut khush hoon.mujhe bas aapka saath aur aapki khushi chahiye aur kuch nahi”
Anandi said “collector sahab aaj se aapko mera saath aur pyaar dono milega”
He looked shocked at her..”Anandiji kya bhi mujhse..”
She nodded shyily..”haan collector sahab jhut na bolungi.Mein bhi aapse pyaar karne lagi hoon”
He just looked at her his eyes shinning with emotion “U dont know how happy u have made me today..this is indeed the happiest day of my life”

Anandi was blushing profusly and said “Apne ghar chale collector sahab”
He smiled “Of course chaliye hamare ghar”
He started the car and they proceeded towards a new life.


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